New Horse Moon

Horse Art 2012

Fortunes fly far and fast in a dark Horse year!! The new moon and summer solstice converge to make this a great place to start anything and everything!!

The land of endless enchantment is only a dream in the wind but everyone is packing their saddle bags for a holiday to this thematic end. Get ready for a magic carpet ride as new days of glory begin.

The horse brings gifts to mete and measure. They use their hoof print to catch the treasure. All my horse folks are unique individuals, in fact they prize their own uniqueness so much they often have more than one distinctive persona.

In many other ways though horses like to fit in. They share same experiences by running in packs and herds. With a double-sided, single mindset they are equally expert at leading a group mind as well. Yes, its a contradiction, it’s a horse. Ponies may play at silly games in the circus but horses lead the parade and the cavalcade.

The water horse cuts against the grid, bucking the system and kicking down walls to go way beyond comprehension to succeed against extreme odds. Be at peace with our equine friends. Born to be courageous to the better end they often have big hearts that take oodles of time (and deep complexity) to mend.

Though horses may catch wanderlust often… these high steppers have great staying power. Horses rarely falter in a pinch for those who know where to scratch their itch. Give ‘um some sugar, they like it. Carry some fruits and nuts in your pocket and you’ll have them you eating right out of your hand.

Stars & Signs: with a progressive twist ~

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose: Stay well rested, you’ll soon be tested. You will catch a lucky break after June 25th so keep your eye on the celestial ball, you never know where it may land. There won’t be time to go back to the past for any reason so push forward with gusto and forge a whole new path. Heaven sparkles and shines a lucky luster on all that you do. You have brilliant lucks stars shining bright and a winning streak with your name on it. As they say, use it -don’t lose it.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence: Pluto: You are rolling all aces and moving heavy cargo into small spaces. Keep the pump primed since not everyone is as up to speed as you are. That little dynamo, Pluto that you keep company with gives off an aura of authority that can’t be undermined unless you take it for granted. Love comes knocking so answer the door or just go fishing and throw out a line, the fish are biting. Play your cards right and the wins will keep mounting. Happy days are here and now. They are all lined up singing and dancing.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius: Days seem to zip by so fast you can hardly catch your breath. Lucky stars are flying all around the things you love to do and they way you like to do them or have them done. My tiger cubs along with the rest of the big cat, pack will be leaping ahead. Get ready to make a jump into new realms of possibilities never before seen with the eyes of man. Fiery hoops line the portal to your new avenue that you put there to give everyone a good show. Just keep in mind the wheel always turns the tide and what goes out comes back-up on the other side. Stay shiny and bright by feeling good even in the worst of times. Your good fortune has great legs, so go with it everywhere.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence: Neptune retrograde: Your juicy love and luck stayed primed daytime or night. This energy booster has you making plans with a long, long horizon out in front. This is the time to make that move, storm that beach, tan that hide, take a para-glide, tie the knot or sail for that sunny shore. Blissful, golden rays of happiness  are beaming to you direct from the universal store. There is big magic in all the glad plans you have arranged… so don’t be late, be beautifully sedate.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence: Uranus: Dragons sometimes need a day or two in the cave. Wouldn’t hurt to you to lay a little limbo, low and sort out the social carnage of late. Just looking in the mirror can feel like a confrontation if you don’t wait until your resting phase is complete. Though pushed and prodded by the barnyard set stand your well grounded scales in the direction you have pointed your magic compass. Set your own time table and the minute the coast is clear fly off to your heart’s desire. You’ll do it anyway so why would anyone try to stop you?

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / planetary influence: This is a good time to let new ideas flow in on the tide and multiply… incubate clusters of possibilities. Go ahead and lay down new tracks and be substantive in your approach. Stay poised and ready for greater flexibility in handling the bends up the road. With a new suspension of troubles you are in for what looks like some well-paved, fun. All you have to do is make it through the next obstacle course. Success can come from even the worst experiences when you call it forth, give it room. Just relax, let the chips fall and act like you are having fun.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence: Jupiter and Venus retrograde, Moon: 6/17 – 9:20am PDT to 6/19 – 10:30am PDT: Sun departs & New Moon arrives in the Horse. The grand coronation of your exaltation is about to begin and boy do we have a lot to say, this is a chatty, horse. Use some sensibility in the way you handle this rising tide. Our lady Venus is still a little wobbly as she steps out of her clam shell. Be sure you have your footing, and be doubly careful as these stars are accident prone. Keep lots of fresh towels handy. Your ocean of motion is a wet-wonderland even in the driest desert.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer/ planetary influence: Mercury, SUN and Summer Solstice moon 10:30am PDT to 8:45pm 6/21: Sharing information is not only a favored pastime it is also a blind-man’s bluff. Words zing and pop all over the place taking on a life of their own. You can’t always trust them to mean what they say. Watch out for the fallout of un-vetted remarks. Wear survival gear as fashion and wrap all communicado in yellow caution tape. You are after-all our lady of classic manners and merry making. Turn your rapier wit in for a soft, new side that’s more charming and less alarming. Stormy as it may get, lucky you, your dark cloud has a silver lining

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion: Keep the cabana well stocked with easy-to-please finger foods and buckets of your favorite thirst quenchers. Drop anchor and stay put rather than roaming about the cabin. The idea is to avoid the nasty star formations that have been circling. If life is well tended you can mend fences that lead you to strong, new, long terms bonds with great payouts. This is very tricky business and it has a secret prize that is guaranteed to be well-worth the extra effort.  My best advise in these trying times is to hold the down the fort and camp close to home. Otherwise pop-goes-the weasel and no one wants that again.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influence: Mars: All the chatter-boxing and chitterlings has the bird nattier than a nervous cat. A few bean heads have their wires crossed which short circuits the whole system. No use trying to avoid malfunctions instead anticipate them and shut down the power to the endless cycles that go nowhere. Yes, pull the plug and be done with it. Put an end to it all this back and forth-ing. Don’t just flap your wings, stand your ground and keep the peace. Save all your promises and soulful, sonic vibe until your out of the woods. You can’t be right, only firm about what is right for you. Life will challenge you, rise to meet it my phoenix friend!

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence: Saturn retrograde: Boy you pulled a bunch of funky stars to deal with. You have the power to cut back and make room for something more desirable in the short term. Long term is that everything from here gets better and better. Let’s call this a light trim not a full pruning phase. Lucky breaks come hard and need some heating-up and molding to warm to your touch and bend to your liking. There is still a drain on your reserves that can be shut down and resolved once and for all. Find it and bridge or gulf the breach, don’t hold onto anything that won’t serve you now. Once you let that thing go you’ll feel a tide of good flush back into your pools of abundance.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle: Do not pass go unless you know that you can crack the code. Lately it may feel like life is an ambush. But not all is lost. The pen is mightier than the sword.  Don’t give up hope or throw in the towel, just stay put. Stick to-it and/or keep with-it. With sharp aim get a shot off at what you want every chance you can get. Sometimes what we see on the surface is really only the tip of a bigger pile of junk. When things get snarled up, cut them loose. Let things go until the fog clears and you can see what you are dredging up from the swampy bottom. Once you calculate all those insurmountable odds you’ll be able to leap over them in one feel swoop. With only a modicum of luck you may pull a golden, needle from your haystack. Take the long shot.

Daily Dew

Musings ~

My first unlisted comment for my new blog (star log) is that I can change the name “star mews” and I agree. The best thing about wordpress is that titles and names can be changed and adapted as needed. The name is a silly way to stake my claim, my claim to do this thing, this thing that I want to do and for which life keeps getting in the way.

Because this is an orphan project, a non-essential, playful thing it is often the first item of “to-do” that I dump when there are other pressing matters at hand. And in the case of my fractured arm a year ago the choice was taken away. As we go along our journey in life sometimes we just have to stop and say, now, here and now! This is where and when I want to do this.

When we find that place (inside or out) we often just stop-the-car and put a stick or post of some kind (flag-it) in the ground and say, this is where, or we take the napkin we scribbled on with us. One day maybe a castle springs up instead of a scribble or a guide post because we laid our claim and marked a spot -or maybe not. In feng shui practice it is always considered lucky to stake or lay your claim.

This impetuous blog was my attempt to bring attention to a very important day the world should give notice -but didn’t. Jupiter moved into the horse on June 11, 2012 bringing a new Earth year with it. That means lots of changes that I can see and would like to share. Though right now the eye of the world is focused elsewhere perhaps one day it will have meaning… at least I can conjecture.

For my lucky readers it may help to know that I generally speak in metaphorical lingo and have been known to change topics mid sentence. It’s the only thing I feel I can blame my extended family for and you all know who you are, its a female clan thing. Metaphors contain layers of meaning and coded symbols to provoke thoughts, to tease out a bigger message and to shift perspectives. This is my chosen method of communicating because I’ve experienced a rich, waking-dream life where metaphors speak. It is the language used in that dimension. To carry us into other worlds and alternate dimensions we need to speak that language.

Changing subjects… while true the word “mew” is the noise a cat makes it’s origin word, mue comes from Latin and means “to change” which seemed rather fitting on several levels. So to that end the lucky stars are always moving… and changing and that’s really what all this is about. I’m in the trenches doing the research for many decades now and modern astrological systems seem to rely heavily on so much outmoded dogma (as to me), like many religions do. I’m not dissing on astrologers or religion but there is so much room for improvements and new thinking that one could build a castle in the space provided.

Happy, Dark Horse year!!

Stars & Signs: with a progressive twist on an outlook for the new year ~

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose: Oppositions to the things you are planning can be overcome with a new strategy and a royal flush to the system. Super luck comes flying in when you send your calls to heaven. The bat is an auspicious omen for you, use it -don’t loose it. Newly forming structures are being developed for your long term gain. Pay your attention to them and they will reward you.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence: Pluto: You are a power accelerator, par none. Ease up, let go of control, let your spirit guide you. You’ve got a good thing going that will outlast anything you may expect from it now. Break the dam and let the river flow. Don’t work too hard at anything or you’ll grind down the main point. Play (instead of work) at fulfilling life’s possibles.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius: You have high minded friends in great places so wear the crown of kinship. Don’t waste this potent period of opportunity, butter your bread all the way to the edge. You have the most dynamic luck of lifetime, right here and now so use the power wisely and kindly. Never glance, back stay focused ahead on the goal. Like lady liberty, you are freer than you know.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence: Neptune, retrograde: Use of the magic trident that Neptune has given you will take some fine tuning to master. But just to have it handy brings a high harmonic to all your life’s work and activities. Hum and buzzz… whistle while you work. Get in and stay in the groove, one-two, buckle your shoe. Get a rhythm going and stick to it come hell or high water.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence: Uranus: You my dragon friend are hosting the daily activities as the prime mood-setter and generation blender. You can bend trends and twist circles around the best of us. Name that plate and put the cherished silver in it’s place before you relax and let the doves fly. Luck can be like good risotto, on a low heat you need consistency, you have to stir the pot. Use your sacred, scepter.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull: Don’t tread on me is the best mantra for my serpent friends right now with others making a footpath of your best laid plans. Mark your territory clearly. No matter what though, you get an extra lucky break with those snake eyes that mesmerize… bat your lashes and stop interlopers in their tracks. Or coil up and make nice while you wait for a chance to strike out in a new direction.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence: Jupiter and Venus retrograde: The latest tome for your light summer readings is How-to-be in Two Places at Once. You are here and you are not here which means you are elsewhere. I’d look at both sides equally (with one eye at a time) and not try to draw any conclusions yet or make things fit. Wait until the chickens come home to roost and everything will make sense of itself.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer: Out of some pretty fierce challenges you have stood your test over time and managed to harvest a golden nugget of opportunity. It may hardly be perceptible or visible to others yet, but you can already fit the peg in the slot. You can expect much in due course with less effort. Naturally it looks easy when you do it, that’s why all eyes are on you. Set aside the petty and stay out of the fray, entirely. Use reverse gear.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion: Cooking up a storm is what you do better than, best and laying waste to the want not’s (that can’t make-up their mind about anything) is what will serve you most. Its okay to sever ties, cut the mooring of old bonds and bury the bones. A new day is dawning. Magic is in the making… All things are working together for your greater good when you let them.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influence Mars: The heat is on full blast in the smoke house and the drying process is fast acting. Don’t dally and wear x-ray goggles so as not to be deceived until the coast is cleared. Careful not to get your feathers singed by the blow back of emotional outbursts around you. Take the high ground. Flare-ups will subside over time.

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence: Saturn retrograde: You are not on the hot seat but the cat has got a singing canary so don’t pull any punches. The tide will ebb after it overflows. Place your bets – don’t hedge them and keep the wheel spinning. Stay tuned and well aware of a picture you hold dear, your salad days are near.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle: Fashionable resources are in short, short supply. Some higher salvation is needed to rebirth genes as a wardrobe staple again. Super natural powers for good are simmering and shimmering on the surface of a new brand of world. A world where sleek wardrobes will be uniform. To be sure you will fit in, stay slim and trim. Never say never, just say maybe and let the games begin.

Horse Days!

Jupiter (also known as the Grand Duke) moved into the sign of the Horse on June 11, 2012. For planet Earth this event turns the page and starts a whole new yearly cycle. This begins a Dark Horse year, a black water horse.

As time travelers on a rock whirling through space we are now a full 2 zodiac signs ahead of contemporary types of astrology.  Systems being used are out of whack, lagging behind and following constellations long gone from Earth’s beltway. This blog is for daily horoscope news and tracking lucky stars in real time.

A star log to chart and navigate where we are now (you are here!) to bridge the cosmic wonder with the natural world. I hope to entertain, educate and illuminate the sky patterns and cycles for harmonious change. Change will come either way so why not make it pay!

I’ll be logging in to share the fortunes of the stars, the zodiac signs and the planetary motions for cultivating long-lasting, lucky lifestyles. Star Mews is a place for my zodiac musings and feng shui advise that will hopefully grow into an empire of knowing where we really are, in the now.