Horse Days!

Jupiter (also known as the Grand Duke) moved into the sign of the Horse on June 11, 2012. For planet Earth this event turns the page and starts a whole new yearly cycle. This begins a Dark Horse year, a black water horse.

As time travelers on a rock whirling through space we are now a full 2 zodiac signs ahead of contemporary types of astrology.  Systems being used are out of whack, lagging behind and following constellations long gone from Earth’s beltway. This blog is for daily horoscope news and tracking lucky stars in real time.

A star log to chart and navigate where we are now (you are here!) to bridge the cosmic wonder with the natural world. I hope to entertain, educate and illuminate the sky patterns and cycles for harmonious change. Change will come either way so why not make it pay!

I’ll be logging in to share the fortunes of the stars, the zodiac signs and the planetary motions for cultivating long-lasting, lucky lifestyles. Star Mews is a place for my zodiac musings and feng shui advise that will hopefully grow into an empire of knowing where we really are, in the now.

Feedback is appreciated!

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