Monkey Shines

Monkey Shines ~

Sun enters the sign of the Monkey and we are headed for a Tiger full moon.

This post follows the Sun (image) in the sign of the Monkey throwing a spotlight on friends, fun, family and partnerships.

As we approach the high arc of summer we hit a well-defined, peak at the curve. Enjoy the moment… soon the harvest season begins and the long cycle of winter follows.

Wheels, upon wheels, upon wheels turn to move time forward by grinding our past into dust. On December 21, 2012 we hit an exact alignment of our galaxy with the center of the universe. I coin this the “Holy Navel” effect and will blog about it more, later.

Mercury (messenger) is still spinning backward in the Monkey (talent) sign and will converge with (and periodically be conjunct with) our lady Luna, the moon (moods) as well as the Sun (image) king during this phase. This brings bodies of interest close and intimate without proper background data. Caution is advised unless you like the wool pulled-over your eyes.

The short term aspects are a potent, cocktail of mixed-messages that can leave stains and an oily, residue. Passions run deep and the chemistry is volatile as the luck stars swerve and swirl in a cosmic mix. Carry your lucky rabbit tootsie there is an ill fate blowing in the wind.

Keep pushing forward by taking out the trash, and by resetting, reworking the details and parts. Things will begin to slide into place when you hit-on the right combination of elements and target a formula. Try, try and try again.

Use basic, common sense and counter intuitive methods for manifesting the golden means. Let things ripen and consume them now or store them for later.

The magic sum of ten flies in the west. This brings a big bonanza to the bird (aka: Phoenix, rooster, Virgo) out of some fallen ashes. Benefits will accrue in new directions, follow the tiny threads and ride the rapid currents.

Nostalgia laced with a whimsical new-new, era will dominate the scene. Plumes of smoky rims and bands of feathers stud the runway set in fashionable futures for days to come. Various cultures bend and stretch, branching out in a new generation.

Looking forward the next post will be on the Tiger (vision), full moon (moods), August 1, 2012. Guaranteed there is something that will sneak up on you, us or them. I wouldn’t lay down anything in stone or write in permanent ink until after the 8th of August. The ground is still shifting and new revelations are still arriving.

Stars & Signs: posting lucky stars for the Sun (image) in Monkey (talent) sign, for the the pre-harvest cycle from July 22 to August 22, 2012.

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose: Lucky stars are not as fresh and potent as needed for the current status quo. Continue with all the rejuvenation techniques to restore an inner glow and gain a solid, sense of well-being. Practice makes perfect, nourish the soul. Think of this as the short down-stroke (pull back) on a certain upswing. Stay close to Om.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto: When things get rolling they can seem never ending… best to hold that bounce-back, effect in check. To retort to others in bullish fashion might get you hamstrung or hog-tied. Don’t scratch that itch, medicate it and uproot the under-lying, cause. Stand your ground light as a feather on tippy toes not in concrete, lest you get thrown in a lake. Be calm and collectible.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius: Boy do you have a furnace on full blast. You’d think solar flares were being launched from our stars surface. But it is only the stunning artifacts from the sparks you are starting. I’m thinking you’ll want to keep that tongue in cheek and bow down to a higher authority. Hear-felt apologies are not omissions they are a privilege of humility and they are never too late when given sincerely. You’ll be serving a higher vision when you see beyond what is.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune retrograde 6/4 to 11/10: This is the destruction zone for another few weeks yet. Just park the big dumpster over the dark abyss and start shucking and jiving anything that is not bolted down. This is no time to dance around unfinished (past) projects that never seam to end. Tie up those loose ends, then pump and dump to lighten the load. Your magic carpet arrives soon and you’ll want to travel light as air.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence – Uranus retrograde 7/13 to 12/13: Well looks like you made some silky stockings from a sows ear. Getting your mojo on! If you find yourself slipping and sliding in and out of costume just know this is a rank and file measure of true leadership. Wear all your hats with a straight-up posture for the greater good. Caution is advised against buying into shellfish types that wither at day’s end. Go long, stay strong and make room for a series of successes that you can park in a vault.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull: Plant seeds for greater success while keeping an eye on the upcoming harvest. Something is coming to fruition when you least expect it. Take the ring and go with it. You will be given a key and it fits exactly where you want it to go. Though the road is rocky and under construction gates and doors fly open wide for you. Take the money and run all the way to the bank.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter and Venus: You have a grand set of illusions all sorted out and they are all receiving a lot of special attention. You can make hay, pay while the sun is shining for you my dear. These are the days that will mark a new beginning from a longer, larger cycle that had to end. Don’t look back its quicksand. That tiny scrap of paper in your hand is a lucky, golden ticket. Use it wisely it can be anything you want, you decide.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer: You appear to be catching a break out of seventh heaven. There is a fly ball of celestial goodies dropping down on your dance floor of wishes and dreams. Dust off your party shoes and twinkle those toes. Your treasures don’t outweigh any past grief so let all that go. Your ability to mow down the sticky, brambles for new growth is legendary but please don’t eat the daises!!

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences – Mercury retrograde 7/14 to 8/7, Sun 7/22 to 8/22: You are the ring leader and the master of ceremonies. Come, step into the spotlight on center stage. Accept your awards for staging the craftiest, cleverest and most charming come back in such a grand, design. Your outstanding depth perception may only have a limited run but is scene in a broad way. Touche, you were born to play this role and cake walk the prize.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster: After burns and big shock waves are still being calculated on rickety scales. Splurge on the right tools. This modest wisdom will pay you back generously. Fix your faults instead of fixating on the imperfections of others. When you correct the imbalance of subpar equipment you’ll see an immediate reward. You have the magic, power of ten and a free wildcard that can be used for anything so by all means feel free to roll the dice.

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Saturn, Mars: Just when you need that one lucky strike you seem to hit it big time. It goes out of the park and lands on your putting green. There are oceans of opportunity out there just basking and sparkling in the limelight. You only need ONE to ride out this tide. Don’t want for what you don’t have. Make use of what what’s on hand and you’ll grease the slides and cross the plate for the home run you’ve been hankering for.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle: Strap on your breast plate of steely resolve, there is turbulence up ahead. The same, ol’ story keeps leaving dull impressions in it’s wake. Keep re-setting, re-staging and re-engaging your best-laid plans. Dreams that have been set aside, long forgotten can be re-ignited. Grass breaks concrete mon Aimee and nature is a force to be reckoned with. Heavens gate opens a short window so jump through the hoop at the first chance of a getaway. A little boost into another orbit is just enough push to move you into new headspace and bring a rerun of glory days, unending.

Ode to Horse Year 2012 – 2013 (Jupiter in Gemini)



Goat New Moon

Musings ~

This post follows the full moon cycle in the Ox, aka: the water buffalo (7/3) through to the new moon (7/18) in the Goat. This is a testy patch of aspects so do your homework and stay focused on your positivity.

Mercury goes retrograde motion (spins backward in the elliptic plane) on July 7th in the Monkey sign. The best laid plans may come to a screeching halt after a big, elaborate production. Take this time to stop, slow down and reassess the circumstances. It’s time now to mend fences. Let the chips fall where they may then pick them-up to get re-oriented and re-organized. Pour out the milk of kindness on your bitter ends and use less abrasion in the daily grind. Stay on the bright side.

This full moon on July 3rd brought us the Water Buffalo effect. It’s kinda self-explanatory but for those who don’t get-it immediately it means: this beast is stuck in the mud and only goes where it wants to, when it likes.

In order to bring something to fruition (= waxing, full, yang moon) (get it to where you want it to go) keep things at a slow simmer and reduce the heat. Use the carrot not the stick and allow nature to take it’s own sweet course.

Save yourself grief and misunderstanding  by staying cool as the ego can be badly crushed and bruised like a summer berry in the hot sun. Sacred cows are prone to stampede when  you brush up against them in the wrong. Don’t provoke them or throw a red flag down, or make any sudden moves.

Wear pleasing pastoral colors and stay nested in the shade to rest away these mild, summer days. Where ever you are, where ever you go the cow’s manner and mainstay bode well with regular routines and by following the rules. This is done to keep cheerfulness intact and auras buffed to a glow and helps avoid the risks of becoming a scapegoat.

Long term alliances can be successfully navigated and cultivated in this cycle. The overarching energy (like and umbrella) blends well with a cautious and careful type of deliberate, bold action. If you know what you want, go for it. If you are not sure then please sit back down. Just wait until after the next spin cycle and your stack of choices will look different.

The auspiciousness factor must be wrangled like bulldogging a steer. Once you get what you want, where you want it, tie it down and put your brand on it!! Just remember what you catch and keep you are fully responsible to care for.

By all means do let the good times roll like a red carpet over this summer pasture of pleasurable, planetary influences. Many of these celestial patterns are green as gold!! Make hay, while the sun beams bright. Before you know it Mercury will reverse motion (ellipse behind Earth) on July 14th. Plant a stake in the ground to lay claim to your fortune now, by Friday, July 13th or wait until after the retrograde period for stability.

There will be no loitering with these grand aspects and life altering configurations. The cow digests life energy with seven stomachs so the old adage “what you resist will persist” is in situ, now. Expect matters to keep coming back and when they do try and remember that cream rises to the top.

And if/when life gives you the shaft, (as it certainly will, none of us are immune) make bread and rise above it. Good Luck all my starlings ~

Stars & Signs: posting lucky stars for the full moon cycle in the sign of the Ox up to the new moon in the Goat. Summer is a push-me, pull-you of fits and starts so go easy and tread softly. Whatever impressions are made (or re-made) will be long-lasting and deeply felt.

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose: Lucky stars are weak and accident prone so stay low and get off the treadmill. Racing about will only make things worse. Conserve your energy and preserve the fresh fruits of the day. The next big round of peach blossom luck is coming in August so be prepared in advance. Use the mercury retrograde period to rest up and restore your sacred self to gain a new after glow.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto, full moon cycle: Your big, beautiful cow eyes have the whole world mesmerized at the moment. There is simply nothing you can do about this feature until a parade of seasonal aspects pass by. If you try to stop or change the course of things you will only get tangled up in some pretty nasty barbed wire. Alas the process to get unhinged from that kind of mess can seem never ending. Use this retrograde period to let things go and don’t find any reason to moan. De-tangle the mind and refresh the soul.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius: How can such a tiny, little thing make such a big commotion? The smaller the particulate matter seems to be, the larger the swamp it appears to grow in. Raise the white flag and declare peacetime meditations for all your endless frustrations. Get out your periscope and search for a long view way beyond the errors you see glaring at you. This advice is the only known cure to resolve the abyss you’ve drawn and quartered. You must see this for yourself, life is a mirror. Don’t try to hold down the fort with a strong arm as it will only respond to a warm heart.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune retrograde 6/4 to 11/10: There is a temporary echo effect running through all your premium channels. Your luck stars are an icky, tricky, slippery lot. Whatever was said and read and what you thought was put to bed -keeps popping it’s head back-up again. Get back, Jack, back in the box. Chatter reverberates concentric hurdles that our bunny friends must hop through. Use the retrograde period of Mercury to bind and bond your heart to a higher state of mind and lay low in the meadow. The obstacle course out front is filled with calamity, no amity. Just go slow!

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence – Uranus retrograde 7/13 to 12/13: Bigger days are dawning for you and victory banners are flying your colors. You settled for far less and got way more than you bargained for. A new feathered headdress fits you better than you may have first expected. To whom much is given, much will be expected. The dark days are over and it’s time to play the game again so belly up to the bar. Mercury retro period will give you time to adjust your ego while all the cosmic dust settles. Meanwhile Uranus proceeds to cut a swath through the whole tapestry of your life in a new fashion. Keep those shears sharp, last season is still a bit tacky.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull: For you my slinky friend this upcoming Mercury retrograde period is like a giant treasure hunt of the lost and found. Shed that old skin and the let the new you slip and slide into the perfect niche. There are a finders-keepers of infinite possibilities raining buckets down on you. Fill-up the watershed with what you really need and let the rest go by and by. Recently something got past you… but no worries, it’s coming back-a-round again. Oh, look it’s a golden ring!! This time just reach out and grab it! Something that is getting itself set, will soon be ready for the long run and go the distance.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter and Venus: Luck stars are flying all around you in the most miraculous and delightful way. Glory days are upon you so raise the scepter of what’s right and claim the story that is yours by birth. Doors will open to you in the time and place that you need them most and in ways perhaps you would not have expected or could imagine. Shake off the cobwebs of the past and race to catch the finish line, its a win-win with a purse full of goodies that has your name on it. Just show-up and go for it! Lucky you!!

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer / planetary influences – Sun 6/20 to 7/21, New Moon 7/18: Finally after some tough, rough patches that never seem to heal you’ll be seeing fresh, solid new ground on the horizon. Recently some tangled, twisted-sister aspects (in a world of chaos) spilled out of your elixir vase that stained your dream-scapes. No sense trying to scrub out the spots or make them go away by ignoring them. To mend the botch apply time and attention to whatever assails you from inside out. Heaven shines big lucky stars to lead you out of the dark forest. Let your intuition guide you back to being well grounded in what matters, not weakened by what doesn’t.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences – Mercury retrograde 7/14 to 8/7, Sun 7/22: Shake, rattle and roll… then stand back and see the crowd be pleased by your striking talents and rare qualities. While mercury is retrograde stroll down memory lane but don’t get lost in the past, find yourself in it. Though you may not know it you are between a rock and a hard place. Be mindful to the lucky stars that can help you navigate these treacherous waters. While the sun shines the passing fancies are coming to you en mass but what you really need right now is to be a friend to someone that will outlast any fad.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster: Mars recently departed your station leaving a heck of a wake in it’s trail. You may feel blindsided by all the lingering after effects of a slow burn at lift off. With this transit came a monumental shift. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down so we can rise up again. Liberty is a cloak that comes in one size fits all. You must be prepared in advance for all the nips and tucks, here and there to get a true fit. Luck stars have you leaping tall buildings with a single bound and coming out from under the bottom to land on top! Shake those tail feathers and when you least expect it, you will win!

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Saturn, Mars: There is a lot heaped on your plates for some time now and the are all spinning non-stop. Fortunately your lucky stars have finally let you catch a break. Those minority factors really count. That’s because they chronicle the last vestiges of the end while they herald a whole new beginning. Let it all go through the wash for one more spin then let the new story in your life unfold. Dip your oars into the water and make headway to a wider sense of being and meaning. Good days are coming directly to you, just up the bend.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle: Now that you’ve found the golden needle grab your golden lasso and thread it through the tiny hole. Then survey the territory carefully (using your psychic sonar) to locate the one thing that will stitch all the discordant parts of your life back together. Remember a pigs curly tail is infinitely useful so use it as a corkscrew or to construct a kaleidoscope. Better yet use it as a plot twist. Really that little twizzle of yours is endlessly adaptable for anything, anytime you need it. Especially for getting out of tight corners or bringing things back together. Negotiate to make the most of the best and by letting the less go.