Goat Full Moon

Mother Moon, rare eclipse on Winter Solstice 2012

Mother Moon, rare eclipse on Winter Solstice 2012

Mother Moon ~ the Goat full, yin, moon is a 13th bonus moon in 2012!! Jupiter in later stages of the Horse sign will align with the moon in the goat. This will be visible in the sky.

Posting your Lucky Stars & Signs for the Goat Full moon cycle, on 12/28-12 until the New Moon in the Ox sign on 1/11-2013.

Nine Sky Dragons

Sky Dragons

A full moon in the goat resides in the SW on the compass and is the universal direction of love and relationships. It is an Earth sector (or palace) and can be grounding and centering for the emotional realm. It is home to Matriarch luck and happy, harmonious couples.

Moon rules emotions and moods so this moon is likely to hit a sore spot for many. There are some pretty intense planetary motions happening behind the scenes to get tangled up in. The last time some of these configurations aligned we had the birth of a new nation during the American revolution.

Nat Geo Photo Contest - Jupiter 2012

National Geographic Photo Contest – Jupiter 2012

The Goat and the Monkey signs share the SW compass points. The Goat desires peace while the monkey drives ambition. During this goat moon get some extra sleep to counterbalance the high peaks on the emotional scales.

There is an abnormally long Void-of-Course moon period (v/c moon makes no connections before changing stations) going on-and-off for long stints, from Thursday through to Monday night on the 31st. This ball of yarn will unravel of it’s own accord. Go slow and lay low, then party on new years eve!

Ghosts of Jupiter ~ moon glow

Ghosts of Jupiter ~ moon glow

The sheep set can be quite temperamental when they don’t manage expectations and lower the threshold for their extra, curricular activities. Less is more, so pace yourself through this timeline. Monday night the scene looks bright and there’s a green light on all fun festivities!!

New years eve is a Monkey moon. It’s adventuresome and also a bit tricky. This will be a post-full moon and it will still have plenty of “emotional turmoil” to spare. The Sun is in the Ox with Mercury and Venus, soon to follow. The inner rim planets make new years eve a cavalcade of stars in a spectacular fashion. The night could wind-up  wonton debauchery or a be sublime, on cloud nine.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine, public art

The Monkey may need a tether to keep from flying off the handle. But the playful monkey will put a new spin in the coming year and get things off to a great start. I’d suggest going out to celebrate rather than staying in this year. Let the good times roll right into 2013.

Chinese Lunisolar, New Year is on February 10, 2013. We’ve still got plenty of opportunity to introduce the overall theme for the coming events on the Chinese calendar in 2013. Its a year for expressions and breakthroughs as (3) is a yin, wood star, year. Feminine expressions of beauty will be heralded and praised.

Jupiter, the Giant

Jupiter, the Giant

Just like Western, Greek and Vedic astrology there are variables that no longer align with our planet that need adjusting. In that way 2013 is a time of new beginnings and readjustments. This is a Bonus round as the 13th full moon of 2012 so enjoy the extra dimension it expands in your world.

The Solar year corresponds to the changing patterns of the “Flying Stars” (fields of energy) and/or number cycles of the magic square. The Chinese Solar year begins on the first day of Spring, February 4, 2013.

Crater Lake Natl Park, double rainbow

Crater Lake National Park, double rainbow


Rat (rules mind) – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose / planetary influence: Venus (love & luxe) 12/15 to 1/8, 2013, Mercury (messages) (direct to 2/23-2013), 12/10 to 12/31 / flying stars: (1) (4) (2) (8)

Lucky stars go long and stay strong. Infinity luck puts polish on the tail end of this year with very little effort. You may soon enjoy the life you have always wanted and only imagined. There is a stroke of good fortune that runs deep and pays dividends endlessly, cast in your stars. Find it and mine it!

Jupiter & Venus 2012

Jupiter & Venus 2012

Ox (governs status) – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence: Pluto (fate), Mercury (messages) 12/31-12 to 1/18-2013, Venus (love & luxe) 1/8-2013 to 2/1-2013, Sun (image) 12/21 to 1/19-2013, / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (6)

Heaven Luck flies in and give you the luck-of-the-draw. You pull the long stick on almost anything you want to take a chance at. Now is the time to test your luck and tempt your fate. Be bold, be brave & be beautiful! Factors weigh in your favor for the best deal hands down.

Venus's mercurial fate

Venus’s mercurial fate

Tiger (projects vision) – aka: Aquarius / planetary influence: Mars (energy) 12/25 to 2/1-2013 / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (6)

Your flying stars are taking you all the way to wherever you want to go. Heaven luck has your back, front and center all mapped out. You can take your pick of the places and spaces you’d like to visit and inhabit in the coming year. Dream big and be open to the new ideas that flood in!

Mars Tiger

Mars Tiger

Hare (saves grace)- aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence: Neptune (harmony) direct 11/10 to 7/7-2013 / flying stars: (3) (6) (4) (1)

Love luck shines bright and money meets miracles on the way to the bank. There is a silver lining in every pocket. Luck stars bring serendipity, synchronicity and spontaneity all into one big happy family. Go with it, all the way and stay in tune with your luck of a lifetime.

Love & luck!

Love & luck!

Dragon (instills vitality) – aka: Aries / planetary influence: Uranus (chaos) direct 12/13 to 7/17-2013 / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (2)

Your luck stars are in sick bay for the time being. Stay cloistered in your primary sanctuary to complete the hibernation phase you’ve been avoiding. The year has been good so take a bow and let it phase-out with as little fan fare as possible. Go gentle into the night and stay away from the drama.

Dragon Star Fractal

Dragon Star Fractal

Snake (distills wisdom) – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / planetary influence / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (2)

The luck stars are a bit damp and rather sickly this cycle. You may need to take time to de-stress and get some medical attention as needed. Don’t let anything fester or go ignored. Keep your cheeks flushed and thoughts well, daily. Smile, laughter is the best medicine.

Fortune comes with Virtue

Virtuti Fortuna Comes

Horse (delivers power) – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence: Jupiter (increase) / flying stars: (9) (3) (1) (7)

Luck stars are kicking and bucking like a beast. You can expect a wild ride coming through the gate to a new year. This is a great time to break things down, take things apart and make use of the destructive qualities to dismantle and disassemble the parts of your self that need structure. Then you can redesign the elements to suit a brand new lifestyle.

Wild Ride

Wild Ride

Goat (desires peace) – aka: Cancer, crab, sheep, deer / planetary influence: Full Moon 12/28-12 / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (9)

Your lucky stars are a tad shallow and weak right now so don’t spill the milk or tie down any long term goals lines just yet. This is a time to dream and plan and decide and take time to make up your mind about the life you call sublime.

Goat Full Moon

Goat Full Moon

Monkey (drives ambition) – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influence / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (9)

Your lucky stars are on a hiatus and you have to hold your own until the next turn on the wheel when things evolve. This is harder than you may first think, so please be careful. You can best your luck “to the nines” to bring you a world of good -or a world of hurt, so let wisdom be your guide.

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Bird (esteems virtue) – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influence / flying stars: (7) (1) (8) (5)

Luck stars are down right dangerous so keep your wits about you and stay focused at all times. Run emergency drills and safety checks to stay in practice and carry your lucky charms. There is some pretty good treasure luck under a whole lot of trouble. Caution is advised.

Vintage Star Phoenix

Vintage Star Phoenix

Dog (serves duty) – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (4)

You’ve been so busy working hard, your lucky stars may sneak up on you. There are days of glory bound to take you in new directions this year along with some much needed holiday time on target. It will be a year to savor and maneuver into new endeavors.

Dog Star Resort

Dog Star Resort

Pig (confers nobility) – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle / planetary influence: Saturn (time) 10/5-12 to 12/23-14 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (4)

The pig’s lucky stars are super dazzling and love-struck! There is a life of luxury in the fortune 500 lane up ahead. This is a year tinged in the long, lasting luck you have always longed for and can take to the bank. Plan accordingly.

Lucky Pig Year

Lucky Pig Year


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