Blue Tigress Moon

Thrilling Princess Pantha

Thrilling Princess Pantha Comic

The Blue Tigress Moon

On August 20th to the 21st we have a seasonal blue moon in the sign of the Tiger. This is our last full moon before the fall harvest and with all endings it’s a plot twister that brings forth a new beginning.

In the chart of this Blue Tiger Moon both the moon and the ascendant rise in the sign of the Tiger.

Mysta Goddess of the Moon

Mysta Goddess of the Moon

This is yang (positive) feminine energy.

Where New Moons are said to be seed planting times, a time of reflection, a time of growth, this full moon is a time of action!

Tigers by nature like to be in the now, they like the new-new and they want to be where things are happening in the moment.

Phantom Lady

Phantom Lady

I encourage and inspire you to rise to the occasion; to take action in this adventure of a lifetime and let your ending be your new beginning.

Good Luck ~ I’m posting your Lucky Stars for this full moon in the sign of the Tiger.

Starting at the top of the chart ~ & ~ going around the wheel in the direction it moves:

PIG ~ (Scorpio) / Planetary influence: Saturn (Grandfather time), True Node (key) – NW

As the Tiger’s secret buddy you’ll be kept in the loop of a big swirl. You are sitting pretty at the top of the charts where the temps are mild to melting; dress accordingly. Long fought and hard won battles have the cosmic wheel of fortune turning and grinding up gold dust in your favor. The keys to the Emerald city are being given to you! The bigger picture has not yet been revealed but it looks like your work is done. A team of experts can step right up (and in) to offer aid. Also to atone for any tainted or damaged roots the piglet has unearthed while digging in the dirt. Anything needing alterations will be adjusted to your refined specifications just as you would have wished them. The winds of change will keep your Victory Luck flags flying as ships laden in treasure return to your harbor on celestial clouds. Celebrate your highness and mighty good fortunes in style.

DOG ~ (Libra) / Planetary influence: Venus (love & luxe) – WNW

Hot diggity dog! Dog is part of the Tiger’s triad, with the horse sign. Suddenly what you’ve been wanting (and giving to in overtime) is coming to you. You’ll be rolling aces as Venus our lady of luck has moved into one of her exalted spaces in your station. Not everything is roses… there is a large square off in the skyline. Dogs will be holding their own off-in a corner of one rocky and tough configuration. The Dragon sign is in direct opposition and speaks loudly to challenge your new position. The way out of this contention is through hospitality in the Hare. The Hare sign is Dog’s secret bud and you’ll need to head things off at the pass (circle the wagons) to correct this mess. Dragon sends a shot over your starboard bow. Be wise and wonderful and shine your way through it with diplomacy and white kid, gloves. And if that doesn’t have them eating out of your hand then release the peace doves and swoon them with your solid gold, selfless heart.

BIRD ~ (Virgo) – West

Danger, danger! Use extreme caution, there are still a few irons in the fire that can char and feather your crown. Luckily the Sun (image) is just a hop, skip, and jump away from entering your sign. The big climax of the Moon’s summer season hands you the mantle of power just as the yearly harvest begins. To seal the deal Mercury (messenger) is hot on his heels with the paperwork neatly, completed. The actual polarity of our Sun’s disk shifts it poles, simultaneously. This unprecedented shake-up reverses a long standing trend. It will have you crowing at daybreak again and again. A new day dawns for you as the latest deluge of a high tide sweeps away the last remnants of an old regime. Your precision craft is back in fashion to cut away the shaft. Bring your over-sized shears and shave away the fuzzy math. The apparitions of another era dissolve in the first rays of light. The Watch bird is an emblem of service that you wear well. It won’t matter what others didn’t want to have happen, once it’s already here, it’s here.

MONKEY ~ (Leo) / Planetary influence: Sun (image), Mercury (messages), Part of fortune (hypothetical: possibilities and opportunities) – WSW

Shine on soulfully and woefully with your one last chance to cash in on a lucky advantage. The Sun is passing out of your sign for another year and Mercury is chasing after him in sizzling pursuit. Improper past actions could hog-tie your future opportunities. Circumstances are not clear. Whenever you make a choice it means you must also give up the ghost, my dear. Holding-on while letting go is keeping you in suspended animation. Meanwhile false fronts and fake facades will fall from grace as you chip away at them. As a reminder, you can’t butter your bread on both sides without getting greasy fingers. The Sun (image) is in taunt opposition to Lord Neptune (harmony) whilst Mercury opposes the full moon, Lady Luna. You may not pass go or skate-by unless you know (and only do) what’s good for you. A glaring error is a bigger drag then you ever intended: get rid of it. Penalties or privileges meted out will depend on your own presence of mind and how well you’ve cultivated your sterling reputation. Never take other peoples chances, just make do with your own. This is a total pay-out or an unprecedented pay-off in the price of heavy fines. Don’t hold the party line, let this one go whichever way it falls. Follow the popcorn trail and avoid the standard fare. You’ll need the clever ingenuity of your buddy the snake to keep the jungle beat thumping along.

GOAT ~ (Cancer) / Planetary influence: Jupiter (Grand Duke, benefic), Mars (War God, energy) – SW

Lucky stars look under-served and over extended on the home front. There is a good chance you are going to be managing things from behind a lead curtain rather than on center stage. The large square in this sky is drawing lines to your pastureland that is in opposition to your stated plans. this could leave you in a compromising position. One that could get you shaved and sheared. The Grand Duke is still the great Benefic in your backyard zone so stand back, stay quiet and remain clam. Posers and impostors are staunchly fixed in the wrong position so just let them twist and shout it out. They are like hyenas that have got a scaredy cat pinned down. This is a fate you can escape but you must give up some wrong ideas to lighten the load and go with the flow. Don’t fight this tide or you’ll be ripped and torn apart by it. Someone failed in their duty and it can scatter a house of cards. Pull your game off the table. Be conscious of temporary fixes that have covered cracks and hidden deep fissures in the formal process. Instead do your diligence. The stars are offering you an out if you take it – don’t fake it. Accept fate, don’t temp-it, and things will be improved smoothly and quickly. Or the gifts of hope you are needing will be hiding not seeking.

HORSE ~ (Gemini) – South

By lolling around in the backyard or taking a nap to recharge, you’ll be less inclined to get sun stroke from any over exposure. Tending to your inner sense of well-being is where you’ll have this moon made in the shade. Lucky stars have got you covered so stay under the umbrella. There is a cautionary tale that can untangle the favors you’ve curried if you casually dismiss it. Our current planetary alignments have tight restrictions in position. Abide them don’t hide from them or you’ll only tick them off. As part of the Tigers triad you’ll be free to come and go as you please, if you carry your hall pass with you. Better still use your special privileges to camp out in an underground fortress and stay there until the coast is clear. That is where you can best follow the ball of yarn all the way back to its origins. What others can’t see will be made totally obvious to you – so play fair. Under the radar and out of the conference room, what happens in the layers below the surface will have you minting gold and printing negotiable paper. These coveted strides only come through with the consistent and persistent efforts of those who came before you. All you need do is grab a broom to sweep away the dross and then stick with it, stay committed.

SERPENT ~ (Taurus) – SE

Luck stars are deep, dark, daunting and shrouded in mystery that are making and rewriting history with your name on a classified cover. Seriously, surprising advances are unveiled that will dazzle your adoring masses. Selective services are asking, where is the love in this earthshaking, heart-pounding and thunder-striking, buzz about town? Oh it’s there if you give some over-due attention to fan the flame of your favorite crush. Carry a torch one step forward to re-ignite the embers that smolder your desires. Or tackle your bravest conquest of the ages with your magnetic charms to disarm them and then seal the deal with sweet kisses. Lucky-in-love is yours for the taking when you quicken the pace of the timeline. Or slow things down to savor a sliver of moonlight magic, whichever applies in your instance. You can’t deny what you didn’t try, so get with-it! Sure you need time to mind your peeps and cues. But now the meaning of life infuses you with another half to make things whole. Be brave and bold and dare to go where you have never strayed before. Do that and you may stumble upon the fortune of feeling treasured that leads to an endless story of Amore!! Start the serious business rolling by inviting yourself to the pleasure of your chosen company.

DRAGON ~ (Aries) / Planetary influence: Uranus (chaos) – ESE

Dragging anchor and below deck you have ships sailing and seas that need parting. The moonshine is glaring at your squared off disposition with a frown of suspicion. Round those sharp edges and buff out the spike on the point you are making. otherwise it strikes an off cord. Your now in concert with some stars that align to channel your best efforts but the challenge is to soften the blows and tone down the your staunch retorts. Speaking your mind can come back to haunt you or taunt you, so let the water roll off your back – don’t attack. Be blasé and laz a faire about the whole shebang. They say it’s better to use a carrot than a shtick, and that’s going to be true in this boxing match. Entice and entrance your audience before you go cuffing them in bracelets to their mores. Money can be saved in a direct fashion when you shop the bargain basement of your own surplus. Sure everyone likes a good show but the message-in-a-bottle says let the dog gone, go. There will be another one, a better bet, when you listen-up and stay posed instead of feeling pressured. Love luck sends bankable bucks all the way to the bank to shore-up your finances and enliven your passions.

HARE ~ (Pisces) / Planetary influence: Neptune (Water God, harmony), Chiron (Star, healer) – East

The Powers-that-be have a dynamic wave device for rippling the tides and stirring the waters. And it works splendidly, well. This has bunny business booming and bridging the wider divide to the next stage set. But all the Gothic adventures and exotic pleasures this provides have taken a toll on your sense and sensibilities. You need some nesting time to rebuild your stamina and de frazzle the chore list. Venus in the Dog sign, (cats and rabbits secret buddy) has a saucy love vibe simmering for you, nicely without any extra efforts. The dog and cat are a legendary duo of strife and struggle for power and position. But au contaire they are really in a secret love affair that rivals the best, made matches. Find your compliment to give you contrast. While you’re at-it give Doggie a scratch for his itch, it’ll cure what ails him. With these fancy-dancy luck stars you get a mild reprieve from too much coming and going and going. Regroup and reset your iconic wave for its next big roll. The bunny bides her ways and means to stay fit as a fiddle with a little light fun and tumble. Trust your instincts and listen to your intuition, trust me, not everything is what it seems. There is some wiggle room with a bit more in store for the coming seasons than you originally anticipated.

TIGER ~ (Aquarius) / Planetary influence: Full Blue Moon (yang moods) & Ascendant (horizon) – ENE

Maiden voyages will have your sights pinned on new horizons with the Sun (image) setting and the Moon (moods) rising on your doorstep. With a full moon in your sign and the ascendent (surface) too, you share a double whammy of unexpected good fortune. Something extra-special is found rustling around in the Tigers immaculate den. A whole new view will draw you a bigger portrait of the family picture. Like a bun in the oven that is being baked to perfection you’ve got things coming to fruition without even trying. Even more upside brings a deeper cleaning and broader meaning to a visionary awareness. One that peels off and lays back layers of old thinking. Old filters just won’t fit the future you see unfolding, refit and retool the inner workings. It never hurts to shift your perspective and put things into context for posterity. Now you have a chance to take more things into consideration, to pick-up what was left by the wayside. Tigers prefer to be the aggressor and steer clear of any conflict they didn’t initiate themselves. But what you are running from is not contingent on any drama or trauma. It’s simply a marvel when you allow it to be its natural self, flora and fauna.

OX ~ (Capricorn) / Planetary influence: Pluto (Dwarf, fate) – NE

You’ll be orchestrating an opera of unintended consequences and a setting up a large set of circumstances to resolve it. Administrations and their bindings need a good shucking and jiving and now is the moment to pursue it. Purge any over-arching ambitions that have been allowed to get in the way of the everyday bricks and mortar business. Work projects are back on the schedule to keep you buzzing and popping like a beehive. Everything comes to a head at the same moment for drama, drama and more drama as the main theme. Your community spirit is no longer a secondary notion but a top, primary concern. Lucky Stars are shining divinely in your barnyard stables to remove any shadows. The good times will continue to roll out the red carpet. But keep an eye on the plots you’ve got on the stove as they thicken. What boils over can spoil the deal and spill into many other venues. The square aspects of the planets above us are hardened into a glob of monsters. There is just too much evidence to avoid the obvious. The harvest will bring in boat loads of surplus and you can’t have it wasted by lame ducks that will waddle all over it. The stores must be put in order and the records set on the straight and narrow. Rules are tools so press that suit and polish those shoes it’s meeting time.

RAT ~ (Sagittarius) – North

The go between to the world of everything resides with you. Rat is numero uno in the hierarchy of the signs. As such you have greater good than you ever imagined standing on both sides, nearby and it is set to multiply. You will make great gains and strides by identifying with it. The keys to the doorway to heaven are dangling on your fob ring even if you didn’t notice them. The odd and quixotic assertion that doing what you love begets money is actually not a bad idea. Especially when considering you’ve already tried everything else. Your sign has Planet Pluto (fate) squaring off against some heavy hitters. Sticking to the regular grind is not always popular but it is necessary to keep the coffers filled. Your luck stars are ablaze with love and money luck that grows bit by bit, drip by drip and inch by inch. All the while the planets have your sign presiding over jurisprudence to get broken systems up and running. Some of you may find you are straddling a big provision to save bigger interests whilst healing the wounds of a nasty division. Embellish with relish all you love and love to do, all that you would do, if you could do, and when that happens the world will beat a path to your store.

New Monkey Moon

holy spirit

holy spirit

Holy moly, it’s the trinity! The holy trinity means that “three are one” or in religious overtones it means the father, the son and the holy spirit.

In the origins of the word group (holy trinity) it can simply mean a group of three inter-related things.

Our New Moon August 6, 2013 is in the sign of the Monkey (aka: Leo) and this one is magnified and amplified as a trinity. Why? Because our lucky stars will triple and ripple through this time period.

New moons bring opportunities for change and growth by resetting and re-birthing our dreams and desires. Out of the dark void comes the beginning. Seeds can be planted for a new harvest of good.

New moons are typically auspicious for this reason and bring fresh starts, sprouts of new growth and chances to renew our goals.

A significant feature of this moon is the flying star combination. The numeric combination’s align in groups of three. This grouping lasts for one month and is quite unique and rare. Hence the holy trinity affect (influence) and effect (result) is applicable.

All of the research data online I could find in relation to the flying stars (fields of magnetic energy) is either incomplete, incorrect or not clear in its explanation. Normally I like to add supplemental data but in this post I will simply share what applies in this cycle to help clarify.

My explanation, based on the flying stars, will only be in context as they relate to us here and now. Later I will add to that information and research base, as the time and opportunity permit elsewhere.

Flying stars are like a vortex, it is energy that moves and is considered to be invisible. Energy (magnetic and other) forms into fields of motion here on this and other planets. It is the swirl in our Milky Way galaxy of stars and in all others so far as we know.

When I read the luck of the flying stars I interlock the (flying stars) fields of motion (internal) with our physical stars and planetary motion (external) in our cosmic wonder. My focus here is only on these aspects that remain as an integral part of our elliptic plane and that align with a real compass or GPS.

Using Western, Vedic and Chinese astrological systems exclusively they don’t do this, they can’t do this, because they follow past patterns that are no longer there.

The Greek western astrology follows constellations that are long gone, the Vedic system aligns with those constellations that no longer reside in our magnetic field in the twelve stations. The Chinese system is 2.5 years behind the curve of where we actually reside in our planetary alignments. Using a compass or GPS allows me to pinpoint areas and define locations accurately for the best results.

In the field of motion (flying stars) what is important to know now is that the main universal number and the sequences (yearly number and monthly numbers) that these motion fields form are now combined. They combine in a tripling and rippling that makes a “currency” of patterns expressing consistently as part of for this cycle.

Think of it as a pebble being dropped in a pond with ripples going outward (rippling) or inwardly as when you crack an egg and there are three (tripling) yolks instead of one. Pretty uncommon, right?

This is rare and unique in many ways and one of these ways is that it amplifies and multiplies effects and affects. The resulting string of numbers brings increased good or can multiply negative, malevolent influences rather quickly.

It is best to stay on target and adjust as circumstances indicate rather than waiting things out. For example: if something seems bad it could be worse than you realize and  when a thing looks good it could be much better than you expect.

For this reason I’m going to exclusively discuss how these affects (influences) and effects (results) pertain to our luck factors for each sign on our elliptic wheel.

The lucky stars discussion will focus on the tools (symbols) and what they mean so one can adapt them to meet their needs and take these dispositions into account as they apply. I’m giving you the generic conceptualizations to make adaptations more relevant to specific situations.

It helps to know there are (8) treasures (tools, symbols) and (9) Palaces (places, spaces) and (12) signs (stations, locations, directions) on the harmonic grid. All of these components apply.

Think of it as a category = palace, being aligned with tools = treasures, for topical = signs, to be adjusted.

Online a person can read how this tripling of the flying stars brings about the “hungry ghost” (or wandering souls) that roam the Earth -or how it can bring them into being. The transitional door between life and death is aspect-ed to be wide open based on the Lou Pan.

The truth is that while some part of this information remains useful the Lou Pan (measuring device used to determine this) is currently out of sync with where we are in our time, space-dimension. Or the present we know as the here and now.

So while it is true there are restless spirits, lost souls and dark demons to contend with, they are likely of our own making. On the whole the Lou Pan assessment is a superstitious concept due to its lack of alignment with our planets global position.

However, the current stars patterns do tend to invite wandering souls (ghoul) or hungry ghosts (apparitions) to feast on our fears. There will be an amplification of what we deem paranormal.

To avoid these adverse conditions be cautious, stay centered, maintain balance and act without fear for the present. Even when things fall apart or go into disarray, hold your own. Remain tactful or maintain composure.

Chaos is calm in the center of a vortex but the spin or whirling can be disorienting for most humans and also for animals. While feng shui helps you to align with a harmony based on harmonic cycles, we can’t avoid reality and perceptions. This can be alarming or create distortions in reality or lead to misunderstanding where none need exist.

For example: a person can be mad or angry about something one week but is allowed to get over it the next. Those who can’t “get-over-it, are not living now and can’t be present as a result. They have ghosts impressions that follow as a result. They are still spinning or swirling in the negative field of energy from a past event, so-to-speak.

Like a copy-of-a-copy the impression forwards artifacts that do not exist in an original format, one that is clean or free of this debris. For this reason it is wise to allow for inconsistencies and adapt to altered environments as needs-be rather than cling to any former or past expressions. Get a new view, purge the past references.

As humans we are proven to be highly susceptible to things like superstitions. So for that reason we are likely to be in communion with ghosts and wandering spirits (in the land of the living) through this cyclic motion as an inevitability. It is best to stay firmly anchored in the now to avoid being offset or miscalculating.

In my practice I utilize Buddhas eight treasures which are symbols used as visual or tangible tools. They can either enhance a productive affect (influence) or can douse or destroy a negative (result) effect. Like these kind being brought about by the tripling and rippling number patterns of the Monkey shines in the new moon starting August 6th, 2013.

Fitting then that the Monkey sign is the “host of the ghost” as this Solar sign is man’s nearest relative in terms of a physical resonance.

What are Buddhas eight treasures?

They are symbols that can be either a visual expression/impression or actual, tangible objects that are used as either a symbolic representation or as a tool in physical applications.

In the modern world we can align with symbols that correspond with the concepts of these symbols. As a tool or symbolism in the correct context or placement they can either cure an affected, negative area or enhance the positive, effects we desire to manifest or replicate.

So to sum it up the primary themes surrounding this trinity of flying stars is the underlying concept of energies. Energetics like a Pioneer spirit, the spiritos, being spirited, and all that connotes our freedoms. Liberty can be taken but freedoms are (1). exercised, (2). earned and need to be (3). protected. Those are three components that correspond with these concepts and our lucky stars. Its a trinity!!

The trinity of stars that fly in patterns of three bring us extraordinary good fortunes or extreme counter measures that challenge and/or champion our deepest desires.

The key then is to rid ourselves of wrong intentions and deep seated desires that impede progress and cloud awareness. Cut the ties that bind you in ways that are less than productive for growth.

When in doubt remove the cloud and stay on the positive side rather than taking the negative view. It is never wrong to do good and to let the bad go. But it is wrong to not act or to act based on a negative connotation or reasoning. That is called tit-for-tat and it spawns bad Juju that can or will return to haunt you.

Think of the process as the removal of stones and hardness that need to be turned up and around before planting our new seeds of ambition. The soul bed (soil) is most receptive when it’s free of entanglements or former compositions.

The main concern is that the number (5) called the “icky yellow” known as the accident star will afflict the heart center in homes, people, relationships and spaces needs be remedied. Third party interference is a major concern.

The tripling and rippling of the (5) in the heart center is based on an unstable, non-gender star. Use a heart symbol or yin~yang (or similar) stylized symbol to harmonize any distress of the heart-line. If need be wear a charm or necklace of a heart (or yin yang) to harmonize with your life desires and relieve distress. Remove any objects that don’t reflect heartfelt intentions.

The “icky” five yellow is the Accident Star: the primary heart symbol or yin/yang, and/or Buddha footprint and/or combination of all the (8) treasures symbol is useful here in this spot or location.

The positioning of the (5) star in the heart zone affects and effects all (12) zodiac signs and their lucky stars. The five is an Earth star so it is mountains clashing and banging – they are noisy and tough and often large.

The combination of all eight treasures is an art sculpture used in feng shui to help harmonize the cycles of harmony and conflict. That can symbol or tool can be quite useful to hold back the trauma and drama of clashing mountains in the heartland.

By all means avoid any kind of metal near the heart or in the heart zones as it weakens our chi of life, especially in this cycle. Real (natural stones or leaded) crystals are powerful energizers that can add benefits and reduce the negative effects. Water is a friend to earth so a bowl of water with a floating flower (i.e. gardenia or rose)  is also a good remedy to keep centered in our spaces and places.

The “cycles of harmony and conflict” are patterns that move and can converge to create problems and accidents or can promote auspiciousness that leads to success. The use of the appropriate symbols help reduce trauma and enhance good fortunes in these cycles.

The over-all cure is to release grief and avoid distress.

Good luck tripling and rippling as we let the good times roll (like a string of good luck) but watch out for a loop of inconsistencies that can lead to misery.

Here are your lucky stars for this new Monkey moon post.

RAT ~ Sagittarius – (North)

The number (1) star triples and ripples, one is the Romance Star of Money Luck and Miracles.

Tool or symbol to use: a Double fish symbol brings unity of purpose. A strong sense of unity can enhance the number one star of romance luck and increase income. The one star brings money and miracles when we least expect it or most need it. The double fish is also a symbol of connubial bliss to enhance romance and money luck. This star like to sparkle and shine. Polish your dreams!

OX ~Capricorn – (North/Northeast)

The number (8) Star ripples and is the Star of Infinity Luck.

Tool or symbol to use is the Parasol or umbrella. It is a symbol that is used to protect our good fortunes from harm. The infinity star gives us the good we desire long lasting!

TIGER ~ Aquarius – (Northeast/East)

The number (8) Star triples and is the Star of Infinity Luck.

Tool or symbol to use is the Parasol or umbrella. It is a symbol that is used to protect our good fortunes from harm. The infinity star gives us the good we desire long lasting!

HARE ~ Pisces – (East)

The number (3) Star triples and ripples and is the gnarling, Star of Quarreling.

The tool or symbol to use is: a Conch shell. A conch is a spiral symbol and it can be very effective to ease the affects of the number 3 wood star that can create quarreling or third party interference. It is worse for women than men and can cause distress among family members, sisters or siblings. A cure is required or distress leads to illness.

DRAGON ~ Aries – (East/Southeast)

The number (4) Star triples and is the Star of Peach Blossom Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Lotus. A lotus is the symbol of the blossoming from the mud to achieve and succeed. This is what I use to enhance the popularity and love luck of the number (4) wood star that can boost academic luck known as Peach Blossom and love luck.

SERPENT ~ Taurus – (Southeast/South)

The number (4) Star ripples and is the Star of Peach Blossom Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Lotus. A lotus is the symbol of the blossoming from the mud to achieve and succeed. This is what I use to enhance the popularity and love luck of the number (4) wood star that can boost academic luck known as Peach Blossom and love luck.

HORSE ~ Gemini – (South)

The number (9) Star triples and ripples and is the magnetic, Star of Fulfillment Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: a Good Fortune Knot. This knot ties things together so we can keep our eternal harmony flowing. The nine can move in both directions (yin-negative or yang-positive) to enhance or defeat our dreams and goals. Keep it moving in the correct direction or expect distress as a result.

GOAT ~ Cancer – (West/Southwest/West)

The number (2) Star ripples and is the Star of Illness.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Jar. The jar is a vase (or container), that will to douse the affects of the number two star of illness (black, sarp yit) and promote wellness. It helps keeps matriarch (female luck) and money luck in check and balance. Plus our health is our greatest wealth so we must protect it and respect it which is symbolic of the vase.

MONKEY ~ Leo – (Southwest/West)

The number (2) Star triples and is the Star of Illness.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Jar. The jar is a vase (or container), that will to douse the affects of the number two star of illness (black, sarp yit) and promote wellness. It helps keeps matriarch (female luck) and money luck in check and balance. Plus our health is our greatest wealth so we must protect it and respect it which is symbolic of the vase.

BIRD ~ Virgo – (West)

The number (7) Star triples and ripples and is the Star of Danger.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Canopy. The canopy is a symbol is the banner flag of victory. This tool helps us to overcome our calamities and is used like any flag to alert us to danger, call a foul or to give us a signal. The set of three sevens is extremely risky dangerous and should be kept in check to avoid grief and distress. Think of a stop sign! Just don’t do it.

DOG ~ Libra – (West/Northwest)

The number (6) Star triples and is the Star of Victory Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is the Wheel: A wheel is the symbol of power and knowledge and is often associated with good fortune or chance. This symbol helps us to move the number six star of heaven luck forward to provide opportunities and promote success. It grinds up the past to release us to our greatest good. The six brings us the luck of a lifetime so use it wisely and with humility.

PIG ~ Scorpio – (Northwest/North)

The number (6) Star ripples and is the Star of Victory Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is the Wheel: A wheel is the symbol of power and knowledge and is often associated with good fortune or chance. This symbol helps us to move the number six star of heaven luck forward to provide opportunities and promote success. It grinds up the past to release us to our greatest good. The six brings us the luck of a lifetime so use it wisely and with humility.

Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit heraldry

Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit heraldry