Rosy Moons

New Moon, May 28, 2014.

A wild adventurous heart describes the full moon on May 14th. When coupled with our New Moon in the Horse, on May 28th we have a rosy outlook all through May and well into June.

Moon Rose

The New Moon, on May 28th features the Sun, Moon and Mercury in the Horse sign for a trio of good fortunes: faith, hope and charity. These two auspicious moons are filled with lucky number combinations and perfect pairings.

Moon Rose Fractal

The Lucky stars encourage long term partnerships that can last a lifetime. Anything that departures to better ends, just let it go. Both moons will unleash quite a lot of energy to produce spell binding results that generate plenty of attention.

A Rose Moon

The light from these celestial events cast a special aura around certain people, places and things to enhance our awareness. This is a great time to look deep beneath the surface and locate the bottom of your worst fears or reason for any salty tears, then you can release them.

Wild Rose Moon

As lady Luna goes through this cycle she exhibits an array of infinite possibilities. Try not too be overly intoxicated by all this extra glowing and knowing. Just have fun and let things evolve naturally.

Light Bridge

These star patterns are friendly and fabulous for good fortune to bloom even in harshest climate. Sound alternatives and solutions to unresolved issues will be unveiled.

Natures Moon

Planet Mercury, as the messenger, brings the Sun and Moon together for self-promotions and a collective, higher, ideal. The Moon cycles in June deliver the building blocks to bridge desires with accomplishments to reach our long range, goals.

Rose Petals

The New Moon lets us exchange, old worn out parts of our lives for fresh, new potential we can mold and shape. Suddenly what, once seemed too hard or impossible, begins to happen.

Rose Moon

The process of sculpting our goals is found in the daily chipping away at the things we do or don’t do. Stay focused on a course of action to move your plans ahead. Self-care and personal empowerment are arenas that benefit by your practice.

Rose Sisters ~ Moon Sisters

This new moon is our harbinger of the next cycle of change. The cycles are supporting a cut back that leads to a growth spurt, right when we take a new, lease on life.

The Moon Rose, the Wind Rose Too

As we find and seek our way through this very powerful moon cycle be kind and generous with yourself and others. Share your gifts and be brave about facing your fears, let others do the same without censure.

Rose Moon Fairy

One way to look at a life altering situation is to see there is always a learning curve you need to get around. Once you are around that bend everything looks different. Along the way it is always good to share what you’ve got, then to fight over what you haven’t got. Good luck

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Horse ~ Gemini (twins), (delivers power) / direction – South (fame) / Flying Stars: (9/9) {fulfillment luck} / Planetary Influences: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods), Mercury (messenger)

White Horse Holding Pink Rose

Lucky Stars for the Horse have a wild adventurous heart. Both May moons bring your atmospheric pressures, front and center. The New Moon on May 28th features the Sun, Moon and Mercury in your sign for a trinity of good fortunes. Lucky stars have the domino effect and when one good thing happens it spirals into the next. Fell free to seal the deal and then strike up the band, to go on and on about it! A new pair of wings will hold you aloft and inspired as you accept your next command!

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Goat ~ Cancer (sheep, deer, crab), (desires peace) / direction – SW (love and relations) / Flying Stars: (2/2) {illness star & Matriarch luck} / Planetary Influences: Jupiter (benefic)

The The Girl with the Goats

Lucky Stars for the Goat are a bargain basement of wholesale items that need sorting and mending. The new moon is a perfect time to release the old junk in our trunks and attics. Under a stew of old stuff, lies fresh potential awaiting your discovery. Planetary conjunctions and configurations will work in teams to build, bond, blend and shape your life in a “whole” new direction. A project that you really, relish finally, arrives. Feel free to go hog wild with-it. Whatever floats your boat, this summer, you can do-it. Just pick up the oars and start rowing.

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Monkey ~ Leo (drives ambition) / direction – WSW (talent) / Flying Stars: (2/2) {illness star} / Planetary Influences: Ascendent (horizon) and Part of Fortune (coin of the realm)

Monkeys Fish the Moon

Lucky Stars for the Monkey sign are up close and personal. There is an evolution of self taking place, that can’t be avoided. You’ve come out of the woods after some daunting experiences. This is place where you catch your breath, let the air clear. May moons lead you into June where the opportunity of a lifetime unfolds. Have fun, being fully-engaged and entertaining it’s the hallmark of your design. You are being seen and admired. Soon your brand will catch fire so batten down the hatches and secure the hold. Keep your primal instincts in check as stars align to bridge you to the other side. Get ready to jump then, go!

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Bird ~ Virgo (phoenix, rooster), (esteems virtue) / direction – West (creation) / Flying Stars: (7/7) {danger star doubled!} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

The Girl the Tree and the Bird of Paradise

Lucky Stars for the Bird are being fashioned from the tattered ribbons of a past experience. The only way to know the truth is to free yourself from any false ideas. What is a false idea? A premise that leads to a wrong conclusion. It is said, and written, that the truth can set you free. Now is the time to rise up and reinvent who you are. Truth is found in being authentic to a higher vision or a bigger picture. Even if it seems too complicated, take the higher ground and nest there. With a sacrifice in the offering, that is yours to make, don’t toss out the babe with the bathwater. Stillness has power in it.

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Dog ~ Libra (lion), (serves duty) / direction – WNW (travel) / Flying Stars: (6/6) {heaven luck doubled}/ Planetary Influences: Mars (energy, war god) and True Node (key)

Moon Talk

Lucky Stars for the Dog have a howling good vibe to them. The May moons unleash quite a lot of pent-up, energy. When they do the results may astound you. This is a time in lock-in, life’s bounty and go beneath the surface. Do you hear yourself barking orders or giving encouragement? Has this cycle lead to the bottom of your worst fears or into a tub of salty tears. So be-it. As soon as you let it out, your clouds of doubt will disappear. Don’t hold back, when you can be letting go. You can practice full-knowing: knowing that what you are sending is always equal, to what you are receiving. Be gratified, all the time.

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Pig ~ Scorpio (boar, eagle), (confers nobility) / direction – NW (resources) / Flying Stars: (6/6) {heaven luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time) conjoined May 14th full Moon (yang/yin)

The Pig and the Moon

Lucky Stars for the Pig beam sonic waves of illumination. Recent and upcoming, celestial events cast a special aura around certain people, places and things. There is turbulence so the golden hue of a lucky Grand Trine is aligned, to assist you. Get busy deciding how glam a life you want to lead and take charge of it. Look for items of interest that pique your curiosity. They provide you with new clues and unique possibilities. A support network with regal, reviews is aligned to your channel. Get ready for the next step; when we prepare for the thing we want it sometimes just arrives, as if by magic.

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Rat ~ Sagittarius (rules mind) / direction – North (career) / Flying Stars: (1/1) {miracle & money luck star doubles!!} / Planetary influences: none @ present

Pirate Mouse and Treasure

Lucky Stars for the Rat show-us an array of infinite possibilities in small portions and tiny intervals. Try not too be overly intoxicated by all this extra glowing and crowing, just have fun seeing how things evolve, naturally. These star patterns are friendly and fabulous for good fortune to bloom, even in harsh environments. In fact the desert rat gets the biggest chunk of change in this cycle. The numbers go down for the rest of the star patterns but not yours, they keep going up and up, like a hot air balloon. Camp on the edge of your dreams to mind your treasures.

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Ox ~ Capricorn (governs status) / direction – NE (scholarship) / Flying Stars: (8/8) {infinity luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate)

Girl in Kimono on Water Buffalo

Lucky Stars for the Ox are all about alternatives and solutions to unresolved issues. Oh, but wait, the issues are actually perceptions. Rather then fussing about in the external world,  perceptions can easily be changed in your own mind. This cycle brings the three ghosts of past, present and future, home for a visit. They are here to be sorted out – not bound together. Stay fortified while self-promotions and collective, higher ideals are being shared and considered. In-and-around the watering hole you can provide the good to increase reserves. Learn to stop, look and listen for it.

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Tiger ~ Aquarius (projects vision) / direction – ENE (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: (8/8) {infinity luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Tiger Among the Flowers

Lucky Stars for the Tiger sign channel opportunities that are refined, just in time. Don’t get over anxious and jump the gun. Change is a foot and all you need do is put your best paw forward to the destination of your choice. Cut out all the excess at this stage and remain focused on your target as a course of action. Choose what suits you best and stick to it like glue. Self-care and personal empowerment go hand in hand with a new growth spurt. Cast off the old and prepare to be renewed.

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Hare ~ Pisces (rabbit, cat, fish), (saves grace) / direction – East (health and family) / Flying Stars: (3/3) {quarreling star doubled} / Planetary Influences: Neptune (consciousness), Chiron (healer)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Lucky Stars for the Hare appear as a complete, cycle of change. The conjunctions and planetary formations are radical in their oppositions. The stars provide teams and partnerships of conventional wisdom to overcome a storm. This is a point in life where you can reconfigure yourself. There is the view on the outside and then there is the view inside. The inside view is a reflection for the surface impression to behold. Buff-up your internal love mode to a high gloss and be reborn, fresh and new, daily. Watch the progress from the stand point of curiosity and stay attuned to your high harmonics.

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Dragon ~ Aries (instill vitality) / direction – ESE (abundance) / Flying Stars: (4/4) {peach blossom star doubles} / Planetary Influences: Uranus (chaos) and Venus (lady luck) departing…

Black Rose Moon Dragon

Lucky Stars for the Dragon say… as we seek, so shall we find. Recently conjoined, but now departing, Uranus and Venus have made unconventional mates, in the celestial skies. The key to this very powerful, planetary alliance is the multi generational mindset it inspires. To harness the gifts use heartfelt anticipation and feminine energy, regularly. This has a positively, radiant effect on you when used frequently. Share your gifts and be brave about facing your fears. Let others do the same without censure and out of the chaos will come a new kind of bliss. To keep the peace, stay quietly, indifferent – as needed.

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Serpent ~ Taurus (snake), (distills wisdom) / direction – SE (income) / Flying Stars: (4/4) {love luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Venus (luv & luxe)

Snake Charmer Label

Lucky Stars for the Snake sign suggest there is more than one way to look at any life, altering situation. When you overcome a dilemma or setback there is always a learning curve to get around, but once you do things look totally different. Untwist the plot to find the clues. It is always better to share what you’ve got then to fight over what you haven’t got. Venus enters your sign in early June where she is exalted. Though in some areas you may feel a bit setback in others you’ll discover an open road. Through it all, lucky stars have booked you a seat bound for glory. Relax and enjoy the ride.

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