3 Days Dark

Rat New Moo!

December 17th at 10:31 PM PST

Good Fortunes on KittySol

Lucky ZodiacRat 🐀

♐️ Sagittarius

Flying✨Stars: Victory luck and the Fighting Star keep a war raging. Large and small fortunes will reverse trends on a grand, sliding scale. You can’t push the river. Stay quiet and pick your battles carefully or not at all. Let there be peace.

Planets: Mercury: (retrograde) messenger, Venus: love and luxe, Sun: image, Moon: moods and Saturn: Grandfather time.

Long Story:

As this New Moon goes dark it peaks ahead of the Winter/Summer Solstice on December 21st.

That leaves a gap between the dark side and the light. The Solstice brings the shift to return to the new light, but lingers awhile in total darkness. This can be a difficult period if you try to accomplish something with cycles winding down.

Normally in a new moon period planting seeds is the best energy to produce a full moon, harvest, on the other end of the spectrum. That is both literal and metaphorical. Right now though that rule-of-thumb is off kilter. To try and start something brand new or worse to try and end a situation without resolution is futile in this cosmic climate. However research is fruitful in such a concentration of forces.

What is a practical use of this Dark energy?

Continuing to stay focused and remove veils of self-deception. Move ahead on pending projects with next steps to wrap everything up and put a bow on it.

Avoid the bottleneck of stress about troubling issues while there is so much turbulence in this cosmic air.

The Rat sits North on the Compass and people with Career matters will be impacted with challenges. Some risk though can bring huge rewards!

Issues of work, support and income will bubble and perhaps boil over on the surface. Work related romance is a beast of burden.

To try and start or stop jobs, relationships, a business launch or to severs ties from service, it could create an ongoing dilemma lasting 29 years. The boomerang effect is current through January 1st, 2018. But Saturn won’t be back for 29 years. With a retro Mercury there is a warp in the time fabric.

If that seems extravagantly long just wait a few more weeks before making life altering decisions. Saturn is the timekeeper and as he sits in suspended animation between the Rat who rules the mind and the Ox who does everything based on their gut we will see a big change after Mercury returns to forward motion.

Saturn moves from a Zero point and into the sign of the Ox at the stroke of midnight on December 26th. What has been a long time coming will finally be revealed.

This is the ideal time ton make strides where long standing issues need resolution. Mediation and management will work overtime to put out fires and negotiate good, faith terms.

Planet Saturn is said to leave gifts at the door on his way out. Rewards for lessons learned, for trials and tribulations overcome.

Let there be light!

Ox 🐃

♑️ Capricorn

Flying✨Stars: Peach 🍑 Blossom Luck and the Lucky Miracles Star fly to the Ox in a world that needs more divine grace. The Cow is the trustee and beneficiary at the same time. Greener pastures are lush and inviting.

Planet: Pluto: fate

An entire entourage of planets are changing house and jumping ship. They will be rolling through like thunder in the the coming month. This celestial parade is a full house and a royal flush. Play your hand wisely and don’t throw the Ace.

Tiger 🐅

♒️ Aquarius

Flying✨Stars: Peach 🍑 Blossom Luck and the Lucky Miracles Star fly into the Tigers life and aspirations to sweep out the old and ring in the new. Enjoy being in the golden circle of your favorite hearth and home. Love Luck warms your winter wonderland all the way down to your toes.

Aspect: Winter Solstice Moon (yin moods)

Earths lunar body will be riding the Tiger through the darkness as our lunar Lady returns to the light. During the transition our Solar Star crosses hemispheres, trading places to shift gears. This shuffle will play out in real time as well. This seems fitting since big cats are the keepers of the temples that hold ancient traditions, near and dear. The motion of this cosmic magic makes our world go round.

This is also s Wild Card! A Tiger Child born on the first light of a new era is beyond blessed. Celestial patterns align on the Horizon.

Tiger vision also brings the intrigue of a visit by a Deep Space Probe. A probe of unknown origin that transited our Solar System recently. Some wonder if it’s a scout or data collector designed to absorb information it pulses back to its creator. Tons of curiosity is it’s current payload.

Deep Interstellar Probe

Hare 🐇

♓️ Pisces

Flying✨Stars: The Wealth Star combines with the Icky Yellow Accident Star. Use a higher standard of caution. You’ll enjoy life’s pleasures if you relax your rules while keeping an eye on safety measures. Don’t scrimp on preparedness and you will have plenty of tenderness to go around and to carry you through the silent night.

Planets: Neptune: harmony and Chiron: healer

The outer rim Jovian world of Neptune is so far apart from its sidekick Chiron that creates wide reaching self-deceptions and allows veiled delusions to obscure the view. What seems obvious to others, we can’t see for ourselves. To get beyond these filters which hold you back; ask yourself, what role do I play in the stories I tell. If you’d like to play a new role, rewrite the negative parts so that it comes out positivity, radiant. Ask yourself questions to avoid being blind sided by things you take for granted that can set you back.

Dragon 🐉

♈️ Aries

Flying✨Stars: The Star of Increase and Heaven luck shine brightly to shower you with gifts and unlimited good fortunes. Whatever is happening for you now, if it’s not purely positive, then use your power of intention to reverse course. Your intentions are the laser pointer that can bring immediate benefits when activated! Victory is assured with a trove of wishes to be fulfilled. Good Luck!! Use your special brand of magic with lavish abundance.

Planet: Uranus, (retrograde) chaos

This big gas giant is skirting the border on the Dragon’s edge with the Serpent until next May 2018. Uranus will grind away and go nowhere until it returns to cross the border. Eventually we can make love not war. Until then it’s a blood feud so stay clear of scuffles and skirmishes.

Snake 🐍

♉️ Taurus

Flying✨Stars: The Star of Increase and Heaven Luck bring a canopy of opportunity sparkling like diamonds in the sky!! The Income sector of the serpentine path gets paved in gold and bejeweled in precious stones. Big happy surprises arrive and suddenly wishes are being fulfilled like crazy. This combination of Lucky Stars is the holy grail of satisfaction so act in a fashion that conjures up long lasting, heartfelt passions. Conditions run hot and accelerate rapidly. It’s easy: just ask for what you want and not, what you don’t want.

No Planets or Aspects for the Serpent so continue to take a break from excess pressures and internal wrangling.

Horse 🐎

♊️ Gemini

Flying✨Stars: The Accident Star and the Illness Star are double trouble. Keep a super low profile and use your extra, cautionary measures to avert disaster at every turn. The turbulence is bumpy so keep your seat belt fastened. The Illness Star can be contaminated so quarantine any outbreaks. This is one of those times where it helps to grin and bear it. Think if this as deep space hibernation and cuddle up with your favorite set of circumstances.

Aspect: 👑 New Moon Crown

Horse takes the cake to receive the yearly award that crowns you at the top your heap. You deserve this bright spot in these damp star patterns. Enjoy the accolades you deserve them.

Goat 🐏

♋️ Cancer

Flying Stars: Danger Star and Blossom Luck are intertwined and this could be complicated if you try to fix this good parts while ignoring the bad. This set up can have adverse side effects if taken too seriously. The Goat is the love bug and friend zone to all they know and meet. But these luck stars say pump the brakes and get in the slow lane. Too much of a good thing too quickly can have wickedly bad results.

No Planets or Aspects for the Goat. Enjoy the break and space it gives you to contemplate new heights to climb. Do some Goal-searching.

Monkey 🐒

♌️ Leo

Flying Stars: The Danger Star is joined by the Blossom Luck Star. It sounds like one might cancel the other side out but in practice that notion is a nonstarter. The cutting power of the Danger Star is a take-away and set back akin to pruning. Severe cuts can harm growth and stifle the bloom cycles, or if managed judiciously, it can improve and advance the harvest of your dreams. Trim and shape so-as to preserve and salvage resources.

Aspects: The Node sits on the Ascendant horizon for the Solstice event. This means you’ll be able to walk into a new world you have only dreamed of. Lucky Monkey.

Bird 🦅

♍️ Virgo

Flying✨Stars: The Fighting Star and the Multiplier make this region a disaster area. The only thing you can do is rise up from the ashes and start again. To expect to return to normal is not even in the realm of possibility. Tragedy can be converted to triumph and better days lie ahead. Go forward to the next step as there is nothing to go back to.

Aspects: 🎐Ascendant and💰Part of Fortune on the New Moon cycle.

The luck of the draw would have it that those who need it most will get more. Though it doesn’t looks as though what is happening, it is still the outcome that I see coming out of fortuitous events. The meek shall inherit the Earth. (Beatitudes)

Dog 🐕

♎️ Libra

Flying✨Stars: The Illness Star and the Wealth Star form the Auspicious Special, called the Sum of Ten. This brings plenty of help and active energy at the 11th hour to protect and save a cherished stronghold. This is a watershed moment when what seemed lost and forgotten, is returned. Get ready to be thrilled and delighted by the mysteries of receiving and believing!!

No Planets or Aspects for the Dog. Take a break from too much doing.

Pig 🐖

♏️ Scorpio

Flying✨Stars: Sarp Yit is the Illness Star and it joins with Treasure Luck to complete the Lucky Sum of Ten for big bonus round like none you have seen before. Plot twisters and thickeners will gel and a new die is cast from the old broken mold. Fortunes lost or withheld will bring a boon of good fortune arriving on your shore! Thunder claps and lightening strikes are added just for fun. The excitement is electrifying!

Planets: Mars: pure energy and Jupiter: the Grand Duke

The blazing, fire Pig of 2017 is a greased Pig in 2018 eluding all the preset plans and machinations to to capture it’s wild nature, to reign or hem it in; in its marvelous ability to slip through the cracks it succeeds to win against all odds and laws of probability. A transformation bends reality to brings something back around and restitution is found and recovered.

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