All Black Moon

The New Moon in the sign of the Hare is on February 18, 2015 @ 4:49 PM PST.

All Black Moon

KittySol Icon

KittySol Icon

Our New Moon starts the clock on the new, Goat Year in the old Chinese calendar. This new moon is considered a Supra moon due to the perigee being closest to Earth for March 2015. But it’s also the darkest of black moons because it is invisible, not even a sliver is seen at night. Due to its absolute darkness it is visible as a day moon. Mysterious and serious, this new moon has a lot to offer. Its peak potential will continue to evolve as it unfolds. My vote goes to this moon as a strong contender for Best New Moon of the year, award.


Wild Hare Moon

Kittysol | it's a cosmic wonder

Kittysol | it’s a cosmic wonder

As Hare moons go this one is jam packed with six planetary aspects tucked in tight on the descending side of the chart. The Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron, Venus and Mars blend to infuse a dreamlike state in the compassionate and hospitable sign of the Hare. Cosmic energies will merge in a higher octave of love for a conscious, soul clearing and a total, self renewal.


Day Moon

Dark Day Moon

Dark Day Moon

While the bulk of the planets ride in the Hare the Monkey delivers the gold. The day moon holds magnificent Jupiter in an event horizon that hovers over the Part of Fortune like a golden goose egg. This day moon unloads treasures and triumph with an extra ordinary artifact that is bold, witty, charming and effortlessly, entertaining. Use this diamond in the rough to hatch your greatest endeavor and watch opportunities rise to the occasion.

Wood Goat Year 2015

Goat Rider

Goat Rider

In a wood goat year, as fictitious or flirtatious as it may be, we get a healthy wallop of sentimentality to contend with. This year the quarreling star three, flies to the center palace in heart center. This affliction needs a special cure. The motion brings third party interference and complications to untangle; like a back seat driver or a mud slinging trio. By leaping ahead before looking, Goats do tend to get into things knee deep without knowing. Cycles that rule the number patterns repeat again in nine months. As a result the best and worst numbers are on instant replay. Keep this in mind if the wolf is at the door or you’re  having a jolly good time. Don’t let the sun go down without opening the gate. Get out to greener pastures. Go ahead and kick up your heels to signify your satisfaction and willingness to participate with a universal plan of action.

Cosmic Constant

Mondolithic Studios | Naked Singularity

Mondolithic Studios | Naked Singularity

A current solution to the big bang theory is a cosmic constant. What is a cosmic constant? Why do we need one? I’ve been harping about this for a very long time. Mainly because it gives chaos a baseline, a place to find true north and a meeting of the minds. One way to view it, is called spotting. When a dancer pirouettes visually they find a spot and stick-it on each turn, or they spin out of control and loose their balance. Simply put this could be true for our universe.


Eclipses Coming…

Heart Center

Heart Center Cure | charm

Planetary Influences will soon be in flux as the dark cluster of planets break apart and cross over each other. What we thought was, will will change. That makes this new moon our best reset button to align with our future options. Planning, as it turns out, is a very auspicious something that allows us to go places. Though deus ex machina (god in the machine) means we may not do so in the fashion we plan, or arrive exactly at the goal we predetermine; but we do gravitate when we levitate our plans as an action, oriented sequence.

Wishing Good Luck for the Wood Goat year on the all black, New Hare Moon!

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Here are your Lucky Stars for the all the zodiac signs.

Hare ~ saves grace

Lucky Hare

Lucky Star Hare

Constellation: Pisces / aka: cat, rabbit, fish / Direction: East (health and family) / Flying Stars: [1/3] {Miracle Star & Quarreling Star} Planetary Influences: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods), Neptune (consciousness), exalted Venus (love & luxe), Chiron® (healer) and Mars (war god/energy)

Hare Luck

Night Star Hare

Night Star | Lucky Hare

Hare luck for the Goat year can be summed up using this month as a snap shot. Lucky bunny leads the charge into a whole new venue. Our new Hare Moon and Sun sit at zero degrees and is the 30 day point to a coming, total, solar eclipse. We get another new Hare Moon and Sun on March 20th at 29 degrees of fruition. This brings a bonus round of goodies in bloom like quicksilver. The Miracles and Money Star overcome any obstacle courses along the way with loads of love, luck to brighten each day!

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Dragon ~ instills vitality

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Star Dragon

Constellation: Aries / Direction: East Southeast (abundance) / Flying Stars: [2/4] {Illness Star & Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: Uranus (Chaos)

Dragon Luck

Night Star Dragon

Night Star | Lucky Dragon

The Dragon luck theme in the Goat year truly has fresh starts at the peak of it’s endings. “It’s a wrap” as they say in Hollywood lingo. With Mars coming on strong and Venus crossing over the fold in the realm of chaos, this year strike while the iron is hot and let sleeping dogs lay as they are. Timing is crucial where success is desired as an outcome. Dragons enjoy a ton of popularity luck and can use their political moxie for the greater good of all.

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Snake ~ distills wisdom

Lucky Snake

Lucky Star Snake

Constellation: Taurus / aka: snake / Direction: Southeast (income) / Flying Stars: [2/4] {Illness Star & Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: none at present

Snake Luck

Night Star Snake

Night Star | Lucky Snake

Snake luck is at top of the charts in a crowning glory for the Goat year. Snakes can slip and slide through this year almost stress free as they go through a complete shape shift. Though already well poised and near perfectly centered, snakes still need a few minor alterations for the long term. So assets they covet can be deposited directly as they define them. A tweak here, a tuck there and a nip or too in the bud will keep the process well ordered. And help snakes hold their own in a transition that’s winning for them, big time.

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Horse ~ delivers power

Lucky Horse

Lucky Star Horse

Constellation: Gemini / aka: twins / Direction: South (fame) / Flying Stars: [7/9] {Danger Star & Fulfillment Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Horse Luck

Night Star Horse

Night Star | Lucky Horse

Horse Luck is a crap shoot in the Goat year. There is scant little to work with except down right, good old fashioned, when the chips are down kinda of luck. It may be best if ponies hold back on any major life change in the present. You’ll need to ride out a storm you have coming. When things get out of control, pull in the reigns. The little luck you’ve got will just hold you over until good fortunes start growing and glowing, early next year. Until further notice strike a pose that is the poster child of conservative spending. Just say no  as a standard operating procedure.

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Goatdesires peace

Lucky Goat

Lucky Star Goat

Constellation: Cancer / aka: sheep, deer, crab / Direction: Southwest (love and relations) / Flying Stars: [9/2] {Magnifying Star & Illness Star} / Planetary Influences: Ascendent (horizon)

Goat Luck

Night Star Goat

Night Star | Lucky Goat

Goat luck in this Goat year is in name only. There are no planets to account for this position. But this sort of pedigree, as thin or thread bare as it may seem, is still a coat of many colors to a kid. What the sheep clan needs most is to avoid being anyone’s scapegoat or a monkey’s uncle. What floats your boat is how the numbers add up to determine whether you sink or swim. Stay keen and aware. Put a lid on any nit-picking and pull up on the excess slack. Do this and you’ll make the grade free and clear.

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Monkeydrives ambition

Lucky Monkey

Lucky Star Monkey

Constellation: Leo / Direction: Southwest West (talent) / Flying Stars: [9/2] {Magnifying Star & Illness Star} / Planetary Influences: Astro Year of the Monkey ~ Grand Duke Jupiter® (benefic), Ascendent (horizon), Part of Fortune (lucky spot)

Monkey Luck

Night Star Monkey

Night Star | Lucky Monkey

Monkey luck is all the rage and  soaring through the tree tops with a superior, hype and sizzle. The really big news is part of a media blitz that gives you a base station and your own channel deep in the heart of the jungle. The Part of Fortune is the coin of the realm and it sits on your pedestal ready to forge you a fortune in gold and silver. Jupiter will continue to bask in your glory and righteous zeal with a penchant for being the wizard of the cosmic wonder. Generations and iterations to come will continue your legacy if you stay open to public appeal.

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Bird ~ esteems virtue

Lucky Bird

Lucky Star Bird

Constellation: Virgo / aka: phoenix, rooster, cock, hen / Direction: West (creativity) / Flying Stars: [5/7] {Accident Star & Danger Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Bird Luck

Night Star Bird

Night Star | Lucky Bird

Bird luck is dicey and pricey in a Goat year. Your best options is to cut the ties that bind. Do not enter any risky business. First deal with what you’ve got going. Pay close attention to the ebb and flow of the cycles. Second keep an eagle eye on your expenses. Dispense with any drain on the system that you can live without. No doubt that the cuts you find to trim the sails will save you a boat load of drama and trauma. But if you avoid the accounting and let chips fall where they may, the costs could be alarming. Get out in front of this wily coyote to meet the measures half way. There is a single star that will keep things nice and rosy if you cooperate. If you try to stage a coup -all bets caged and sealed.

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Dog ~ serves duty

Lucky Dog

Lucky Star Dog

Constellation: Libra / aka: lion / Direction: West Northwest (travel) / Flying Stars: [4/6] {Peach Blossom Star & Heaven Luck} Auspicious Sum of Ten / Planetary Influences: True Node (key)

Dog Luck

Night Star Dog

Night Star | Lucky Dog

Dog luck in this Goat year is the “big money and big happy” in a Chinese fashion called the Ming Tang. Your lucky stars are strong and long lasting. You’ll certainly be going places and traveling in wide class circles with a dynamic, panache. Dogs will have some minor opposition to their plans but what dog can’t out distance a pack of llamas? Use your skills and training to best the competition and hone your attentive nature to a spit and polish. Show them who’s boss and you’ll own a champions cup.

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Pig ~ confers nobility

Lucky Pig

Lucky Star Pig

Constellation: Scorpio / aka: boar, eagle / Direction: Northwest (benefits) / Flying Stars: [4/6] {Peach Blossom Star & Heaven Luck} Auspicious Sum of Ten / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Pig Luck

Night Star Pig

Night Star | Lucky Pig

Pig luck in a Goat year is truly a marvel to behold. In facts and figures piggish tenacity out trumps any other factors for stellar recognition and just compensation. You might still be rounding the bend on some recent patch of disaster when lucky, pay dirt comes calling. Pig luck is uncanny for slipping through the cracks to find fortunes in every nook and cranny or a niche of plenty in a simple, garden variety.

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Rat ~ rules mind

Lucky Rat

Lucky Star Rat

Constellation: Sagittarius / aka: mongoose, mouse / Direction: North (career) / Flying Stars: [8/1] {Infinity Star & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time)

Rat Luck

Night Star Rat

Night Star | Lucky Rat

Rat luck in this Goat year is a regular gem factory. Star studded luck will have you suited up for a legion of honor. Fortunes casts you into a troop of mastery to hash out the details of your next incarnation. It’s a fanciful story that began as a tale of woe and catastrophe. Infinity luck finds favor with a cache of simple pleasures that you adore. As you appreciate them they soon amass you a golden horde. And your love luck is simply, magnetic.

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Ox ~ governs status

Lucky Ox

Lucky Star Ox

Constellation: Capricorn / aka: cow, buffalo / Direction: East Northeast (scholarship) / Flying Stars: [6/8] {Heaven Luck & Infinity Star} / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate)

Ox Luck

Night Star Ox

Night Star | Lucky Ox

Ox Luck in a Goat year is usually a laid back, let down that frankly for you is a bore. But this year the star luck is so bright and shiny that you can charge the castle and make mayhem your calling card. Whoever dares to raise a red flag or gasp, drop one at your feet will live to regret the error of their ways. And the bragging rights will all be yours. Let me tell you my bovine beast the sacred cow is alive and well in many pastoral scenes and peace keeping ventures that earn their keep and a tidy heap of cash too.

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Tiger ~ projects vision

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Star Tiger

Constellation: Aquarius / Direction: Northeast (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: [6] {Heaven Luck & Infinity Star} / Planetary Influences: Sun, (image), Mercury (messenger)

Tiger Luck

Night Star Tiger

Night Star | Lucky Tiger

Tiger luck in a Goat year is often too far flung to be of any real value. But this years stars has the greatest numbers on Earth to make you the master of ceremonies and captain of the palace guard. Mercury is making good on its promise to roll out the red carpet and do all the heavy lifting to get the show going. Big cats get a taste of life’s banquet at the most unlikely water holes.  You’ll wow the crowds in luxury trappings and attend parties to celebrate your unending, majesty.

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