Annual Flying Stars 2021

Annual Flying Stars changed on the Solar New year February 4th and the Monthly Stars changed on February 4th. The Chinese Lunar New Year is on February 12th for the last Lunar New Moon of the winter season, which begins Spring.

In this blog post Readers can check out how the new, Annual Flying Stars and Monthly Flying Star patterns affect their Zodiac luck: for the animal signs and the compass directions in the year 2021.

This year in 2021 the Solar New Year happens before the Lunar New Year which does improve the fortunes overall. The Solar New Year always happens in the 4th of February and the Lunar New Year is always based on the cyclic changes of the New Moon.

Coming Soon:

  • New Tiger Moon February 11th
  • Chinese New Year ~ Silver Ox February 12th
  • Valentines Day February 14th
  • Sun Enters the Hare February 18th
  • Mercury goes direct February 21st
  • Full Bird Moon February 27th

Happy Valentines Day!

Ming Tang

This year the Ming Tang resides from East to West through the Center palace.

In the Annual Flying Stars chart the Ming tang is the area where the Flying Stars form a dynamic pattern for good; they are lucky and auspicious.

In the Feng Shui, Flying Stars the Ming Tang is very important. The Ming Tang is the Bright Hall, which means an open space or high energy field. So its the area where you want to stage your yang energy and do more things throughout the year.

Not everyone can always use the main area (called big Tai Chi) where stars align so in that case check the spaces that you use (called small Tai Chi) with a compass and strive for an East to West orientation for your decor arrangements and for staging events.

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About the February Monthly Stars

The Center 5 Star is the Unlucky Accident Star but when the Stars fly to their home palace they are positive on the whole. This month all stars fly home. So overall the Flying Star effects will be a net positivity for growth and change.

Annual Flying Stars for 2021

Here are the Annual Flying Stars for 2021 for all the Zodiac animal signs and western astrology constellations and their compass directions.

Heart Center

All Signs | Center Palace

Annual Star: The Victory Star 6 of Heaven flies into the Heart center which is called: thunder in the heart. While the 6 Star is quite positive the feng shui elements are clashing with the Yin Metal 6 Star flying into the Earth 5 Star.

Monthly Star: This month the 5 flies home to the Heart Center and this promotes positive grounded energy. It can be unstable at times but if you stay grounded and focused it will be positive overall.

RAT ~ Sagittarius

North | career

Annual Star: Illness Star 2 flies into the Miracle Star 1 creating cause for concern. Yin Water flies into yang water and it can bring contamination at work places. Practice good health protocols and use a small Wo Lu as an ornament for a cure.

Monthly Star: Water Star 1 is a Lucky Miracle Star of Love and Money Luck! This star likes to sparkle and shine so add some gloss, crystals and sprinkle the gold dust. It’s a silver lining you can polish and rely on.

OX ~ Capricorn | TIGER ~ Aquarius

Northeast | business & scholarship

Annual Star: Fire Star 9 flies into the Earth Star 8 bringing great wealth and good fortunes multiplied.

Watch Lucky Orange Bowl:

Monthly Star: Earth Star 8 flies home. This Lucky Wealth Star brings great good fortunes, long lasting. Set the table for success and display an Orange Bowl for success: on a dining table, on a console in the main living area or entry hall of your home.

HARE ~ Pisces

East | health & family

Annual Star: Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 flies into the Wood Star 3 bringing superior social and love luck.. This popular star can help launch new projects and promote positive effects for life goals for passing examinations.

Monthly Star: Wood Star 3 is the Fighting that is home in the East so the negative effects are lessened, considerable. Don’t quarrel or get into petty disagreements. Batten down the hatches and reign in the excess.

DRAGON ~ Aries | SNAKE ~ Taurus

Southeast | abundance & income

Annual Star: Unlucky Accident 5 Star brings potential for improved security and added focus to eliminate distress. This Star’s ill effects are lessened due to the elements. Unstable Earth flies into Yin Wood. The wood element is naturally supported by Earth and is weakened.

Monthly Star: Wood Star 4 flies home giving a boost to incomes and social luck. This is great for launching new projects and improving business prospects with the Peach Blossom Star boosting your social and love luck.

HORSE ~ Gemini

South | fame & promotion

Annual Star: Lucky Star 1 flies into the Ripening Star 9 adding extra perks and pleasures to the multiplying star that promotes wish fulfillment. Ask and you shall receive! Knock and it shall be opened to you.

Monthly Star: Fire Star 9 flies home to boost Fulfillment luck and wishes come true. Remember this star requires that you use it or lose it. Harvest your good. Follow up and follow through.

GOAT ~ Cancer | MONKEY ~ Leo

Southwest | love & relationships

Annual Star: Unlucky Fighting Star 3 is a trouble maker and testy customer. This Star is worsened by the elements. Wood flies into Earth and boosts the wood energy. Keep a low profile and do not get into battle or you risk long term grief you never expected.

Monthly Star: Earth Star 2 is flies to the home palace offering some added benefits to relationships and families to gain support.

BIRD ~ Virgo

West | creativity & children

Annual Star: Lucky Wealth Star 8 flies into the West as part of the Ming tang for a big and bright future of opportunities that open up. The metal star 7 and the 8 combine for a super lucky combination that brings Winners Luck!

Monthly Star: Metal Star 7 flies home and can create a lot of noise and calamity if it’s not well guarded and supported. Don’t take any big risks and go easy on the expectations. Sheath your sword and rest from storming the castle.

DOG ~ Libra | PIG ~ Scorpio

Northwest | travel & benefits

Annual Star: Danger Star 7 flies into the Northwest adding Metal to metal which make a clashing sound. While this Star makes a lot of noise its not always as bad as it sounds. Keep that in mind before you get to excited. The Yang Metal flies into Yin metal which reduces long term assets in the short run but isn’t catastrophic or damaging to cause destruction.

Monthly Star: Thunder Star 6 brings Heaven Luck flying home to it’s palace to celebrate victory and take a break from the non-stop action. This month heaven luck brings added advantages and resources to support your dreams and desires.

Coming Soon to Kittysol stay tuned:

  • New Tiger Moon February 11th
  • Chinese New Year ~ Silver Ox February 12th
  • Valentines Day February 14th
  • Sun Enters the Hare February 18th
  • Mercury goes direct February 21st
  • Full Bird Moon February 27th

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