Blue Moon | 2020

Saturday, October 31st at 7:49 AM PDT is a Full Blue Moon in the Snake sign.

This marks the yearly return of All Saints Day, All Souls day and Allhallowtide now celebrated as Halloween. It begins Oct 31st on Hallows Eve Mass and lasts three days until November 2nd.

This ancient and Pagan/Catholic holiday includes prayers, candles and rituals at the cemetery graves. It brings remembrance to the dearly departed with gifts on a shrine. This practice has it’s roots in the olden Samhain holiday that lifts the veil to cross over a portal to the Otherworld.

Black Sabbath

Sabbath comes from the origins of creation itself. As told in the story of Genesis 2:1-3 where-after six days God rested on the seventh day. Often interrupted as a day of rest from Judea cultures, the where-after is really the hereafter and it defines that after living, the soul must die to rest before it is born again.

Harking from Judas, the kiss of death is a traitor to life and the word’s root “to judge” comes from the Day of Judgment. It’s a common misconception in modern day religions that, this means to take Sunday or Saturday off. In truth it defines mortality. In order to live we must die.

All Souls Day

All Hallows’ Eve mass passed down over a multitude of centuries as a celebration of the dead. As an Art form it dates to 8,500 years ago before Christianity existed and is found in graves with red ocher painted on the bones of a child by northern European Mesolithic cultures.

This holy day often includes sweet treats, flowers and colorful displays. The Day of the Dead, dia de Los Muertos is celebrated with family and friends in Mexico and MexiAmericano cultures. These practices to honor the dead, span-back to the arrival of humans on this planet.

The wearing of a death masks comes out of ancient Egypt but not exclusively. The washing of bones and other rituals have passed down through the ages from antiquity as a reverence for those that have passed-on. This practice is said to humanize mankind from being savages.

Venus Rising

In this full moon chart Venus rises above the Sun sitting of the Ascendant. This produces a surge for the feminine divine as both the Sun in the Pig and the Moon in the Snake are Yin, female signs.

Women give birth to life and are also the destroyer that re-cycle it to the other side. In this allegory “she” is a Yin force that takes back so that life can return, again and again. Light a candle and say a prayer as Spirits roam free and humans remember those who are lost and gone, but are not forgotten. Those who go ahead, lead the way to where we are all going.

Coming Soon

This cycle brings a cacophony of planetary changes, big and small, on the inner and outer-rim of the ecliptic wheel to reshape our world for generations to come. In ways we cannot yet, fully imagine, there’s no going back. This month we reset the grid and outcomes can’t be undone.

  • Mercury returns from retrograde November 3rd.
  • Monthly Flying Stars move November 7th.
  • Mercury re-enters the Pig November 10th.
  • Jupiter rolls over on Pluto November 12th.
  • Mars returns from retrograde November 14th.
  • New Moon and Sun in the Pig November 14th.
  • Sun enters the Rat on November 21st.
  • Neptune reruns from retrograde November 29th.
  • Horse Lunar Eclipse, New Moon November 29th/30th.

Here are your Lucky Stars for the Zodiac Animal signs and the constellations they fly in. Good Luck until we meet again for the next blog post when Flying Stars change November 7th. Until then, don’t leave your luck to chance. Find your fortunes on

Rat | Capricorn


The Rat rides the low ebb of the chart and has an Unlucky Accident Star 5 that can bring problems and confusion at work. Take your time and use extra caution on your pathways. Stay true to yourself and don’t let the what comes, scare you. The times they are a changing.

Ox | Capricorn


Jupiter at 20 degrees is nipping at Pluto heels at 22 degrees and there’s nowhere to hide, this train is coming through. Saturn at 26 degrees is blazing new trails to forward progress at a steady clip. Lucky Stars don’t bode well with the Fighting Star 3 that’s throwing poison arrows in the mix. Don’t let your guard down but don’t start any battles, either. You can’t win.

Tiger | Aquarius


No planets or aspects for the Tiger as you drag the anchor for the chart. Sometimes it’s just better to stay in your cave. Lucky Lucky Stars don’t bode well with the Fighting Star 3 that’s throwing poison arrows in the mix. Don’t let your guard down but don’t start any battles, either. You can’t win.

Hare | Pisces


Neptune at 18 degrees rides on the backside of this Blue Moon chart, below deck. It’s a safe heaven that serves you well. The God of the Underworld is still retrograde, spinning webs of illusion until it returns November 29th on the New Moon eclipse in the Horse. The unlucky 7 Star of Danger is no help either. If you know what’s good for you, do-it. Cool your jets and stay grounded on land or water.

Dragon | Aries


Chiron retrograde at 5 degrees and Mars retrograde at 16 degrees turns back the clock and adds years to your life span. These factors give you a glowing opportunity you thought you’d missed, yet here it is. Grab this golden ring and run with it. The Lucky Star 8 provides a treasure chest that comes with it. To the victor goes the spoils. Enjoy this event you deserve it.

Snake | Taurus


There isn’t anyway to explain it as the Blue Moon at 8 degrees conjuncts a retrograde Uranus at 8 degrees and the Part of Fortune at 7 degrees enhances the spectacular effects. This windfall may arrive in ways you never expected and i twill sprinkle you with gold dust for some time to come. The Lucky Star 8 provides a treasure chest that’s brimming with values to be counted and appreciated. To the victor goes the spoils. Enjoy this event you deserve it.

Horse | Gemini


The Node at 20 degrees is out of reach for all but a few within a very narrow margin. The Lucky Peach Blossom Star gives you a bit of a boost but this Star can sour fast if you overplay your hand or take- it for granted. There’s hidden assets and unseen potholes lurking in these stars. It all depends on how much goodwill you have stored up and the quality of your karma.

Goat | Cancer


No planets or aspects in this cycle but your climbing the mountains you long for with the Stars shining from above! You’ve got Victory Luck with the Triumph Star 6 combined with the Peach Blossom 4 Star in 2020. This gives you a big ledge for those hanging on a cliff edge. For just a few more days the Lucky Sum of Ten can overcome obstacles for a brighter, success!

Monkey | Leo


For this Blue Moon event the Monkey wears the chart crown at 16 degrees but it can be a hit or miss with the tilt that is split. You’ve got Victory Luck with the Triumph Star 6 combined with the Peach Blossom 4 Star in 2020 that gives you a bit of a ledge to stand on, but not much. For just a few more days the Lucky Sum of Ten can overcome obstacles for a bright, success!

Bird | Virgo


No planets or aspects for the Bird as you soar to new heights on this chart but watch where you land with an unlucky Illness Star 2 throwing contaminates in the mix. Stick to your protocols as you make the rounds to do good for others as you so often do. Err to the side of overly protective, keep your shields up. Everyone else will be so-much the better, for it.

Dog | Libra


Venus is rising at 4 degrees on the upside of this chart as Mercury spins retrograde at 26 degrees on the tail’s end. Wag your behind and your tongue because you’ve got what you asked for but don’t expect everyone to go along for the ride. Sometimes if you buck the system it throws you off. The Lucky 1 Star should ease the fall as small money and a little love can come in handy to ease the skids and bruising that come with it.

Pig | Scorpio


Sun on the Ascendant horizon at 8 degrees gives Pigs a resounding success they’ve been chipping away at for sometime now. Your status is sparkling and crackling with a good vibe. The Lucky in Lucky and Money Star 1 will deliver the goods a bit at a time. It’s the Land of Milk and Honey you hoped and prayed for arriving in small increments that you build to suit yourself.

Millions of Fortunes on Kittysol

Mercury returns from retrograde November 3rd and as-with all station days: reverses of fortunes are the theme in more ways than one. It’s election day in the US and this is bound to be a rough day for seeing any outcomes until the cosmic dust settles. But it won’t take long. Within a few days a crystal-clear view will reveal the writing writing on the wall, as they say.

If your luck’s in a funk, no fear, monthly Flying Stars change November 7th. When Mercury re-enters the Pig on November 10th assets move with it as Jupiter rolls-over on Pluto tearing fates long-term plans to pieces on November 12th. The destiny for the many will be altered permanently for generations to come as this event expands the entrance for New Comers.

Then buckle-up. As Mars returns from retrograde he rolls back to the Pig and tosses a wrench in the gears on the New Moon, November 14th. High-stakes are charred on this grill when the Sun enters the Rat November 21st and come hell or high water, the Mouse takes the cheese.

To cap this month of dizzying celestial events a Lunar Eclipse arrives in the Horse. Like tossing a shoe on the back stretch it casts-off the old for the New Moon, November 29th/30th. On the same day, Neptune God of the Underworld returns to forward motion and breaks a dark spell.

Until then may good fortunes follow you everywhere you go, all the time!! Be safe and stay well and come back to see how the planets align and stars shine for you and yours, divined.

Don’t leave your Luck to Chance. We invite you to come back soon.

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