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sign of the times

sign of the times

A supremely potent, planetary mixology turns the tides today and I took a moment to scratch out a few notes to account for these strange alignments.

On the whole…

Lots of power punches are being thrown around in this skyline… as the bitter ends get blown apart. Don’t try to finish what you didn’t start. Back off and stay calm, let the frazzle-dazzle wane away and strive, above all, to do no harm.

This gives you a quickie view of the slug fest going on in the signs and patterns today. In this instance whats-done-is-done and there is no going back after 5:38PM PST. When this music stops be sure you are not taking-sides (to draw apart) when instead you can harmonize. Judgements come knocking right back where they started. Kiss good-bye the dearly departed, you may not see them again for a very long time.

Peace, love and understanding is my primary mandate.

Lucky stars are fighting mad and taking the cake to the bank.

We are in a waning Gibbous moon as we make for the 3rd phase in an old crescent. Despite any conditions to the contrary some things will suddenly come to an abrupt halt.

This halting will break apart old established ways and make wrongs, right. Be cautious, be clear and be persistent. The bigger they are the harder they fall and the darkest moment comes just before a brand, new dawn.

Where is the luck in this?

In our pending night sky is Corvis the Crow which is actually a Raven. The Raven is an Omen of Good Fortune (in Asiatic folklore) so wait and watch for it as it rises tonight.

It will shed its feminine moonlight on your toughest plight. Heed the moons message when it shifts to new higher ground after 5:30 PST today. Then just let the greater good roll your way.

For all you weary stragglers out there… The universe sees everything, above and beyond. Just remember Karma’s a mother and paybacks a bitch! So do as they say and when you go through Hell, just be sure to make it pay!!

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