Dog Super Moon

On Sunday, March 28th at 11:50 AM, Pacific Daylight time, Earth has a Super Full Moon in the Dog sign.

Dog Super Moon Podcast

Audio Transcript | Dog Super Moon

Dog Moon

This Midday Moon in the Dog sign has lots to offer and it all pivots off the first Super Moon of this year in 2021. The Lunar aspect of the Full, March Moon is unique for it’s planetary arrangement. The Moon holds the cosmos in a classic prong setting like a diamond in the sky.

Triple 8

One of the most stunning aspects of this chart’s diamond-cut, alignment is a triple 8 grouping near the Crown in the Dragon sign. The Sun, Chiron and Venus form a clutch in the Dragon’s claw at 8 degrees. Dragon’s fiery pearl bestows it’s mythic powers of creation on a lucky few.

Pony Locks

Another amazing feature for Dog’s Super Moon is the Node and Mars. The Horse sign hosts the Node and Mar’s in a tight connection the fits like a glove and unlocks the vault to bestow fame and fortunes on a whole, new culture club.

Who benefits from this lofty component and unlocks the secret code?

Dogs and Tigers are in the driver’s seat of the Horse Triad. The Goat, Horse’s super buddy will get special access at Heaven’s Gate. Horse is the Peach Blossom sign for Snakes, Oxen and Birds to promote a love advantage and launch new enterprises that soar.

After dark days and wretched, twists of fate this Super Full Moon boosts bright ambitions on a grand scale. It’s a fairy tale wedding and the coronation for the greater good to unfold. It opens new avenues to manifest far-flung ideals and high flying goals that seem to good to be true.

Cosmic Calendar Coming Soon to and the Zodiac Muse

  • April 4th is Easter Sunday, Passover and Holi the festival of colors!
  • April 5th the Monthly Flying Stars change places.
  • April 11th is a Dragon New Moon and Sun.
  • April 19th the Sun enters the Snake sign.
  • April 26th is a Pig Full Moon.
  • April 27th Pluto goes retrograde in the Ox sign.

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How do the Stars and Signs align for you on this Super Dog, March Full Moon? Let’s find out. Here are all the Zodiac signs and their constellations for the Full Dog Moon.

Here are all your Zodiac signs for the Dog Super ~ Full Moon cycle in 2021:


Rat sign Kittysol

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Stars for the Rat sign and Sagittarius constellation.

There are no significant Planetary Influences for the Rat sign in the Dog’s Moon cycle. The pressure is off so this is an ideal chance for the Rat to catch-up on busy work, get your spring cleaning done or simply take a breather with some down time.

Flying Stars for the Rat in the North sector of Career are Lucky with the Ripening Star 9 that brings wish fulfillment. A harvest of your best efforts will come to fruition. These Stars can fly both ways good or bad, so reverse the trend if things are not panning out as planned.


Ox sign KittySol

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Stars for the Ox sign and Capricorn constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Ox are valuable with the Part of Fortune at 10 degrees and Pluto at 25 degrees. You stand to inherit something worthwhile. This means pay dirt for work you’ve already accomplished. Ox is not part of Dog’s power team so in this moon cycle you’ll be doing your own thing.

Flying Stars for the Ox in the Northeast sector of Production and Administration are unlucky with the Danger Star 7 that can be catastrophic. These Stars need protective cures and special charms to offset disasters. Lawsuits must be avoided at all costs. Practice your humility.


Tiger Sign KittySol

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Stars for the Tiger sign and Aquarius constellation.

Planetary Influences the Tiger sign are hosting taskmaster Saturn, known as Grandfather time at 11 degrees and Jupiter the Grand Duke at 22 degrees. These two power hitters define this year’s Astro dynamic of visionary change.

Flying Stars for the Tiger in the Northeast Scholarship zone are unlucky with the Danger Star 7 impeding progress. Luckily, Tiger is part of Dog’s Triad so Tigers will benefit from unseen graces working in their favor. Once you get past this mess you’ll be doing just fine. Avoid all legal entanglements and don’t bet the farm. Tiger’s should just hide in their cave.


Hare Sign KittySol

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Stars for the Hare sign and Pisces constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Hare are superior with the Chart Crown at 14 degrees, Mercury at 19 degrees and Neptune, Lord of the Underworld at 21 degrees. The Green Wood Hare is the Dog’s Peach Blossom sign, the Hare is the Dog’s secret buddy and Lucky Bunnies are the célèbre of Easter magic. It’s an all-time high for the lucky Rabbit sign.

Flying Stars for the Hare in the East for Heath and Family are a bit less fortunate with the Illness Star 2 mucking up the good times. Really to stave off this unlucky Star it’s best to remain aloft and enjoy some restorative spa time.


Dragon sign KittySol

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Stars for the Dragon sign and Aries constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Dragon and Aries are supremely auspicious. The Super Dog moon sits in opposition to the Sun, Chiron and Venus; celestial bodies who are all at 8 degrees for a trinity of pure magic and unbeatable Masters of the Universe.

Flying Stars for the Dragon in the Southeast of Abundance are a test pattern of turbulence with the Fighting Star 3 bringing fiery clashes. You’ll need to use kid gloves and hold back your usual tough lashing. These Stars need stay calm and collected to stave off the offensive.


Snake sign KittySol

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Stars for the Snake sign and Taurus constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Snake and Taurus are well positioned in the chart with Uranus at 8 degrees. You’ll be churning up the cosmic milk as your cream rises to the top. It’s a big process so take each step as it comes.

Flying Stars for the Snake sign in the Southeast for Money and Income are rough riders with the Fighting Star 3 causing chaos and calamity your nerves can get frayed and fried. These Stars need peace and quiet so turn down the volume. Stay out of other peoples business and your anxiety will subside.


Horse sign KittySol

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Stars for the Horse sign and Gemini constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Horse and Gemini are extra special. Horse is part of the Dog’s Triad and is a Key player in this cycle. Horse has the chart’s Node at 12 degrees and Mars at 14 degrees to open doors and windows of opportunity for your brand of fantastic!

Flying Stars for the Horse sign in the South of Fame and Promotion are Supremely Lucky with the Wealth Star 8 bringing a big bonus and winner’s luck to your stable. Feel free to make changes and spread love around in your favorite fashion as Stars align for long term happiness.


Goat sign KittySol

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Stars for the Goat sign and Cancer constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Goat and Cancer are show-stoppers with the Ascendant horizon landing in your sign. You’ll be first in line, front row and centered for the best this Super Full Moon has to offer. Enjoy the show.

Flying Stars for the Goat sign in the Southwest direction for Love are bound for glory with the Lucky Star 1 of Love, Money and Miracles. Things snap in place and your status will rise. Add some sparkle for some extra sizzle to get you noticed and your efforts will be fully appreciated.


Monkey sign KittySol

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Stars for the Monkey sign and Leo constellation.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Monkey and Leo in this cycle. Monkey’s free to take some time off from the usual grind. This is a no pressure zone to try out new formulas, cook-up fresh recipes and do as your heart desires.

Flying Stars for the Monkey sign in the Southwest of Relationships is Lucky with the Star 1 of Money, Love and Miracles. Small favors and good fortunes brighten any dark spots and trip the light fantastic in your favorite jungle hangout. Be a good neighbor and make new friends.


Bird sign KittySol

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Stars for the Bird sign and Virgo constellation.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Bird and Virgo in this cycle. While you have this cosmic pause in the action use your free time to tie up loose ends and clear your in-basket.

Flying Stars the Bird sign in the West of Creativity and Talent look mighty fine with the Victory Star 6 bringing triumph to life’s trials and tribulations. This Star will launch a thousand ships wherever you send them sailing, cure whatever ails you and Ace the competition.


Dog sign KittySol

Dog | Libra

Lucky Stars for the Dog sign and Libra constellation.

Planetary Influences for the Dog and Libra feature the Lunar aspect of Super Full Moon. Lady luck will smile on you to brake up storms clouds, ease salty misfortunes and sweeten the ride for the long haul. You’ll be making the most of a bad situation in this Moon cycle.

Flying Stars for the Dog sign in Northwest Travel and transit sector are unlucky with the Accident Star 5 gumming up the works. These Stars need special cures and carefully thought-out solutions. Pushing or shoving, won’t work. Tow the line and stay the course to pass go and collect a consolation prize.


Pig sign KittySol

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Stars for the Pig sign and Scorpio constellation.

There are no Planetary Influences for the Pig and Scorpio with the Pig riding low in the dregs of the chart. But Pig does share the Northwest direction on the compass with the Dog so Pig will fit right in and enjoy the extra glow this Moon offers.

Flying Stars for the Pig sign in the Northwest of Benefits and resources are still stuck with some gnarly Stars. The Accident Star 5 is pitching a fit so you’ll need to use your diplomacy and keep your wits about you. Don’t take any chances or make any changes at this time.

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March Dog Moon ~ Lucky Irish Blessing

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