Flying Stars 2020

This post discusses the Annual Feng Shui, Flying Star patterns in 2020 beginning on the Solar New Year, February 4th. It includes the February 2020, Monthly Flying Stars for all the Zodiac signs, also starting on February 4th.

12 Signs

Lucky 🍀 Dozen

Each of the twelve Zodiac signs have their own direction and Universal, Flying Star. These base stars are overlaid by a Mountain Star, lasting 20 years (from 2004 to 2024), and, an Annual Star. They interact with Monthly, Flying Stars. These overlaid patterns are used in Flying Star, Feng Shui practices to align with good fortunes: by dousing Sha chi (negative energy) protects positive chi and promotes harmony. This ancient process involves present day rituals using a compass to define locations and identify directions.

9 Palaces

Nine Palaces

There are 9 Palaces with the Heart Center. This year the Danger Star 7 flies to the Heart Center. This Star is unlucky. It can be damaging to new relationships and suffer third-party interference. Strive for authentic human connection, keep a happy heart and cure this Danger Star to avoid lawsuits and grief. I like to use an artifact, known as double-crossed swords and I’ll be adding florals to center doves offset the destructive nature of clashing patterns.

8 Mansions

N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW

The compass consists of 8 primary directions: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Each of 12 Zodiac signs and the elements associated with it. The Star patterns are numbers with their element giving them meaning and context.

5 Elements

Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth

The 5 Elements work in cycles of harmony and conflict. Flying Stars are used to bring these forces of nature into balance. Each year is assigned it’s own number giving it an element and heavenly stem.: zero to one is Metal, two to three is Water, four to five is Wood, six to seven is Fire and eight to nine is Earth. The Flying Stars use numbers for their elements and follow a different grid. The numbers have separate meaning. For instance: Zero is a Yang, Metal year and 7 is a Metal Star that flies home in the West, and yet the Danger Star 7 is a Fire Star! So it’s not like numerology; numbers help assign concepts in pattern grids and location and direction, determine how they align.

2 Heavenly Stems

Yin & Yang

Each digit at the end if a year defines the Element of the year. In 2020 it’s a Zero for Yang, Metal, energy. Strong Metal has cutting energy and is represented by a sword. Feng Shui will find a natural course in cutting back; subtract, in order to multiply and grow. There are (2) Metal years in a row which are Yang, hard metal Zero and 2021 is a Yin, Metal year, symbolized by a tea kettle it’s more introspective and small metal serves a purpose, like cutlery.

2020 | Flying Stars

Three Lucks!

Northeast: Love Star 1

Lucky 1 Star

The Lucky Star (1) flies to the Northeast for the Tiger (Aquarius) and the Ox (Capricorn) signs. This brings Love Luck, small money and big miracles!! The Northeast is home to Ancestors and Patriarch luck so even confirmed bachelors can become a match, made in Heaven. The One Star is a White Star that glitters and sparkles like a diamond. The Monthly Star for a February is the Wish Fulfillment Star 9. Keep the good going!! Harvest your fruits.

South: Illness Star 2

Unlucky 2 Star

The Unlucky (2) Star flies to the South for the Horse (Gemini) signs. The Wellness Star 2 is known as the Illness Star due to, its Sarp Yit which means dark water. Avoid contamination. The South is home to Fire so these Elements clash. I recommend a cure with a Wo Lu and a happiness Buddha. South rules Fame, promotions and recognition so expect a tough luck year if you are not 100% clean and clear. Stay the course to resolve issues or risk long term consequences. Horses can be long suffering so be sure and use protection amulets to keep a sunny outlook. Word to the wise: never beat a dead, horse. The Monthly Star for February 2020 is the Unlucky fighting Star 3. Be on your best behavior and don’t start a battle.

North: Fighting Star 3

Unlucky 3 Star

The Unlucky (3) Star flies to the North for the Rat (Sagittarius) signs. This is a gnarling, bramble that creates noise and confusion. It’s called the Fighting Star because it has a hip in its shoulder that can get it into trouble. In the North the Water element feds this Star making it quite a challenge to get past the overgrown and overblown, thicket. Be sure to use a Godball and/or Harmonic grid to offset this pattern. Don’t quarrel or argue and you’ll be safe instead of sorry, Humility serves those who choose it. The Monthly Star is the Unlucky Fighting Star 3. Cool your jets and keep the peace.

Southwest: Blossom Star 4

Lucky 4 Star

The Lucky Star (4) flies to the home and hearth, in the Love and relationship zone of the Southwest. The Peach Blossom Star is a wood Star that can grow overnight to enhance social and popularity luck along with academic success and passing examinations. This is a very potent Star, a little goes a long way. It’s positively glowing!! The Monthly Star for February 2020 is the Unlucky Accident Star 5. Lay low and minimize your profile. Take a break.

East: Accident Star 5

Unlucky 5 Star

The 5 Star is the Accident Star called, the Icky Yellow 5 because it’s an unstable Earth Star. This Star affects the lucky bunny, the Hare (Pisces). It’s best to cure this Star with a 5 Element Pagoda or, other remedy), and don’t dig or disturb this area. The East this year is in Zen mode, it’s the quiet, do-not disturb area. The Monthly Star in February 2020 is the Heaven Luck and Victory Star 6. Fly your colors!

Southeast: Victory Star 6

Lucky 6 Star!

Heaven Luck flies to the Southeast which benefits the Dragon (Aries), and the Snake (Taurus), signs. This zone mines abundance: incomes, money, funding and resources. In this area the wild, yin wood takes its own route, its own way. To magnify this positive effect make your offerings with a sincere heart. The Monthly Star in February 2020 is the Unlucky Danger Star 7. Don’t take any unnecessary risks and use safety 1st as your attitude.

Center: Danger Star 7

Unlucky 7 Star

The Unlucky Star 7 is a Danger Star that affects all the signs when it flies to the Center Palace. Use caution in the heart center. The affliction is best cured by using florals in this general, area. Traditional crossed swords or lock-key ornament is used to avoid lawsuits. The Monthly Center Star for February 2020 is the 8 Star of Wealth bringing relief to an afflicted location.

Northwest: Treasure Star 8

Lucky 8 Star

The Wealth Star 8 flies to the Northeast combining Wealth and Riches of an Earth Star with it’s Heaven luck in the Universal direction, Northwest. Dogs (Libra) and Pig (Scorpio), signs benefit by this supremely, lucky combination. Bank your goodwill. The Monthly Star in February 2020 is the Lucky Wish Fulfillment 9 Star!!

West: Wish Star 9

Lucky 9 Star

This Fire Star 9 flies in for Wish Fulfillment and can fly both ways; good or bad depending on your focus for the Phoenix, Rooster and Bird (Virgo) signs. What you see is what you get. See the best and reap the benefits. The Monthly Star for February 2020 the Lucky in Love, Money and Miracles Star!!

Tonight is a Full, Monkey Moon 🌝 at 11:34 PM, PDT. The Sun is in the Tiger.

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