Full Dragon 2020

Thursday October 1st, at 2:05 PM, PST Earth has a Full Moon in the Dragon sign. This moon falls on the Mid Autumn Moon Festival which cerebrates Wu Shaoyun the Ancient Moon Goddess known as Chang’e with her Moon Hare, Yutu, the Jade Rabbit. This Full Moon is the first of two Full Moon’s in October.

Boil and Bubble, Toil and Trouble

October is a very busy month of celestial events: planet Pluto turns forward motion on October 4th, the Flying Stars change October 6th, Mercury goes retrograde on October 14th until November 3rd (on election day in the US), the New Dog Moon is October 16th and the Sun moves into the Pig on October 23rd. Topping it all off is a very Witchy, Hallows Eve that falls on a Full, true Blue Moon in the Snake.

Moon Cakes

Moon Cake recipe

In honor of the Moon Goddess the Autumn fest is often celebrated with Mooncakes a special pastry made in various ways often with Lotus flour and salted egg yolk. Egg yolks represent the feminine, yin aspects of the moon. An excellent American way to celebrate is with deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches.

Enjoying sweet and savory treats served with tea as a tonic from all the stressors of modern life and to honor the Goddess. Lighting candles, or lanterns, enjoying a family meal, sending wishes to friends for a happy, fall harvest and Moon gazing are some of the ways to celebrate this classical, Moon event.

Pet Dragons

Dragons are part of the Ruling Triad with the Monkey and Rat signs and they are revered for being born to lead. The Dragon’s secret buddy is the Bird, or Rooster, Phoenix.

In the earlier Heaven Sequence (historically earlier pantheon of Zodiacal animal signs in the art of feng shui) the Dragon was paired with the Tiger. But as two Yang signs they fought over power (Tiger is part of the Power Triad) and so the modest, yet showy Phoenix was made the Dragons Yin partner for the sake of harmony.

There are hungry dragons that will devour your life and Happy Dragons that will fulfill you. Dragons are mythic and marvelous creatures with many stories and fables that define them.

The Chart

New Moons are said to be the best time to begin new endeavors, start fresh and plant new seeds that will come to fruition on the Full Moon. Often people mistake that for the next full moon following a new moon. In fact the partner moon happens in each sign, for each yearly cycle. So essentially this moon’s partner dates back to March 2020.

This Full Moon is partnered with the Dragon New Moon from March 24th. If you look back to that time and see the themes from its inception you’ll have a window into this moon’s harvest as a counterpoint, it’s Full Moon partner, the Dragon New Moon in March 2020 pairs up with this moon.

Coming Soon

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Here are all your Zodiac signs and their planetary influences for the Dragon Full Moon until the coming New Dog Moon on October 16th.

Zodiac Rat | Sagittarius


Ascendant at 28 degrees puts Rat signs upfront and first in line where they like to be. Rat is in the drivers seat and leading the pack. As part of Dragon’s Ruling Triad, Rat’s have a huge supporting role-to-play in the coming weeks. Stay ready for action and be game to explore new avenues. In this cycle you’ll be at the starting line to launch your best efforts forward. Go for it.

Zodiac Ox | Capricorn


Jupiter at 17 degrees, Pluto at 22 degrees and Saturn at 25 degrees. Saturn rules the old bones and is back with a vengeance. Jupiter is making up for lost time, as he runs straight into Pluto who will soon go forward on October 4th. By mid November Jupiter, the largest gas Giant will roll-over Pluto, the smallest rock in a hard place.

This crush will put an end to a long, drawn-out saga that has seesawed over the last three years. Saturn left the Ox and entered the Tiger earlier this year, but turned back for a retro period and re-entered the Ox. Now he will push forward on the wheel back into the Tiger and won’t return for 25 years.

But Saturn is no match for Jupiter who will blast past him as they cross over the border from the Ox (bull market) to the Tiger (scholar) a purely altruistic, humanist. Once theses outer rim giants cross the border they enter the Tiger’s lair in the mountain cave. These events in the coming months will change everything. My advice is don’t get dead-set, or married to anything since it won’t last long, after this period closes out its extended cycles.

Zodiac Tiger | Aquarius


Tiger has no planets at present and is riding at the bottom of the chart. You’re better-off taking some off time from the usual routines and go on a holiday or just stay in and get some extra rest. By mid November you’ll be hosting some heavy hitters and you’ll need all the moxie you can get. Tiger’s will be in the front row as an eclipse cycle begins at the tail end of November.

Zodiac Hare | Pisces


Neptune retrograde at 19 degrees is spinning a web of illusions in the tapestry of life. there’s lots of crazy little dreams, a sprinkling of Déjà vu and perhaps some absent mindedness thrown into the mix.

To make the best use of this deep dive into the unconscious realm be self reflective and objective with your conscious intentions. This cycle can improve your night vision with it’s wealth of information. Record and track your progress by journaling or simply be Zen and let it go: this too shall pass.

Zodiac Dragon | Aires


Chiron retrograde at 7 degrees, the Full Harvest Moon at 9 degrees and Mars retrograde at 24 degrees is offering you a chance to relive the past or to take a second chance at something that really matters to you. There’s no half measures or tepid passions when it comes to Dragons; it’s all or nothing.

This moon has sparkle and shine all-over-it as the stars align for you! Dragon’s were born to lead and rule for all time. If your not already reaching for a brass ring, then now’s the time to get one in your sight and grasp that band of gold. The best is yet to come.

Zodiac Snake | Taurus


Uranus at 9 degrees is going retrograde in slow motion. This is true grit and grist for the mill so don’t waste a bit of it. It may feel like you’re spinning your wheels but the exquisite detail of this minutia is going to pay off big time.

Right now your riding a low ebb in a back wash but the tide will turn and bring back its weight in gold when you host the Blue Moon on Hallows Eve. The new Lunar Lass is cradled between the Part of Fortune and Uranus bringing you a windfall with a bonus round, that just keeps on giving. Don’t give up now.

Zodiac Horse | Gemini


The Node at 22 degrees and the Part of Fortune at 28 degrees has given you a gift bag filled with your favorite oats and honey. This harvest moon may not be your cup of tea but it is still, sweet and rewarding. Times are tough but this extra bundle of good helps you take a load off.

The Node gives you the key to a castle and the Part of Fortune provides all the resources you need to maintain it in your style and fashion as-you so desire. Wishes come true. Make the most of this added bonus round. Put your good to work and acquire what you need then store the rest for a long, hard winter’s nap.

Zodiac Goat | Cancer


No planets or aspects at present. The goat is biding her time on the backside of the chart. From the looks of things you’ll be left to your own devices for quite some time until the November New Pig Moon rolls around in your Triad when you’ll pocket some cash.

There’s added values with a new source of income, if you’re willing to take on a bigger responsibility. Until then for the Goat, it’s idlewild, so just bide your time and stay the course.

Zodiac Monkey | Leo


Venus at 28 degrees is slipping away into the bird sign. The Monkey will then be on a hiatus. Take this time to work out plans for a bigger picture.Monkey is part of Dragon’s Ruling Triad and good leadership comes in a wide variety of methods and modes. Suss out where you’d like your corner office to be and expect the best.

Zodiac Bird | Virgo


No planets at present but Venus will be moving in soon. Our Lady of Luck, Venus is said to take a fall in the Rooster so watch your step. For this Moon cycle the Bird is sitting high up on top of the chart and has a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening.

Take good notes and keep a look-out. You’ll be surprised what you discover, it will be quite useful. Dragon is Birds secret buddy so you’ll be in the known and highly regarded. If you’re not already running a command post you’ll be ruling the roost.

Zodiac Dog | Libra


The Sun is at 9 degrees improving your image and the chart Crown lands, a bit titled at 25 degrees like a floppy hat. However this still gives Dogs a resounding chance to make their views known if they decide to alter their ego’s. Otherwise it will just seem like a lot of noise.

This is the birthday month for Dog’s and it sits in opposition to Dragon Full Moon so you’ll likely be chewing on a bone and digging yourself a hole. But it’s better if you ride out this storm until a new day dawns on October 14th when you host the Moon. Until then, do yourself a favor don’t make a mess that you don’t want to clean-up.

Zodiac Pig | Scorpio


Mercury at 4 degrees will go retrograde on October 14th and cross the border into the Dog sign causing a disruption in the weave of life’s tapestry. Mercury will go forward on November 3rd and until then just tidy up the year’s loose ends, don’t try to start anything new or sign any papers.

November 3rd is an election day in the US and this retrograde station day will put everything into a suspension phase that is short-lived. The Mercurial quicksilver planet presides over courts, commerce, transportation and travel. Expect reversals, twisters and cosmic dust Devils to throw sand in the whole kit and caboodle.

Dragon’s love their Pigs like nobodies business, and in this Full Moon cycle the Boar signs will be well fed and cared for. When all this cosmic dust settles on January 1st, 2021 the Tiger will hold the mantle of powers and Pigs are Tiger’s secret buddy so glory, be!

More Coming Soon to Kittysol

The monthly Flying Stars shift on October 6th

The Dog New Moon on October 16th

The Sun enters the Pig on October 23rd

A Full Blue Moon in the Serpent on Hallows Eve October 31st

Stay well, be safe and we look froward to divining your fortunes again.

We invite you to come back soon.

Millions of Fortunes Told on Kittysol.com!

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