Full Hare Moon ~ Mooncake Fest | 2022

September 10th at 2:58 AM Pacific time Earth has a Full Hare Moon. The day before the planet Mercury goes into retrograde motion in a cosmic swirl that stops progress in a instant.

Audio Transcript: Full Hare Moon ~ Mooncake Fest | 2022

Podcast Episode: Full Hare Moon ~ Mooncake Fest | 2022

Past Present | Future

After a long summer hiatus we entered September at full speed into a busy celestial season only to spin out as we go-backward before making forward progress.

In the recent past on August 27th we had a dark Bird New Moon. In cultural mythologies all-black bird is often a trickster. This bird hides as much as it reveals and often teaches a lesson to impart a bigger wisdom.

Black Bird | Moon

It requires special skills to crack the clues and find the reward. This Black Bird is an enigma and an open-book. For some it brings a change of fortunes for good and for others it brings folly. Each outcome always has a larger evolving story that plays out overtime.

In current cosmic events the Flying Star patterns changed in September and Mercury spins backward on a Full Hare Moon that brings in the harvest.

September Sun and Moons | 2022

In late September the Sun will move into the Dog and at month’s end we have a New Dog Moon. As we head into these cycles we get closer to the Bigger Picture. Namely, the Pig and Snake eclipses coming in October and November.

A Full Pig Lunar eclipse near October’s end is followed by a plot twister that turns the tables with the Snake New Moon, Lunar eclipse in early November.

Snakes can bring gasp out-loud experiences. Suddenly something that was always there but you just didn’t see it jumps out at you to reveals itself! Though often harmless it can be startling and sometimes worse.

We’ll get a sneak peak on the 30 day prelude coming at September’s end.

Mercury Retro | September 9th to October 2nd

Mercury is going retrograde again. The Messenger planet of commerce, communication, travel and the courts retrogrades two or three times a year. Each time it puts a unique spin on the cultures du jour.

What will this Retro period bring?

Dogs will be digging up old bones as Mercury heads back to the Bird sign. The Bird is a bean counter, a nit picker and is the the accountant of the Zodiac. Birds can find a needle in haystack and spin straw into gold.

This salty Dog is no match for an Eagle-eyed, Bird watcher. Something could come down hard after an excoriating review. Don’t start anything new-new and avoid legal entanglements in Mercury’s loop.

Full Hare Moon ~ Mooncake Fest | 2022

As we flip the Mercury retrograde switch the Hare Moon peaks to produce a profoundly unusual effect. Cosmic gridlock will last for the next three and a half weeks. Get ready to revise and review a wide variety of topics on an epic scale.

This is a pumpkin-spicy mix for a Hare moon celebrates the Mooncake Fest known as the Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s held in honor of the Moon Goddess, Chang’e.

The Mooncake fest has illuminated the path to prosperity and good fortune for over 3000 years. Originating in China this seasonal festival is celebrated by many cultures around the world with traditional moon cakes and glowing lanterns.

A mooncake is an egg pastry filled with a bean or lotus root paste that’s often more savory than sweet. These little hand cakes are shaped and stamped with lucky symbols to represent a good harvest season.

Moon gazing is a favorite pastime along with lighting lanterns and setting them adrift.

There are many fables and stories about the Moon Goddess and her Hare. As a cultural holiday friends and family engage in courtship, colorful displays and merry making.

Happy Mooncake Fest 2022!

Flying Stars | September 2022

On or about September 6th monthly Flying Star patterns changed. The new grid is a big shift from the August set-up.

Lucky Specials have a Ho Tu combination giving a big boost to the Northeast Palace for Education and Scholarship. To enhance benefits place a map, a globe or ancestral portraits in the Northeast.

The Sum of Ten is active in the North for Career. Incomes will rise with improved production in the marketplace. Add some sparkle and/or a crystal in the North to magnify the effect and overcome all obstacles for success.

The Ming Tang runs North to South and fills the grid on West side from the center line giving us all a youthful spirit to realize our ambitions. Follow through on pre-planned agendas to get to the next stages.

Sun Dog | September 22nd

On September 22nd the Sun moves to the Dog. It’s a time of reflection as a retro Mercury crosses over the Sun at zero degrees just as the Sun enters the Dog sign. This cosmic transfer of solar power and mercurial quicksilver alters the chemistry of something significant.

Philosophically speaking it brings sweeping forces into play from a more refined perspective. Mercury is exalted in the Bird like a touchstone it’s to be reborn to take flight from the ashes. This celestial event has a rare and fated quality to it that reverses fortunes to recover values.

New Dog Moon | September 25th

On September 25th we have a New Dog Moon that looks very eccentric. The Pig wears the crown but the rowdy crowd in the top of the chart is trying to grasp the mantle of power.

Venus closes in on retro Mercury in the Bird showing weakness as the Sun and Moon side with the Dog. This does not go as expected but hold on because within days Venus rolls-over on Mercury and everything get reshuffled again.

This bold and courageous move that pivots a change in the wider story. But this is just one chapter in an on going saga that has yet to play out.

After Mercury returns it crosses its shadow where we’ll be at the prelude to an ecliptic point for truth and consequences come October.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs on Kittysol.com and the Zodiac Muse podcast for the Hare Moon on September 10th | 2022.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Lucky Rat and Hare are community minded folks who are part of a larger collective. They do couple up well as business partners but they can work together and share resources.

Flying Stars for Lucky Rat in the North Career palace have the Lucky Fire Star 9 adding fuel to the furnace that’s can be good or bad. Luck Potion Number Nine is like a perfume, it’s very potent. A little luck goes a long way. Over-do-it and it evaporates rapidly.

Lucky Rat has no planets or aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Lucky Ox and Hare don’t see eye to eye or have much in common. Bunny’s run wild out in the field while Cows like to graze in the pasture.

Flying Stars for Lucky Ox in the Northeast Administration Palace have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 and it’s a tough roe to hoe. But the combination with the Annual Star 8 gives Ox a Hot Tu Special that guarantees extra effort will pay-off even after setbacks.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Ox have Pluto retrograde at 26 degrees. This is a small rock in a hard place that’s gives luster to your pearls of wisdom.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger and Hare make a good team. Tiger likes a loyal side kick and Hare is the ideal play date for these adventure seekers. Just give everyone their space when they need it.

Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger in the Northeast Scholarship Palace have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 throwing a wrench in your plans. Luckily the Annual Star 8 gives Tiger’s a Ho Tu combination that benefits by scaling back for a full reset.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Tiger have the Part of Fortune at 4 degrees and retrograde Saturn at 20 degrees. Tiger’s can expect things already accomplished will pay dividends.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Lucky Hare and Hare and one of the Zodiac’s most lucky combinations. Two Hares are double lucky everywhere, all the time. These snuggle bunnies are a match made in heaven.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare in the East Health and Family Palace have the Unlucky Star 2 that brings illness and contamination. The unlucky star is worsened by the fighting star. The East should be kept quiet and clear.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Hare have the Full Moon at 17 degrees with a retrograde Neptune at 24 degrees. This puts the lucky bunny in concert with the big leagues. Enjoy the show.

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon and Hare are an unlikely pair. Dragons are extremely dynamic and the Hare is a homebody. They can find common ground at work but don’t generally make a domestic pair.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon in the Southeast Abundance Palace have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 to add fuel to the fire. It’s better if Dragons lay down the welcome mat and stop the battle before it rages.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Dragon have Jupiter retrograde at 5 degrees, Chiron at 15 degrees and the Crown at 17 degrees. There is a changing of the guard that feels like things are being pulled apart but to grow a new branch the tree has to break it’s old, bark.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Lucky Snake and Hare are two of the best love partners in the Astro world. In the Zodiac galaxy they are part of the East house group which gives them an easy kinship and like-mind as well.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake in the Southeast Income Palace have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 causing drama. Hold your fire and keep your wits about you. It’s not worth going to war. The Annual Peach Blossom Star 4 reduces distress when you stay quiet and don’t take the bait.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 14 degrees and Uranus at 18 degrees in retrograde. This cat is out of the bag where it went is not certain or clear. The best course is to reset the entire grid with a fresh set of codes and then lock all the doors.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Lucky Horse and Hare are a fun couple now and again but usually for keeps. The Hare should beware to not get a close or they could catch a case of heartbreak.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse in the South Fame and Promotion Palace have the Lucky Wealth Star 8 bringing money and promotional offers to your stable. Hard assets can be accumulated and your profile will increase when Horses set the table for success.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Horse have Mars at 11 degrees. This builds momentum in new directions for modes of transportation that are better for the long haul. Go with the flow.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Lucky Goat and Hare are part of the Compassion Triad with the Pig sign. These two are a lucky couple who can be supportive and creative to forming a long-term bond that lasts forever.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat in the Southwest Love Palace have the Lucky 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles. This begins a three month cycle of great, good fortunes in a row. First you get small luck but then it grows. Add sparkle in the Southwest with natural and cut crystals.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at this time.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Lucky Monkey and Hare are a funny pair. They make the most of things in any given place and time but Monkey likes to go wild and swing on the vine while Hare is a grounded sign.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey in the Southwest Relationship Palace have the Lucky 1 Star of Love, Money and Miracles. This is a great time to sparkle and shine so head out into the limelight. Romance blossoms and good fortune smiles on the Monkey sign.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Monkey have the Ascendant horizon at 4 degrees giving Monkey a wild card to play in any which-way you decide.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Lucky Bird and Hare are not in the same vibe. The Bird is detail oriented while the Bunny likes to fudge a little and let things slide. They have different sensibilities splitting their ends.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird in the West Children and Creativity Palace have the Lucky Star 6 of Triumph bringing Winner’s Luck! This gives youth and youthfulness a special edge. To Victory goes the spoils so expect a generous goodie bag or surprise package.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Bird have Venus in detriment at 6 degrees and the Sun at 17 degrees. This adds a layer of complexity to the daily grind that offers a novel approach if you can find it. To forge ahead, retrace your steps then try again.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog and Hare are two peas in a pod. The Hare is Dog’s secret buddy. It’s true they can scrabble at times and make a rumpus but they always make-up to live happily ever after.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dog in the Northwest Travel Palace have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 causing concern. The five is an Earth Star and in the Northwest it is weakened. It’s a tempest in a teacup not a full blown hurricane. Still it’s better to take precautions.

Planets and aspects for Lucky Dog have Mercury retrograde at 8 degrees sending everything into a tail spin. This won’t settle down for a while so hang on.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig and Hare are part of the Compassion Triad with the Goat sign. These two get along to their hearts content. They are bonded and certified for happiness ever after.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Pig in the Northwest Palace of Benefits and Assets have the Accident Star 5 slowing everything to a standstill. Luckily the metal energy in the Northwest defeats the negative Earth Star to reduce any damages and neutralize side effects.

Lucky Pig has no planets or aspects at this time.

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Coming in September

  • Mercury goes retrograde September 9th until October 2nd.
  • Hare Full Moon and Mooncake Fest September 10th
  • Sun Dog September 22nd
  • New Dog Moon September 25th is a 30 day Prelude to October Pig New Moon Solar Eclipse

October Highlights

As October begins Mercury returns to cross its shadow. Flying Stars change before the Full Dragon Moon on October 9th. The October Dragon Moon is a 30 day Prelude to the coming Snake Lunar Eclipse on the November 8th.

This prophetic moon falls on the Mid term elections in the US. In the cosmic realm of things it’s a Titanoboa that favors the feminine divine. Stay tuned to more cosmic news the Zodiac Muse podcast.

Thank you to all my lucky readers and lucky listeners. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast.

Stay Lucky my friends, Stay Well!