Full Tiger Moon 2021

  • July 23rd at 7:37 PM, PDT on the West coast we have a Full Moon in the sign of the Tiger.

Present Now

  • July 23rd: Tiger Full Moon at 1 degrees is the first of two extremely rare moons that happen in one sign, in one year. The next Full Moon, the second Tiger Full Moon, happens on August 22nd at 29 degrees. A small baby cat and a big daddy, cat.

Tiger’s are visionaries by nature. Always one step ahead. This pair of Tiger Full Moons will yield a unique perspective for the entire globe on a locale scale.

Recent Past

  • May 20th: Sun Moved into the Horse bringing a time when Men will feel a need to project an image of strength and assertiveness; to boldly vie for top-dog. Horses are sporty and powerful.
  • May 26th: Rat Full Moon, Total Lunar Solar Eclipse. Let the space race and other wild adventures begin. Rats love to invent, engineer and pursue the impossible.
  • May 29th: Mercury goes retrograde in the horse sign. Expect delays, alterations, reviews and a chance to renew.
  • June 4th: Monthly Flying Stars change.
  • June 10th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in the Horse. This is a life altering experience.
  • June 20th: Summer Solstice and Sun moves into the Goat sign. This area of the chart is a good time to enjoy relationships and the great outdoors. Goats and also party animals!
  • June 22nd: Mercury returned from retrograde in the Horse sign.
  • June 24th: Ox Full Moon brings projections in the business world to the forefront. News of production woes can be felt as this Moon delivers smaller than expected number sets from the administrative realms. It’s stuck in a rut.
  • July 9th: Goat New Moon and Sun: time for sprucing up the home and spending time on building good, relationships. Goats are creative and compassionate. This is a Post-30-Day ecliptic node.

Future Coming

  • Aug 5th: Monthly Flying Stars change.
  • Aug 8th: Monkey New Moon and Sun are a dynamic duo who relish wild adventures and like to practice what they preach.
  • Aug 22nd: Sun moves into the Bird sign and the 2nd Full Tiger Moon.

China Rose is still on Hiatus. Watch for the next post, to be determined…