Hare Sun 2021

The Sun enters the sign of the Hare at midday on February 18th, 2021.

This year’s Sun cycle in the Hare is a self-reflective pond. As it starts: how we see ourselves feels a bit murky. A need to account for our sense of values that can lead us to our better selves will help improve clarity of mind. But it begins in a shroud.

The benefits of this monumental, internal shift will bloom quickly after the New Moon on February 27th. The new lunar cycle will shed light into the crevices that collect shadows of our doubts and dark disappointments of past expectations, unfulfilled.

Psychic Cocoon

Personal renewal requires soul searching and a willingness to stop ourselves from looking down or back. Like a feather duster use a softer approach on the inside to exert positive change. But use an ironclad external probe to root out weeds of negative growth.

We won’t arrive at a new place using a current roadmap of an old mindset. It certainty won’t be found covering old ground as-is sometimes fruitful. This year the Sun in the Hare inspires us to forge ahead into a thicket of the unknown. To be bold.

That means you must stop seeing yourself anything you don’t want to be: if you feel fat, poor, old or in some way incomplete to the task you seek to achieve. You can’t have something when you fill the space with the-want, of not having it.

How does the Sun in the Hare affect the Zodiac signs? What about the feng shui? Let’s find out. Here are your Zodiac signs and the Hare’s influence in our lives for this Sun cycle in 2021.

  • Details about Mercury returns follows just the Zodiac signs.

Hare Sun | Zodiac Signs


Rat | Sagittarius

Rat with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

Things are pretty straight forward for the Rat. You have a forward view of what lies in front of you. The career sector is afflicted by an illness Star this year so be cautious. The inquisitive Rat is teaming with new ideas. Let it spark your next adventure.


Ox | Capricorn

Ox with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

The beginning of the end is drags on. You keep getting stuck where the plot twists. Treasures stars are paving a way to move past this sticking spot. See your biggest problem as your greatest asset. Turn the tide by bending your mind around it.


Tiger | Aquarius

Tiger with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

This month is a crowded house with a critical mass that begins to thin out as celestial bodies jockey for new positions. The scholarship sector may feel a budget void but a lucky Treasure star will refill the coffers. Don’t give up just yet.


Hare | Pisces

Hare with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

The hare hits the bottom of the barrel and Luckily you have only up-and-up to go from here. As the days unfurl a bright Star will improve your personal profile and add zest to your health and well being. Remake yourself with a new home base.


Dragon | Aries

Dragon with the Hare in the Sun 2021:

Right now a full set of opportunities is dealt a hand of reduced resources. An unlucky Star in the income sector this year forces you to tap a new well spring when the old one dries up. Seek and yea shall find your reserves are abundant.


Snake | Taurus

Snake with the Sun in the hare 2021:

An endless array of catastrophe is stealing all your thunder and driving you to despair. Unlucky Stars in a money pit have turned your gold to lead but all is not lost. Fortunes will reverse this trend when you look for diamonds in the dustbin.


Horse | Gemini

Horse with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

You may feel like you’re on the wrong end of the stick and getting whipped when you thought you’d be winning. However you already hold the key to solve this riddle. Lucky Stars will promote your best efforts and light the way to gain access.


Goat | Cancer

Goat with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

Whatever floats your boat lets you sail to sunny shores every time a storm brews on the horizon. Take what’s offered and put it to good use. An unlucky Star hampers relationships. Don’t search for happiness by digging up the past.


Monkey | Leo

Monkey with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

In the coming weeks a new position is fashioned to match your skill set and build a bridge that goes beyond some tough breaks. Unlucky Stars make the transition seem daunting. Fear not. A unique role is designed to fit your ambition.


Bird | Virgo

Bird with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

Currently the Bird is expanding horizons on the East to West dynamic of the Ming Tang. Wealth grows with an accounting and accountability of values being reassessed. What’s past due can seem overarching. Don’t get overwhelmed, get busy.


Dog | Libra

Dog with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

This month the Crown lands in the Dog who is the Hare’s secret buddy. It’s a partnership that opens you up to a new realm. Unlucky Stars make success play hard to get unless you let go of the old bones. Bury them and forget they exist.


Pig | Scorpio

Pig with the Sun in the Hare 2021:

Pigs under this solar arc are free to find their hearts desire and recreate their fondest dreams. The Pig and Hare are a match made in heaven with a silver lining. An unlucky Star in the travel sector can be dangerous so watch your step. Plan you actions and follow through.

Mercury Returns

The communication, commerce and transportation planet Mercury returns to forward motion on February 21st. The time it returns is on February 20th at 4:52 PM, PDT and the 21st is the first day it begins forward motion.

There are volatile station days that bookend the day prior and day after this cosmic event as Mercury goes from backward, to froward on the elliptic plane. That’s when this planet’s energy is in suspended animation as it goes from behind to forward-direct.

Station days can feel like you’re spinning your wheels, it’s a do-over, or a total bust. The Trickster planet Mercury also has a shadow period as it crosses back over where it was prior to going retrograde. Mercury retraces its step unraveling stitches in time.

This shadow period takes it back to the Tiger at 26 degrees. That will land exactly on the Hare New Moon, March 13th. Right now Mercury is still spinning backward in the Tiger as it approaches Saturn. These two are just a few degrees apart.

This is causes a lot of distress since Saturn is karmic in nature. It’s a time of reckoning and for unpaid dues to take a toll. Luckily, Mercury will not get much closer to Saturn before it goes froward direct.

The minute Mercury turns away from Saturn his inferno of frozen fire will subside. Saturn rules the old bones so this period can have life threatening after-effects. The lessons learned will leave an indelible mark. Saturn’s harsh temperament won’t soon be forgotten.

The planet Saturn runs a long game and his adverse side play out over time. As Mercury goes froward the Quicksilver planet will cross back over Jupiter in it’s shadow period which has brings a stunning reversal of fortunes. What was done, is undone.

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  • Mercury goes direct February 21st
  • Bird Full Moon February 27th
  • Monthly Flying Stars Change March 6th
  • Hare New Moon March 13th
  • St Patrick’s Day March 17th
  • March 20th Spring Equinox
  • March 20th Dragon Sun
  • March 28th Dog Full Moon

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