January Stars 2021

January monthly Flying Star patterns 2021 replicate the Annual Flying Stars starting February 4th, 2021 for the entire year. January’s monthly Star patterns gives us a preview of what’s to come for the Annual Feng Shui, Flying Stars starting in February.

Ming Dynasty painting by Qiu Ying, showing a woman playing konghou, early 16th century.

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January monthly Stars preview the Annual Stars for 2021 coming on February 4th. Learn how this ancient art harnesses Earth energies using design forms to harmonize successful lifestyles.

Flying Stars

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Flying stars for January 5th to February 4th 2021

Coming Soon: Monthly Flying Stars change the same day as the Annual Flying Stars on the Chinese Solar New Year, February 4th.

Chinese Lunar New Year begins February 12th, 2021 for the Silver Ox year. The Silver Ox is a Yin, Metal year based on the number 1 in 2021. Year 2020 is a Yang Metal year and 2021 is Yin Metal year so there is some continuous similarity in element but a different heavenly stem.

Flying Stars

Flying Star numbers are variable with personal Pa Gua numbers and elements that include the number zero in the yearly cycles.

Flying Star number can be confusing for this reason because the home palaces align to the compass grid and do not have a zero like the elements that correspond to years. In both cases numbers are used but they do have some variations in elemental meaning for this reason.

Center | Earth

Heart Center

The Victory Star 6 flies to the heart center location with the unstable 5 Star.

The 6 is a Lucky Star for triumph over obstacles but it conflicts and confounds the elements with thunder in the mountain which is Earth shaking and tough on love. Earth can be damaged by the metal energy of this Star. Resolve discordant elements with motivation and cooperation.

North | Yang Water

Rat | Sagittarius

Unlucky Illness Star 2 flies to the North Star 1 home to the Career location.

This combination brings concerns of contaminates and co-mingling. Rest is the best medicine with a Zen attitude of focus. Keep things clean, quiet and clear: free of any excess noise or clutter. Agitating this star can cause grief and over exerting yourself can bring defeat or loss.

Northeast | Yang Earth

Tiger | Aquarius and Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Star 9 flies into the Northeast home to the Wealth Star 8 location of Scholarship.

This combination brings wish fulfillment and good fortune ripening with success that produces long term assets. It’s a time seek promotion and harvest the fruits of your efforts then wrap things up. The 9 ends a cycle that lays the groundwork for your new visions to go forward.

East | Yang Wood


Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 flies to the East home to the 3 Star of Health and Family.

The Peach Blossom Star 4 is great for passing examinations and nest building: networking and social luck. Positive aspects of the yin and yang wood combined can over express itself so edit excess words to reduce conflicts.

Southeast | Yin Wood

Dragon | Aries and Snake | Taurus

Unlucky Accident Star 5 flies into the 4 Star home to the Income location.

This is a bad situation that can be tamed by careful consideration. Earth is nurturing to the wood star but it can be exhausting and exploitative for a bad outcome. Best way to neutralize this energy is to not make any big life changes, reduce expectations and don’t overdo things.

South | Yang Fire

Horse | Gemini

Lucky in Love, Money and Miracle Star 1 flies into the 9 Star location of Promotion.

This sizzling, sparkling and dynamic combination has the added benefit of the lucky special Sum of Ten which overcomes all obstacles for success. The Love star brings money and miracles through recognition to enhance your profile. Small things can make a big difference.

Southwest | Yin Earth

Goat | Cancer and Monkey | Leo

Unlucky Star Fighting Star 3 flies into the Star 2 home to Love and Relationships location.

This is an exhausting combination that has little chance to grow any benefits unless the stars are shut-in and harmonized with the influence of Fire elements to defeat Wood energy and boost Earth aspects. Do not get overwhelmed or be drawn into petty battles. You’ll lose.

West | Yang Metal

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Wealth Star 8 flies into the 7 Star home-base for Talent, Creativity and Children.

Wealth Star 8 is a Treasure Star and combines with the 7 Star to brings Winner’s Luck and is a wild card for unexpected good and sometimes, bad fortunes. This combination is a Ho Tu lucky special that brings strokes of genius and inventive insights. Protect your valuables.

Northwest | Yin Metal

Dog | Libra and Pig | Scorpio

Unlucky Danger Star 7 flies into the 6 Star home to Heaven luck.

The Yin and Yang Metal stars combined are clashing energies that are noisy and calamitous but not always bad. Contain these stars by keeping a sharp focus and maintain peace and quiet. This can bring silver linings and a blessing in disguise when you look at the bright side.

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  • Monthly Flying Stars change January 5th
  • Venus moves to the Ox January 7th
  • Mars moves to the Snake January 7th
  • Mercury moves to the Tiger January 8th
  • New Ox Moon January 12th
  • Uranus goes direct January 14th
  • Sun Tiger January 19th
  • Full Monkey Moon January 28th
  • Mercury Retrograde January 30th

February Preview

  • Annual Flying Stars Change February 4th
  • Monthly Flying Stars change February 4th
  • New Tiger Moon February 11th
  • Chinese New Year ~ Silver Ox February 12th

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