July Mooning

July Moons

July Mooning: July 8th Ox Full Moon and July 23rd Monkey New Moon and Sun.

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Your Lucky Stars!

Aloha! This is China Rose with Your Lucky Stars!

Full Ox Moon | July 8th

July 8th full moon exceeded capacity to overload the system.

New Monkey Moon July 23rd | near future

This coming New Moon and Monkey Sun are a reset button at double zero. It connects to a 30-Day-Pt to the coming total Solar Eclipse, August 2st giving us a preview of what is to come.

Ox Full Moon | conjoins Pluto near the Ascendant Horizon

Recently past full moon July 8th is in it’s own little bubble. With planet, Pluto in control on the Ascendant horizon you can bring your lofty goals down to earth.

Ox Lucky Stars!

The Lucky Ox enjoys great blossom luck to pass the test of time and stellar Victory luck to overcome all obstacles in your path.

Tiger Lucky Stars!

The Lucky Tiger doesn’t need to come on strong to make a good impressions. With a Blossom Star for social luck and Victory luck to overcome obstacles you’ll cross the threshold to obtain your desires.

Neptune and Chrion | retrograde

Underworld Lord Neptune and his sidekick Chrion are still occupying the same space but have degrees of separation between them. This autonomy can offer fortified results and a place to come together for enhanced awareness.

Hare Lucky Stars!

The Lucky Hare tops the New Moon chart on a wing and a prayer! With Wealth Luck and Small Miracle in your stars your brand of Love Potion number nine casts a magical spell.

Uranus | dragging anchor

Planet Uranus is dredging up the past in murky waters.

Dragon Lucky Stars!

Lucky Dragon has a mixed bag of star fields and mismatched patterns to contend with an abundance of caution.

Snake Lucky Stars!

Lucky Snake has a tough luck combination in the stars. With Winner’s Luck decode the message in a bottle then follow the instructions to neutralize the side effects.

Venus | our lady and a gift of gab

Venus our lady luck is on hallowed ground swimming in a sea of nostalgia.

Horse Lucky Stars!

Lucky Horse gets a money booster on the New Moon but with lucky stars going volatile shore up security and keep a low profile.

Sun and Mars | Part of Fortune

The Sun makes it’s annual trek through the Goat sign with Mars in the background making a scene. The Goat of many colors simply changes persona to fill the need.

Goat Lucky Stars!

Lucky Stars for the Goat supply a big bang for the Buck with the Part of Fortune on the Full Ox Moon. But Lucky Stars tell a cautionary tale, so go easy and tread lightly.

New Moon and Sun | double zero’s with Mars, Mercury and the Node

A bring hot spot on the cold lunar aspect is Mars as it moves into the Monkey zone. The Sun and New Moon tag team a reset at double zero on the chart. This has jackpot written all over it with planet Mercury there to seal-the-deal. And the Node is there to open the door to a portal in another world

Monkey Lucky Stars!

Monkey Lucky is a complex set of risky business. Mind your manners, heed the warnings and don’t pass go without the code.

Bird Lucky Stars!

Lucky Stars for the bird are at the bottom of the barrel and a disaster at every turn. You have every excuse to hold back in a mindful repose. Watch for your luck to change before crossing the road.

Jupiter | Grand Duke

The Grand Duke Jupiter is creating a larger than life experience to help you accomplish your goals.

Dog Lucky Stars!

Keep a regal posture and stay well composed as Lucky Stars for the Dog give you the edge for passing examinations to win the gold!

Pig Lucky Stars!

Lucky Pig gets a bounce and a Lucky Break with a whole new set of circumstances in the lucky stars whisk you off on a magic carpet to a new home where every cloud has a silver lining!

Saturn | grandfather time

Grandfather Saturn is retrograde to see to it that tasks are performed in a timely fashion.

Rat Lucky Stars!

Lucky Stars for the Rat strike it rich in the Lucky Stars to accumulate wealth that arrives in your harbor!

Cosmic Weather | coming soon to KittySol

For Cosmic Weather patterns coming in August and beyond to find your fortunes follow your lucky stars on Kittysol.com. Patterns and themes will repeat as the cosmos plays our the early precursors: Full Ox Moon and Sun and Monkey New Moon to the coming eclipse season in August and then Mercury goes retrograde in the middle of the eclipse zone where Dejavu is the norm.

Follow Your Lucky Stars | on kittysol.com

Thank you for taking the time to visit Kittysol to find your lucky stars and navigate to a successful, lasting fortune in life. I’ve infused each Zodiac sign and constellation with numbers, symbols, colors and patterns that supports your greater good and a higher power to protect each sign from the negative sha chi (malevolent forces) that can defeat it.

You can save the lucky sign images of the energy you desire, or save your Zodiac and Astrological Sun signs to maximize this special opportunity. Carry your good fortune in your hand with your phone or digital device and review the signs and patterns for insight.

Find your fortunes. Follow your lucky stars on kittysol.com.






















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