June Flying Stars | 2022

June Monthly Flying Stars changed June 6th and it shifted the tide from one side of the compass grid to the other.

Audio Transcript: June Flying Stars | 2022

Episode: June Monthly Flying Stars | 2022

For all my readers and listeners an extended Summer episode of the Sun, Moon and Stars 2022 is now available on the previous episode at KittySol.com and Zodiac Muse Podcast.

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Mercury Returns!

The planet of communication, transportation, commerce and the courts Mercury is now back in a session with a forward trajectory. Sticky situations begin to straighten out and feel free to start something new that won’t get caught up the repeating, Mercury loop.

Look for the silver lining as the Quicksilver Messenger passes it’s shadow on the 18th just before the Summer Solstice. It’s Prime time to make yourself seen and heard with Mercury exalted in the Horse, the gift of gab is more eloquent.

Flying Stars

What are Flying Stars and why do I care?

Flying Stars are an ancient, Artful practice used to arrange objects in places and spaces dating back thousands of years. Ancient wisdom and superstitions built dynasties in the region of China before it was unified.

Origins of this practice created a safe place away from danger. The Auspicious placement of objects and arts in life and lifestyles were found to inspire good fortunes. Flying Stars can pin point locations ideally situated to help create lasting success.

The practice known as Flying Star feng shui is an advanced method known called time-space dimension and is based on ancient wisdom and formal practices using a compass to lay out grids for cities, offices and homes.

Energy on our planet moves around and shifts patterns. Flying Star practices follow a cyclic patterns using potent symbolism and special, ritual methods as tools.

Fields of energy align with the motion of Earth systems called the Cycles of Harmony and Conflict. Arranging places and spaces can cure negative stars and boost positive stars to help us experience optimal, desired results.

Expressing good or negative energy using the Flying Stars grid pattern as a decorative practice of integrating designs for good fortunes into everyday life. Flying Stars remedy negative patterns and activate positive response.

Flying Stars can promote a lucky advantage when you need it most.

More Flying Stars

You can learn more about Flying Stars and how to use them in our contemporary world with the compass grid by checking out “More” on KittySol.com under the Sun Stars and Signs.

Monthly Flying Stars | June 6th 2022

June Flying Stars have the Unlucky 7 Star of Danger fly to the center palace. This is the worst possible condition with the Earth weakened by the 7’s Metal energy. There can be loss and disappointments in relationships that will need support and try to avoid lawsuits.

Water can exhaust the heavy metal so float a fresh flower in a crystal bowl in the center palace, in the middle of a table or for a place setting. The Heart center is afflicted until July and the best practices in the middle of things is to avoid fire, don’t dig, bang or build. Keep things quiet.

June Ming Tang

The Ming Tang is the Big and Bright part of the chart, where the most positive aspects accumulate and reside.

This month the luckiest Stars align on the Southwest, West and Northwest part of the chart grid. This gives Goats, Monkeys. Birds, Dogs and Pig’s and extra lucky sheen.

Sum of Ten

The Lucky Sum of Ten is a combination of Stars that equal ten. This Auspicious special helps to overcome all obstacles and beat the competition for success against all odds. When the deck feels stacked against you tap this Auspicious Special to maximize your potential.

Who benefits most? The Southeast compass direction for doorways, rooms and as a location or direction will benefit Lucky Dragon and Lucky Snake with the Sum of Ten this month.

Here are all your Lucky Flying Stars for all the Zodiac signs in June.

How do the Sun Moon and Stars align for you? Stay tuned for more lucky stars coming soon. We have a sweet, Strawberry, Super Full Moon in the Rat on June 14th, so stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse on KittySol.com.

Lucky Rat

Rat | Capricorn

Lucky Rat in the month of the Horse is in opposition so stay out of the way don’t get underfoot.

Flying Stars for Lucky Rat has the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 landing in the Career zone with the Lucky Star 1 for Money Love and Miracles. Use crystals and no water in the North. Exhaust the unlucky 3 Star with candles, a lamp or lighting improvements.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Rat have a 5 Star Super, Summer Full Moon on June 14th. Full Moons brings dreams to fruition so enjoy the special glow for all my Lucky Rats. I rate this one the best of the season.

Lucky Ox

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox in the month of the Horse is neighborly on the fence but they don’t run in Horses circle of signs, so don’t cross that line.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Ox have the Lucky 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles conjoined with the Annual Wealth Star 8 of treasure luck. Holy, Cow this a winning bonanza in the Northeast that produces long term assets and valuable rewards. Roll out the red carpet.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Pluto retrograde at 27 degrees bringing generational change at an excruciatingly, slow pace.

Lucky Tiger

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger in the month of the Horse is Part of the Power Triad with the Horse and the Dog. They are best mates and life-long partners. Tigers are favored this month for fabulous luck!

Flying Stars for the Lucky Tiger have the Lucky 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles and the Annual Wealth Star 8 of treasure and assets in the Northeast. Stay on the sunny side to enjoy the full benefits of outstanding winner’s luck and a lucky-in-love vibe that is divine.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have a Saturn the taskmaster. known as Grandfather time to put Tigers in a bind to make hay while the sun shines.

Lucky Hare

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare in the month of the Horse is a casual bystander that can get star struck by the excitement. Careful Bunny Love fast romance can leave skid marks on the heart.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 with the Unlucky Fighting Stars 3 in the East. Stay close to home and don’t get into a squabble it can be detrimental even if it seems like a small thing. Cut back on everything and avoid water in the East.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have Neptune going retrograde at the end of the month. For now stay clear and keep focused. For extra fast manifestations Day Dreaming is paramount to the big picture.

Lucky Dragon

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon in the month of the Horse rarely combine in any fashion except for a passing fancy. But when they do it’s legendary.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon have the Victory Star 6 bringing triumph and treasures with the Peach Blossom Star 4 for social luck and a winning strategy.

Planets and Aspects for the Lucky Dragon have a torrid set of circumstances with Jupiter, Chiron and Mars making their way through in a series of cosmic events that are pivotal.

Lucky Snake

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake in the month of the Horse, Horse and Snake are just casual friends that can go along to get along and that’s as far as it gets.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake have the Victory Star 6 for Winners Luck and the Peach Blossom Star 4 for advancing literary pursuits. The Lucky Sum of Ten gives Snakes the edge over the competition and in dire circumstances you’ll prevail even when its impossible.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have a band of celestial activities rolling through your sign this month. With Uranus and the Node holding down the fort this shape-shifting, carnival is memorable.

Lucky Horse

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse in the month of the Horse is a power team for progressive change that can alters the chemistry of history.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 with the Annual Fire Star 9 so if your play your cards right these Stars cancel each other out and it’s a draw. Keep things light and neutral. Rest and avoid excess.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have the Sun in their sign this month until the Solstice. This is your time to shine!

Lucky Goat

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat in the month of the Horse is a match made in heaven. Elope for just for fun and stay for the Happily Ever After!

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat have the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 and the Annual Unlucky Illness Star 2. Stay high, and dry. The Peach Blossom Star is a Wood Star that can cancel out the worst and reduce harm. You can still have some fun, poolside.

Lucky Goat has the High Holy Summer Solstice June 21st and a dark, New Moon at the end of the month so prepare the ground to plant seeds for your future success, in the now.

Lucky Monkey

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey in the month of the Horse can gain the upper hand but not always. It’s a competition that never seems to end. As the battles rages on, try not to beat the drum.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey have the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 to soak up the Sha Chi of the Annual Unlucky Illness Star 2. Lucky you, This can help keep you balanced and on an even keel. Pick your passion fruits carefully this summer, don’t over do it.

Lucky Monkey has no planets or aspects at present.

Lucky Bird

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird in the month of the Horse is in the neutral zone. They can form an unlikely bond and do great things but it’s rare and uncommon.

Flying Stars for the Bird have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 and the Lucky 9 the Fire Star of Fulfillment. Birds will need it when they are up on stage or outside chasing rainbows. Luck will follow you wherever you find it. Just look for the Silver Lining.

Lucky Bird has no planets or aspects at present.

Lucky Dog

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog in the month of the Horse is part of the Power Triad with Tiger and Horse. The Dog is Horse’s favored running mate and steadfast pal and potential love interest. Work, play or both Dogs and horses go together, everywhere.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dog have the Wealth Star 8 and the Victory Star 6 for a stellar combination this month. Dog’s are favored for life-altering changes that catapult them to the mountain top to shine on and beyond!

Lucky Dog has no planets at this time with the Crown aspect at 18 degrees on June 28th, Lucky dog is king for the night.

Lucky Pig

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig in the month of the Horse can’t keep up with all the politics so they take a nap.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Pig have the Wealth Star 8 of Treasure and assets conjoined with the Victory Star 6 of Triumph and glory for the most winning combination in the Stars this month. Pig’s have all the luck and take home the grand prize, too.

Lucky Pig has no planets or aspects at present but they do get a extra-lucky boost on June 16th when Venus and the Node conjoin in the Snake. Piggy makes bank with a lucky Part of Fortune that’s sure to pay dividends. Good luck my piggy friends!

Just as June got started Mercury returned, Saturn went retrograde and the Monthly Flying Stars changed.

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  • June 14th: Rat Super Full Moon
  • June 21st: Sun enters the Goat for the Summer Solstice
  • June 28th: Neptune goes Retrograde in the Hare
  • June 28th: Goat New Moon

Thank you to all my readers and listeners. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast.

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