June Sun Moon & Stars | 2022

Catching up to the Cosmic Swirl as everything begins to shift again. Here is a round up of all the cyclical and extra ordinary cosmic events on the calendar in June.

Extended June Summer Solstice Episode – 2022.

Audio Transcript | June Sun Moon and Stars – 2022


Jupiter Enters Dragon | May 10th 2022

As Mercury went retrograde on May 11th the Grand Duke Jupiter moved into the sign of the Dragon. Jupiter will go retrograde July 28th at 8 degrees and return back to the Hare sign going forward on November 23rd at 28 degrees of the Hare.

Jupiter, the magnetic planet of expansion and Joy will enter the dragon for a new Astro year on December 20th, 2022. During this year’s extended transition phase between the Rabbit and the Dragon fortunes can be reversed and leadership roles exchanged.

The Hare is home to the Tree of Life in the ancient systems of compass feng shui and will be boosted with added support by Jupiter’s return. But it won’t happen until later in the year so until then Jupiter’s reign in the Dragon is looking murkier. Dragon’s rule longevity and bones.

Crimson Pig Full Moon Lunar Eclipse | May 15th 2022

A Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happened in the Pig sign on May 15th. The charts showed an an usual concentration of planets and aspects being held to the underside of the descending node. This happens in the realm of live, death, sex and passion pursuits. It brings revelations.

The dynamic partial Lunar Eclipse is most notable for what it’s not. It’s upper half is an empty void. Where there was supposed to be something, in fact there is nothing. This eclipse pairs with the recent Snake New Moon Eclipse that happened on May 30th.

Both eclipses and tie into another set of eclipses in October and and November so we aren’t out of the weeds yet.

Horse Sun | May 20th 2022

On May 20th the Sun moved into the Horse sign. The month of the Horse is the zenith of the Sun’s motion in the Northern hemisphere from our Earthly vantage point. Location is everything.

As the Sun entered the horse it collided with a retrograde Mercury on the border at a zero point. This can leave a mark that can’t be undone. Reputations smeared and rapid fire incidents erupt.

Horse is part of the Power Triad with the Dog and Tiger who are favored this month. Goat is Horse’s Super Pal and potential mate. Lucky Red Horse is the Peach Blossom sign for the Goat, Hare and Pig and romance blossoms under these summer night skies.

These signs benefit by social luck and promotional events as well as anything that needs a good fortune booster for success. Lucky Strikes show up out of left field and break the bank! Happy Birthday to all my Lucky Horses!

Venus Moon Eclipse | May 26th 2022

On May 26th the planet Venus and the Moon eclipsed. This rare event happened near the border between signs. In this case Venus was in detriment while leaving the Dragon. With Venus poorly aspected it can have catastrophic and harsh after effects.

Had Venus been a few more degrees into the Snake she’d be home free, where she’s Exalted. This has a fated quality of poor timing. Venus events in and out of retrograde and eclipses have profound implications for the mother culture and children.

On the other side of this equation there is chaos. It’s a dead end for all of the planets stuck below. This too shall pass but there is a lot to clean up in the aftermath.

Long term effects can be beneficial to show weakness and vulnerability that needs to be addressed. Improvements to restore a sense of equilibrium can get a reprieve often within a year or two. Venus cycles around the elliptic lasts over two years. It takes time to be reborn.

Horse New Moon | May 30th 2022

On May 30th we had a New Moon in the sign of the Horse. The Sun and Moon will be conjoined to magnify the effects of this bright cycle. Inventions for power driven vehicles as well as progressive ideals can take root.

Horse are often doctors, lawyers, politicians, A-list Stars and can have royal pedigrees. They liter sports and other venues. Horse’s rule over Fame and reputation in the Flying Stars of the South direction, with the element Fire and the color red and purple.


Mercury Returns | June 3rd 2022

The retrograde motion of the planet Mercury will return forward, direct on June 3rd. Mercury the Quicksilver planet of communication, commerce, transportation and the courts went retrograde on May 10th at 4 degrees in the sign of the Horse.

The Mercurial planet returns to direct motion on June 3rd at 26 degrees of the Snake. Crossing over it’s shadow before it went retrograde, Mercury will quickly move to recover ground by June 18th on the Summer Solstice Mercury’s back in Vogue.

Saturn Retrograde | June 4th 2022

Saturn the taskmaster known as Grandfather time goes retrograde in the Tiger June 4th at 25 degrees. A Saturn Return is specific cosmic event for those who have a planet: Saturn, the Sun or other significant in this location in their own charts.

If you do this cosmic connection in the Tiger sign it will have a much, more pronounced affect than for those who do not. Saturn rolls back to 18 degrees and returns forward on October 2nd. Think of it as turbulence. If you’ve got stuff hanging fire, let it go.

Or if you are totally squared away a new set of wings can help you take flight. Saturn shows us our responsibility to be good and true to ourselves and when we take on too much or leave things undone it is like a boomerang. Watch out! And have fun.


Monthly Flying Stars | June 6th 2022

The Monthly Flying Stars shift again on or about June 6th. We still have a whole week of May Flying Stars very active and this is where we are now until then…

The Wealth Star 8 flies to the center palace giving strong support for a weak center than can lead to calamity and distress. Lucky Specials in this chart go to the Tiger and Ox who need it.

They have the Lucky Sum of Ten which is an all purpose wild card to use as needed to overcome all obstacles for success. It brings good timing and miracles. These Monthly Stars Double with the Mountain Stars alignment which adds maturity dramatic effects.

A double Pearl Strand from the Southeast Dragon and Snake to the Northwest Dog and Pig is a sequential pattern that lines up numbers in two directions for a big win. When the Pearl Strand is active it brings lasting values that create grand good fortunes from grit and grace.

Stay tuned to KittySol blog and the Zodiac Muse Podcast with China Rose for June Flying Stars coming soon.

Rat Super Full Moon June | 14th 2022

On June 14th we will have a Super Full Moon in the Rat sign. This chart can best be described as eccentric with compelling features that deserve further scrutiny.

The New Moon just manages to rise above the descending Node. We are still on a bit of a back foot but not underneath it all, so that’s good. The cosmic pile ups we were stuck with since early May are finally getting diluted and dispersed.

Most notable in this chart the Planet Mars roils over Chiron in the Dragon. This can have a dual effect that is perilous, profitable or both. It’s a crucible that can lead to gold, metaphorically. So if at-first you don’t succeed try again on this New Rat Moon. It’s got Super Cosmic Powers.

Goat Sun and Solstice | June 21st 2022

The Sun reaches it’s peak on the the day it enters into the Goat on June 21st. This happens every year. It’s cyclic and celebratory as nature makes summer camp and holiday adventures extra special and delightful.

While the Sun is in the Goat whimsy and merry making are the most important themes. The Goat is the Party Animal of the Zodiac and shares the Compassionate Triad with the Pig and Hare delivering us all a more kinder, gentler time on the longest day and the shortest night.

Goat New Moon | June 28th 2022

On June 28th we will have a Full Moon in the sign of the Goat. A large swath of planets swing under the descending node at the back of the chart with very few aspects anchored to anything. It looks flimsy and stormy. Or it can be a roaring, good time around the campfire

The Sun and Moon manage to rise above which gives hope. Venus will be in the Horse with Mercury above and everything below the spirit line on this chart. Sometimes this much contrast is challenging or just mildly disappointing. Be extra careful after dark on this sultry, sassy Moon.

Neptune Retrogrades | June 28th

Lord of the Underworld Neptune goes retrograde on June 28th on the New Moon. Neptune is in the Hare sign and will be backwards from 25 degrees to 22 degrees returning to forward motion on December 3rd. Hare presides over Health and Family spot lighting cultural issues.

Neptune is a big gas giant on the outer rim affecting generations due to it’s long cycle in each sign lasting up to 14 years. Lord of Oceans Neptune pulls a curtain to spin illusions that seem all-too-real until and they quickly disappear.

During this period it can be prudent to be extra careful not to accept everything at face value that can have lasting implications. This mirage can be deceptive. Exercise caution to avoid being disillusioned later down the road. This is a good time to pay respect and give Tributes.

Advancing Eclipses 2022

The recent batch of eclipses will repeat at the end of the year but they will be reversed. On April 30th we had a double-dark New Moon Snake Solar Eclipse. On May 15th we had a Full Pig Moon Lunar eclipse. These are powerful cosmic events that alter the chemistry of life.

Both sets of Snake and Pig eclipses will have irreversible effects. However during the April / May set we experienced Jupiter moving to into the Dragon as Mercury went retrograde and we experienced a rare Venus and Moon eclipse following that cosmic event.

In contrast the October / November set of eclipses will reverse with a Pig New Moon Solar eclipse on October 25th and a Snake Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. This Full Moon conjoins with Uranus in the Snake.

It opposes the Sun conjoined with Venus and Mercury in the Pig. It’s progressive on a grand scale with extreme consequences that brake apart the status quo. This chaos is confined to a position giving it unlimited power for change. But at first it can seem like a unruly, revolt.

Here are all your Zodiac Lucky Stars for May into June 2022

How do the Sun Moon and Stars align for you? Stay tuned for more lucky stars coming soon the Zodiac Muse Podcast and the KittySol blog!

Lucky Rat

Rat | Capricorn

Lucky Rat and Horse are on opposite sides of the spectrum. But they can still get along. Just be careful not to get under foot or you can get stepped on.

Flying Stars for the Rat have the Annual Lucky 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles so wear something that sparkles. Love can bloom and money flows in as needed. The Monthly Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 joins the fun bringing academic success, social luck and opportunity.

Lucky Rat has a Super Full Moon on June 14th when wishes and dreams will come true! Enjoy the beauty and bounty of this reward. This moon will add and extra glow to ignite innovations with a pioneering spirit.

Lucky Ox

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox and Horse are barnyard neighbors. The share daily details cordially on the fence but work in different spheres and modes.

Flying Stars for the Ox have the Lucky Sum of Ten Auspicious special with the Annual Wealth Star 8 and the Unlucky Illness Star 2 that flies in. This is a good time to rest and recover from stress strains that ail you. Things will work out better you leave them to settle on their own.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Pluto retrograde at the tail of the yak. This is a critical time for change but it’s stalled. Do your best with this rough patch that needs to be tilled and cleared before proceeding.

Lucky Tiger

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger and Horse are part of the Power Triad. They run the show and make excellent mates and / or romantic partners.

Flying Stars for the Tiger have the Lucky Sum of Ten special with the Annual Lucky Wealth Star 8 and the Unlucky Illness Star 2 that flies in. The good outweighs the bad so stay tuned on the sunny side and what you need will arrive just give it time.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have a Saturn return moving through the sign with a reckoning for some and rewards for others. Taskmaster Saturn teaches life lessons. Pay your dues, do your duty and you’ll pass this test of time. You can’t push a noodle so don’t try.

Lucky Hare

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare and Horse can go-along to get-along. Horse is the Bunnies Peach Blossom sign which is like a personal tour guide to love, work and life adventures.

Flying Stars for the Hare have the Annual Unlucky Fighting Star 3 bringing conflicts in schedules and activities. It’s joined by the Monthly Lucky Star 6 of Victory and Triumph. It makes everything you’ve got going, worth-it and it can pay dividends as well.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare will have Neptune going retrograde this month which can fill draining at first because it turns the tide the other way. Switch up your wardrobe and routines to benefit but don’t get duped but pie in the sky.

Lucky Dragon

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragons and Horse are a wild combination. In the mythic folklore this creature is called a Chi Lin and it can work magic to restore and repair humanity with it’s benevolence.

Flying Stars for the Dragon have the Annual Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 keeping your profile buffed and polished. It combines with the Unlucky 7 Danger Star and it’s time to surrender or you could lose the farm.

Planets and Aspects for the Lucky Dragon are a caldron of various combinations throughout the month. It’s messy work in progress so don’t keep score. Just stir the pot so it doesn’t boil over. Don’t add fuel to the fire.

Lucky Snake

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake and Horse are able to forge ideas and work as a team. Horse is traditional and Snakes are unconventional. With Horse in charge Snake’s flexible to do as they please.

Flying Stars for the Snake have the Annual Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 to bring you resonance with your audience. It combines with the Unlucky 7 Star of Danger for a close shave. Surrender to change for the greater good. Go with the flow and shed that old skin.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have a whole parade rolling through this summer. Uranus and the Node are key, fixed features that throw caution to the wind with toil and trouble in tow. This strange combination can produce magnetic attractions and brake the status quo.

Lucky Horse

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse and Horse are the classic team. They can pull it together when it really matters.

Flying Stars for the Horse have the Annual Fire Star 9 and the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 forming a tough-luck combination. It’s a great time to take a break from the Rat Race. Momentum can spin out of control, so slow down, caution’s advised. Step careful and stay quiet.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse will have plenty of fireworks and get the special attention they deserve with Venus, Mercury, the Sun and Moon passing through and Mars too. This circus can be a bit overwhelming with the High Holy celebration and a Royal Jubilee.

Lucky Goat

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat and Horse are a match made in Heaven, say yes for happiness ever after!

Flying Stars for the Goat have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 and the Unlucky Accident Star 5 which can be a real Debbie Downer. Remedy these Stars by keeping a very low profile. Stay quiet, and away from the limelight.

Lucky Goat has a New Moon to cap off the month of June. Lay the ground ahead to plant new seeds for success on this event.

Lucky Monkey

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey and Horse from a Lucky Special of otherworldly magic. When Monkey rides the Horse it’s an unbeatable combination for success. As friends they may not have the same interest or intrigues but they are not enemies.

Flying Stars for the Monkey have the Unlucky Illness Star and the Unlucky Accident Star 5 and these Stars are dangerous if you are not careful. Don’t wrestle with circumstances or someone could get hurt. Stay cool, calm and collected, quiet, away from harm. Take no risks at this time.

Lucky Monkey doesn’t have any planetary motions at this time with a few lucky aspects sprinkled in they make their way around the grid in the background.

Lucky Bird

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird and Horse are a mythic combination in the ancient folklore to forms a Lucky advantage called the Sparrow Flyer. They can out distance all competitors for supreme success! But in a relationships they have weakness.

Flying Stars for the Bird have the Unlucky danger Star 7 and the Lucky 1 Star of Love, Money and Miracles. Birds can be be up on stage or chasing rainbows. Luck will follow you wherever you go. Look for the Silver Lining.

Lucky Bird planets or aspects are not highlighted this month so use the down time and catch up on chores, get rid of stuff you don’t use.

Lucky Dog

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog and Horse are part of the Power Triad and they are often found together forming life long-bonds that can’t be broken. They are a suitable match and a perfect pairing.

Flying Stars for the Dog have the Annual Lucky Star 6 for Victory luck to beat the competition and the Fire Star 9 to restore your glory and deliver trophies. Enjoy the success and follow your passion. If you don’t you may feel stymied and worn out.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at this time and will has a Crown for the Goat Moon at the end of the month. Enjoy the crowds but don’t squander your assets. This is just a temporary, splash of fun so don’t let it go to your head.

Lucky Pig

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig and Horse are both barnyard animals who share friends. They aren’t the best buddies but they can mix it up and have a good time.

Flying Stars for the Pig have the Annual Lucky Victory Star 6 and the Fire Star 9 of Wish Fulfillment. Follow your gut instincts and Spirit Guides will lead you to your heart’s content. Doors will open so walk in.

Lucky Pig has a break from the action after the ecliptic events in May. This gives time to regroup and reset the lucky aspects on the grid for good timing and prime the alignment. Go with the flow and your success will find you.

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  • June 3rd: Mercury Returns!
  • June 4th: Saturn goes retrograde
  • June 6th: Monthly Flying Stars change.
  • June 14th: Rat Super Full Moon
  • June 21st: Goat Sun and Summer Solstice
  • June 28th: Goat New Moon
  • June 28th: Neptune goes Retrograde

Thank you to all my readers and listeners. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast.

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