Lunar Void

Double Dark, Dragon Moon and Sun

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Under Belly… A Double, Dragon Sun and New Moon takes an invisible shape in the dead-of-night, and well below the horizon at 2:29 AM PDT on Tuesday, March 24th. This dark stranger is filled with divine inspiration for a parade of change in leadership. In keeping with this White Metal year continue-starting to cut back, streamline, shift gears, prep and plan ahead of what you can see. Right now is the time for that as we idle at Zero for Saturn’s move to Tiger’s Lair. Let time be your guide.

Lower Half

7 Sages of Bamboo Grove, Tan Yin c. 1681

Yin Intrinsically yin… This New Moon chart features an extremely rare pattern. Virtually all the planets in the chart: Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Moon, Chiron, Uranus and Venus sink below the Ascendant, horizon in a globular fashion. The Sun and Moon sink to their lowest point possible, so it’s a doubly, dark, Yin, intrinsically-yin type of energy. In other words it’s weak, in a weak place. Think of it as a plug that’s broken, for a drain that leaks. It’s a Void with a gaping hole. Can dark things have lights at the end of their tunnels? Yes, but you can’t see that yet until the veils are lifted. It’s still a grave situation.

Tiger Saturn

Flag of Formosa c. 1895

Saturn Tiger… Pivotal to a New Moon growth phase are some unique, cosmic features that are embedded into this time line. Foremost among them, is planet Saturn. Grandfather Time makes it’s official move into the Tiger as it sits poised at Zero. Saturn is the task master and the timekeeper and that means this “time’ it-is different. It’s the beginning of the end, some call it the Last Act. A good starting to an ending, is always a pre cursor to a brand new, era. Things begin to end, before they start-up, again.

Tight Wad

Estampe Bonne bière de Mars, c. 1842

Times Up… In the Ox sign planets: Jupiter, Pluto and Mars are in late stages of excess (full degrees) pushing Saturn into the Tiger with a big boot. Jupiter will give Pluto a close shave off the block and set a new precedent in the weeks that follow. These masculine signs form a tight clump that will metastasize. Meaning, get harder and clumpier as we go along in this moon cycle. Mars is hot on Saturn’s heels to roast him at the gateway. This fever’s pitch, delivers a hefty, toll. Bad-to-the-bone; these extreme metamorphoses reshape cultural norms in a crucible of life and death. Saturn rules the bones.

March Hare

Anonymous Griffin “Love” tapestry

Bottom’s Up… In the Hare sign, Mercury gains ground on Neptune that scraps the bottom of the barrel. Riders-in-the-storm enter a Vortex that shifts the poles as the Sun and Moon merge, entirely, for a cosmic moment with Chiron. This is a healing mode that will brighten and lighten the Node, but its not visible yet. This tight clutch of Sun, Moon and Chiron in the Dragon unleash new leaders into the fold. The chart’s up-flow on the backside, is the Uranus pull (drag) in the Serpent that stirs this celestial, stew pot. Luckily Venus, though on a down-stroke, still emerges, exalted. Undercuts will underscore, a means to an end; retaining values on future assets.

Star Reach!

John Duncan ‘Riders of Sidhe’ c. 1911

Welcome Home… Highlights for what’s coming soon to Kittysol, stay turned: April 6th monthly, Flying Stars change. April 7th is a Full Dog Moon and April 12th is Easter Sunday! Cosmic fusion: Venus will move into the Horse, Mercury will merge with Neptune and Mars will fuse with Saturn in the immediate, cosmic transits. And there’s a mysterious new comet, named Atlas that entered our elliptic, but let’s talk about that next time. I’ll suffice to say that comets seem to come and go at markers in history.

Here are your lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs. Millions of fortunes told. Don’t leave your luck to chance, be lucky by design on! Readers we appreciate you!!

Lucky Rat

Rat 🐭 | Sagittarius ♐️

Flying Stars: Fighting Star 3 doubles that can cause more harm, than good. Batten down the hatches and hold-up. Rat’s love to chat and are the wit of the Zodiac. It’s safe to speak up front from a distance -otherwise stay mum, hold your tongue and definitely avoid gossip or risk a backlash. Be overly cautious to a fault and things will smooth out in due course.

Planets and Aspects: The Ascendant horizon and Part of Fortune create a pay slot for a special called: Money, is Coming. This could be the start of new funds that replenish automatically. This is an infusion of greater values depending on how this aapect aligns with an individual’s chart. It channels the Career Zone to groom away brambles. It shears-off useless, overgrowth. Get a haircut and avoid being overly, exposed.

Lucky Ox

Ox 🐮 | Capricorn ♑️

Flying Stars: Money and Love, Luck Star 1 doubles with added Miracle Luck. This is a supreme chance to build your status as a solid, support, system with a complete network that can be fully, relied on. You will be looked for to provide a stop gap and way to bridge the difference. This of course is what you do best, build and produce things that are useful. Get to work, there is a world of hurt that needs you to help heal the wound.

Planets and Aspects: A whole cauldron of cosmic interlopers crowd the house, with Jupiter at 23 degrees, Pluto at 24 degrees and Mars at 25 degrees. Fate is rapidly going nowhere with unstable energy. This cauldron fuses Jupiter with Pluto, mixing cold distance with a Jovial spirit. At the same time Mars chases Saturn into the Tiger to cast irons in the fire. It’s a tricky situation. Another way to say-it: all hell brakes loose! Lucky for you Jupiter carries the day to beam rays of sunshine that chase away doom and gloom.

Lucky Tiger

Tiger 🐯 | Aquarius ♒️

Flying Stars: Money and Love-Luck Star 1 doubles with added Miracle Luck. These dynamic Stars of good fortune are your cosmic best friend, they add some sparkle and joy to everything you do. Little things go your way and money shows up for you. The tiniest of details can make all the difference. Pay attention to small incremental developments.

Planets and Aspects: Avante garde! Planet Saturn sits on the edge of an oblivion at Zero degrees. Soon, Saturn enters the Tiger sign for two and a half years,. This is called: a Saturn return, in the cosmic realm. This event is an entire generational shifts on the front-front. Tigers rule the brotherhood and Patriarch luck. The Tiger sign is best known for its humanitarian, altruistic nature. It’s wild instincts and special abilities bring talent to visionary exploration in academic settings: science, medicine, engineering and new disciplines in emerging, models. Expect to see flying cars and conservation get an, arm and a leg up, the ladder. Tiger’s this will test you every step along the way, so prepare for it. You’re in the crucible for two and a half years and when it’s over you’ll get a gift that is positively, everlasting. Until then the learning curve is a razors edge. I wish you luck!!

Lucky Hare

Hare 🐰 | Pisces ♓️

Flying Stars: The Icky Yellow, Unlucky 5 Star doubles. This dangerous, duo is also a combo called: the Lucky Special Sum of Ten, and it grants lucky, wishes. The lucky Bunny will need every spare wish they can get. The Hare is not a rough and tumble sign, they are the plush, white-glove type. Be sure to tuck and roll to stay nimble as you run the gauntlet. You will overcome all obstacles for success if you go pass failures, one step beyond.

Planets and Aspects: Mercury at 6 degrees and Neptune at 19 degrees. This is yet another fusion of planetary energy that will unfold in the coming weeks. The Eastern door is home to the Hare sign. It’s a sanctuary of pure pleasure and pampering, health and hospitality. It is home to the Family Tree affecting ancestral lines. Mercurial energy brings a fast-acting element to the God of the Underworld as he passes over. Neptune, who has fallen asleep at the wheelhouse gets a jolt from this close, encounter. This nudge is a wake-up call. Right now the magic elixir is found in the way you keep your wits about you. Get your footing, first then inch forward.

Lucky Dragon

Dragon 🐲 | Aries ♈️

Flying Stars: Victory Star 6 doubles Heaven Luck to provides all the special favors and extra kudos you need to grease the skids. You know all the people, in all the right places and the universe smiles on your efforts with supreme opportunity. This is change you can take to the bank.

Planets and Aspects: The Sun and New Moon at 4 degrees with Chiron at 5 degrees is a melting of the minds, a fusion of forces to be reckoned with. It all happens right up your ally. You deliver the goods, with extra zeal for a surefire way to bind hearts and minds together. This fusion of double dragons is just what the doctors, ordered. It’s a unparalleled, match-set of grit and grace.

Lucky Snake

Snake 🐸 | Taurus ♉️

Flying Stars: Victory Star 6 doubles Heaven Luck. There is just no better time than now to launch your best efforts and project the life you desire, in the direction that you want to go. Doors will fly open to chase away any clouds of doubt, as Stars are align to guide you to your ideal place. Welcome, home..

Planets and Aspects: Uranus at 4 degrees is the gatekeeper, keeping an eye on the trends and bends on the pathway as Lady Luck, Venus at 20 degrees glides on a slip-stream of silver, linings. Glow with the flow!

Lucky Horse

Horse 🐴 | Gemini ♊️

Lucky Stars: Unlucky Sarp Yit (negative contamination) of the Illness Star 2 is doubled. Keep your blinders on. Horse are skittish when it comes to doom and gloom that creeps up on them. You can be forward in starting new protocols when you remove the distractions that confound you. Get your rest and don’t take any chances, not a single one.

Planets and Aspects: none at present. Below the line and underwater you are submerged in a place that can feel isolated. Don’t fight the battle, sit this one out. Don’t look down or back, set your sights ahead. Put your efforts where you want to be, don’t be dead-set, or stuck on the wrong, end. Be mindful there are many ways to accomplish things, not just one.

Lucky Goat

Goat 🐐 | Cancer ♋️

Lucky Stars: Peach Blossom Star 4 of Love and Social Luck, doubles. The best part of spring is the chance to blossom in new ways; all colors, shapes and sizes. Bloom and grow in your own time and space, you are loved and admired by all.

Planets and Aspects: Node at 3 degrees puts the keys to this castle in your hands. Use them wisely.

Lucky Monkey

Monkey 🐵 | Leo ♌️

Lucky Stars: Peach Blossom Star 4 of Love and Social Luck, doubles. Your high wire act has potential, keep up the good work! All eyes are on the Monkey, shines!

Planets and Aspects: none at present. The cosmic grid gave you a fallback position, take full advantage of it. If for some reason you don’t, you’ll have no one to save you, there’s no safety net.

Lucky Bird

Bird 🐔 | Virgo ♍️

Flying Stars: Ripening Star 9 doubles good or bad, depending on which way you spin it. Practice conscious, intention that promotes the most good. Intention -is focus.

Planets and Aspects: none at present. In the chart configuration birds are able to fly high to stay above the fray. You will be called upon.

Lucky Dog

Dog 🐶 | Libra ♎️

Lucky Stars: Treasure Star 8 doubles Winners Luck. The time is ripe to pick your fortunes, choose wisely.

Planets and Aspects: the chart Crown is tilted, off-center. Poles bend and balance is throw off-kilter. This may need remedial care so get better advise. Don’t draw from a poison well.

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig
Lucky Pig
by Kittysol

Pig 🐷 | Scorpio ♏️

Lucky Stars: Treasure Star 8 doubles Winners Luck. Don’t hold back when it’s time to go. Grab the ring, it’s yours.

Planets and Aspects: none at present. Above the Horizon, beyond reproach you have a natural talent for crafting success in your own fashion, go for it.

More good fortunes coming soon, stay tuned to Kittysol!! Check back for more good fortunes galore!!

Queen of Serpents ~ the Arabian Nights

The Queen of Serpents, Albert Letchford , c. 1897

“The Queen of Serpents — There came up to him a serpent as big as a mule, bearing on its back a tray of gold, wherein lay another serpent which shone like crystal and whose face was as that of a woman and who spake with human speech.”

Surrender to change: preparation and planning are the cure to panic. Stay the course for better days as we transit cosmic changes on the elliptic, grid. Gird yourself for the long haul and you’ll come out ahead.

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