March Flying Stars 2021

Flying Stars March 2021

This month the Flying Stars feature the Lucky Sum of Ten in the Heart Center Palace. This is an advantage to all the compass directions and especially the locations that are doubly afflicted this month.

Heart Center

The Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 is the Green Wood Star that flies into the Heart Center to join the Annual 6 Star of Heaven Luck. These two lucky stars form and auspicious combination to triumph over the competition.

This is good for academic success, romance, relationships, finding unexpected resources and launching all kinds of activities that require social status. The Lucky Sum of Ten overcomes all obstacles for success.



Mixed bag: Monthly Ripening Star 9 combines with the Unlucky Annual Illness Star 2 that dampens the fire to slow career progress.


Ox | Tiger

Unlucky: Monthly Danger Star 7 combines with the Annual Lucky Multiplying Star 9 for a rough combination of scarce fortunes in the business sector.



Mixed bag: Unlucky Monthly Illness Star 2 combines with the Annual Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 for soggy fortunes with some bright prospects for health and family.


Dragon | Snake

Unlucky: Monthly Fighting Star 3 combines with the Annual Unlucky Accident Star 5 for the worst possible combination of fortunes in the money market. The elements of Wood and Earth weaken negative and nurture the positive with the Lucky Heart Stars to temper hard luck.



Super Lucky: Monthly Wealth Star 8 combines with the Annual Lucky 1 Star of Money, Miracles and Love Luck! This supreme combination brings fame and fortune on a gift horse.


Goat | Monkey

Mixed bag: Lucky Monthly Star 1 of Miracles, Love and Money combines with the Annual Unlucky Fighting Star 3 to take the edge of a tough bunch of gnarly stars. If you can hold your tongue and not snap or snarl the rest is gravy.



Double Lucky: Lucky Victory Star 6 combines with the Wealth Star to pile up winners luck with a bonanza of good fortunes that sail in to your sunny shores..


Dog | Pig

Unlucky: Monthly Accident Star 5 is troublesome when it combines with the Danger Star 7 to add injury to insult and is risky set of circumstances that should be avoided at all costs. These stars are best kept quiet and at a low profile to avoid the worst possible damages.

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  • Hare New Moon March 13th
  • St Patrick’s Day March 17th
  • Spring Equinox March 20th
  • Sun enters Dragon sign March 20th
  • Dog Full Moon on March 28th
  • Monthly Flying Stars change April 5th

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