May Flying Stars 2021

It’s May and the Monthly Flying Stars change on the 5th. This month the Heart center is still afflicted but the Lucky Specials shift the trend and now some greater good begins!

May Flying Stars | Podcast

Audio Transcript | May Flying Stars 2021

Flying Star Chart Graphic on KittySol by China Rose. Listeners can follow the chart for this podcast with the special graphic for the May Flying Stars.

Want to know how Monthly Flying Stars in May affect your lucky lifestyle? Feng Shui Flying Stars are about practicing artful changes that produce desired outcomes.

Flying Stars are fields of energy that you can’t see in a traditional way. Flying Stars have expressions in the everyday world based on intentions and outcomes. Like cause and effects people don’t see the energy but they experience the results.

Homes, offices and other spaces can produce a negative or positive charge by the feelings you get and the experiences that happen overtime. Arranging a space for the optimal well being of people provides a practical, everyday benefit. Why is this true?

Because unseen forces of energy, in and around us are at work all the time. We live in an ocean of motion. What you don’t see in a normal context or perspective can either work for you, or against you.

Both the human heart and the brain have electrical charges that exist in a world filled with energy. This field of energy can either zap or amplify itself through currency and frequency. Currency is the strength of the charge and frequency is how persistent it is.

A weak but persistent charge can short circuit an entire system so never under estimate the power of this process. Feng Shui properly applied can move currencies and frequencies to a mode that produces desired effects.

The Art of Place uses subtleties to resolve our problems or concerns based on shifting fields of energy. In feng shui negative energy is employed to diminish or dissolve what we don’t want and positive energy is used to create and generate what we do want. Positive and negative are the duality known as Yin and Yang.

If you want something positive to replace something negative in your life you first need to remove the negative in order to make room for the positive to exist. It sounds simple and knowing what to remove and what to add is part of this artful practice.

Flying Stars use the compass to navigate to your success by arranging spaces tfor the best opportunities to manifest. I often tell people you won’t get tomatoes by planting potatoes. It sounds silly but the truth is you need the world around you to be properly grounded and seeded to generate the fruits you want to experience.

The artful practice of Flying Star Feng Shui is the foundation of Geometric architecture dating back to Taoism in the 6th century BC. This esoteric design method used to build lasting dynasties and glorious empires. When applied in a contemporary fashion its still useful today.

Have you ever entered a room and felt something was wrong? Maybe it felt stale or awkward, static or enchanting? Feng Shui tunes in to awareness so the placement of objects will impact your good fortunes and work for your benefit.

We all have stuff in our lives and it can either be working for us, against us or just taking up space. Since space equals time that condition will form a negative vortex that you neither want or need in order for your success to arrive.

Good Fortunes in Feng Shui are cultivated much like a garden or as any pastime. You get better at it as you practice and begin to develop a sense of the basic tools and elements. Even a slight change correctly applied can achieve remarkable results.

The 5 Elements are the the tools used to produce changes used in feng shui. The April Flying Stars episode touched upon these concepts of the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth, known as the Cycles of Harmony and Conflict.

In the near future I’ll do a bonus episode to explain the 5 Elements in more depth.

Feng Shui Flying Stars move in a direction on the compass and these compass directions pertain to a topic of lifestyle interest that attaches to the Zodiac signs and their natural talents.

Just like the inner workings of a clock there are a lot of moving parts and gears in this Earth system and overtime I hope to introduce them to you. My goal is to protect and preserve our planet, it’s natural resources and also to help you cultivate good fortunes for a lucky lifestyle.

Thank you for joining me in that quest.

Here are all your Flying Stars for May 2021

Heart Center

May Flying Stars in the Heart Center

We have a very lively grouping of Flying Stars this Month which will bring some much needed relief from some of the tough aspects in the Heart Center. April was very hard on the Heart Center and this month it gets better by a long shot.

Several Lucky Specials will offset the icky stars or Sha Chi of negative energy. We have the Parent Strand moving Northeast to Southwest, the Ho Tu combination going East to West and the Lucky Sum of Ten in the Northwest.

The Parent Strand connects the Scholarship and Knowledge sector of the Northeast to the Love direction in the Southwest. The Southwest is Matriarch luck and the Northeast is Patriarch luck. This combination is a result of the Earth Stars aligning in a diagonal pattern on the grid.

They produce lasting effects for descendants to benefit from the success of a family group that is carried forward over multiple generations.

The Ho Tu combination is a result of a particular number combination that equals 15 across the grid. This powerful pattern makes everything good, better and everything big, larger and brighter. It’s a dynamic aspect.

The Lucky Sum of Ten in the Northwest will diminish the negative effects of the Unlucky 3 Star with the Annual Unlucky 7 Star to produce opportunities that overcome all obstacles for success. So look for the silver lining and a curse can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


KittySol Rat


May Flying Stars in the North direction of Career, for the Rat signs are unlucky. The Danger Star 7 is exhausted by the natural water element in the North direction of Career.

Hopefully this will diffuse the worst conditions to create a more harmonious balance. The main thing is to avoid drama or escalation of negative events in work environments. Don’t engage in lawsuits or undertake legal proceeding that may seem easy but will ultimately be fraught with difficulties and no good outcomes.

This Star likes things kept quiet. No renovations or digging up the yard. Wait to make any life altering changes and rest while this Star is passing. Keep a low profile and focus on the basics at home and your daily routines; to clear out the clutter with a minimalist mode.


KittySol Ox
Kittysol Tiger

Ox | Tiger

May Flying Stars in the Northeast direction of Administration and Scholarship for the Ox and Tiger signs are unlucky.

The Accident Star 5 causes problems at the least likely moment. This negative star can be quite damaging. The Parent Strand combination in the Northeast to the Southwest can limit and offset troubles by reaching out to partners and getting family support.

Carry a metal charm if have are an Ox or a Tiger prominent in your chart to reduce the commotion this Star can cause. Position a crystal pagoda or 5 element ornament in the Northeast.


Kittysol Hare


May Flying Stars in the East direction of Health and Family and for the Hare signs are lucky with the 9 Star of Ripening.

The 9 is a Fire Star in the elements and an Earth Star in the Pa Gua. East is a Wood element and the Annual Star is also Wood. Why mention these confusing concepts? These forces may expend a lot of energy but they form a harmonious combination that generates a supreme harvest of good fortunes. The Lucky Special Hot Tu combination is the crowning jewel.

The key is to act upon inspirations and take part in activities that relate to your prime objective. It won’t leave you much time for other things but you can rest later when the cosmic dust settles. Right now you must make hay while the sun shines, as they say. Place a beautiful ceramic bowl of 8 oranges on your dining table, a sideboard or as a shrine offering in the East.


Kittysol Dragon
KittySol Snake sign

Dragon | Snake

May Flying Stars in the Southeast direction of Abundance and Income for the Dragon and Snake signs are lucky with the Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money.

Dragons and Snakes resources are drained, as-of-late but this month begins a 3 month cycle of positive reinforcements. Small miracles add up and up! The water star 1 boosts the Wood element in the Southeast so the grass grows greener for love, money and romance.

This Star is great for new starts and fresh beginnings. A little sparkle with a bit of glitz and glam in daily fashions will excite the chi. A crystal in a window to catch the sunlight and cast rainbows or a floating flower in a bowl, work wonders to put a spark this lucky advantage.


Kittysol Horse


May Flying Stars in the South direction of Fame and Promotion for the Horse sign are lucky. The Victory Star 6 brings your efforts to fruition and wishes come true, automatically.

This Star is a homecoming with a glad bag of goodies. It beats out the competition and delivers exactly what you’ve been waiting for. It’s best to treat this Star like a celebration. Prepare for receiving and ready yourself for the ideal outcome as your ships come rolling in.

Garlands and banners are a positive addition to your decor to lift the energy. Vases of red roses will fast-forward your response time for stellar results. This Star is all about active energy that triumphs in a field of plenty.


Kittysol Goat
KittySol Monkey

Goat | Monkey

May Flying Stars in the Southwest direction of Love and Relationships for the Goat and Monkey sign are lucky. The Wealth Star 8 brings new asset and growth to your portfolio of possibilities.

The Parent Strand is a Lucky Special to actively increases Matriarch luck for ladies and gives an edge to women in business. The doubling of Earth can be noisy so this new growth phase can cause a racket, but it’s all for your greater good.

Pump-it-up by setting the stage for success. The 8 star loves adornments and treasures attract more bounty. Think of it this way: wear your best outfit to an important interview and get a better-than-expected offer or go all out for a launch and draw in bigger clients than anticipated.


KittySol Pig


May Flying Stars in the West direction of Talent and Creativity and for the Bird signs is lucky. The Peach Blossom Star 4 brings social luck and academic success that Bird’s adore. It adds perks of plenty to your resume with certifications and awards.

This Star bestows honors and recognition to promote your brand and puts you on the right path for your career. It’s also a match-maker made-in-heaven. Take that offer of a date or chance meeting as a stepping stone to a love interest -or to rekindle romance.

The Peach Blossom star likes flourishes and accents. As a Wood Star green is a great color to boost potency. Trinkets and tassels attract attention you richly deserve. It’s a bit of a bohemian rhapsody so let it go wild. In a traditional setting a calligraphy set works like a charm.

With the Lucky Special Ho Tu combination everything good, gets bigger and brighter. So don’t overdo -just let good fortune come to you.


KittySol Dog
KittySol Pig

Dog | Pig

May Flying Stars in the Northwest direction of Travel and Benefits and for the Dog and Pig are unlucky. The Fighting Star 3 makes a gnarly bramble of things to mess up your best intentions.

Luckily the combination of Stars with the Annual Star 7 forms the Lucky Special Sum of Ten. That means your toughest battles can lead to bright horizons and the thorniest circumstances can be transformed into a lush, garden paradise. Winner’s luck turns any curse into a blessing by seeing the bright side. Treasures are discovered by digging in the dirt.

You can activate this advantage by not giving up and going the extra mile. Stay motivated even when things seem at a loss. Offerings of gratitude and giving service are great enhancers. Put your Pearls of Wisdom into practice, take a mentor’s advice and listen to your inner guidance.

Thank you to all my readers and listeners.

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  • May 9th is Mother’s Day in USA.
  • May 11th is a Snake New Moon and Sun.
  • May 14th is China Rose’s Solar Return!
  • May 20th the Sun enters the Horse sign.
  • May 26th Total Lunar Full Moon eclipse in the Rat.
  • Mercury goes retrograde May 29th.
  • June 4th Monthly Flying Stars change.

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