Monkey Full Moon | February 2023

Sunday, February 5th at 10:30 AM Pacific Time we have a Full Moon in the Monkey sign.

Audio Transcript: Monkey Full Moon | February 2023

Podcast Episode: Monkey Full Moon | February 2023

Monkey Full Moon | January 5th

Full Monkey Moon is a powerful actor in the Ruling Triad with Dragon and Rat. Snake is Monkey’s Super Buddy and the Gold Bird is Monkey’s Peach Blossom sign. Snake comes up a winner on the Full Moon with the Ascendant conjunct to the Node.

Uranus is underneath but out of reach. Wildly, unexpected results can pop up! Don’t judge surprises good or bad. Wait and watch as the future is yet to unfold.

With all planets going forward motion until April things get rolling in clover. Take revelations with a grain of salt. Many may-never come to pass. Some have advantages yet-to-be born out. A wait-see attitude evolves.

Venus and Neptune | Conjunct

While Venus is exalted in the Hare sign the Goddess of love and good fortune is well aspected. Soon Venus will conjunct Lord Neptune in a higher octave of love. This cosmic pairing peaks February 15th and carries on until February 18th.

It’s a grand time to renew a vow, light a love candle and make a Moon Wish. Rituals are potent and can positively reinforce progress toward a desired result.

Engage, elope, rekindle and tie the knot, take a honeymoon or cultivate self-love for a rewarding life experience. As these planets align for love and chances are good for romance.

Annual Flying Stars | 2023

The Annual Flying Stars for 2023 begin on the Solar New Year, February 4th, This year the Flying Star patterns are a tough bunch of rough spots. Jupiter will be in the Dragon and the Snake. The Dog and Pig should use a Pi Xao charm this year.

On the grid we have a positive North – South dynamic. With the Lucky Wish Star 9 in the North with the Lucky Wealth Star 8 in the South. The Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star is in the Heart Center.

Careers will grow with a sociable aura and happy-medium in the Cycles of Harmony and conflict. The Lucky Peach Blossom 4 is a Wood Star. It brings positivity. but weaken the Earth Element in the center.

Mindful additions from your to wardrobes to decor can add Earth energy. Use crystals and candles in the center of your places and spaces this year.

An orange bowl will boosts the energy. As a ritual you can squeeze the juice on a full moon and replace oranges to the bowl on a new moon. The Ming Tang (big and bright) is in the South, Southwest and the West side to give Horses, Goats, Monkeys and Birds extra mojo all year.

Lucky Specials | 2023

Ox and Tiger have a Lucky Ho Tu combination in the NE Palace of Scholarship and Ancestors. The Annual Star pair with the Universal Star to promote an increase in joyous happy occasions and increased opportunities.

For the Rat in the North Career Palace we have the Lucky Sum of Ten all year with the Annual Star and the Universal Star. The Lucky Sum of Ten aids in overcoming all obstacles for success. In February Monthly Flying Stars align with the Mountain Stars.

February Flying Stars | 2023

There are 24 Mountain Stars that defines periods of time. Mountain Stars change every 20 years. The last change was in 2004 when the Earth Star 8 flew to the Heart Palace.

Mountain Stars change in 2024. Usually as the Mountain Stars age they fade and become weaker. This month and in November Mountain Stars double for an extra expression in the opposite direction heralding the end of a 20 year cycle

The effects can be pronounced. Snake and Dragon have the Lucky Sum of Ten to overcome obstacles. Goat and Monkey have the Lucky Sum of Ten when the Mountain Star doubles.

Grey Water Hare | 2023!

We are now in the year of the Grey Hare. This year the Hare favors the Dog as the Bunny’s Super Buddy and Hare is part of the Compassion Triad with the Pig and Goat signs.

Blue Rat is Hare’s Peach Blossom sign and the Green Rabbit is a Peach Blossom sign for the Dog, Horse and Tiger. Hare is the energizer and socializer of the Zodiac. They are great friends and happy helpers ready to share in the divine.

The Element this year’s is small Water, like morning dew. Be sure to complete your important tasks early. Even after a deluge everything dries up quick. To succeed in a small water year use metal as a decorate object: in wardrobes and decor to improve water~element, energy.

Lucky Charms | 2023

With Flying Stars in a twist this year you’ll need all the luck you can get! Luckily offers a curated selection of charms, amulets and designs based on your Zodiac sign. Cure the bad stars and boost the lucky vibes!

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Please follow, share and subscribe to KittySol and the Zodiac Muse podcast. We appreciate you! Here are all your Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs while Monkey shines on the February Full Moon.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Rat Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Rat and Monkey are part of the Ruling Triad with Dragon signs. These two are a natural pair and matched set. They can be totally refined or just hanging-out on the edge of sublime; together they cultivate happiness, ever after.

Flying Stars in the Career Palace for Lucky Rat have the Lucky Fire Star 9 to bring Wish Fulfillment and good fortunes ripening. In February Lucky Stars in the North Career Palace have the Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star enhancing social Luck and academic success.

Lucky Rat has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Ox Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Ox and Monkey are not generally paired in the Zodiac. Monkey runs the jungle and Cows are barnyard types who gather in herds.

Flying Stars for Lucky Ox in the Northeast Palace of Ancestors look dreadful this year with the Annual Unlucky Danger Star 7 and in February the Illness Star 2 dampens progress. What to do? Cut back to create change and stay quiet to recharge your system.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Mercury at 8 degrees and Pluto at 28 degrees. When the Sun moved to the Tiger the Moon was conjunct to Mercury. There’s some afterglow in this auspicious event. Pluto is minding business in a remote set-up.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Tiger Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Tiger and Monkey are both in the circus. After all the fun and games are over it’s time to go home. These two are not in the same league but enjoy the occasional romp or play date.

Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger in the Northeast Palace of Scholarship have the Annual Unlucky Danger Star 7 and in February the Illness 2 Star. This means Tiger’s should get off the carousel and take a break from the Rat race. Trim the excess and let extra rest be transformative.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have the Sun at 16 degrees and Saturn at 26 degrees. Saturn’s return can feel like a life test. For those who pass Saturn is said to leave gifts by the door on the way out. Saturn is departing March 7th and won’t be back for 28 years.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Hare Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Hare and Monkey are a quirky couple. They may find success in creative pursuits and adventures in storytelling but beyond fantasy it’s not a long lasting, pairing.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare in the East Palace of Health and Family have the Annual Unlucky Illness 2 Star and in February the Victory Star 6 will ease what ails you. Take some down time and you’ll quietly, beat out the competition to receive new offers and resources.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have Venus exalted at 12 degrees and Neptune at 23 degrees. On Valentine’s Day and until February 18th Venus and Neptune will be in an auspicious conjunction to ignites passion and wins applause.

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Dragon Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Dragon and Monkey are part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat sign. Monkey and Dragon mate well, play well and have a legacy and history to draw upon. Together they can find lasting happiness, ever after.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon in the Southeast Palace of Abundance have the Annual Unlucky Fighting Star 3 and in February the Unlucky Danger Star 7 causes distress. Cure the 3 and the 7 with the Lucky Sum of Ten to overcome tough-luck conditions.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have magnetic Jupiter at 6 degrees and Chiron at 12 degrees. This gives mighty Dragon’s tool and skills to be laser focused in their favorite quest.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Snake Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Snake and Monkey are a match made in heaven. These two are super buddies who can cooperate, collaborate and innovate the world. They’re both Jungle dwellers who dance to the same beat.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake in the Southeast Palace of Income have the Annual Unlucky Fighting Star 3 and in February the Unlucky Danger Star 7 causes havoc. Cure the 3 and the 7 together with the Lucky Sum of Ten activator. The Sum of Ten overcomes all obstacles.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 7 degrees and Uranus at 15 degrees. The Node is a key and a solution that opens a new door. Uranus is a trouble maker and change agent stirring the pot. Luckily they are traveling apart. Don’t give any energy to disruptions.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Horse Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Horse and Monkey are an unusual pair. When Monkey rides the Horse it is said to bring Winner’s Luck! These two can craft success in some fashion that benefits the many.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse in the South Palace of Fame have the Annual Lucky Wealth Star 8 and in February the Fighting Star 3 causes disagreements. For smooth sailing minimize chatter and hang a ship with billowed sails in the South.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have Mars at 11 degrees blazing trails on the road with power packs and energy resources. Mars will keep new wheels rolling into the market and spin new political alliances. As the pace quickens, keep step.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Goat Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Goat and Monkey are neighbors and share the Southwest compass direction. Both are good at relationships and get along as friends. Goat is the party animal of the Zodiac and Monkey can’t resist a chance to swing from the chandelier.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat in the Southwest Palace of Love have the Annual Lucky 1 Star of Love, Money and Miracles and in February the Unlucky Accident 5 Star flies in. Slow down and let your good catch up to you. Take a breather and spend time off the beaten, path.

Lucky Goat has no Planets and Aspects at present.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Monkey Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Monkey and Monkey are a bold pair when they get together magic can happen. They’re so much the same though, it’s very rare. They are a unique partnership.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey in the Southwest Palace of Relationships have the Annual Lucky 1 Star of Love, Money and Miracles and in February the Unlucky Accident 5 Star flies in. Curb any extra curricular activities. Take a bench and enjoy a break from the action.

Lucky Monkey has a Full Moon at 16 degrees adding a special glow to highlight Monkey’s talents and ambitions. Bask in the moonshine.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Bird Lucky Charm | 2023 | 2023

Lucky Bird and Monkey can get go-along to get along in social circles. But as a pair or a partner Monkey and Bird are not the best match.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird in the West Palace of Children and Creativity have the Annual Lucky Victory Star 6 and in February the Lucky 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles flies in. This is superior luck for the start to a new year giving Bird lucky advantage.

Lucky Bird have no Planets or Aspects at present.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Dog Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Dog and Monkey can be a great combination of signs for success on stage or in any arena. But as a team or a pair they will have power struggles that are exhausting.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dog in the Northwest Palace of Travel have the Annual Unlucky Accident Star 5 and in February the Fire Star 9 that flies for good or bad, it’s a multiplier. Caution is advised. Cure this Star with a 5 Element Pagoda Charm.

Lucky Dog has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Pig Lucky Charm | 2023

Lucky Pig and Monkey are a curious pair who can find hidden gems and dig up lost treasures. They may even fall into bed but they’re not suited to long term affairs. As a couple it can be disappointing.

Flying Stars for Lucky Pig in the Northwest Palace of Benefits has the Annual Unlucky Accident Star 5 and in February has the Fire Star 9 that flies for good or bad. It magnifies. Caution is advised. Cure this Star with a 5 Element Pagoda Charm.

On the Monkey Full Moon Lucky Pig has the Part of Fortune at 6 degrees. This rings the money bell for piglets. Something good will be expressed that adds value to your life. Be ready for it.

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  • FEB 14th: Valentine’s Day with Venus and Neptune conjunct
  • FEB 18th: Sun enters the Hare with Tiger Moon and Mercury conjunct
  • FEB 19th: Hare Supra New Moon
  • MAR 1st: Venus and Jupiter conjunct
  • MAR 2nd: Mercury enters the Hare
  • MAR 4th: Monthly Flying Stars change
  • MAR 7th: Bird Full Moon

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