Moon Dance

August 14th, 2015 @ 7:54 AM, PDT, we experienced a brand new Monkey moon in a brand new astrological Bird year.

King Baby Cake

King Baby Cake

The August New Moon was a special event because it featured both inner and outer rim planets. This lunar aspect then rolled like thunder over a group of cosmic spheres to lay down a pathway. The new moon phase followed a choreographed dance of planetary progressions, leading us to a Full Moon in the Hare on August 29th.

Cosmic DanceNew Moon Bird

Because this new moon had its destiny mapped well in advance there was a constant succession of active energy that expressed itself. No matter what kind of influence we exerted to have our way, sometimes it is better to let things be and roll with it. Being able to surrender is a powerful form of acceptance called least-resistance. This was one of those times to let the river flow its own way to the sea, metaphorically.

Field of Motion

Rainbow Hawk Moon Phases

Rainbow Hawk Moon Phases

As the new moon cycle began the chart was lopsided on the ascendant horizon. An engaging (30) day eclipse, point was in play. Watching, instead of acting out, was the most reasonable recourse. The new moon made a pass over several, celestial bodies in various stages of change. As the new moon phase evolved, a retrograde and determent Venus pulled closer to Mars in the Monkey. On August 31st these male and female forces collide and alter the face of things to come. Before that happens, the Sun imprinted a freshly minted, Jupiter in the Bird on August 23rd. This big, yang event sent water under a bridge making a reversal to a previous time, impossible.

Pass Go

Taoist Moon Gate

Taoist Moon Gate

The Sun in the Bird sign on August 23rd followed our lunar lady as she crossed over a massive, swirling  cluster of celestial forms. Her three day, dawning, phase brings us to a new realm. Plowing over Mars, Venus, Jupiter, the Ascendant, Part of Fortune and Mercury she slowed just long enough to crack open a door at the node. Mercury, part of the original cluster, broke away on August 17th to land in the Dog house and goes retrograde on September 17th following the Bird eclipse on September 13th. The Mercury backspin affects the nature of the Supra, Blood Moon eclipse in the Dragon. It happens at midnight on September 27th – 28th under a veil of mystery and intrigue.

Supra Dragon Blood Moon

Dragon Blood Moon

Dragon Blood Moon

Our August full moon is another (late) 30 day point to the September 28th Total Lunar eclipse falling on some significant religious days in the Dragon sign. This ecliptic moon has already caused a stir. Marked as being a devastating, earthly event. In other future moments in time, a forward, direct Venus (this time in an exalted bird) will roll back over Mars for a double-twist in early November. After a year of rough riding, this shifts the balance of power to the feminine divine.

Full Hare Moo

Heart Hare and Hielan Coo | Alisa Black

Heart Hare and Hielan Coo | Alisa Black

This epic event sits on crossroad that is both illuminating and consciousness raising. As the August supra-moon rises full at sunset on Saturday the 29th it prompts life altering events. Watch for it! A spitfire Venus makes an awkward pass at Mars that will unfold further in a few days. Jupiter partnered with the Sun holds men to a social, accord. Mercury has a lock on the node for a new mode of travel that will service humanity. The Lunar Lass in the Hare glides with Neptune for a high-harmonic that echos extreme possibilities and a selfless, love to overcome adversity.

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Here are your Lucky Stars for the all the zodiac signs for the New Moon Dance August 14th that leads to our Full Spirit Moon on August 29th.

Monkeydrives ambition

Constellation: Leo / Direction: Southwest West (talent) / Flying Stars: [9/5] {Multiplying Star & Accident St} / Planetary Influences: Venus® (lady luck), Mars (energy), Sun (image), Part of Fortune (lucky spot)

Monkey LuckZodiac_Monkey_sign

The Monkey has it’s hands full with the need to secure the means to hold onto to assets while generating more. The concentration of planets put pressure on all areas of your life and your livelihood measures. So much so that even as opportunities ripen you may feel stressed to the max. There is a chance at hand to turn fortunes in your favor but you may have to act with blind faith to find any progress.

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Bird ~ esteems virtue

Constellation: Virgo / aka: phoenix, rooster, cock, hen / Direction: West (creativity) / Flying Stars: [5/1] {Accident Star & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: Astro Year of the Bird ~ Grand Duke, Jupiter (benefic)

Bird LuckZodiac_Bird_sign

This cycle brings a wide variety of variations to your everyday fashions. Everything around you seems to be rapidly expanding to broaden your horizons. Circumstances pepper and season your experience in ways you didn’t imagine. It will be readily apparent that situations beyond your control have suddenly evolved. The winds have shifted and for birds signs a brand new day is dawning.

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Dog ~ serves duty

Constellation: Libra / aka: lion / Direction: West Northwest (travel) / Flying Stars: [4/9] {Peach Blossom Star & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: Mercury (messenger), True Node (key)

Dog LuckZodiac_Dog_sign

Lucky stars are shinning bright for the dog sign. These good times can transcend your expectations. You have a superior set of good fortunes working overtime to pad your pockets and line your coffers. A whole new field of opportunity opens doors wide for you to walk right in. This allows you to do things the way you define them. Time is on your side. Struggles of the past are history to be forgotten.

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Pig ~ confers nobility

Constellation: Scorpio / aka: boar, eagle / Direction: Northwest (benefits) / Flying Stars: [4/9] {Peach Blossom Star & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time)

Pig LuckZodiac_Pig_sign

Saturn finally rolls forward and digs up a rough patch you thought had been covered up and grown over. Old wounds surface when a string of setbacks hold up the positive prospects you had your heart, set on. Don’t let disappointment hog tie you. Lucky stars are so grand and inviting you can move beyond limitation by simply setting your sights on new horizons. Go forward with confidence and don’t look back, behind you.

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Rat ~ rules mind

Constellation: Sagittarius / aka: mongoose, mouse / Direction: North (career) / Flying Stars: [8/4] {Infinity Star & Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Rat LuckZodiac_Rat_sign

The rat is getting the royal treatment with this batch of golden stars. Superior forces are moving mountains and smoothing out the plateaus you have your eye on. Though everything is not perfect, yet, you can look forward to a better life unfolding. Saturn will soon reenter your sign. This advent comes with a big promotion and added responsibility. The kind that will test your skills and improve abilities to your benefit.

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Ox ~ governs status

Constellation: Capricorn / aka: cow, buffalo / Direction: East Northeast (scholarship) / Flying Stars: [6/2] {Heaven Luck & Illness Star} / Planetary Influences: Pluto® (fate) [retrograde]

Ox LuckZodiac_Ox_sign

The ox has a bum steer in the luck department. Though you have a solid base and stand on firm ground something is amiss and a little off kilter. The year of the Bird helps you survey facts and figures for a complete accounting to root out the problem. It’s not fun and sexy but it can provide you a with a deeper sense of resolve and increased revenues. Any pain will be worth it.

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Tiger ~ projects vision

Constellation: Aquarius / Direction: Northeast (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: [6/2] {Heaven Luck & Illness Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Tiger LuckZodiac_tiger_sign

The tiger hates to be on the raw end of any deal. This is a complex time for the big cat. The best I can tell you is that it won’t be over fast, but this too shall pass. When it does you will be better off with a strong, sense of self and enhanced long term security. Management changes allow you to slay some old dragons and free yourself from old baggage that’s been holding you back. Be glad for it.

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Hare ~ saves grace

Constellation: Pisces / aka: cat, rabbit, fish / Direction: East (health and family) / Flying Stars: [1/6] {Miracle Star & Victory Star} Planetary Influences: Neptune® (consciousness) [retrograde], Chiron® (healer) [retrograde]

Hare LuckZodiac_Hare_sign

Hare luck holds the holy grail of happiness. Love luck is brimming over and victory is at hand. Your luck is taking you places in big strokes and with bold strides. You may feel a bit uneasy about the revolutionary ideas on the table but you have to admit it’s a way of life that you can grow accustomed to, if you let it. This new swagger is a twist of fate that sends you in the right direction, so go with it.

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Dragon ~ instills vitality

Constellation: Aries / Direction: East Southeast (abundance) / Flying Stars: [2/7] {Illness Star & Danger Star} / Planetary Influences: Uranus® (Chaos) [retrograde]

Dragon LuckZodiac_Dragon_sign

Dragons currently forced to deal with the worst luck stars imaginable. What I can offer you as hope, is that the patterns shift to positive in a few short weeks. Your pain and suffering is not long lasting. Let this molting phase free you of the people, places and wrong ideas that cannot support or serve you, in the long run. Bird is your secret buddy. Counsel you seek will be wise, the kind you can bank on.

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Snake ~ distills wisdom

Constellation: Taurus / aka: snake / Direction: Southeast (income) / Flying Stars: [2/7] {Illness Star & Danger Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Snake LuckZodiac_snake_sign

Snakes are in the middle of shedding an old layer of skin. While the old stuff comes off in chunks bit by bit, life feels shaggy and worn. I sympathize and understand how the drama of it all can be a bit trying. Getting rid of the old trappings of a former self will prepare you for a worldly, exposition. This coming Bird year has a complete wardrobe of adventures in store just for you. And it’s arriving soon as fortunes twist, and turn in your favor.

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Horse ~ delivers power

Constellation: Gemini / aka: twins / Direction: South (fame) / Flying Stars: [7/3] {Danger Star & Quarreling Star} Lucky Sum of Ten Combination!! / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Horse LuckZodiac_Horse_sign

The horse has got a big batch of disasters to contend with. Luck is shoddy and shabby, chic. The best news is that all these trials and tribulations have a silver lining and a brass ring attached to them. The more difficult it seems, the bigger the pay off will be. When a tree grows a new branch it has to brake through the bark. This growth is for your own good even when it seems harsh.

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Goatdesires peace

Constellation: Cancer / aka: sheep, deer, crab / Direction: Southwest (love) / Flying Stars: [9/5] {Multiplying Star & Accident Star} / Planetary Influences: Moon (moods), Ascendant (event horizon)

Goat LuckZodiac_Goat_sign

Goats have a series of commotions to contend with. The downside of this warp, is coming up. There’s another ridge to get over before sheep can settle in and see daylight at the end of this tunnel. I say tunnel because your vision may be allowing the worst, case scenario to dominate your plans. Truth is this phase is short-lived and not as bad as it appears. In fact it might be for the best.

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