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New Dog Moon October 13, 2012

Finding my way back after being tossed into a sea of change! This is a few days late, but always glad to be alive… I was struck by what is known as the 30 day point. We have an up coming Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Boar. It’s sexy, dangerous, volatile, and slipperier than a greased pig.

Why? Because it’s in the sign of the Boar (aka: pig/Scorpio) and it touches Saturn during it full, phase of motion. Unlike any other eclipse we have known in our life’s history this one will merge with the concentric rings of father time, Saturn.

Yes, the time has finally come …as they say.

But for now my starry eyed, family of friends we are in the troughs of an Old Dog, New Moon. This opens, big, double doors for doggies secret chum, the Hare.

In this time slot our Tiger team will be favored with a bright, spotlight and Horses will be on a nostalgia quest, to pony-up. And then there’s the dog and his co-host, the pig, which is a whole, other story.

The Dog and Pig own the Northwest sector on the compass. This is the cliff side and slippery slope in form, feng shui. The dog answers a call to duty and sets the rules & regs regarding such things as transportation, commerce, courts, laws, and partnerships. Piggy goes to market in the luck zone for winnings, prizes, loot, booty calls and liaisons. The Northwest area is home to the Flying Star Palace (6) for Heaven Luck and is reserved for mentors, benefits, secrets, skullduggery and treasures untold. It sets the Gold standard and is of the metal element.

These current elliptic 30 day points will touch generations only in the sense of it being about the birth of something new (the messiah channel) and the death of something old. A bell will toll.

If you are in a “lucky group” or individually pinned, you will receive some notice, make an appearance or get entangled in a web of sorts. This occurs in the alignment of things so as to affect a person or groups long-term situation in a really, dramatic and life-altering, landscape, way. Fate plays it’s hand at the wheel, ya don’t say. What may seem rather bad on the surface (who are we kidding… if something really sucks!) it may actually have a world of good inside. Your chore is to locate the gold nugget or nutrient grain and extract it, whole.

Celtic Fairys on Hallows Eve

Celtic Fairy on Hallows Eve

The next moon phase is the Serpentine full moon on Hallows Eve. It is a humdinger and a masquerade. Beware of alluring entanglements, ahh unless you are a Boar (aka pig) or Tiger or other “warrior type” like the Dragon and his trusty Rat-a-tat. You folks can wear a mask to protect the true-self while you wage wars against the oppressions of our great and wonderful world.

The coming Pig (aka: boar, Scorpio – nobility) eclipse next month is a life and death rattle, a reinvention, a reincarnate, a silly-bloody hell!! It’s the magnificent rags-to-riches story. Long, lost souls can be found and reborn. A prince can become a pauper and a pauper becomes a prince. You can kiss a frog, or a toad for more magical life transformations but choose them wisely or you risk god knows what-all?  Pigs don’t set-up chemical reactions like the rat sign instead they have them, they are an explosive force of nature.

Our ecliptic connection will make something invisible, visible and something visible will disappear. Yeah, it’s some tricky, sh-t, no kidding. Each eclipse has a natural pair and this one happens to be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Earth moves between sun and moon) in the sign of the Horse on 11/28. Now we are a bit far afield in the timeline but it’s because this new (yin) moon has long ranging implications and ramifiations.

Our last yearly, eclipse at the end of November brings darkness to daylight and a shadow formation with politics written all over it. Shadows will be cast in the ballots of the western world. Don’t believe everything you see or hear. Looks can be quite deceiving.

This up and coming pig eclipse (11/13) is a part of a series that only happens every 177 years and will speak directly to a chosen few. If it speaks to you, you may already have been called upon, or soon will. This is your time to climb the scared mountain and speak directly to power. Do not back down or shy away but be careful not to tan your hide or pickle your pig’s feet along the way. An abundance of caution is advised.

So what the heck is a 30 day point then?

It has three contextual parts. The 30 day point happens exactly 30 days before and 30 days after an ecliptic node is touched or activated in time, through space. And it is activated again, exactly one year after the date of the eclipse.

How does that affect moi?

If your natal or solar return chart (progressed, adapted, converted, and reinterpreted) is connected to any or all of these (3) nodes (one or all) it will push you, pull you, bend you and/or stretch you into shapes you have not felt before or did not imagine getting into.

The node strikes a resonant cord with our internal (natal chart) or external (solar chart) destiny. It creates a preposition 30 days prior to an eclipse and it hits a disposition 30 days after an eclipse.

Eclipses are fateful moments in time (insert slap in face w/cold, wet fish here) that are rarely ambiguous. Doors open in the 1st phase and doors close in the 2nd phase. Then exactly one year afterward it draws lines of distinction (or conclusions) to this new fate line that is now connected to you and/or the outer world.

With Saturn’s concentric circles involved this could be quite a drop in the pond of collective, consciousness. Waves and waves will emanate outward and then return back. Every drop of ocean has the ocean in it, but a drop, does not an ocean make.

How do you know if you are called upon? The alert may be something as subtle as pin prick (or did you hear a pin drop?) or as big as a sonic boom, holy cow!

Holy Cow Image

Holy Cow Image

This ecliptic set of patterns has an enigmatic mystery contained under a hermetic seal that holds the key to our future existence.

Within (3) days on/or around the new dog, moon, 10/15 you may receive a notice, make an unscheduled appearance, go out on a limb (on a whim), slide down a rabbit hole or throw caution into the wind -that you can’t have back again. Bottom line, when you are touched by this eclipse node in any one, or all of it’s points, there is no way you that won’t know.

This New Dog Moon on 10/15 is a push on the reset button. Turn the page and keep the format wide open. You’ll need to accommodate a world of new upheavals never seen before or surmised that are coming like an avalanche falling down the mountain.

Stars & Signs: posting your lucky stars for the New (yin) Moon (moods) in the Dog (duty) sign on October 15th until the Full Moon in the Serpent on October 30th. Dogs bury the bone and pigs bury the hatchet, caution is truly advised. Keep calm and carry on. Good luck until the next post on Hallows eve for the witchy, Serpent, full moon.

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose / planetary influences: Mars (energy) 8/23 to 10-6/ flying stars: (1) (4) (2) (2): I’d put off anything you can until you must actually do it. Postpone the whole kit and caboodle and spend time to bake your noodles. The luck stars are dark and damp. They will be flowing clean and clear into steady streams of income early next month. The best thing you can do with these soggy stars is a full system check and a good flush to an old system. Take care of old business before accepting another request on your to do-list. For now just kick back and stay dry by the fireside.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto (fate) / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (9): There’s no getting around, getting, around-it. The dueling 9’s can feel like an everyday circuit of grand tragedies and comedies in life. You may look back and say this was the best, this was the worst, time in your mind. But I’d suggest you just see the bright side and get some extra rest. Don’t keep score, keep track. The gravy train is running through your pasture and it’s time to hitch your wagon to a new, daily routine. Grab that golden ring and run with it, you have a ticket to the Big top lucky, stars! Enjoy the ride. Remember life is a mystery to be revealed.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius / planetary influences / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (9): When you are on a roll you just, go-with-it. You have several plates spinning here all at once. The trick is that they travel (good or bad) in the direction you send them. Slice and dice, good fortune I call it. Luck stars are your own, private wheel of power. Watch the sparks though your fame catches fire like a rocket heading into a new stratosphere. Ready, get set and then go -to town on a grand and lavish scale of new found happiness. The stars are flying strong and sparkle, golden stardust for your all the way through the holiday review. Go, baby, go!

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune (harmony) retrograde 6/4 – 11/10 / flying stars: (3) (6) (4) (4): Luck stars are asking you to just glow and go with it, to be expansive and boldly know! Super lucky in love stars, sizzling money luck and oodles of charm give you a lucky luster in long strands of pearls. Bubbling and effervescent stars are flying in your best directions ~ Love & money luck bring gifts of treasure and fond pleasures, to be savored, not measured. Enjoy, you deserve it. Golden fishes and savory bliss-es of delight, go quietly into the night.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence: Uranus (chaos) retrograde 7/13 to 12/13 / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (5): There is a great mystery in the air of a gale force wind that is changing everything for you almost, overnight, every night. Mounting household tasks feel like you are spinning in a flying house. Luckily the local munchkins are friendly with a generous spirit to lift you from a well worn rut. You are big and powerful with the transformation grid to convert any disaster into a gold mind. But don’t forget your ruby slippers you’ll need them wherever you land. And if it gets to tough to understand your little pig’s tail will get you out of any jar of jam.  Plus your fairy god mother’s always got your back.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (5): Luck stars are the toughest lot you can draw. However they come with a platinum lined, gold, gem encrusted box hidden under the mess. Anything’s possible and you have great confidence that you should not allow to be undermined. These stars are a lucky advantage when you use the power of ten. Milk that cow and then fashion yourself  a new set of wings to fly-by. Headhunters are gunning for you but you can take then down. Shrink warp their minds with your sliver tongue and whip smart, designs. This too shall pass…

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter (increase) / flying stars: (9) (3) (1) (1): Rose are red, and violets are super, blue, blue, blue and the Lucky Stars are lov’n you like a spoonful-a-sugar! These luck stars zoom! Running with your Tigers pals and keeping up with the Dogs and Pony show all night might run you a bit raggedy, though. There’s quite a lot of spit in this fire, so throw another log on and the stoke the coals. Shake and bake some pumpkin magic this hallows eve. Your Love luck screams, baby it’s me!

Goat – aka: Cancer, crab, sheep, deer / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (3):

Your luck stars are all twisted up in raucous mess of have-not’s, got-not’s and want-not’s. It’s time to put old expectations to bed and trash any unrequited love, lost. With this much double, whammy slandered on the surface of things our goats might get their panties in a bit-of a bunch. Separate the fact from the fiction and keep a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen. Take it from the birds, if it quacks like a duck, it’s just a duck. Let everything roll off your back and stay warm on the blind side where the goose patrol can’t see you. Do not let yourself stew in any juices, just kick back with a buddy and hava a brew. Wear camouflage, as the new you.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (3): Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. These luck stars are tangled and brambled and right down quarrelsome. When I was young I would wake up early before dawn to pick my black berries for my pies. That way they didn’t get overheated in the morning sun and could reach peak perfection inside the shell I formed for them. This may help you conceive ways to move tough situations forward with, say early advances. If something doesn’t quite yield for you, don’t push it, relax. Be good to yourself right now, your tick-tock is a little dink-donk. Try fire eating, it’s a great cure for all that ails these these funky-dunk, stars. Or just borrow the costumes in the clip, if you get my drift ~

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influence: Venus (love & luxe) 10/2 to 10/28 / flying stars: (7) (1) (8) (8): There is no better batch of home-baked stars than these that are beaming for you my cock-do-doodle do! The numbers add up, down and all around, whichever way you want them to go. Lady luck is still encamped in your feathery, nest but will soon make her transit to the dog sign on October 28. Light the candles and toss a few rose petals around while you have this extra charm. It’s okay to give off the aura that you can’t be taken for granted but don’t be shy or you’ll miss all the glorious, blue sky opportunity to fly your true colors. Unfurl and unfold! Take flight and be bold.

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Sun (image) 9/22-10/21, Saturn (time), Mercury (messenger) 9/16 – 10/4, New (yin) Moon / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (7): It’s a showdown at the okay corral for the luck stars in this zone. You’ll need to use your magnificent bargaining powers to escape the dreaded, doldrums. Find the line that snakes along a path that requires you to break down barriers. It will take you and lead you much farther out, beyond the wild blue yonder. A place where you can get the magic and bring it back to save the world. Yes it’s a steep climb on the cliffs of an abyss. But you are a study in achievement against all odds. Go underdog, go!

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle / planetary influence: Sun (image) 10/22 to 11/22  – Mercury (messages) 10/5 – 10/28, Saturn (time) 10/5/12 – 12/23/14 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (7): Luck stars are a factor of none, or sometimes referred to as the snowball, factor. But as they say, when you go thru hell make it pay. The pen is mighty just like a sword, so invoice Hades to pay-up. Yes, I want to stand up and shout but not for injustice, for sublime, divine justice! Bee heard, Bee visible, Bee real, Bee~lieve!! The lucks stars are daring you to do!! Bee courageous, bee truthful, Bee ~utiful!! And mostly bee, perssssistent. Keep looking for an edge and stay, ever vigilant. A few asteroids may zing by you, but you’ll survive this to thrive on to a better end.

Til the next post on the Full Moon in the sign of the Serpent! Something wicked this way comes… Happy Hallows Eve!

Something Wicked This Way Comes, by Ray Bradbury

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