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Gung Hay Fat Choy 2016

Year of the Monkey | 2016

Year of the Monkey | 2016

Our February 8th New Moon is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Fire Monkey. The fire element is based on the end number, of the year, in the cycles of harmony and conflict. A year ending in a six or seven is a fire element year. The heavenly stem (being either yin or yang) is yang, as Monkey is a yang animal sign. A yang, fire, Monkey year is pretty intense. Luckily there are no actual planets or influences in the Monkey. Both the Sun and Moon are in the regal, Tiger sign and the other planets are on an elliptical path far beyond this date in time.

♥ 2/8 Tiger Pairing

Tiger Pair

Tiger Pair

This Tiger Sun and Moon is a chemical concoction; a potent love factor that can override the rational mind to engage the soul directly. Tiger acts with precision instinct to send the senses reeling. The heart grows fonder like a quickening. Lovers make peace and old flames rekindle the embers. Brand new love will also flourish. Friends becoming lovers; well that’s a lot trickier and rarely survives except in the short-term. Tiger is a primal love that is far from ordinary and never to be taken for granted.

♠ 2/13 Mercury enters Tiger



The coming weeks bring a stack of planets riding through the Tiger like a circus parade. Camaraderie and love blossom in an atmosphere of change. The brotherhood of man, grows another branch in the tribe. Influences foster campaigns to join clubs and align with like-minds. Tiger is a visionary and a messiah. With planet Mercury we can add a pair of wings and a voice of reason, for wise council. Couplings of divine geometry will intertwine with this unique bonding agent.

♦ 2/17 Venus enters Tiger

Lady and Tiger

Lady and Tiger

In the progression of this new Tiger, Sun and Moon Mercury enters into the elliptic field and {our lady of luck and luxury} planet, Venus arrives a few days later. This cosmic connection is a crown jewel. A gem that puts everything on a higher harmonic and ups the, octave. In other words you can expect dynamic progress to offer you a next step-up, rather then down. This is a very positive alignment so if you encounter an impasse go where a new avenue is opening rather than wading through a restriction. Just go another way.

♦ 2/20 Sun in Hare

Zoom Girl

Zoom Girl

Progressions in the Tiger channel large groups to a cross-over position that can bridge a larger divide. Look for resolution. This alignment is great for mediation and a truce. There will be moments of realization that reveal answers. Where you have failed, in the past try again. Seek and you shall find. Tracking and trading efforts, will be robust. As soon as the Sun enters the Hare the numbers begin to bounce and display some unpredictable patterns. This is due to an over-saturated marketplace correcting itself which presents gaps in the real-time, data. It pays to look for a novel approach but don’t trust the numbers that are skewed. The cycle of the Hare will bring alterations in the scope and scale of our plans.

♣ Eclipse 30 day pt.

Tales of Winter's Past

Tales of Winter’s Past

This New Moon is a 30-day point to an up-coming March, eclipse. March has a pair of eclipses, Solar and Lunar. Eclipses shift fortunes from back to front and front to back. This cyclic transit gives us an edge, a byway; a chance to get out in front of the competition. Think of it as a passing lane that allows access to go around something that has stymied you. Don’t waste this gusto, brake the ties that bind and take a leap of faith.

♣ Love Struck ~ 2016

Lunar New Year | 2016

Lunar New Year | 2016

What does it mean this year to have and to hold, to love and cherish, to devote ourselves to romance and it’s commitment to our souls? In a word, quality. The flying star influences this year can improve the quality of love. Love can grow in many ways and through multi-generational aspects, as a whole. Our family tree will extend its branches. How we understand love as being sacred vs. profane will help each of us take responsibility for how we love, rather than being focused on: what we love.

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Here are your Lucky in love stars for all the Zodiac signs in 2016.

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Rat Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_RatRat love has only one option. They should employ a razor sharp wit to overcome every angle and whip past each side swipe that heads them off at the pass. It seems that Rat types know a thing or two about a labyrinth and an engineering mindset is typically part of their skill set. In fact building and tunneling, twisting and turning is a natural bent. Consider what leads to what, and how this -can mean, that. Subtlety will get you everywhere. Be stealth and steady.

Rat ~ rules the mind

Constellation: Sagittarius / aka: mouse, mongoose / Direction: North (career) / Flying Stars: [7/7] {Danger Star & Danger Star} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time)

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Ox Luck

2016_-Lucky_inLove_OxOx love is in a force field of unintended consequences. The upshot of the double fives, in concert with each other, cannot be understated, it’s potential is catastrophic. However beneath this veil of mystery lies an opportunity of mastery and recovery. The cow is sacred and the vows you uphold (not the ones you let slide) will determine how you fare through this transitional process. The Powers that Be will  justify the right. Be candid about it.

Ox ~ governs status

Constellation: Capricorn / aka: cow, buffalo / Direction: East Northeast (scholarship) / Flying Stars: [5/5] {Accident Star, Lucky Sum of Ten and Lucky Special Ho Tu combination}  / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate), Venus (love & Luxury), Mercury (messenger)

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Tiger Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_TigerTiger love is breaking free of any prior constraints. Logically, you cannot allow sentimentality to interfere while you do some spring cleaning. Once you are sure that you are within the boundaries of a new lease on life you can entertain your love interest. You will experience new possibilities to express devotion by jumping through fire, then jumping through more fire and see where you stand. Love won’t come easy but it will be everything you always wanted when it arrives.

Tiger ~ projects vision

Constellation: Aquarius / Direction: Northeast (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: [5/5] {Accident Star, Lucky Sum of Ten and Lucky Special Ho Tu combination} / Planetary Influences: Sun (image), New Moon (yin moods), Ascendant (horizon), Part of Fortune (lucky spot), entering soon: Venus (love & Luxury), Mercury (messenger)

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Hare Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_HareHare love is signaling a love vibration that is like the riddle of the Sphinx. Who created this mystery called love and why is it essential to every soul? These questions keep you awake and aware of those around you. Give love freely and gladly and it will be returned in the way of wishes coming true. Stay tuned-in and dialed-up to the collective, conscious mind. Hare luck is so ripe with juicy couture that when you even wiggle a whisker the universe delivers the goods.

Hare ~ saves grace

Constellation: Pisces / aka: cat, rabbit, fish / Direction: East (health and family) / Flying Stars: [9/9] {Multiplying Star & Fulfillment Luck} Planetary Influences: Neptune (consciousness), Chiron (healer)

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Dragon Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_DragonDragon love steps right up and into the heart of the matter without even batting an eyelash. This year dragon love is a quest that will alter the chemistry of their known reality. Dragons are bold, brazen and not the least bit shy to let the object they admire, feel desired. They like a sure thing masquerading as an extreme challenge so they can show off their mettle. Under the scaly exterior of their tempered, nerves of steel is a heart of pure gold, so just go slow.

Dragon ~ instills vitality

Constellation: Aries / Direction: East Southeast (abundance) / Flying Stars: [1/1] {Miracle Star & Love Luck} / Planetary Influences: Uranus® (Chaos)

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Snake Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_SerpentSnake love is in the groove where they want to be. To attract the kind of long-term possession they desire, most snakes lie in wait. They will change color, shift perspective and pretty much bide their time without a care in the world while they are in limbo. In fact they prefer limbo when there is not an absolute match for their best affections. This year the chips falls in sync with a mate that is irresistible. One not afraid to call your bluff and raise the stakes in romance.

Snake ~ distills wisdom

Constellation: Taurus / aka: snake / Direction: Southeast (income) / Flying Stars: [1/1] {Miracle Star & Love Luck} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

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Horse Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_HorseHorse love is a vortex of energy around a core concept that is in constant motion. How to keep up with the rapid advance you are making in a new arena and still cool your jets long enough to get cozy and cuddle up in someones arms, is a little puzzling. Travel with your family or love companion to extend the capacity of your reach without putting anyone or your heart on hold. As your career launches into hyper space this strategy opens up to a loving, lifestyle.

Horse ~ delivers power

Constellation: Gemini / aka: twins / Direction: South (fame) / Flying Stars: [6/6] {Victory Star & Heaven Luck} / Planetary Influences: none at present

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Goat Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_GoatGoat love is soaring to new heights with an adoration society of jet-set, admirers. Perhaps you were not aware of the interest you stirred and the swizzle in your presentations that have brought you notice. Suddenly, your wholesale values to a cadre of corporate, giants increases. There is little doubt that love will be a low priority when destiny comes calling as a work opportunity. Once the money ball gets rolling though an interesting turn of events brings love in harmony with your larger goals and aspirations.

Goatdesires peace

Constellation: Cancer / aka: sheep, deer, crab / Direction: Southwest (love) / Flying Stars: [8/8] {Wealth Star & Lucky Special Ho Tu combination} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

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Monkey Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_MonkeyMonkey love is over the top and to the moon. Exotic ports of call and endless adventures, into the wild jungle of a lovers paradise are in store for you. Luck stars deliver a showboat of wealth, glamour, victory luck and financial growth on a scale greater than you dared imagine. Even if there is no indication yet, soon you see a big advance into a wider audience appeal than anticipated. Success sweeps you off your feet and a grand love affair completes the package.

Monkeydrives ambition

Constellation: Leo / Direction: Southwest West (talent) / Flying Stars: [8/8] {Wealth Star & Lucky Special Ho Tu combination} / Planetary Influences: none @ present {{Chinese Lunar New Year of the Fire Monkey}}

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Bird Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_BirdBird love is spinning love spells with magnificent popularity and social luck to impress your chosen one. Birds always have a chosen one outside of the many admirers they keep around. The thing is though, Bird might need to actually say something to their beloved, to break the ice. Once you spark interest in the “one” you’ve got your eye on, flames of love will be roaring and the embers will glow. Choose love that is a guiding light as a force for good in your life. Just put the wheels in motion and take flight.

Bird ~ esteems virtue

Constellation: Virgo / aka: phoenix, rooster, cock, hen / Direction: West (creativity) / Flying Stars: [4/4] {Peach Blossom Star & Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: Astro Year of the Bird ~ Grand Duke, Jupiter (benefic) [retrograde], True Node (key)

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Dog Luck

2016_Lucky_inLove_DogDog love needs to bridle and harness their overly, exuberant nature. Hold your bark and stay on guard. The numbers have not got your best interests at heart. They are tangled up in things that have been allowed to get out of control. The best way to resolve your personal woes is to be on time, attentive and follow orders of the person in control. Be an example and you will become Chief in Command. Overstep your bounds and you’ll be lord of the dog house.

Dog ~ serves duty

Constellation: Libra / aka: lion / Direction: West Northwest (travel) / Flying Stars: [3/3] {Quarreling Star & Quarreling Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

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Pig Luck

Pig love is in relationship to a deep set of complexities. Pigs prefer their love to be boundless and effortless not cold and calculating. The restriction is on expression. If you say everything you feel, you risk entanglements that are contrary to your aim. You need to discern a heartfelt connection without missing a beat. Words block the level of passion you seek. Instead you must intuit form the inside out. Self love attracts the sexy beast you have a crush on.

Pig ~ confers nobility

Constellation: Scorpio / aka: boar, eagle / Direction: Northwest (benefits) / Flying Stars: [3/3] {Quarreling Star & Quarreling Star} / Planetary Influences: Mars (energy) {crowning}

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♦ 2/20 Sun in Hare

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