Occulting the Moon

Antares Alpha Scorpius

Antares Alpha Scorpius

When one celestial body is passing over another it is said to “occult” and today as seen in the chart of the moment (shown below) (as per NASA and not Astrologers) the Sun and Moon occult in Scorpius.

Today NASA and I agree that the occult-ed (eclipse) Moon and Sun takes place (not in Sagittarius) but rather in the sign of Scorpius which is in the (stationary) Taoist sign of the wild Boar often called the pig.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 25

“The second lunar eclipse of the year again occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in Scorpius about 7° northwest of Antares (mv = +1.07). With a penumbral eclipse magnitude [6] of 0.0158, just 0.5 arc-minutes of the Moon’s southern limb will pass into Earth’s pale penumbral shadow; such a shallow eclipse is only of academic interest since it will be all but impossible to detect.” (Unquote)

Notably NASA places it where it belongs in the Northwest which is the feng shui location assigned to the Pig (aka, Boar or formerly Scorpio) in the Flying Stars.

The Flying Stars system is not outside of our atmosphere but rather the energies we can attune with, or the fields of energy that move and change here on Earth. The section where this eclipse falls governs the primary area in the NW known as benefits, mentors and LUCK!

Why is there a difference?

Modern (western/Greek) astrologers do not use or follow the actual placement of Astro-bodies (celestial spheres) because they adhere to following the old sky formation of were the stars aligned from its origins and mixes that material in with our modern world. Hence some people find astrology unpredictable and confusing.

But for the mass majority of modern astrologers (sheep following sheep, perhaps) even though they adhere to it like religion – it’s not a great fit. As you can see Astrologers and Astronomers (or rather modern measuring devices) position these aspects in contradictory locations. The pig is all about contradictory controversies and unearthing them!!

So a person can ask themselves, do I want to live in the past or can I adapt and change to the present?

NASA follows the stars in the sky where they actually align to track (and record) the functioning of our cosmic wonder with measuring devices that far exceed what was possible when astrology (study of the stars and Peoples fortunes in relation to them) originated.

Star Nebula

Star Nebula

The premise of flying stars and feng shui is “change” and adapting to it, in order to find and acquire “harmonies” in life both cosmic-ly and physically. Therefore the correct (or corrected) alignment of “Heaven and Earth” is primary for personal fortunes to be both authentic and lasting.

My work with the Flying Star system is based on the Magic Square, a natural, number pattern phenomenon that relates to fields of energy here on Earth. In my private practice I attune these patterns into a relationship to flow-through with outside energies coming from space.

It took me the better part of my lifetime to correct this imbalance (mentioned above between astronomers and astrologers) so that I could realign these systems to harmonize and interlock. In this way I have the added benefit of being able to correspond both (heaven and earth) to our compass and our known, perceivable reality in the present moment.

Hence my favorite pastime (which is really a life-calling) of bridging the cosmic wonder with the natural world is born.

Most people don’t seem to really care, or they fear change and would rather read their daily scopes in the paper or online in their email box. These kinds of fortunes are commonly generated by a computer that uses an ancient sky view rather than align them properly with their real world. But they can be fun and occasionally illuminating.

Admittedly our cosmic wonder is a moving parts system (flying through space in time) and it took me from about age 8 or 9 as a child until well into my adult years, at age 36 (in 1995) to figure out the puzzle. In order to align the system 1st it needed to be reset to its starting position. Otherwise, like others before me I would just repeat their mistakes.

Once I located that zero point (ground zero is also a pig-ish theme) I could synchronize the placements with the locations where our planet earth is now. Which allows me to be able to functionally use a compass and NASA or Space satellite technology for increased accuracy. I can check my work.

And I was only able to complete the complex calculations correctly because the answer was “given” to me in a lucid dream delivered by the stars. Upon awaking from this dream I tried the calculations from this new, fresh perspective (star view) and shazzama-rama, it worked!

Heliocentric Cosmos

Heliocentric Cosmos

On the Solar day of my birth year in 1959 planet Jupiter (the Grand Duke) sits in Scorpius (secrets) in a harmonic with planet, Neptune, the God of the underworld. So I can naturally see what is invisible to others and for me it is very real.

No surprise then I spent many years of my life (in this turn of the wheel) unearthing mysteries in an investigation capacity with prominent men in a global forum. Due to this harmonic conjunction of wills I’ve been fortunate but also cursed (can’t escape it) in a manner of speaking, to be tied to this work.

It’s not that anyone ever asked me to do this mountain of work in the outer world. Instead I have been driven hard by the knowledge I pre-possesed at an early age, in this regard. My recollection (personal history) of past and future lives is known to me and it serves as an guiding interior presence that prods and pushes me constantly. Like a moth to the flame I can’t stay away. Ah persistence!

Because the old systems of our modern forms of astrology skirt and scrim around the newer ones there is some meaning gathered and generated on the edges. That is not valueless or baseless (one need not throw out the babe in the bathwater) but the accuracy is not laser pointed or predictable. Its funky-dunky, hit or miss.

The real world I live in prizes accuracy and authenticity over lip-syncing with an old or pre-recording. This old world view co-mingling in our present world thus places the eclipse in Sagittarius.

Though in actuality it rides through the cosmos (from our heliocentric observations) in Scorpius (le piggy) where it “crosses” the heart of Antares.

So for those of you who want to know this sort of real world Astro Fortuna, let’s focus on where we are and not spend anytime on where we are not.

Wheel of Fortunes

Fortuna wheel from an edition of Boccaccio’s “De Casibus Virorum Illustrium”

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Pig.

The pig (or more specifically wild Boar) is the station on the equatorial beltway (the center band of our planet Earth) that once corresponded with the (western/Greek astrology) sign of Scorpio.

That constellation (stars out in space) is Scorpius which contains the star Antares. The star Antares is in the heart of Scorpius which is where this occult-ring begins.

Our Earth’s eclipse crosses the heart of Scorpius (Boar/pig) in Antares which is home to a place known as the Royal Stars of Persia.

As mentioned above, it is shown here is the “chart of the moment” supplied by Astro.com. This chart shows the ecliptic occult-ation at 26 degrees Scorpius now having recently crossed over Saturn and the North Node (ascending – not descending) and it is correct.

That means in our western hemisphere something was unearthed over night to reveal an ongoing disturbance that is yet unresolved. In Pig talk this phenom is called digging in the dirt pile. In ancient mysticism there is a saying, that “what you resist will persist” and in the pigs (Scorpius) realm they know all about persistent. In fact they bank on it. These are the themes of what will be revealed in the heart of these regal stars. Certainly fitting for a pig.

Lunar Eclipse Chart Western Hemisphere May 24th – 25th 2013  q4ofileGx4q4B-u1026606532_chmom.2841

Here are your flying Luck Stars for the Full Moon eclipse in the sign of the wild Boar, until next post, good luck:

princess victoria vinatge circus poster

Victory Luck!

Rat ~ Sagittarius

Luck stars will hold so long as you are bold and stay strong! Recently you’ve turned the heads of a few aspiring minds so don’t let the luck stars go to waste or down the drain. Keep to the straight and narrow and you’ll find cupids arrow is pointing in your charming and witty direction.

Ox ~ Capricorn

Keep the cat in the bag? No I don’t think so – better let it out or your luck will be stifled and trifled. Cows have an axe to find and its time to get the ducks inline. Hop-to it and do something about it. Don’t just chew-on-it (talk/talk) or you’ll disintegrate all your grand designs. The days to-do are still in front of you so don’t get caught slacking on anyone’s dime, or trust me you’ll live to regret it.

Tiger – Aquarius

The tiger is the Boars secret buddy so expect mysteries to float-up to the surface. With a full moon brimming over there is sure to be a resurgence some kind that gives you a (open) window into seeing what you clearly missed the first time. Luck is measured and prescribed in tiny increments that can slip through cracks and slide through crevices. Watch-it, or a karmic debt can spill over and mess up a good thing, indefinitely.

Hare ~ Pisces

Luck stars form a classic niche of togetherness in the pig’s triad where bunny luck goes on and on and on. Looks like green lights and grassy knolls bring star studded adventures that can lead you to a buried treasure. Good luck as these puffy, lucky, sparklers align you with a life of self-assured, self-reliance that can be shared, quite nicely.

Dragon ~ Aries

There is still a cauldron bubbling and boiling along dividing lines. The belching noise and sparks it throws are disturbing. Stay in the cave, keep to the low road where new luck can grow. The heat will eventually bake down to a bigger set of better ends but right now the tops are turfy. Don’t swerve or you’ll loose your nerve to stay the course. If you get tipsy you might go a bit bonkers. Caution is wise.

Serpent ~ Taurus

Lucky strikes happen in the most unlikely places but they take things away in order to let you stand on Tera firmly. The monster you’ve been riding is soon to be transforming right before your very eyes. Until it does just stare down the barrel of this wicked funnel and send a message loud and clearly. Does anybody hear me? There is magic in believing. Keep sending …to soon be receiving.

Horse – Gemini

The pony set is flying blind and should come down from any lofty space until lucky stars can hold you in place. This full house of cards is missed matched and starting to cause alarm. Things are not always what they seem so perhaps you can stop looking at the gift horse in the mouth or risk getting a back bite that won’t heal quickly.

Goat ~ Cancer

Lucky stars are on hiatus so it’s better not take any unnecessary chances. Careful consideration toward the lower classes is highly advised or you’ll find yourself on the losing side. Color inside the lines of good graces and seek to erase past mistakes and untangle your fractions. Being that you are in the Pigs triad this eclipse offers you a morale, super-booster so let that old goat out of the pen and get past any billy-goat gruffness.

Monkey ~ Leo

Monkey see, monkey do which leads to a whole lotta turmoil and terrible, trouble. Your luck stars are not yet improved so any time you don’t mind your P’s & cues chaos gets ahead of you. The higher mind must be divined. You might try to mediate and ruminate while this situation percolates. In due time surely you may find, yet a better method or mode to fashion the undoing. Then you can start something much better brewing.

Bird ~ Virgo

While Luck stars are getting in formation this is a good time to prepare the station, clean and scrub and ru-a-dub until all your virtues shine, sublime. The sky’s the limit but first things first or your lucky tail feathers will be trimmed to the nubbins. Healing begins when you stop deceiving yourself and others. Blow out that old head case and get set for a whole new game plan to begin.

Dog ~ Libra

Dogs are sitting pretty in a cushy, seat bound for glory. Snuggle in and enjoy the ride. This parcel of lucky stars is set on auto glide. If you try to change them or rearrange them they may flip-upside down and inside out, so don’t go messing around or fiddling with the bigger magic, attune with it, gladly. And then everyone will love you madly!

Boar ~ Scorpio

Cross your heart and reach for the sky. Your lucky stars may seem invisible but they will hold you aloft while the rest of the stars signs are watching nearby. What’s goes up must come down in order to make room for the wheel to grind. The north node is already ascending and will reach new heights! Luck shines bright so primp and prime, get ready for your personal spotlight!!

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