Ox Super Full Moon | July 2022

On July 13th at 11:38 AM Pacific Time we have a Full Super Moon in the Ox sign.

Audio Transcript: Ox Full Super Moon | July 2022

Podcast Episode: July Ox Super Full Moon | 2022

Ox: Full Super Moon

Although it’s still Summer this Ox Moon is a golden harvest. This Ox Super Moon reaches fullness at noonday to rise full at sunset. Also known as a Buck moon it is visibly closer and therefore the biggest moon in 2022.

It is a glorious tribute to the lunar cycles of our planet. The Taoist sign of the Ox corresponds to the western sign of Capricorn. Scared Ox rules Ancestral Luck. It’s home to the Temple or Mountain side on the Northeast compass direction.

Zodiac Ox sits in the feng shui location of Education and Administration where the records of past, present and futures, co-exist. Strong and sweet Oxen represent Earth’s Mother Culture and are devoted to the herd mind. Ox signs naturally work well in pairs and in teams.

The mighty Buffalo features heavily in legends, lore, fables and the creation stories carved in stone. With their head in the clouds and feet on the ground Cows are down-to-Earth, Spirit guides. Bulls brought mass production and capital to our industrialized world.

Oxen, cows and bulls chew and re-chew food so many times to digest-it they are symbolic of the body Chakras and reincarnation. Cows blend and merge the beliefs and cultures of the orthos doxa, the orthodox and unorthodox ways of living and the dead.

Got an Ox in your chart? You probably revisit things many times after long after they are done and never give up to change, achieve or acquire your deep desires. Oxen can be cruel or kind, radical or divine. At times stubborn to a fault, cows are vulnerable, steady and refined.

Ox does not like conflict and will bide their time unless provoked to charge or stampede. They love pomp and circumstances to reflect rituals practices of their exalted status.

Ox: Moon and Pluto

In this chart a retrograde Pluto and this Full Moon collide. Planetoid, Pluto rules Fate and is generational in scope. Like sticky molasses Pluto takes his time. He’s been rolling through the Ox, since November 2008.

Last time Pluto made his way through the Ox it was 1776 and the Declaration of Independence was being signed. When Pluto ends his reign in the Ox he won’t be back for another 248 years.

Pluto’s long, extended pilgrimage opens the road to the Age of Aquarius next year. In March 2023 Pluto enters the Tiger to begin a Vision Quest for humanity.

Breaking down dogma and the status quo Pluto pulls the rug out to expose and discard what’s not working anymore. A new ground level will be installed, metaphorically and literally.

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Chiron Retrograde

From July 19th to December 23rd Chiron retrogrades in the Dragon. With Chiron retrograde consequences come calling. Situations go off-the-beaten path and get stuck in the weeds. It’s a period of rediscovery and redirection.

Chiron is the healer in the cosmic vibe. Like it or not, it’s time to take our medicine. What goes around comes around. Watch out, Chiron can be a curve ball. Good, bad or indifferent, reversals in tone and tenor are swift to seek a remedy.

Jupiter Retrograde

On July 28th the magnetic Planet Jupiter known as the Grand Duke goes retrograde on the same day as the Monkey New Moon. Monkeys and Dragons are part of the same Ruling Triad. So this will affect the Regal Class and high society due for a reckoning.

Jupiter’s backward twist lasts until November 23rd. The Duke, Jupiter returns back to the Hare to finish bunny, business. Sugar daddy Jupiter delivers exotic gifts and rare treasures. In November Jupiter forges new leadership roles when it enters the Dragon for a new Astro Year.

Flying Stars

Monthly Flying Stars | July 2022

Monthly Flying Stars changed on or about July 6th | 2022.

This month we got some tough luck mixed in with our good fortunes.

The Victory Star 6 flies to the Heart center bringing Heaven Luck. This can be noisy but it’s not as destructive as last month. Now we get a chance to restore damages and recover from set backs.

The Auspicious Special: Lucky Sum of Ten flies in the the South to overcome all obstacles for success. Horses can use this Lucky advantage to balance the scales and bring harmony.

Peach Blossom Star 4, Victory Star 6 and the Wealth Star 8 form the Ming Tang in the middle: from East to West. This adds strength to the center beam with opportunities to build upon.

Lucky Stars for the Ox Super Moon | July 2022

Here are all the fortunes for the lucky Zodiac Signs.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Lucky Rat and Ox are super buddies. They are the A-team of the Zodiac. Wedded in matrimony or brothers in arms, these two are long on wit and charm. As signs they are well suited with a lasting bond.

Flying Stars for Lucky Rat have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 coupled with the Lucky Love, Money and Miracles Star 1 to tempers the worst of a bad situation. Your best chance for recovery is to rest and go easy. Wear some sparkle and stay pretty, darn quiet.

Lucky Rat has no planets or aspects at present sitting at the bottom of the chart for a full recharge.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Lucky Ox and Ox are a match made in heaven. Two Ox can pull together and bond long-term but they do need outside stimulation to grow or they risk getting stuck in an easy chair.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Ox have the Lucky Fire Star 9 for Wish Fulfillment with the Annual Lucky Wealth Star 8 of gifts and treasures. Clear your space and roll out the red carpet. Display a bright, metal bowl in your decor to accumulate new assets.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have the Super Full Moon at 21 degrees and Pluto retrograde at 27 degrees. The Moon will ride right over Pluto leaving a mark, a scar or other artifact. Last time this happened the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger and Ox share the Northeast side of the compass that presides over Knowledge and Scholarship. You’ll usually find these two in some literary or academic pursuit or partners in a firm. They often share traditions.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Tiger have the Lucky Multiplier 9 Star with the Annual Lucky Treasure Star 8 to boost your profile and pad deposits. Energize the lucky vibe with decor accents in shiny metals. Keep fresh-cut flowers in a favored spot and entertain new ideas.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have Saturn retrograde at 24 degrees. Things already accomplished or left undone might need edits and re-organization. This is something you are ready for so expect to ace the review and win applause.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Lucky Hare and Ox are okay as friends and may even work well together. Under the same roof they have different needs and chemistry. They are less apt to stick together for the long haul.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare have the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 for passing examinations and winning contests. Combined with the Annual Unlucky Fighting Star 3 that causes distress, moderation is your best defense. The less said, the better off you’ll be.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare has Neptune retrograde at 25 degrees and the Part of Fortune at 28 degrees. This gives Bunnies a dreamy summer under sunny skies with a gift of swag and surprise.

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon and Ox are just not going to see eye-to-eye without a battle. The Dragon is a fussy, temperamental type that’s not interested in a lumbering, soulful, big Ox.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 bringing calamity into your tribe combined with the Annual Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star it levitates the atmosphere. These aspects are less troublesome but caution is advised. No digging or breaking ground at this time.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have Jupiter at 8 degrees and Chiron at 16 degree. They are too far apart for a conjunction but they do create a welcome, neutral zone with more ready resources at hand.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Lucky Snake and Ox are in the Mystic Triad with the Bird and they all get along fine. They can be long term friends or mates or even the love of your life. Snakes and the Ox are a golden pair that’s divine.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 with the Annual Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star to ratchet down the tensions and find resolve. The Wood energy of the 4 Star exhausts the negative Earth 5. All told, Snakes come out smelling like a rose.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have Mars at 5 degrees, Uranus at 18 degrees and the Node at 19 degrees. Toil and trouble, boil and bubble this cauldron is on fire. Times are changing and rearranging. Snakes play host on this landscape so deliberate to innovate.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Lucky Horse and Ox are not partners but Red Horse is the Peach Blossom sign for the Ox, Snake and Bird signs. Lucky Red Horse is akin to a mentor or helpful person who shows up to lend a hand in Ox’s life.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse have the Lucky 1 star of Money, Love and Miracles with the Annual Lucky Wish Fulfillment, Fire Star 9 forming the Auspicious Lucky Sum of Ten to overcome all obstacles for success. There’s Love luck and lots of magic to share and spare.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have Venus at 24 degrees so watch your step. Lady luck Venus is in detriment here. Extra caution can stave of tumbles and bumbles. Take it easy and go-lightly.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Lucky Goat and Ox are in opposition on the chart. Butting heads and digging in feet is the most likely outcome for these two.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 combine with the Annual Unlucky Illness Star 2 and it’s time out for healing and repairs. No life altering changes or extra activities are advised at this time. Par down and scale back. Lay low and let this storm pass.

Lucky Goat has planet Mercury at 17 degrees and the Sun at 21 degrees. This gives Goats the gift of gab and showcases your talents in a special way. Goats of Honor will add badges and awards to your cache.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Lucky Monkey and Ox are just not in the same arena. Monkey always seek control and Ox is not good at giving in. Together they could end up at a stalemate.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 with the Annual Unlucky Illness Star 2 making this a good time for Monkey to step back from the limelight. Put projects on hold until the cosmic dust settles. Stay safe, quiet and bide your time away from the masses.

Lucky Monkey has no planets or aspects at present. Your profile is high on the chart line so take a holiday you deserve it.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Lucky Bird and Ox are part of the Mystic Triad with the Snake. They work well together and make excellent long term partners and love mates.

Flying Stars for the Bird have the Lucky Wealth Star 8 fly in to the Annual Unlucky Danger Star 7 and the results could be a happy accident or other unexpected, blessing in disguise. Take the gains. Keep a bowl of 8 or 9 fresh oranges on a counter and they gets eaten just refill them.

Lucky Bird has the Ascendant horizon at 28 degrees bringing you the best opportunities at to fly the coup or just perch in your favorite spot to enjoy the view. Do what you want to do and keep an eye on costs so you don’t bust your budget.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog and Ox are not generally compatible beyond causal acquaintances.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dog have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 flying in with the Annual Lucky Star 6 for Victory and triumph. Dogs of war are staking out their battles but caution is advised. Take your wins by letting go of the fight. Make friends and mend fences.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at present and behind the scenes they answer a call of duty.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig and Ox are part of the barnyard animal set that can go along to get along.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Pig have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 and the Annual Lucky Victory Star 6 to temper the tantrums. Use the 7 Star to cut back in order to move forward lighter and brighter. Heaven luck of the 6 Star will guide you into your new abode.

Lucky Pig has no planets or aspects at present and sits below the line where they can benefit by some extra rest and staying reserved.

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Summer biggest moon will brighten our days and light up the night. Here are some of the coming attractions in the sky.

July | Cosmic Vibe

  • July 19th: Chiron retrograde in Dragon until December 23rd
  • July 22nd: Sun enters the Monkey
  • July 28th: Monkey New Moon
  • July 28th: Jupiter goes retrograde in Dragon and returns November 23rd in the Hare

Thank you to all my lucky readers and lucky listeners. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast.

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