Panne Moon

By 6:59 pm [PDT] the Ultra Violet 🐲 Dragon πŸ‰ New 🌚 Moon and 🌞 Sun are rolling in lucky πŸ€ clover. They frolic as they move to crush Uranus in a dark place. A twist of fate has forever altered the landscape and one cannot escape their own shadow.

Double Dragons

Ring the πŸ”” bell and beat the πŸ₯ drum, these πŸŽ‹Double dragons open a gateway β›© on a rising platform. This is an auspicious combination that will usher in new leadership with a new set of rules to govern a kingdom. The status quo will not hold as brighter ideas take root.

The Uranus Rub

Planet of chaos, Uranus grinds the old bones to dust in the hinterlands of a remote border. What’s done is done and there is no going back, it will bear no fruit. In the next few days twins Dragons coil on the path to emblazon their mark on the departing Uranus as the Moon and Sun roll over and flip sides that go beyond the pale. Consequences written in the Runes come due.

Snakes Alive

Uranus sheds a skin like a cocoon as it leaves the Dragons lair. This gas planet moves into the snakes den May 14th-15th. At first sight it seems subtle but it will be well healed and sitting pretty, soon enough. This station change leads to better days ahead and a greater sense of security. Time to turn the πŸ“– page, a new 🌿 leaf, extend an olive branch πŸ•Š to begin fresh and anew. If you are looking to reinvent yourself or get going form scratch this is the window that offers the best views. Sign the deal, make the grade and take that chance you’ve been longing for and you’ll be happy you did.


Now that Mercuryβ˜„οΈ is going forward in direct motion it sits in the wee, degrees of the Dragon πŸ‰ as it passes the torch for a generational shift change. This is a great time to acts on your best laid plans. The progressive motion is going to feel more pronounced as the winged messenger makes his way toward Uranus and the border line with the snake. Mercury will make the transit as Uranus changes stations. Seven years in the snakes sacred, sign will boost the profile for the feminine divine in the spotlight.

Dragon Moon and Sun

Here are your Zodiac animals and Astrology signs for your good fortunes with the Flying πŸ€ ✨ Stars.

Flying Stars

Rat πŸ€ β€’ ♐️ Sagittarius | North πŸ’Ό Career Luck

Flying Stars: Fulfillment 🌈 Luck brings happy happy but avoid risk through this cycle.

Planets and Aspects: none

Ox πŸƒ β€’ ♑️ Capricorn | Northeast 🏯 Ancestors Luck

Flying Stars: Victory 🌟 Luck brings stellar opportunity if you can keep the peace long enough to tie it friendship knot.

Planets and Aspects: Hitting rock bottom in the chart is Saturn, Grandfather time, Mars the War God and planet Pluto who plays the hand 🀚 of fate. Do the right thing for honor and the greater good and you won’t have any regrets

Tiger πŸ… β€’ ♒️ Aquarius | Northeast ⚜️ Patriarch Luck

Flying Stars: Triumph πŸŽ– Luck will show great support in ways you can bank on when you mend the fence with an offer of compromise.

Planets and Aspects:

Hare πŸ‡ β€’ ♓️ Pisces | East 🍏 Health Luck and Family Tree 🌳

Flying Stars: Love πŸ’• ❀️ and Miracle Luck bring small rewards you can count on. But take no risks through this period and use extra πŸ›‘ protection with a funky danger star getting in the way.

Planets and Aspects:

Dragon πŸ‰ β€’ β™ˆοΈ Aries | Southeast 🌾 Vitality Luck

Flying Stars: ✨Lucky Sum of Ten overcomes all obstacles for success!

Planets and Aspects: Big shifts in the tides with Mercury the messenger, the Sun image-maker, New Moon Lunar Lady and Uranus king of chaos skirting the borders. Dragon πŸ‰ Bones are being inscribed for all time in the last vestiges at the end of an era. You can’t push the river so don’t try.

Snake 🐍 β€’ ♉️ Taurus | Southeast πŸ’° Money Luck

Flying Stars: Super special πŸŒˆπŸ€ Sum of Ten brings serpents supreme πŸ‘‘ lucky advantages beyond your wildest ☁️ dreams. You will awaken up to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Planets and Aspects: Exalted Venus is the love πŸ’— and luxury of a gilded age. Enjoy the treasures and pleasures Lady Luck lays st your feet.

Horse 🐎 β€’ β™ŠοΈ Gemini | South πŸ† Fame Luck

Flying Stars: Super Sonic πŸ’™ Love and 🌼 Social Luck are beaming sunshine β˜€οΈ and growing wealth for you that can last a lifetime. Lucky πŸ€ You!

Planets and Aspects: none

Goat 🐐 β€’ ♋️ Cancer | Southwest β™₯️ Love and 🐚 Matriarch Luck

Flying Stars: Superior Lucky Stars ⭐️ bring good fortunes 🎰 galore with πŸ† Fulfillment Luck of increase and miracles overflowing.

No Planets. Aspects give the Goat a new crown πŸ‘‘ of glory. You wear it well.

Monkey πŸ’ β€’ β™ŒοΈ Leo | Southwest 🎨 Creativity and 🎎 Relationship Luck

Flying Stars: Superior Lucky Stars ⭐️ bring good fortunes 🎰 galore with ⛲️ Fulfillment Luck of increase and miracles overflowing.

Planets and Aspects: Monkey πŸ’ has the Node giving you the talent to bake key lime pie πŸ₯§ for real or as a metaphor.

Bird πŸ“ β€’ ♍️ Virgo | West 🎨 Creativity and πŸ‘ΌπŸΌ Descendants Luck

Flying Stars: Caution and Danger bring storm warning ⚠️ so slow down and stay focused. Make sure your fire extinguisher works and that your lips πŸ‘„ are sealed to unwarranted excess. Illness and accident can wreck havoc. Use totems for protection.

Planets and Aspects:

Dog πŸ• β€’ β™ŽοΈ Libra | Northwest πŸ—Ί Travel Luck

Flying Stars: Academic Success Luck with Love πŸ’• Luck and Miracles bring new money and πŸ™πŸ» gratitude to your table. Rejoice it’s a windfall of opportunity!

Planets and Aspects: The Part of Fortune πŸ’΅ on the Ascendent πŸ–Ό horizon is a big dog πŸ• bonus for the K9 squad. Greater values are in your pocket.

Pig πŸ– β€’ ♏️ Scorpio | Northwest 🏦 Asset Luck

Flying Stars: Love πŸ’– and πŸ›³Victory Luck join in holy matrimony with Peach πŸ‘ Blossom 🌸 Luck that is the πŸ› Winners Luck you can Bank on for ever lasting success 🏰 happily ever after.

Planets and Aspects: Jupiter is under the radar but in pig heaven as a great benefactor that paves the way to long term goals with plenty of resources and bricks of gold. Just say yes!

Coming Soon to KittySol a Full Pig 🌝 Moon on April 29th and Dual Serpents 🐍 Sun 🌞 and New 🌚 Moon on May 15th. See you then!

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