Cosmic Clock | China Rose

Cosmic Clock | China Rose

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Cosmic Clock

Our solar system is made of planets or celestial bodies that move and rotate in cyclic motions. Each planet maintains alignment with the other celestial bodies in a clockwork that governs patterns of life and our existence here on Earth. Since it is impossible for human beings to have life without the planets and their cycles of motion, we are always under their influence. Whether we as humans know or understand this overriding influence or not, it still exists.

Sun SymbolSun

SunOur Sun is a solar body of energy that heats our slice of the Cosmos. Earth like all the planets in our solar system rotates in cycles around our sun. Our Sun is pure, yang, energy and is said to govern our self image. The Sun hits the same spot each year of our birth known as a Solar return. This annual event is typically called a birthday for the solar day of our birth. Since Earthly clocks and calendars are not as accurate, or exact as the Sun clock so a solar returns happens slightly sooner each year, every year.

Mercur SymbolMercury

MercuryThe planet Mercury is the first inner rim planet near the Sun from Earth. Mercury named for the winged messenger of the gods it is a non-gender planet said to govern communication, transportation and commerce. It’s a busy planet moving cycles around the sun faster and with greater frequency than any other planet. Often associated with wings.

 Venus SymbolVenusVenus

The planet Venus is the second inner rim planet near the Sun from Earth. Planet Venus is named for the Goddess Venus and is visible in the night sky with the naked eye. Unlike most of the other planets Venus has a feminine attribution and is associated with Luck. Venus governs love, desire, beauty, relationships, our self esteem, self love and self sufficiency.

Moon SymbolMoonMoon

Moon’s origins are postulated. Some theories are better accepted than others. Its actual provenance is unknown. The moon is a satellite that orbits our planet and is said to be younger than Earth. Its cycles mark seasons, growth phases, day to night, light to dark of passive yin, energy. It reflects a motherly or nurturing capacity called the day sign.

 Earth SymbolEarthEarth

Planet Earth is home base to human beings whose perspective faces the sun as a heliotrope. Planets in our solar system move in patterns that go ahead or behind Earth’s elliptic motion. The backspin energy of a retrograde pattern is bent and distorts other planets connections with Earth. Statistically said to exist; Earth-like planets are hypothesized based on shadow reflections observed through a deep, space lens.

Earth titleIn our vast, observable universe no other Earth is actually proven or known to exist. Humans cannot survive in the vacuum of space. Our planet represents substance and stability in relation to its elliptical cycles with other celestial bodies.

 Mars SymbolMarsMars

The planet Mars is an outer rim planet on the outer circle of the Sun next to Earth. Named Mars after the God of War it represents pure, yang, male, energy. Called the red planet due to the visible, presence of iron oxide on the surface. Mars is host to seven spacecraft launched from Earth for far-space explorations. Known as the planet of action and volatility Mars features show the scars of an intense and stormy, past.

Jupiter SymbolJupiterJupiter

The planet Jupiter is an outer rim planet  from the Sun. Two and a half times the size of all the other planets combined it’s a gas giant that emits electrical, magnetic, energy called the magnetosphere. Jupiter the great benefic is also the Grand Duke from folk lore of an ancient past. The magnanimous Jupiter corresponds to things that expand and generally promotes good vibes and increase.

Saturn SymbolSaturnSaturn

The planet Saturn is an outer rim planet beyond Jupiter. Known as father time Saturn runs rings around all the other planets with it’s cosmic dust. As task master Saturn’s symbol of the harvest, sickle denotes life and death.

Chiron SymbolChironChiron

The planet Chiron is a centaur, a minor planet (2060 Chiron) that is possibility an asteroid of some magnitude. Chiron orbits the rim between Saturn and Uranus and exhibits behavior like that of a comet with its highly eccentric motion. This planet personifies healing energies and secret wisdom.

Uranus SymbolUranusUranus

The planet Uranus is an outer rim, ice giant at great distance from the sun and is the coldest planet in our solar system. Dubbed the Sky King Star it differs from other planets. Its orbit is near circular and the poles are on the center lines of an equator. Uranus is tilted and turned sideways giving this planet its penchant as the harbinger of Chaos and destruction.

Neptune SymbolNeptuneNeptune

The planet Neptune is an outer rim gas giant planet on the outer reaches of deep space form our Sun. Viewed somewhat as a twin to Uranus it shares some of its qualities as a cold, dark place in deep space. Not easy to see or know even by telescope it is named for the God of the underworld. Neptune is a high harmonic of love and soul searching.

CP_Pluto_symbolPluto (dwarf)Pluto

Pluto was a planet until demoted to a dwarf planet in recent history. Its an outer rim planet beyond Neptune as part of the Kuiper belt in the distance space of our solar system. Pluto the planet of fate is unique in that its motion of 15 years, in each of the 12 signs aligns with the procession of an equinox that changes our polestar every 26,000 years.

Node SymbolNodeNode Key

The node Is based on the intersections of Moon’s lunar orbits. Eclipses only happen at the node. The North node is called the Dragon’s head and is used like a key to unlock mysteries of destiny.

POF SymbolPart of FortuneCrown

Is named for the ancient Goddess of Fortuna and her oracles of divination. This placement is based a mathematical calculation of the ascendent, Moon and Sun. Locating this lucky spot on a chart is for purposes of determines beneficial potential and increase in values, a cornucopia from where plenty flows. Also called the Arabian Parts.


The ascendent is what’s on the horizon, in the middle, at the equator. It’s the location of the centrifuge of planetary motion in alignment with the Sun rise. Due to this being a placement on Earth rather than a planet it defines the minute or the moment-by-moment, concept of time. A rising sign in a chart gives a clue to first impressions and what we focus on. Its superficial and captivating.

Planet Gallery:

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