Rat New Moon | Total Solar Eclipse – December 2021

Near midnight on Friday, December 3rd at 11:43 PM Pacific Daylight time on the West coast, Earth has a New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of the Rat.

Audio Transcript| Rat New Moon Eclipse – December 2021

New Moon Rat

This New Moon rides at the bottom of the chart, in the dark of night. Rats by nature are number one, first and best. They are the Star that guides the rest of the Zodiac by virtue of their position in the heavens.

Rat sits on the compass at the North Pole where everything begins. This Eclipse Moon may obscure things and muddy the waters a bit, but once the shadow passes the results will become crystal clear, pretty quick. Outcomes could be surprising.

Blue Wood Rat

The Blue Wood Rat is the Peach Blossom animal for the Hare, Goat and Pig signs of the Compassionate Triad. That gives Hare, Goat and Pig an added advantage even with some of the tough luck stars. Good fortunes and fairy favors will arrive in time to save the day.

Ruling Triad

The Dragon and the Monkey signs are part of the Ruling Triad with the Rat. These zodiac signs are the leaders in the pack. In this moon cycle they’ll be called upon to keep the ball rolling. It can be a bit weird, but also fruitful. Act on ideas that propel you forward.

Ox is Rat’s super buddy and in this cycle the Ox is going to be burning the candle at both ends. They have a lot on their plates and will need to juggle to keep the momentum going. The Ox will be richly rewarded for their extra efforts.

December Flying Stars | 2021

Flying Stars change on or about December 6th. In this post I’ve included the coming Star fields that will be in-effect through the holiday season and into the New Year 2022.

Be ready to find new love and rekindle old. The Peach Blossom 4 Star of Love and Happiness flies to the Heart Center giving social luck and networking a boost for everyone.

This Wood Star weakens Earth energy in the center but Earth is also nurturing and supportive. Throw your best pitch, get connected to loved ones, make new friends, forgive errors; live and let live. Enjoy others company.

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Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs on the Rat New Moon.

RAT | Sagittarius

Fire Star 9 enters the North career zone bringing a heightened sense of activity. Energy will percolate to increase the rate of changes in this working class. Kudos to the ultimate explorer and inventive spirits who get a big boost from this cosmic rocket fuel.

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In contrast the Lucky Rat sign features the New Moon Total Solar eclipse in the southern tip of the chart with Mercury the messenger nearby. This quickens the cosmic stew. New Moon’s start things and Eclipses tend to crush the timeline. Keep an eye on evolving circumstances as the plot thickens fast!

OX | Capricorn

Danger Star 7 enters the Northeast where Administrative tasks are often considered mundane and boring. But no longer. Safety is a number one priority in this hot zone. Follow through on guidelines and requirements to avoid drama and lawsuits. Don’t cut corners.

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Lucky Ox sign features the planet Venus at 22 degrees and the Planetoid, Pluto at 25 degrees. These two are in the best possible alignment right now before all hell brakes loose. Venus crossing Pluto is a time of great turmoil.

Immediately after crossing Pluto, Venus goes retrograde on December 19th twisting around and going back, over Pluto’s elliptic, again. For ladies this culturally oppressive cycle brakes sacred trust which then bends, back the other way in 2022 to restore the imbalance.

TIGER | Aquarius

Danger Star 7 enters the Northeast and is a cause for concern in places of Knowledge and Scholarship. Be extra vigilant and stay focused to avoid mishaps and ghost traps. Use your best amulets to ward of the ill omens.

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Lucky Tiger sign has Saturn at 9 degrees and Jupiter at 25 degrees. Right now Saturn has the space and extra sauce needed to address issues of magnitude for a larger group.

Planet Jupiter is taking his sweet time leaving the Tiger sign on the 28th of December. This gifts you, whatever you want most so enjoy this extra, sliver lining.

HARE | Pisces

Illness Star 2 enters the East and the health of the family takes center stage. This can bring contaminates that spread quickly. Use all appropriate protocols to avoid lingering issues and stay rested. Use cures to soothe this Star.

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Lucky Hare sign has Neptune at 20 degrees and this heavy hitter, gas giant just came back from retrograde. A veil will be lifted and what was not known will now be revealed. Expect this to unfold in ways that challenge the status quo and awaken a sleeping, giant within.

DRAGON | Aries

Fighting Star 3 flies into the Southeast catching Dragons off guard. This is the Star that can cause more harm than good. It’s best not to get overly wound up or be too vocal. It can sometimes have a bark that’s worse than its bite. Don’t push your luck.

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Lucky Dragon sign has Chiron at 8 degrees keeping the world focused on other worldly adventures. Lots of pie-in-the-sky. Try not to let it fall to on your head and stay centered.

SNAKE | Taurus

Fighting Star 3 in the Southeast brings some some tough luck to the income sector. It’s a rough, row to hoe. Pot holes and cracks are easy to fall into if your not careful. Mind your manners and keep your wits about you, hold your tongue and you’ll squeeze through this briar patch to come out whole.

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Lucky Snake sign is hosting a retrograde Uranus at 11 degrees. Chaos is taking a heavy toll to upset the status quo in the marketplace. There are plenty of peaks and valleys on this serpentine path. Be prepared and make a hobby out of it, to trim up off the raw, ragged edge.

HORSE | Gemini

Wealth Star 8 enters the South kicking off a season of Winners luck for recognition and promotions! The Horse will see it’s profile rise and find smooth sailing filled with holiday cheer. Horse gets to parade around. Lots of pomp and circumstance to celebrate and you deserve it.

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Lucky Horse sign has the Node at 1 degree. This ends a long cycle that lasted many years. The Node will soon enter the Snake sign in the new year shifting technology into places that are still, unknown. Perhaps some type of coil will hold new forms of energy. We’ll soon find out.

GOAT | Cancer

Miracle Star 1 flies into the Southwest bringing Money and Love luck! Goats are party animals and this year the hostess with the most is going to be a happy camper wherever they roam. Small things have big meaning and being with your flock makes you feel at home.

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Lucky Goat sign has no planets at this time and is well poised inside this chart to benefit as a part of Rat’s Peach Blossom signs with the Hare and Pig giving you all sorts of special perks and extra rewards.


Miracle Star 1 in the Southwest area of Networking adds sparkle and shine. Monkey gets Love and Money Luck in their goody bag this season. Money Luck brings more than you expect as little things add up! It’s a holly, jolly time with holiday swag that boggles the mind.

These good fortunes last well into the New Year.

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Lucky Monkey sign has no planets or aspects at present and is well placed in this chart riding just above the horizon. Monkey is part of Rat’s Ruling Triad with the Dragon sign. This brings new adventures and opportunities so give things a try before you make up your mind.

BIRD | Virgo

Victory Star 6 flies to the West side of Creativity and talent delivering a boatload of cargo to restock the shelves. Birds get a big bonus on this New Moon’s evolution of the wheel. Honors and accolades will put a feather in your cap you can crow about.

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Lucky Bird sign has the Part of Fortune at 11 degrees on the Ascendant horizon. You can expect various methods of accounting to produce new money that adds to your bank accounts and increase your resources. Clear out the clutter to discover hidden assets.

DOG | Libra

Accident Star 5 arrives in the Northwest Travel zone and is putting a damper on the holiday fun for dogs. It’s good advice to stay put and cool your jets for a while. This will reduce chances of any blow-back from this pesky star. It’s known to throw a wrench in the works and mess up the best plans.

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Lucky Dog sign has no planets or aspects and is just biding his time under the radar. Dogs are not in a strong position to take on too much stuff. Lay low and stand back.

PIG | Scorpio

Accident Star 5 enters the Northwest sector of Banks and resources to muck up the holiday season with tough, luck. Take a step back or go on vacation to ease this distressing period. Noses to the grindstone may be disappointed. Take a breather to avoid calamity, altogether. Ease-up on the pressures.

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Pig is one of the Rat’s Peach Blossom signs with the Goat and Hare so you can expect special favors to come through when you need it most. Lucky Pig sign has planet Mars blazing new trails at 23 degrees giving you a spark to keep the home fires burning so count your blessings.

Coming Soon to the next episode of the Zodiac Muse:

  • December 18th is a Full Horse Moon that looks like an enchanted sleigh ride.
  • Sun moves into the Ox on December 21st for the Winter Solstice, the High Holy mass and a return to the light. Let there be light!
  • Merry Christmas on December 25th.
  • Jupiter moves into the Hare sign on December 28th closing out the Astro year.
  • Happy New Year January 1st, 2022!
  • January 2nd is a New Ox Moon and Sun with a post 30 day eclipse, point.
  • Flying Stars for the month of January begin on or about, the 5th.

This is China Rose, with all your Lucky Stars until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast!

Thank you to all my readers and listeners, my family, clients and friends. I’m wishing you a happy holiday season of good cheer.

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