Saturn’s Mystic Rewind

Planet Saturn and Pluto are taking a retrograde lap around the solar, optic motion of our universe. Saturn will be outbound until fall 2018 and brings the most chores and offers greater rewards.

Our Sun ☀️ God, the radiant solar being of our known universe has now entered the Serpent sign.

To do so it rolled over on Uranus in a crushing blow to smash the daylights out of an invincible fortress. 🌿Like olives to olive 🍸oil: one is hard pitted against the others and the other, after the crush is smooth resilience.

How does planetary motion affect you?

A Serpent, staff holds up a scepter to the image-maker of the ☀️Sun, saying don’t tread on me as 💫Saturn in a stampede kicks up cosmic dust and drags up dead 💀 issues form the underworld. We will examine every corpse to see what it can tell us.

This moves the lens 📸 of focus to capture a new set of lasting impressions down through the course of time and space in both micro and macro zones.

Remote outposts that have somehow managed to hold their ground will be compensated. The cog in the wheel is the beneficiary. On the other end of that spectrum an oasis mirage once a thought a safe haven 🏝 may evaporate revealing its sheer folly.

Planet Saturn makes a 2.5 year transit for a 25 year lap to get around the sphere of 12 zodiacs signs. A symmetry of geometry is the cornerstone of this master platform. It’s concentric rings of consequences radiate in and out.

There are 188 constellations 🌌 and the one that corresponds to the Ox sign is Capricorn. Sage Saturn entered the Ox 🐂 sign just as 2018 got going.

The planet Saturn is known as Grandfather Time. He is comptroller of the karmic, punch clock and taskmaster. In my generation it was called: Big Brother, keeping tabs. In today’s world they call it a dark state and dark web surveillance. Saturn is the emperor in the Tarot and Solomon in the Bible.

Therefore his rewind on the elliptic grid re-calibrates where the buck stops. Who is responsible and where is the accountability factor? Those are Saturnian qualities and questions.

Saturn will hold court and review evidence to fit a higher standard. He will preside over long-standing issues seeking a resolve and require tasks: even after you thought you were done, where any stone is un-turned to addressed its concerns. The past is ripe for picking and sorting out.

If you failed anywhere along the line you must go back and try again; persistence is the grease in concord with both Saturn and the Oxen herd.

Outliers are given their due.

Historically the 🐮 cow 🐃 is a sacred animal. A Holy of holy, the ancient (extinct) Aurochs are said to kill any member of the herd if touched by a human.

This Saturn backward transit is a grave matter in a dungeon of purgatory. But it’s not all doom and gloom, fire and brimstone, there are mysteries and treasures to claim as well. Gifts left by the door.

Stay tuned to this 🎠Astro saga as it unfolds in our fabric of time 🕰 with each new twist 🎞 and turn on the Zodiac 🎡 wheel.

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What the Lucky 🍀 ✨Stars say now for all the Zodiac Circle ⭕️ of Signs.

🐭 Rat 🐀 | ♐️ Sagittarius

🏦 Wealth Luck

Planets and Aspects: none

Career luck is hampered for just about all vermin and wee critters, earthbound and low to the ground floor. But in true form the Rat takes the Cheese 🧀 home 🏡 for a big bonanza and celebrations 🎉 are in store. Rats can put their affairs in order with a wealth of fresh opportunity custom made, to order. Keep the ball rolling and soon you’ll be counting your blessings while earning more and more money. Things add up & up for the Rat clan.

🐮 Ox 🐂 | ♑️ Capricorn

🎖 Victory Luck

Planets and Aspects: Saturn (time) and Pluto (fate) and Mars (War God)

Scholars and administrators are bobbing back up to the go-line to get another bite at the big Apple 🍏 dangling in front of them. Victory will shine in your darkest hour and give you the power 💥 to succeed. Don’t quibble and you’ll get a offer you can live with comfortably. Mars will blast Pluto in spectacular fashion as they whirl toward each other to break the mold of wrong ideas.

🐯 Tiger 🐅 | ♒️ Aquarius

🏅 Winners Luck

Planets and Aspects: none at present

Take it down a notch to move past, the past in the dead of night when it dogs you most. There is a ghost of a chance that when you give up the battle you can win the war. The less said the better. There is triumph and treasure when you surrender the fight and take up the efforts to build bridges. Engineer a crossing that supports everyone and you’ll relish the results. Compromise by letting go.

🐰 Hare 🐇 | ♓️ Pisces

🎩 Miracle Luck

Planets and Aspects: Neptune (Lord if the Underworld)

Love 💗 Luck blossoms for bunnies in a seasonal Boon. The return of the Green 🧚🏻‍♀️ Goddess brings some short cuts to the cabbage patch. New pathways lack the familiar nostalgia but have infinite possibilities as a contrast. Money will flow in streams of gold when you go with glow. Glean a Fortune 🌾 by covering ground already covered. Learn by reviewing what you already know and doors 🚪 fly open!! Listen to your higher mind and spirit guide as it leads the charge.

🐲 Dragon 🐉 | ♈️ Aires

🎰 Jackpot Luck

Planets and Aspects: Chiron (healer), Mercury (quicksilver), Uranus (chaos)

Teetering on the cliffs of an oblivion the Dragon plays its primal, role in human myth and magic. The entry of Chiron is sitting at zero. The response to Uranus departing is generational and is akin to a rescue mission. It’s uncanny that as Uranus makes its last gasp of fiery breath before entering the Serpent sign it lingers on the grey areas. By the time Mercury catches up Uranus in mid May it burns over the borders edge to leave a permanent mark in time. Dragons rule immortality and Mercury is the messenger scribe. It’s impact is epic for all time.

🐸 Snake 🐍 | ♉️ Taurus

⛩ Dragons Gate ~ Attainment and Fulfillment Luck!!

Planets and Aspects: Sun (image), New May Moon (pure yin), Venus (Exalted Lady Luck)

Serpent signs will all experience the shedding of an old skin. The cocoon you’ve been living in will now peel off and plans will begin to materialize on a grand scale you never dreamed of and above where you’ve been. This rarified air accelerates success on a top-tier venue. You win with flying colors to bring patterns of greater good to your environment. Just flap your wings to influence the sands of time as they are shift in the wind. Venus is exalted putting a feather in your cap and a boost in the everyday income. Posh, is your Lilly pad.

🐴 Horse 🐎 | ♊️ Gemini Twins

🛡⚔️ Danger Star

Planets and Aspects: none at present

Hordes of red tape needs cutting and shredding to find the place where you can say: you have lightened the load so you can move ahead. The positive for this Danger Star is that by cutting back voluntarily to scale down you can gain instead of losing ground, to round on this kinky, bend. Year 2018 is positively on your side of the fence so mend any rift and avoid legal entanglements at all costs. Humility is a lifesaver. Go with this little, whisker trim and new growth period will bounce back, big.

🦄 Goat 🐐 | ♋️ Cancer

💎 Magic Luck

Planets and Aspects: none at present

You bring the secret ingredient to the Pot 🍀 Luck to make things click and stick together. This tool of collaboration is your strongest power suit. Paired with corporation and enthusiasm it is the binding agent that is often invisible to others, yet it holds everything together. Often unseen elements and soft skills are the most valuable. Quantify your charismatic charms with your authentic self by staking a claim on the intangibles. Your brand magic works on every special project to make it buzz and hum. You are hired, again and again!

🐵 Monkey 🐒 | ♌️ Leo

🌈🎋 Super Big Luck

Planets and Aspects: True Node 🗝Key Master

Holding on to a thread, barely, is a saving grace that has held you in good stead. Monkey will swing through a tumbling world of tumult and chaos to discover the needle in a hay stack. You have the magic formula to solve the riddle so use it for good. Pull the cord and a golden parachute will land you exactly where you see yourself to be. Spot on. If you don’t see the result you desire then try to visual your landing again. Grass is greener when you jump to the other side. We are all here waiting for you!

🐔 Bird 🐓 | ♍️ Virgo

🚧 Disaster Stars ⚠️ caution ahead

Planets and Aspects: Ascendant Horizon

Birds are the watchers and bean counters and right now the Aviary is going bonkers. So much to account for and nothing concrete to tether it to. The water under the bridge must be examined to see what contents the entire corpse can reveal. Skullduggery is the operative method to dig up dirt and read inscriptions only the bones can divine. Soothsayers are in vogue but wait until mid May to show and tell.

🐶 Dog 🐕 | ♎️ Libra

💖 Lucky Love Stars

Planets and Aspects: none at present

The Canine club is getting a bump and a bonus with money, miracles, love and the success of popularity Luck to exalt your profile! The best part of this pattern is that what doesn’t work can now fade away as newfound progress that will work overtime to promote your happiness is expanding in a new realm. It generates a higher radiance that is irresistible. Glow forth to discover an improved quality of life. Don’t stop just before you get there. Take the next steps as you see your way, to where you want to be and walk down your garden path.

🐗 Pig 🐖 | ♏️ Scorpio

🍑 Peach Blossom Luck and Royal 👑 Flush

Planets and Aspects: Jupiter (Grand Duke) and April Full Moon 🌕 (yang moods)

It’s always dark just before the dawn because everything that is made manifest comes out of the dark Void. The Pig is rolling in Lucky clover to be gifted Patrons of Plenty: love luck, miracles, magic and money luck are wedding in bliss to academic success and a social status of honor. It’s a cork Popping Culture du jour. Your brand of genius has tapped the psychic center of the universe. Use your special powers to build a castle on cloud nine. 🏰

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