Serpentine New Moon Eclipse

May 9th Solar Eclipse 2013

May 9th Solar Eclipse 2013

Snake ~ Taurus New Moon

Pink New Moon: Solar Eclipse

Tonight’s New Moon eclipse hosts the Sun (image), the Moon (moods), Mercury (messenger), Mars (energy) and Venus (love & luxe) in the Serpent sign (formerly Taurus constellation).

This is a full house & a royal flush!!

Oddly there is no sign of Jupiter which has already moved two full signs ahead of the snake sign. It is riding fast and hard as it gets set to cross over the threshold, into the Goat sign (love & relations get a vacation) at the tail end of June 2013.

The Goat is a peacemaker by nature- though not always in practice, outwardly, since they also like to stir-the-pot. However this internal instinct will suddenly externalize with Jupiter present.

Get ready ahead as even the most stubborn and worn out troubles (donkeys, mules and horse’s asses installed while Jupiter was in horse sign) will be resolved lickity-split and in a jiffy-quick. Goats are faaaasst, diplomats.

Jupiter the Grand Duke is the planet that defines our yearly cycle on Earth. It takes approx 363 days (give or take) to move through each of twelve stations on the ecliptic clock, of our equatorial beltway. Expect when it randomly, deviates.

The jovial planet is known in the Chinese system as the “Grand Duke” for that reason. Jupiter governs the larger set of cycles on the planets clock.

On Earth’s equatorial clockworks, of the cosmic wonder, planet Jupiter’s place determines a persons Year sign. Our Sun’s place expresses a person’s monthly sign and the Moon’s place displays an individuals day-sign.

The Moon is a day sign that allows us to bring in new themes that can take seed rather quickly when planted on new moon cycles and harvested on the full.

This is a brilliant yin – yin, moon and it has the full power of the void. Shine it on! ~

Lucky stars are vibing in clear-cut designs for most signs (as all new moons give us all a chance to be revived) but it won’t be seen or heard just yet. Snakes are reclusive and secretive by nature.

But we only need a few days (or weeks) to begin to see and experience rewards and results. Off shoots and sprouts will begin to show signs and spring to action, practically overnight.

Primarily with such a bonanza of planets conjunct in the serpentine this brings huge reversals of fortune. A lone star finds its light.

This configuration is a custom match and speaks directly to a select few rather than mass consciousness. What it does forms a magnetic field of invisibility and invincibility around a per-ordained, destiny.

Good luck my soul seekers there is much to gain from the energy that this moon can bank. Plants those seeds and guide the light.

This potent cocktail of planetary cohesion snakes the cosmic drain…

And is the second eclipse -in a set of three for 2013. April 25/26th, May 9/10th, and the Full moon coming on May 25/26th. Then two more near the end of the year.

This eclipse stands-out for its arrangement of planets forming a royal flush in the snake zone.

Rat ~ Sagittarius

Get your jars ready… love and money flow like honey. Luck stars hum and buzz with a special luster that grows in clusters. Use this bold time to speak your mind.

Ox ~ Capricorn

The luck stars are mixed-up in the moment. They require extra steps and special sessions to unfold. Take your time and spend the dime to get it right.

Tiger – Aquarius

Days of leisure are a prescribed measure. The luck stars need some rest and restoration to hit their peak vibration. Save yourself for what really matters and stop the useless natter.

Hare ~ Pisces

Bang the drum and raise the white flag, victory luck brings ships to port and then sends your senses reeling. The lucky stars shower you with big wins and the spice of life! Enjoy it.

Dragon ~ Aries

Luck stars are taking away rather that adding up. Guess that’s going to require a bigger shift in finances than anticipated. Make room for more by giving all you’ve got.

Serpent ~ Taurus

Lucky Stars say small is good and mega-cuts in micro managements lead to big buck-a-roos. Stick with it and stay the course until you’ve hog tied that steer. Go long, stay strong.

Horse – Gemini

Looks like a hissing contest in the batters box. All bets are off… Luck stars remain in neutral until the coast is cleared. Be heArtful, not hurtful is the best charm can offer.

Goat ~ Cancer

The power of positive thinking is required to dust off this stars and find the good in this. If there is such a thing as the short stick you pulled it this month. Bide your time and stay close to home, don’t roam.

Monkey ~ Leo

The days of glory are soon dawning but this is that dark spot before the dawn arrives. In fact it’s best to hold-off, hold-up, don’t go big or all out on anything with these star patterns. Wait until starlight returns to your designs of grandeur.

Bird ~ Virgo

The trickle, trickle of lucky situations keep the tick-tick in the kookoo clock. Luck stars are plain vanilla variety with no frills and a few spills so keep the orange cones handy. I guess a mop and a broom will be useful too, aprons optional.

Dog ~ Libra

Heaven luck sets your heart on fire in a new direction. Maybe change is what the Dr. doggie ordered? The new daily grind looks sublime. I’d say roll with it and go all the way!! Lucks stars occupy a top spot with your name on it!!

Boar ~ Scorpio

These lucky stars are a full set of never ending happiness. The seas part and the way is made smooth and sure. Luck stars ring true and shine, bright-gold so make the most of whatever comes your way. There’s no hesitating and no delay, luck finds a way!

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