Silver Ox Year 2021

February 12th, 2021 begins the Year of the Silver Ox in the ancient Taoist astrology system. In the modern world this is defined as the Chinese Lunar New Year based on the our Moon’s lunar cycles.

But what is a Silver Ox and how will this affect the fortunes of the Zodiac animals and constellations signs? What does this mean for the world and for individuals? Let me tell you.

Winter Stable

Cows, Bulls, water buffalo and oxen have featured in the landscape of humanity since the dawn of cave art, in the history of human kind. Ox is a scared animal in the world’s oldest religions, a symbol of wealth in the marketplace and a cultural expressions of nourishment.

In feng shui astrology a winter born Ox is said to always be cared for since they do not work in the winter when the Earth is frozen. The Ox sign falls in the winter month of January, Northeast on the compass and the constellation of Capricorn.

Ox are well known for being stubborn creatures of habit but with surprising serenity and team spirit they are the producers of all things useful. The Ox is a well mannered and easy going creature who is rarely riled but if tested they can make quite a ruckus.

The Metal Ox

The Ox sign comes up once every 12 years on the cosmic clock. Silver is based on the year ending in a number 1 defining a Yin, Metal element. There are 5 elements and 2 heavenly stems of Yin or Yang. This means a Silver Ox year happens once every 60 years.

The last time a Silver Ox was born on Earth was back in 1961. Probably the most famous Silver Ox is the former American President Barack Obama and the most famous Silver Ox who is now deceased, but who’s memory with live-on forever, is the Princess of Wales, Diana.

A Cow Bell

The most notable feature of the Ox’s character is that they govern status and are often very attractive. A distinguished attribute of a Metal Ox is it’s ability to endure all manner of harsh conditions. The nature of a metal sign has an uncanny ability to mold to their circumstances.

Yet for all this glamour and substance they still are barn yard, beasts of burden that like to graze and roam around for greener pastures. They have the magical power to get what they want by simply batting an eyelash or charging headlong into battle.

Mystic Triad

The Ox is part of the Mystic Triad with the Bird and Snake. Each with their own special powers. Snakes have magnetic charms, Bird’s are reborn from fire and the Ox has 7 stomachs or Chakras; as a holy scared, sign. The Red Horse is the Ox’s Peach Blossom sign.

Oxen are theatrical types who are often found in legends of enduring tales of woe where they perform impossible tasks. Metal is an element that is considered cold and hard to get close to. Yet those who fashion it to a task are well rewarded for their extra effort.

The Coming Ox Year

Expect a hard slog of a year with a wistful eye toward lofty goals. Tasks will be herculean and battles are hard fought. Yet there will be a homey, domestic side to this year’s essence. Home life will flourish and common interests will be shared. Ox will bring back wise administration.

As herd animals the Oxen are family oriented seeking personal security for their near and dear. They are not far flung idealists, they are practical planners. Cows are fun pals with a soft side that is comforting. Ox are the salt of the Earth and will pursue goals that are real and attainable.

The Cutting Edge

in the cycles of harmony and conflict:

Metal cuts Wood indicating incomes will be thinned and hard assets will grow. Fire is friends with Metal so we’ll forge ahead at all costs. Water exhausts Metal making this an emotionally draining year. Earth is weakened by Metal extracted for resources to create, balance.

Hard sacrifices will be made in the coming, Metal Ox year. New tools to improve production will evolve. Building infrastructure will inspire timely inventions that last beyond comprehension and promote future stability. This Ox year sets up a framework for a legacy of good, long-lasting.

How does a Silver Ox year affect the Zodiac signs?


Rat | Sagittarius

Rat in a Silver Ox year Ox: The Rat and Ox are secret buddies. This is a match made in heaven. These two make great team partners in the zodiac signs. In the coming year Rat can expect special treatment and extra advantages even though Career luck of the North is afflicted.


Ox | Capricorn

Ox in a Silver Ox year: Ox with Ox are production partners that work hard and support administrative efforts. In the coming year the Silver Ox will be exhausted due the elements but able to find work to suit their needs and fit their criteria. Northeast scholarship has a lucky star.


Tiger | Aquarius

Tiger in a Silver Ox year: These two signs share the Northeast side of the compass with a lucky star this year for visionary work and humanitarian efforts of the brotherhood. Tiger and Ox are not love mates but work well in the same sectors. Tiger’s in the right place at the right time.


Hare | Pisces

Hare in Silver Ox year: The Hare and Ox are in the vicinity of one another but with different aims and goals. This year clashing elements leave Hare less able to fully express her talents on Ox’s strapped budget. Hare longs to build a nest for her borrow and Ox likes to graze and roam.


Dragon | Aries

Dragon in Silver Ox year: Dragon and Ox live in different cultural realms. Ox loves to be yoked to a task and Dragon prefers to be unfettered and unbound. This year Yin Metal is destructive to Yin Wood with unlucky stars. You’ll need an and intermediary like Tea time as a harmonizer.


Snake | Taurus

Snake in Silver Ox year: the Snake and Ox are part of the Mystic Triad with the Bird. This lucky combination of soulmates will lessen this year’s unlucky star and clashing elements. Snake will meet the challenge to devise novel ideas and craft new tools as the Mother of Invention.


Horse | Gemini

Horse in Silver Ox year: The Red Horse is Ox’s Peach Blossom sign. As barnyard animals these two have a good working relationship and Horse is always promoting the Ox. The elements of Metal and Fire are friends and Horse’s lucky star is a boon for these two signs.


Goat | Cancer

Goat in Silver Ox year: Goat and Ox are both barn yard animals that often compete for the same resources. This year elements are clashing to leave Goat feeling exploited and unlucky stars can add to the tensions. It’s best not butt heads and for Goats to keep a lower profile.


Monkey | Leo

Monkey in Silver Ox year: Monkey and Ox are an unlikely pair like mismatched socks. Sometimes they pull together and at other times they pull apart. This year the elements are exhausting and unlucky star upsets Monkey’s plans so it’s best to step back and stay quiet.


Bird | Virgo

Bird in Silver Ox year: Bird and Ox are part of the Mystic Triad with the Snake. These two signs are well matched and finely suited for long-term love and other interests. This year the elements are noisy but harmonize beautifully and lucky stars account for a sizable increase in wealth.


Dog | Libra

Dog in Silver Ox year: The Dog and the Ox are somewhat adversarial based on the fact that Dogs herd cattle. Cows are often bossy but they are not crazy about being bossed. This year the elements work in their favor to mold circumstances for a good fit even with unlucky stars.


Pig | Scorpio

Pig in Silver Ox year: Pig and Ox are barn yard animals with different ways and means. Pigs are empire builders and this year Pig is left to fend for resources while Ox is out looking for greener pastures. Elements harmonize unlucky stars to promote the benefits of peace and prosperity.

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