Snake Midnight Moon Lunar Eclipse | November 2021

At the stroke of midnight on the morning of Friday, November 19th at 0:59 AM Pacific Daylight time on the West coast, Earth has a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in the Snake sign. The Moon in the Serpent sign is exalted and this eclipse features an extra-tong shadow.

Audio Transcript| Full Snake Midnight Moon Lunar Eclipse – November 2021

What’s most striking about this Serpent moon is the way the Moon and Node capture the show at the top of the chart. It’s spell binding and mesmerizing, the lunar lass is a stunning beauty! Every celestial component in this chart is under the Moon’s enchantment.

The Moon has a deep, penetrating sonar that displays a treasure trove.

What do I mean by Sonar? In the many moons of our world the lunar aspect is often influenced by all the positions and alignments of the outer and inner rim planets, around it. Generally, that divides the chart grid from left to right: separating day from night.

Like an axe with a block of wood, this Moon splits the chart across the grain going the other way. One might liken it to a bend in the road, a conjuncture where something, fundamental changed.

The Moon and the Node hold all the glory in this lucky alignment to lasso’s our collective pool of celestial bodies and orchestrate a parade of planets falling under the Moon’s luminous influence.

Held in check at the lowest point on the chart the Sun, Mercury and Mars carve-out a cave shape, a deep cavern littered with glittering cosmic gems. This pocket of heaven is a rare jewel with a extra-long, exposure.

Before the Dawn

Humans gazed at our stars in search our fortunes -or as we have watched fates unfold; since the dawn of our consciousness. Eclipses bring punctuation points into the Astro dynamics of our mythic story.

Plots in life and death twist and turn as a portal to the other-side shifts the light and contrasts shadows down the corridors of space time. Such an event transmits a new picture that emerges rapidly out of this wondrous, exposure.

Eclipses often mark the passing of legendary icons and bend the cultural trends. Snakes are Yin energy, lunar eclipses are yin and this Full Moon is exalted to concentrate it’s feminine mystique into a potent, elixir of magic.

Until the next episode of the Zodiac Muse podcast, here are your Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs on the Snake Midnight, Full Moon eclipse, on November 19th.

Lucky Stars for the Zodiac signs on the Snake Full Moon.

RAT | Sagittarius

Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money Luck flies into the North Career zone in November bringing romance and adventure to Rat’s door. This special effect generates new revenue that at first seems small but adds-up to a lot more.

Lucky Rat sign has no planets or aspects at this time. Rats in a Serpent Moon are advised to stay out of the limelight and away from harm. That combination gives you a chance to rest-up get ready for the holiday charm. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Rat and Sagittarius signs for a season of joy!

OX | Capricorn

Wealth Star 8 flies into the Northeast sector of Scholarship and administration to boost the foundation. This Star will give support to everything that needs a lift with the resources to power projects for years to come.

Lucky Ox has Venus at 12 degrees and Pluto at 24 degree in the lower end of the chart. Enjoy the placid scene where all is calm and things look bright. As Venus gets closer to Pluto in the coming month things will complicated. Happy Thanksgiving to the Ox and Capricorn signs, wishing you a joyful holiday.

TIGER | Aquarius

Wealth Star 8 flies into the Northeast sector of Knowledge and power to provide lasting foundational, support for team Tiger and the Brotherhood. Patriarch Luck boosts funding to puts your best laid plans back on the fast track.

Lucky Tiger has Saturn at 6 degrees working hard behind the scenes to get more values to the people. Jupiter at 24 degrees magnifies every part of your life to expand possibilities and maximize potential. Happy Thanksgiving to the Tiger and Aquarius signs, wishing you a joyful holiday.

HARE | Pisces

Fighting Star 3 flies East to the direction of Health and Family, home to the Tree of Life. Here the Wood Star 3 is strong and expressive. Bunnies benefit by attending to their well being first. Before you take off on your next adventure catch up on chores.

Lucky Hare has all the luck for this full moon cycle with the Part of Fortune at 14 degrees and Neptune at 20 degrees. It’s a dream come true! Get ready to celebrate even if it’s just a private party. Happy Thanksgiving to the Hare and Pisces signs, wishing you a joyful holiday.

DRAGON | Aries

Peach Blossom Star 4 flies into the Southeast, the Dragon’s lair and all systems are go for increasing Abundance. Dragons host a love fest for all their family and friends as this lucky Star bring social success and Dragon wins awards for excellent, public service.

Lucky Dragon has planetoid, Chiron at 8 degrees in the outer reaches of space. This remote body makes a big impact on life saving medicine and the youthful, extension of life. Dragons are making progress so keep going. Happy Thanksgiving to the Dragon and Aries signs, wishing you a joyful holiday.

SNAKE | Taurus

Peach Blossom Star 4 flies into the Southeast direction of Income on the Serpentine Path. This is great for getting paperwork in order. It’s perfect for promoting your latest creations and winning popularity contests. Progress is suddenly lurching forward to increase financial streams that flow easily in your direction.

This Star generates a foothold in the marketplace. Novel ideas and pending projects garner resources and new bounty is discovered.

Lucky Snake has the planet Uranus at 12 degrees, the Full Moon eclipse, exalted at 27 degrees with the Node nearby to grant you access to unlock a treasure code. Serpents will be a magnetic Attractor to what ever floats their boat on this ecliptic moon.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Snake and Taurus signs, wishing you a joyful holiday.

HORSE | Gemini

Fire Star 9 flies into the South direction for Promotion and popularity in the Horse sign. When the 9 doubles it expresses lucky strikes, winner’s luck and rewards that keep on coming. Get ready to be applauded and paraded as a icon. This star flies good or bad so stay focused on the good.

Lucky Horse has the Node at 1 degree and the chart Crown at 11 degrees. Horse gets a new title that improves their status as they develop new energy that will propel us into the future. Happy Thanksgiving to the Horse and Gemini signs, wishing you a joyful holiday season.

GOAT | Cancer

Wellness Star 2 is also known as Sarp Yit or the Illness Star. But when it flies home to the Southwest it brings a well spring of opportunities in the direction of Love and harmony. The Southwest is also home to Matriarch luck and the Goats will fare best where they stay quiet and focused.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at this time. On the chart Goat is ascending to new horizons as they climb. On this full moon eclipse Goats reach a new plateau for their goals. Happy Thanksgiving to the Goat and Cancer signs, wishing you a joyful holiday season.


Wellness Star 2 also known as the Illness Star flies into the Southwest direction of Relationships and networking. This is a good time to launch new adventures in partnerships and for group projects. Monkey does best when they have plenty of rest and let the good times roll.

Lucky Monkey has no planets or aspects at this time. On the chart Monkey is rising. As Snake’s secret buddy Monkey’s in the right place at the right time to harvest the best fruits this full moon has to offer. Monkey takes the prize.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Monkey and Leo signs wishing you a joyful, holiday season.

BIRD | Virgo

Metal Star 7 flies home into the West direction of Talent and creativity. The metal star is busy making tools and adapting resources to meet the needs of the flock. Birds are testing their mettle. Avoid lawsuits and settle disagreements with cooperation and some country charm.

Lucky Bird has the Ascendant Horizon at 14 degrees. Birds are part of Snake’s Mystic Triad with the Ox so outcomes are open to opportunities that may have been missed, previously. If something comes back around go for it, now is your chance! Happy Thanksgiving to the Bird and Virgo signs wishing you a joyful, holiday season

DOG | Libra

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at this time. Dogs are at the low ebb on the chart so they shouldn’t press their luck. Instead bank your goodwill.

Victory Star 6 delivers Heaven Luck to the Dog in the Northwest location of Travel, courts and commerce. If things have gotten out-of hand or fallen off-track and it seems they may never be the same, Heaven luck arrives just when you need it most. A ray of hope shines and things do get better over time.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Dog and Libra signs, wishing you a joyful, holiday season.

PIG | Scorpio

Victory Star 6 delivers Heaven Luck to the Pig in the Northwest location of Benefits, banks and resources. This double dose of Heaven’s Luck is sure to bring good fortunes in even the most dire of circumstances. It’s a rags to riches story that’s happy, ever after.

Lucky Pig has Mars at 13 degrees, Mercury at 21 degrees and the Sun at 27 degrees. This is a hot brew of hell and high water. Urgent matters rise to the surface so Pig can remedy them to their fullest, satisfaction.

Happy Thanksgiving to the Pig and Scorpio signs wishing you a joyful, holiday season.

Coming Soon to the next episode of the Zodiac Muse:

  • Sun moves to the Rat sign on November 21st launching further explorations in our world and beyond.
  • December 3rd is a Rat New Moon | Total Solar eclipse. This marks a sharp contrast in what-was and now, what-is.
  • Flying Stars for the month of December begin on or about, the 6th.
  • December 16th is a Full Horse Moon that looks like a carousel ride in the chart so expect some fun after all this all this doom and gloom.
  • Sun moves into the Ox sign for the Winter Solstice, the High Holy mass of the seasons and the return to the light, let there be light!

This is China Rose, with all your Lucky Stars until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast!

Thank you to all my readers and listeners and to all my family, clients and friends, Happy thanksgiving. I appreciate you!