Sun Pig | 2020

Earth’s solar spot the Sun moves into the Pig sign on October 23rd. The Sun governs status and image. Pig are famous epicureans of delights with an air of nobility. Their grit and courage is a legendary force of nature to be reckoned with.

William Randolph Hearst was born in the year of the Pig and the month of the Snake.

As the 12th sign on the wheel the Pig presides over the alchemy of life, death, sex, rebirth, dark secrets and Karmic debts. It governs inheritances, hard assets and of course banks and the winning of jackpots.

Death Mask

As the Sun spot makes it’s annual crossing over into the Pig sign it features a rare celestial event. A conjunction with a retrograde Mercury going the other way sends the Quicksilver planet back into the Dog for unfinished business and to put things to rest.

This “passing” will occur on October 25th in the midday for the East and around noon in the West. The Sun’s connection with self-image and Mercury’s androgynous essence is an unpredictable mess. This transit backward through the Pig happens in the corridor between life and death. It’s akin to a Death Mask where a fate is sealed. Look for unsolved mysteries, skullduggery and lost treasures to be revealed.

Timing Is Everything

Extra caution is advised on this tumultuous timeline as Karmic debts come due, like margin calls in the marketplace and transportation snafus. Reversals of fortune can happen fast, unexpectedly and without sympathy. Living high on the hog without a consciousness for others can lead to a stunning, slaughter of sorts, when this axe falls in the following days.

Sacrifices and tributes must be paid. If you have cleaned your slate then rejoice for Good Fortune will spare you this distressing event. Blessed are the meek, they shall inherit the Earth. Matthew 5:5, the Beatitudes.

Boars Head

The Grail myth and the biblical story of Salome have two things in common, that are right-up Pig’s alley. They both offer a head on a platter with sexual wiles and political intrigues intertwined. One would be wise to take the Pig’s time of sacrifice and atonement seriously.

Anyone who doubts the Pig’s grip on life and death can look to the seasons of time immemorial. With the passing of Fall to Winter season there’s the cold cuts of the scythe that bring celebrations of death, not life:

Halloween, Hallows Eve, Day of the Dead and All Saints Day all form a parade and processions through the Pigs realm. It’s a spooky, kooky, uncanny and magically beguiling time to let the ghouls out. The Pig bears an intense and intriguing story-line down through history.

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Seasons Change

Each of the Zodiac animals have different chemistry with the Pig. Here are your Lucky Zodiac signs of the times, for this season of change in the month of the illustrious and enigmatic Pig in the year 2020.

Rat | Sagittarius


The Rat is the Peach Blossom Animal for the Pig and the Compassion Triad with the Goat and Hare. So there is little doubt these two can have fun and find plenty to do to keep themselves entertained at home and busy in the boardroom, too.

Finances can be tedious when Rats are feeling stingy and Pigs tend to be extravagant. Both are clever and witty. They share a penchant for conservation and preservation. At times they can create a nest of troubles or in the right circumstances: craft a love match, made in heaven.

Ox | Capricorn


The Ox are part of the barnyard set and as such they get along good with all the other animals on the farm. Pigs are certainly easy to be with and fit in with a shared interest. But on their own Pigs and Ox can be a tug of war. Pig’s are tenacious and the Ox is as stubborn as a mule so they really aren’t the best partners or love interest. There will be need for compromise.

The Ox would need to let go of their ego or themes will be revisited that cannot be resolved in one go. Pigs can out-grease the Ox being slippery on their toes, so Ox will need to get a move-on to keep up. Cows are docile and steady while Pigs have a wild-side they don’t try to hide.

Tiger | Aquarius


Tiger and the Pig are super-secret buddies. These two have an affinity that runs wild and deep. They may or may not be the ideal love partners depending on their supporting signs. Regardless, they can be the best roommates and make a tight knit family, tribe. Both signs have a strong individualist streak yet they can be quite supportive whenever the need arises.

Better than boot strap molasses these two will stick together and pull toward better ends. If you want someone you can trust the Pig will keep your secrets dear. Tigers can be ferocious and so Pigs should steer clear when big cats are on the prowl. When the coast is clear they will be lounging poolside to share in the spoils and bring you good cheer.

Hare | Pisces


The Hare and the Pig are part of the Compassion Triad with the Goat. They are considered excellent mates for any long term relationship. These two are top-notch, Artsy creative types that can build harmony and happiness together, long-lasting. As gypsies on the go or CEO’s in an ice cream store they offer glad tidings, galore.

As best friends, partners or a couple this auspicious combination promotes human interest and provides support for any group that needs them. They can weave a wild tale and brighten up the doomiest, gloom. If you seek adventure this is your forever pal. They are zodiac soup for the soul in or out of the kitchen and are the ones who are endlessly inspiring for any kind of show on the road or fashion bazaar. They are hedonists with bohemian hearts.

Dragon | Aires


Dragon’s LOVE their pigs. They adore them in fact. These two are not soul mates or nest builders but they do carry on to beat the band and get into all sorts of theatricals. The tribal kinship dates back to ancient history and they harbor affinities that others lack.

Usually Dragons like to get something for nothing but Pig’s get a pass and because they possess an astounding and unpredictable courage that will go with you to hell and back in case you need to retrieve something when the chips are up or down. These two can have a falling out, but will fall right back-in, again when the time is right.

Snake | Taurus


The alchemy of these two opposing forces is legendary. They are not considered compatible and represent Yin intrinsically yin combined. Yin forces are considered dark arts, feminine, weak and often hidden beneath the surface. In the IChing all the lines of the hexagram are broken.

When combined the yin is more powerful than Yang just like grass breaks concrete to overcome all obstacles for success. Opposing forces of nature can be harnessed with proper know how. The idealism that one must sometimes “burn your boats” in order to go forward to success is based on this concept of combining unlike, forces. It’s a Masters work.

Pablo Picasso was born in the year of the Snake and the month of the Pig.

Horse | Gemini


The Horse and Pig are not a strong combination unless you are in politics. These two go their own way. Pigs can be theatrical and Horses purely, pragmatic. They pull their weight, stick to their own stations and rarely like to co-mingle. Pigs may go along for the ride and Horses do love the finer things in life but their sensibilities and cold, realities don’t mesh over time.

They are great siblings and team players. Both are domesticated with a wild side and can find common ground to cover. But as partners or lovers they have different values that may lead to trouble in paradise. Horse are out making the rounds while Pig’s prefer to stay well, reserved.

Goat | Cancer


Pigs and Goats are part of the Compassion Triad with the Hare. For this reason they are a matched pair. Goats can find grace, harmony and endless delights in tune with a Pig person. These two are peas in a pod and often like to indulge their every whim.

Pigs and Goats are well suited to make a happy home or take a creative venture to the moon. Both have artsy ideals and artistic goals. They are glad to share and have time to spare for each other. They can be too intertwined and benefit by gifting each other space which makes the heart grow fonder, rather than wander.

Monkey | Leo


Monkey and Pig, what an unlikely pair. These two can be fast to jump into bed with each other (real or metaphorically) then fizzle fast like yesterday’s Champagne. Once the sun comes up the daylight reveals they have competing interests and mismatched, desires.

However there are times these two can team up for some fun and succeed long-term when the Spirit moves them. Monkeys like to play pig games but pig’s don’t like to bear the brunt of the joke or be a pig-in-a-poke. With mutual respect they can create a winning combination.

Bird | Virgo


This set of barnyard buddies mix really well in group but may run amuck when they are left to their own devices. Birds like to hunt and peck at every detail and Pigs are always rooting around looking for the heart of the matter. These two are rarely ever enemies but they do have different ways of doing things.

To each his own. They both can get annoyed and fly off the handle with Bird’s showy nature and Pig’s homebody, soul. Mostly though Pig’s refuse to take orders when Bird’s try to rule the roost which ruffles a few feathers and bristles the Pig’s mode.

Dog | Libra


Dogs and Pigs share the Northwest Palace in the Feng Shui grid. They can often be found cohabiting as siblings, friends, roommates or lovers and their saga never seems to end.

Truth be told they do make the best of confidants but Pigs like to keep their secrets and Dogs are always giving them away. So there’s that to consider. Both signs co-exist in the Northwest palace and have the base element of Metal so they have loads of chemistry together.

Pig | Scorpio


Pigs are soloists and mavericks so they don’t normally come in pairs or herds. In most instances they don’t flock or blend like some of the other worldly, creatures. Of course there are always exceptions and caveats where a pig is concerned and they can amass an audience without even trying.

Mostly, the Boar-born will do as they please, as it suits them. Pigs can fit into the scene, but even then, they often stand out. Stout or lean they are often described by others as striking individuals that are immanently unique and prefer to forge their own path. To be a Pig person is to live on the fringe or to simply to seek your own peace. The Dali Lama is a Wood Pig.

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  • Mercury moves to the Dog October 25th and returns forward on November 3rd, Election Day in the US.
  • Full Blue Moon in the Serpent on Hallows Eve, October 31st.
  • Monthly Flying Stars change November 6th.
  • New Moon and Sun in the Pig November 14th and Mars returns from retrograde in the Dragon making for a dynamic celestial event
  • A Lunar Eclipse in the Horse is coming November 29th as Neptune returns from retrograde in the Hare.

Be safe and stay well. Until we see again may good fortunes shine on you and yours!!

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