Sun Zero Moon

Full Horse Moon | Zero degrees.

The Sun in the Rat and the Moon in the Horse are both at Zero degrees when the Full Moon rises on November 22nd at 9:41 PDT. They are at opposite sides of a north-south, axis on the poles. This brings stark contrast, into sharp relief.

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Full Moon enters Horse | Zero degrees.

What does it mean? A Rat Sun and Horse Moon hit Zero on the cosmic clock, at opposite ends of our poles? It’s a huge plot, twister that turns the tables and reverses tides. The zero-effect of total emptiness is unique on a Thanksgiving holiday, moon. The contrast seems contradictory. At this place of total-empty, we see into the eternal, reflecting glass to cast a new mold. We can reflect our true-self and highest ambitions, or something else. We choose what we see: lack or plenty.

Past: Moon Glide

On Earth’s last, cosmic episode we had a New Moon in the Pig at the tip of an iceberg. It landed on Scorpio’s tail as planet Jupiter, transited to the Rat. This ended a 12-year reign. The Pig is one of the most ancient glyph’s on the cosmic, wheel. It returns life to death, and brings death, to life, as a force of nature to be reckoned. Since the dawn of all-known, humanity, wherever you choose to start it; humans exist on Earth because of our moon.

Present: Mercury went Retro!

In the wee hours past midnight, Venus returned to forward motion on November 16th  and later that evening, Mercury, turned retrograde. This aspect has a deep, feminine resolve akin to the Goddess Durga. She seeks balance by laying waste to the wrong path. Commerce, transportation and the courts collide in a spiral of demise. Never quite joining up with Venus in the Pig, when Mercury returns direct it rolls back to the Rat to merge with Jupiter and the Sun with rave reviews.

Mother Goddess

The two signs, Venus and Mercury now face each other on a fast track that both weakens and stabilizes Mercury’s position, while boosting Venus. Sometimes we give up too much and get nothing. This aspect will reveal brighter and stronger prospects from the ashes of defeat. The goddess provides help and wisdom to earthlings who inquire. Quicksilver Mercury will pave the way for lady Venus to stage a processional, return to order.

Lucky Stars:

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Lucky Rat

Rat | Sagittarius

Flying Stars: Money luck and small miracles saves the day and makes a little, go a long way! Share and good multiples.

Planets and Aspects: Sun, Jupiter and Mercury, retrograde. Power plays and intrigue are the main theme as Mercury gets ready to roll over on both Jupiter and the Sun. This will underscore some rather drama shifts in the poles and polarity. Like a rug getting pulled or a magic carpet ride, either way, or a bit of both; this is the watermark of change you’ve been looking for.

Lucky Ox

Ox | Capricorn

Flying Stars: Treasure Star flies in to boost the bank and exchange rates for your lucky, bucks!

Planets and Aspects: Saturn and Pluto are keeping a safe distance but they both must realize that eventually something must be done to resolve the gap. It will take an olive branch and a bridge. Time will tell.

Lucky Tiger

Tiger | Aquarius

Flying Stars: Wealth luck is boosted by the Treasure Star flies and boost the bang for your buck!

Planets and Aspects: Part of Fortune brings unexpected funds to the table and adds more to your bounty to your pantry.

Lucky Hare

Hare | Pisces

Flying Stars: Fighting Star brings clashing elements to excess. Quiet time is advised.

Planets and Aspects: Chiron is retrograde as Mars is gaining ground on Lord Neptune (retrograde) on the outer rim. Pots boil over on this cosmic stove so keep a tight lid on things, at a slow simmer and you’ll be pleased with a savory, stew. Don’t let pressures get overblown with to much heat, or hell fire and damnation! This too shall pass. Mars has energy to spare but also portends some rough, weeks ahead. Take it in stride, you have Chiron on your side.

Lucky Dragon

Dragon | Aires

Flying Stars: Peach Blossom Star brings you academic success and popularity quotient to improve your profile.

Planets and Aspects: Uranus is back but not to stay, just to wreck havoc and make sure you are not expecting to ever go back to your past. It’s challenging for now, but not for ever. You’ll master this magic and find a way forward. Mend fences but don’t bend rules, do what’s right for the greater good.

Lucky Snake

Snake | Taurus

Flying Stars: Peach Blossom Star brings you academic success and a popularity quotient that places you in the front row.

Planets and Aspects: None at present.

Lucky Horse

Horse | Gemini

Flying Stars: The ripening Star of Fulfillment can go in a positive or negative direction, so don’t let things get out of chand and go with the flow.

Planets and Aspects: Zero Full Moon saves grace and comes to the rescue. Our lady of compassion, is in fashion.

Lucky Goat

Goat | Cancer

Flying Stars: The Illness Star is on a bent that has you held-up and/or waiting for more tests or procedures. A new regiment will help remedy what ails you and put a bounce, back in your step.

Planets and Aspects: True Node is back sliding on a process of adjustments you might be experiencing. Ultimately it will help you find your footing, sure and true where you are comfortable. The key you hold may be rustic but it brings access to your loftier goals. Take the time you need, go slow.

Lucky Monkey

Monkey | Leo

Flying Stars: The Illness Star is on a bent that has you held-up and going in for more tests or procedures. This allows you to set things straight and remedy what ails you.

Planets and Aspects: Monkey wins Lucky Bingo on the Ascendant horizon of the zero moon. Pay dirt can’t come soon enough after a month of tough luck stars, a windfall smooths over the cracks and creases in the budget.

Lucky Bird

Bird | Virgo

Flying Stars: Danger Star brings a cautionary warning to be ready for the worst and always prepare for the best. This is a great time for a holiday or extended visit to faraway places you long to see.

Planets and Aspects: None at present.

Lucky Dog

Dog | Libra

Flying Stars: Victory Star of triumph brings help when help was almost despaired of. Count your blessing regardless of how few or many they are, they all count for something.

Planets and Aspects: Venus is nearing her departure, her bags are already packed and she’s bolting for the door. Your extended Venus transit has yielded opportunities for partnerships with great potential. It’s time to change course and look for a novel approach to your old dogma.

Lucky Pig

Pig | Scorpio

Flying Stars: Victory Star of Triumph brings help and Heaven luck in a silver lining you can fly, drive, build and bank on. Plans are unfolding that offer benefits and compensation.

Planets and Aspects: Venus the planet of love and luxe will enter your sign soon and she take the edge off a raw deal, to expands the realm of your possibilities, immediately.

Future Path:

Cross roads coming on the New Rat Moon Get set to reverse trends and shift gears on the grid. Flying Stars change, Mercury returns and the Moon conjoins Jupiter and the Sun in the Rat, all on one day: December 6th. It’s a big, bonanza and wild card of aspects.

Coming Soon to KittySol: New Rat Moon, Dec 6th.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, subscribers & share-a-likes. China Rose and Kittysol, appreciate you!!

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