Super Tiger Moon

White Tiger

White Tiger

Super Tiger ~ Full Moon on July 22, 2013.

We have another full, supra-moon and this one lands in the Tiger zone on July 22, 2013. This moon becomes full as a Day Moon in the west. It will reach its maximum fullness point at around noon time.

Because this happens on the curve of our moons closest proximity to Earth it is called a supra moon in our modern era. It’s a very fitting namesake for this full moon. This one is destined to shed light on topics long hidden from our view.

Key watch points will be water, banking, buried secrets, hidden treasure, love relationships, self-image, awareness, education, and a whole host of personal and professional responsibilities.

Perigee's Full Moon, July 22, 2013 by Anthony Ayiomamitis

Perigee’s Full Moon, July 22, 2013 by Anthony Ayiomamitis

The context will be the total destruction of what is holding up our progress in these areas and directions. All of these topics will hit home base where the magma surfaces.

What does that mean? Keep an eye on the temperature gauge in every clime and manage those tiny details you’ve let slide.

Things we thought don’t matter, were laid to waste or appeared long dead will again rise up and awaken us!

Overshadowing or perhaps targeting all of these topics will be the planet Mars and his bulls-eye overlay of hellfire and brimstone. This kind of conjunction brings in the big guns. Or from another perspective the Earth movers and shakers roll on in where angels fear to tread.



The best way to define that sequence is already well stated in ancient biblical texts. It has been written that “when the angels go out the Archangels come in” and this can be quite disarming at the early onset. What seemed to be settled by default can suddenly brings a tidal change of revelations.

The current Mars conjunction with planet Jupiter happens over an extended time-frame around a Grand, water trine with the compassionate animal triad.

The three signs: the wild Hare (Pisces, fish, cat and rabbits), the wild Boar (pig, Scorpio and eagle) and the meadow Deer (goat, sheep, and cancer) form the compassionate triad of the Taoist zodiacal system. It’s their turn to take the helm.

Of course the planet Uranus (chaos) is still holding onto his nasty square configuration in the Dragon sign. While he has blown hard his storyline is getting warped out of shape and has already started to splinter and brake off in shards.

Pig, Goat and Hare

Pig, Goat and Hare

This shift will bring a huge descent in the rank and files. The death-defying accounting portion is just about to begin. What you thought was done is turning itself over to reveal another side. What you resist will persist…

Thanks to our lady luck, Venus as she enters the bird sign this aspect sharpens an auditors pencil in the cosmic grind. Watch out for that little prick! You may go to work and find that your goose is already cooked long before dinner.

Our lady (planet Venus) lands in the bird simultaneously whilst our sun spot moves on over to take care of some monkey business gone awry. The wind shifts and the wheel turns to toss aside the status quo and make room for our better ends to grow.

Lady Luck comic

Lady Luck crime fighter & adventuress

This is most easily defined by a concept oft overlooked in our current times of sloth and slime. They are known as the Beatitudes and they fit these grand aspects resolutely.

This set of ideals are a completely different device about life and how to conduct oneself while here as a participant. The compassionate triad is hardly to be taken as weak or light. Though seemingly passive its godlike powers are motivating and vindicating beyond belief.

Its presence-of-mind will bring not victims but rather martyrs and diehards, or those willing to tow the line, into stark relief with the rest of our world.

Chi Rho Monogram in the Book of Kells

Chi Rho Monogram in the Book of Kells

Rather than a trap, as where victims are laid low, this unleashes the inner soul. The soul comes into its own divinity to make manifest a measure of mercy in an outward fashion.

Okay that’s some pretty heavy stuff but anyone who has had a cross to bear will attest to a need for a reckoning, and that it can sometimes be a long and convoluted time in coming. How one conducts their self in the interim clearly defines their ultimate outcome.

On the upside of this tale…

Overtime fractional interest and margins divide to build magnificent fortunes that stand the test of time. And it can happen in the blink-of-an-eye. That’s why the meek inherit the Earth and the persecuted sometimes survive.

Empress, St. Adelaide

Empress, St. Adelaide

In the now, cry babies (cowards) will be sent home and the courageous will triumph against all odds. Victims are part of another department and though long suffering they might only bring increased hostility to their plight when echoing a wolf cry.

With Mars hotfooted out of the horse sign a few weeks ago the victim-role risks overplaying their hand and it can sour the milk.

Those who cry most often without checking the stats and facts, without making an effort to find harmony beyond their complaining, may end up being viewed or stewed as cowards. They may get sent back through the wash cycle.

It may come to pass that if one had more than a chance and failed to embrace it – or at least give other measures a good try they may be seen as undeserving. If no good offers have passed-by or were hindered then there’s no need to cry about it. Keep an eye out for the next opportunity and prepare to advance on it.

Buddhist Hell, Burmese temple painting

Buddhist Hell, Burmese temple painting

I’m just saying woe-to-thee who uses emotional blackmail as a means to an end, as a way to stop the river from flowing and going into new paths. If you cling to the past to have your way in the short-term you can bet the delayed pay-due has got a long-run up ahead. Relying on that kind of methodology can backfire on you.

On the flip side if you use your best efforts and bide your time through a rough patch, that way or the Tao of thinking and doing can roll the dice in your favor.

Resiliency and consistency coupled with ingenuity and initiative are creative words you might not understand if you failed at your due diligence. Virtues are earned, not spurned in this climate.

Accepting responsibility for our own part, right or wronged, helps each of us to become courageous in finding a solution rather than focusing on the problem. This is the goal and a chief component that strikes a harmonic cord in the up and coming cycles.

Apollo 11 F-1 Engine recovered

Apollo 11 F-1 Engine recovered

Look what the big cat dragged in… in this case what appears as trash is actually treasure. But this aspect can come in many flavors spread across a wider spectrum.

This moon also helps us to resolve and solve long standing issues so that we can move on to bigger fish and approach the untried to discover new truths. Bottom line, dirty secrets are tough to find and can be complex to examine.

For example the serial numbers that launched Earth’s space exploration (for all of humanity) are written on it’s wreckage. But they were hidden from view due to extensive decay. Using some extra-efforts, a black-light with a filtered x-ray revealed the number sequence needed to prove its provenance.

And this was done before jumping the gun on the find. Prudence is a virtue.

Venus-Regulus with Jupiter Mars conjunct

Venus-Regulus with Jupiter Mars conjunct

In this moon cycle the revelation can happen in broad daylight, right in front of you. The only way to prepare for that is to have banked your goodwill and cultivated your virtues. Before the corruption takes hold, brake the mold.

“Dead bodies float” is a term used as a metaphor to describe what is wrongfully or long hidden will eventually rise up and reveal itself. In many situations it might reveal its ugly, dirty secrets in full view when least expected or at the most inappropriate way or time. Usually, in most cases people already knew or simply ignored the signs.

While this may be a rather morose way to explain this “effect” I think it fits. Practically guaranteed, this moon will unveil unexpected revelations!

This full moon phase begins on the 21st of July, comes to a head in the day on the 22nd and leads to a new moon on August 6, 2013 in the wily sign of the Monkey.

Better start practicing your jungle rhythms to get ready for that action.

Kerne Hula Girls

Kerne Hula Girls

Here are your lucky stars for the full, Super Moon on July 22, 2013.

Since it’s summertime (in my hemisphere) and we have such outstanding alignments {like never seen before} I’m giving you the planetary line-up out in a field of dreams with all their possibilities.

Good Luck Sign

Good Luck Sign

Until next post… shine on.

Rat ~ Sagittarius

Making calls to high heaven may seem like a lost cause to your significant others but actually this may turn out to be your saving grace. The whole month is a bit soggy around the edges and you may need to allow time for things to get better. Work on an improved set-up, overall. This may be only a rather minor concern unless you have ignored the symptoms. The major issue is with contamination. Keep your streams of consciousness clear to avoid poisoning the wellspring. With proper rest and keeping up on your maintenance schedule things look ship shape in the extended view. Make up your own mind and stay well, away from the fray. Whimsy will keep you company.

Ox ~ Capricorn

Pluto (fate), (retrograde) is in stark opposition to our Jupiter (increase) and Mars (energy) conjunction.

Time is on your side. Days of glory are still bound-up in a larger story and in order to make those values known you will get a chance to express more about the whys and the wherefores. The tide will turn and the fires will burn brightly, adorning you. This kind of love will curry you favors with majestic rulers. Polish the crown of your hearts desire and put down the uprising. The opposition is fierce and the stakes are high but the lucky stars will not tan your hide if you stand your ground. Instead they will set a wreath upon your forehead and take you for a ride to the place of your grand designs. This is a watermark in time so don’t let the masses divide you.

Tiger ~ Aquarius

Hosting our 3rd Super full moon (moods) of 2013.

You have some super, lucky stars going all-out day and night to shine a spot light on your best agenda. Whip up a big batch of wishes and dreams with cookies and cream. You can draw upon this advantage as the universe comes calling with the color, style and shape of your destiny. The long term has got your name written in its history to solve the bigger mystery. You know that one that is set before you right now. Tap out that last bit of energy to set things straight, don’t let one minute got to waste. The intermission is not a holiday until you have your best buddies hanging there with you. Don’t leave anyone behind in your wake. If in doubt about anything now is the right moment in time to speak your mind rather than drift off endlessly in silence.

Hare ~ Pisces

Planet Neptune (harmony), (retrograde), and the comet Chiron (healer) (retrograde) are aligned in a Grand Trine.

Everything is peachy keen in this neck of the woods. Lucky stars sparkle and shine in the love nest like nobodies business has ever done before. There is a steady vibe headed in the right direction. I’d say yes and really mean it for a good, long time. The only drawbacks come when there is too much useless chatter on the line and idle hearsay can have a pretty nasty backbite. Mend the riff posthaste and stick to the golden mean. Heed the wisdom of Aristotle, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know” unquote. Good luck has got all your duckies in a nice, neat row so take that ship to shore and score big all the way to the bank.

Dragon ~ Aries

Uranus (chaos), (retrograde) is still holding it’s own in a very tough square.

What goes up must come down and if you are riding high be ever vigilant that you don’t take a nose dive. If you are inching your way back up the stairway to heaven then step by step will bring things back on track and keep the chain from slipping offline this time. The numbers don’t lie but they can be skewed so don’t trust your first view of things. Use your instincts with more than just a passing glance. Get help from a pro and do a thorough vetting before placing any bets. The days of greater glory are soon dawning so play catch-up on your beauty sleep and prepare for a rich bounty. Stay off the auction treadmill and make charity your best friend to come calling.

Serpent ~ Taurus

The twist and turns of a wider dividing line have got a big surprise in store for the all-new serpentine pathway. Sequential numbers flow in both directions to accrue huge sums over an extended period of sublime. But for now the construction zone is still ongoing. Luck stars say the the slopes looks slippery and the skids needs a good greasing. Get all that done while sticking to the posted speed limit to make good use of this valuable course correction. Cut out any wasted efforts or mismatched items that don’t fit the larger framework. Paint a picture that recreates the iconic design of your mastermind. But don’t let the status quo tie up the line or you’ll be blindsided by stagnation. Use your imagination or take the advise that is supplied by angels.

Horse ~ Gemini

Fire and ice are often thought of as archenemies but in these lucky stars they are frenemies that work to your greatest benefit. The thing that was your worst mistake suddenly can be reconfigured and reconstructed into a transitional opportunity. Sounds a bit looney tunes and a tad cartoonish, I know. But if you are going to be all grim and daper about things then your machinations will never fly off the ground. To pitch this ball into a home run you need the right team players. Roll up your pants and wade into the pond as deep as it goes to retrieve that lucky charm you recently discarded. Find it and bring the magic back to your bonfires. If you do the luck stars will be long lasting and ever so enchanted to do your biding. Without it, you are toast.

Goat ~ Cancer

Planet Mercury (messenger) recently returned from retrograde motion and is now on cruise control until August 8th. Jupiter (increase) and Mars (energy) are collectively conjoined for several days where sparks will ignite most intensely on the 21st and 22nd of July. These crimson embers will get you through a very dark night.

A Grand Trine of the gift giving kind, plus an extreme opposition on the other-side mark this as an extraordinary turning point in your timeline. The days are numbered and the luck stars are stacked in the wrong direction. This is a great time to make a serious attitude adjustment. Don’t stand on pretensions as they will crumple when you least expect it. The water is murky with bad moods and the weeds are overgrown in a place where once there were sparkling streams and blossoming meadows. Need I say more? Don’t let any past mistakes or misgivings guide you, let them die, once and for all. Then a new day can be born again and again, and every morning will be a glory.

Monkey ~ Leo

The Sun (image) is now in the sign where the Monkey shines!

You will need all the good graces you can muster to stop this filibuster of endless bad press. The luck stars are not in the right state of affairs to offer you any extra chances. Though apologies and olive branches seem to go against your standard policy you may need to rethink and rewind. The worst part is that you are not even close to being out of the woods yet. Yes, I know you think the coast is clear now that the golden rays of light are shinning on you again. But the cost and the toll are above and beyond what you have paid up in goodwill. It’s time to pick-up that banana peel and get back to the business of being on your best behavior. With these funky stars only you can be your savior. Better get cracking on those nuts and don’t leave any shells behind or below.

Bird ~ Virgo

Our lady Venus (love & luxe) moves into the bird sign on the day of the full moon.

Get out your bikini wraps and cover-up all the over-exposed skin and bones. After swinging from the vines in the Monkey sign, planet Venus, our lady of luckiness is expected to be modestly prim and proper through the transit time in your sign. Cautionary tales are posted far and wide for anyone who crosses over the line of decency. The birds are watching. Your lucky stars have great legs so go dancing and high step your way into a high wire act. But remember to cross your tees and dot your eyes or there will be hell to pay when the music stops. Use your power of courtship to get the convictions that set the record straight and laced, the way you like it. The cutbacks are essential to everyone’s best interest and to avoid a messy firing line.

Dog ~ Libra

The luck stars are asking that you don’t take any undue risks or ask for any special advantage. Bide your time and spend it with a causal air of self preservation and rarefied simplicity to avoid publicity into matters of the unknown variety. Luck stars are on hiatus and temporarily out of commission. Hot diggity dog is on a stick and in a hard place until the requisite papers are put in order and the clearing house has been accomplished. Travel light and take heed of any warning signs to lighten-up or make a rest stop. The luck stars are tipping the scales on your side but the surface clutter is keeping it from making a full swing in the correct direction. Be sure you have battened down the hatches and tied up any loose ends before setting sail to your new horizons.

Pig ~ Scorpio

Saturn (time) and the North node (key) Trine on.

The pebble in the shoe, the squeaky wheel and that pesky grain of sand may be annoying you beyond belief in these trying times and desperate moments. But they actually are a necessary component to find your promised land. Cryptic messages are not exactly the clue you have been searching for. But there is a message in the bottle and it will answer all your questions if and when you find it. The key is the node and with that key lies the way through. The north node is a loophole or a catch phrase, its a sing-song or a ding dong, its that other, special something like an ah-ha moment. Lucky stars add up when you subtract the odd bits away. Remove the bumps and clumps to smooth out and slow down to a brilliant finish line. Yeah, it seems counter intuitive and it takes forever but what else can you do? I ask you. Just keep going, don’t stop now – you’ll get it, if you keep working the equation.

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