April Flying Stars 2021

The Monthly Flying Stars change patterns on April 5th. How do the Flying Stars align in the month of April for the luck of your Life?

April Flying Stars Podcast

Audio Transcript | April Flying Stars Podcast

April Flying Stars

April by it’s historical context is still a bit of a mystery but some things are known for certain. April represents the month of “opening” to denote Spring. And is attributed to the veneration of the Goddess Venus and virile fortunes as ordained by the Sibylline Oracle dating to 220 BC.

Heart Center Affliction

In April the Heart Center is afflicted with the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 flying into the Center Palace. This Earthy energy can be very hard on relationships and especially for the planet. Mainly it’s characterized by competing factions and the exploitation of resources. Humans may struggle to find common ground until we discover that harmony is a worthwhile practice.

With the negative Sha Chi of the Fighting Star 3 the Earth element is weakened. This can give the false impression that things are worse than they really are. People often want to talk about their troubles but in this instance the less said the better.

Feel Better

In tough situations of the heart, ask yourself, do I have to take-this-to-heart, or can I practice stillness and find peace, in the quiet? We recommend to practice letting bad feelings go without forming an attachment to them. Spend time feeling good by communing with nature. The best way to combat this tough luck is to choose to feel better regardless of life’s challenges.

This month the flying Star afflictions may allow bad feelings to get the better of you. And you can choose to harmonize with the good by letting negativity go. Don’t cling to the storm clouds, shine-on with a sunny disposition that survives the worst and you’ll fortunate in more ways than one.

How do April’s Flying Stars fly align on the compass directions and for all the Zodiac animal signs? Let’s listen and find out.


KittySol Rat


April Flying Stars in the North direction of Career and for the Rat signs are Lucky with the Wealth Star 8. The Monthly Star 8 combines with the Unlucky Annual Star 2 of Illness for an Auspicious Special called the lucky Sum of Ten. This combination is said to overcome every obstacle for success. You don’t have to do much to make this happen.

But you can activate this Star with water features like a floating flower and displaying natural crystals. This good fortune arrives by preparing for the Wealth God. That’s done by simply setting the table, dressing for success and do what needs-to-be-done in anticipation that good will arrive.

Don’t frighten your fortunes by setting up limitations with skepticism or discussing budgetary constraints. Open yourself up to what good life can bring when you rise to a higher vibration.


KittySol Ox
Kittysol Tiger

Ox | Tiger

April Flying Stars in the Northeast direction of Administration and Scholarship and for the Ox and Tiger signs are Lucky with the Victory Star 6 delivering your hearts desires and beating out the competition. Combined with the Annual Ripening Star 9 equals 15 to form a powerful Ho Tu combination.

The Northeast direction lucky special Ho Tu combination makes everything good, bigger! It’s said to be supremely fortunate for big money luck! You can help activate this Star in different ways but the method I like best is to use the Banner, one of Buddha’s Eight Treasures.

Fly your favorite banner or wear some fun flare that signifies teams, groups and affiliations that have positive connotations. Or wear a beautiful scarf. The banner will catch a lucky breeze to excite the chi for your most favorable fortunes.


Kittysol Hare


April Flying Stars in the East direction of Health and Family and for the Hare signs are Lucky with the Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money luck. This powerful water star improves career opportunities and increases your love interest. To give it a booster add some shimmer and shine to everyday life.

A little glint and glitter goes a long way to further fairy fortunes and get you noticed with a romantic vibe. Even small miracles can help ends meet in the middle. The 1 Star let’s you put your foot forward and makes life a little rosier.

This progressive star is great for making big life changes in small steps and for striking out in new directions, a little at a time. If you’ve been waiting to move forward here is your green light.


Kittysol Dragon

Dragon | Snake

April Flying Stars in the Southeast direction of Abundance and Income and for the Dragon and Snake signs are Unlucky with the Illness Star 2 bringing health concerns and draining your reserves. Symbols for the elixir of life and a holistic lifestyle can lesson the load.

The Annual Accident Star 5 is also Unlucky so you’ll need cures to offset this rocky road. One good option is to use a light weight, wind chime to brake up the negative energy and promote positive aspirations that flow. My best advice is to stay the course with plans you already have in place. Don’t despair, the situation will evolve.

Drink tea and practice mindfulness to soothe discordant patterns for health and finance. Stay poised and ready. Come May lucky stars will fly your way, lasting, all summer long.


Kittysol Horse


April Flying Stars in the South direction of Fame and Promotion and for the Horse signs are Unlucky with the Danger Star 7 causing calamity and chaos. This Star is troublesome but it’s tempered by the Lucky, Annual 1 Star of Money, Love and Miracles which can exhaust the elements to reduce any harms done.

Your best course of action is to law low and wait it out. You can use a bright light with a soft shade to elevate the energy and ward off bumps in the night. Next month you’ll get a chance to step out in style, so hold back for now.


Kittysol Goat
KittySol Monkey

Goat | Monkey

April Flying Stars in the Southwest direction of Love and Relationships and for the Goat and Monkey signs are Lucky with the Ripening Star 9 bringing Wish Fulfillment. Dreams can come true and new opportunities will bloom in every brilliant, hue.

This year the Annual Star 3 is Unlucky but the Monthly Star 9 is a Fire Star that burns off any excess entanglements. You’ll get a chance to mend some fences and set things straight for anything that’s gone astray, or off the rails.

To accentuate the positive aspects use candles and incense and offer prayers of gratitude to boost lucky aspects without tempting the fates, or offending the Grand Duke. This year the Grand Duke Jupiter opposes you in the Northeast direction so avoid confrontations if you’d like to sail-off into the sunset, happily ever-after.


KittySol Pig


April Flying Stars in the West direction of Talent, Creativity and Children and for the Bird signs are Unlucky with the Accident Star 5 causing trials, tribulations and unexpected distress. This Star needs a cure and prefers peace and quiet.

The Annual Wealth Star 8 can improve finances and has positive effects when you don’t make things worse by aggravating difficult circumstances. A good approach to the 5 Star is to not attempt major life changes or take any unnecessary risk.

You can add a fresh, leafy green plant on the West side to reduce some of the unstable earth elements. Stay focused and grounded. Tend to the basics and avoid going out on a limb. I’ve found this Star to be most problematic when people are anxious and push too hard to get things done. Stay clam and collected until this dust-up settles.


KittySol Pig

Dog | Pig

April Flying Stars in the Northwest direction of Travel and Benefits and for the Dog and Pig signs are Lucky with the Peach Blossom Star 4 of academic success and social luck. Good things evolve by laying the groundwork and following through.

This Star is a social butterfly’s friend. It’s great for launching projects, applying for positions and polishing your profile. It’s the PR Star that opens doors and leads you in the right direction.

This Star inspires love and romance as a universal concept. Your improved status puts the wheels in motion to drive success down your avenue. You can activate this good fortune with bright, bold colors and carry a golden charm.

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  • April 11th is a Dragon New Moon and Sun.
  • April 19th the Sun enters the Snake sign.
  • April 26th is a Pig Full Moon.
  • April 27th Pluto goes retrograde in the Ox sign.

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Lucky Irish Blessing

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