Blood Dragon Moon

Blood Dragon | poster by China Rose

Blood Dragon | poster by China Rose

On the night of September 27th to the morning of the 28th we have a rare, Dragon Blood, Supra, Total, Lunar Eclipse, Harvest, Full Moon event that is sure to be spectacular!

Dragon Blood

Lantern | papercut

Lantern | paper cut

Dragons are head of the Ruling Triad with the Rat and Monkey signs. True to form this dragon born, moon has more titles than you can imagine. A dragon rules over the longevity of life itself. The mighty dragon is a creator and activator. As a yang sign the Dragon will out distance any competitor and outlive any enemy. Even when they appear frail and weak this yang sign expresses itself through bellows, belches and is brimming with fire and a deep, passion for life. This regal moon signals the end of a long, drawn out saga to begin a new one.

Harvest Moon

Golden Dragon | lantern

Golden Dragon | lantern

As a Harvest moon this one steals the show! The moon rise comes up at sunset, sitting on the horizon extending light and giving luminous energy to the fruits of our labors. This glorious harvest moon not only appears full, days before it peaks, but remains full-looking for several days after. In the spirit world this is called a doorway to heaven. Both spheres, Sun and moon align on the edge of our horizon at the equator to open up something vital. The spirit and force of a dragon is so strong that even after it dies it lives on as legacy. Consider how the bones of a dinosaur (a dragon if-ever there was one) shape our evolution and its beginning. As a fossil fuel this same dragon contributes to untold worry and woe, over the end of our being. These are dragon days to be sure.

Supra | super moon

Happiness | China Rose

Happiness | China Rose

Recently the Sun moved over our equatorial border marking the change of seasons in our planets north to south hemisphere. This first, full blush, moon appears red by the setting Sun’s glow in the west as the moon rises directly to the east before sunset. This is an Apsis moon as well. Not just the closet (in perigee) of the month or year, it’s the closet the moon can get to Earth making this full, lunar eclipse a Super-Supra, moon.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Butterfly | papercut

Butterfly | paper cut

In an eclipse mode this one is a total, lunar eclipse. Earth’s shadow crosses over the full moon directly, opposite the Sun. It’s an exact alignment brought to us by our amazing universe that holds everything together, or brakes it apart at will. In the zodiac sign of the Dragon it completes a rare, Tetrad cycle of four. A Blood Dragon eclipse is life-altering due to the “shadow effect” of it’s external nature, being exposed. As individuals we experience our biggest transformation from it’s extended, after effects.

Mooncake Fest

Moon Goddess | paper cut

Moon Goddess | paper cut

The Mooncake festival is a mid-Autumnal gathering. Friends and family pray for a prosperous and harmonious future and to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. It’s origins began with prayers of thanks to the Mountain Gods for a complete harvest. Observers can worship the moon, celebrate the dragon; for bringing rain to the land, light lanterns and eat Mooncake. This festival lasts several weeks and is one of my favorite yearly, events.

Lucky Stars

With all eclipses it is recommended that a person wait to make any: big life changes, avoid signing on the doted line and hold back from reacting to unexpected events. This is due to the shadow effect hiding something “unseen” that can affect future outcomes.

Moon Map Equatorial | NASA

Moon Map Equatorial | NASA

Here are your lucky stars for the extraordinary, Blood Dragon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Harvest Moon on the start of the Mooncake festival and onward to the next flying stars changes on October 8th.

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Dragon ~ instills vitality

Constellation: Aries / Direction: East Southeast (abundance) / Flying Stars: [2/6] {Illness Star & Victory Star} / Planetary Influences: Uranus® (Chaos) [retrograde], Ascendant (event horizon), Super Harvest Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (yang-yin moods)

Dragon Luck

Wild Dragon | China Rose

Cosmic Dragon | China Rose

Dragon luck is going as fast at warp speed as one can manage. But you might feel like you are headed in the wrong direction. Luckily due to the ever grinding, wheel of fortunes that’s about to change dramatically. On this eclipse you will pass over, to the other side. You will round a bend and come out in a new place from where you started. Results may have a long-time-coming, effect to them but they will emerge. How you choose to see the new options, the outcome presents, will determine your forward success.

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Snake ~ distills wisdom

Constellation: Taurus / aka: snake / Direction: Southeast (income) / Flying Stars: [2/6] {Illness Star & Victory Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Snake Luck

Wild Snake | China Rose

Cosmic Snake | China Rose

Snake luck through this transit has a laser, sharp edge. As the moon makes its passage through a darkened world of wonder you will be the beneficiary of an unintended consequence. Situations may look frightening on the surface but under a rough exterior they hold favors and fortunes to grace your table. The lunar realm will soon be hosting your brand of wit and wisdom. You have a magnetic charm and alluring persona that will open up a world of possibilities. Something amazing you didn’t even consider, finds you.

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Horse ~ delivers power

Constellation: Gemini / aka: twins / Direction: South (fame) / Flying Stars: [7/2] {Danger Star & Illness Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Horse Luck

Wild Horse | China Rose

Cosmic Horse | China Rose

Horse luck is advised to hold back and wear blinders (or a sleep mask) to stave off the multitude of requests confronting you. Right now your fields of motion are scattered and frayed. Running in too many directions or trying to do-it-all, at once, will not make things better. Multitasking only leads to calamity. Simply stay focused and dedicate yourself to a single priority, one step at a time. Let your conservative nature guide you to protect your liberal politics. I’m sure you’ve heard, when trying to please everyone, no one is satisfied. It’s totally, true. Believe it.

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Goatdesires peace

Constellation: Cancer / aka: sheep, deer, crab / Direction: Southwest (love) / Flying Stars: [9/4] {Multiplying Star & Peach Blossom Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Goat Luck

Wild Goat | China Rose

Cosmic Goat | China Rose

Goat luck has the most illustrious of lucky stars to buff and polish your aura to a rosy, glow. Ask yourself, what would you do in the ideal situation, where you have what ever you need, to do anything that you want? Then fill in the blank. The universe will let you decide what you get based on how much you ask for. Knowing what you really want and then being able to step up and ask for it, takes courage and bravado. Practice refining both of these character skills to gain new ground and secure, solid assets.

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Monkeydrives ambition

Constellation: Leo / Direction: Southwest West (talent) / Flying Stars: [9/4] {Multiplying Star & Peach Blossom} / Planetary Influences: Venus (lady luck)

Monkey Luck

Wild Monkey| China Rose

Cosmic Monkey| China Rose

Monkey luck has its hands on the prize. It’s a golden scepter you can wave like a magic wand and poof, your wish is made manifest. This eclipse cycle reduces the distance between you and your heartfelt desires by taking a short cut to heaven. One that puts you in a seat of power. This harvest moon gifts you peachy-keen, love luck to fill your happiness cup to the brim. Sexy and amorous lady luck, Venus is still glowing and giving you a high-level of attraction. In fact you are down right irresistible to your greatest good. Dress for success.

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Bird ~ esteems virtue

Constellation: Virgo / aka: phoenix, rooster, cock, hen / Direction: West (creativity) / Flying Stars: [5/9] {Accident Star & Multiplying Star} / Planetary Influences: Astro Year of the Bird ~ Grand Duke, Jupiter (benefic), Mars (energy) {War God}

Bird Luck

Wild Bird | China Rose

Cosmic Bird | China Rose

Bird luck is a crabby, apple. Lucky stars have a scratchy surface, that probably feels like sand paper; gritty and abrasive. With Jupiter beaming you, his imperial brilliance, you are probably hoping for more than just True Grit. Now that Mars is in your sign, it’s even more heated and stressful. Nerves are strained and emotions are rising to a fevers pitch. The gloves-off, raw politics in every quarter: from love, to money to health and happiness, is a tough go. It is time to let someone take you under their wing and provide support. Accept everything offered.

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Dog ~ serves duty

Constellation: Libra / aka: lion / Direction: West Northwest (travel) / Flying Stars: [4/8] {Peach Blossom Star & Infinity Star} / Planetary Influences: Sun (image), Part of Fortune (lucky spot), True Node (key) and Mercury® (messenger) [retrograde]

Dog Luck

Wild Dog | China Rose

Cosmic Dog | China Rose

Dog luck is a powerhouse of planetary action with fabulous, lucky stars. The universe is on the look-out to provide for you, the best that life has to offer. The cycles however, are rolling through a dark patch. This puts you on the wrong side of the tracks. Being on the opposite side of the Dragon’s sphere of influence can make you feel like an outsider. To let this guide your actions would be a mistake. You have been given something that no one else wants. By treating it like a pleasure will transform it into a treasure that you can bank on.

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Pig ~ confers nobility

Constellation: Scorpio / aka: boar, eagle / Direction: Northwest (benefits) / Flying Stars: [4/8] {Peach Blossom Star & Infinity Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Pig Luck

Wild Pig | China Rose

Cosmic Pig | China Rose

Pig luck is free and clear from any entanglements. Lucky stars give you a rocket launcher to boost your profile into the stratosphere. Plus the Dragon loves the Pig. So why does it feel like you are living in vacuum of unrequited whims and unfulfilled fantasies? I think this is just a temporary reset, not a real set back. With Mercury peeling back layers of, it all feels awkward. The truth of some greater value is being revealed. Your legendary, cult status is dawning in the stars and it looks promising so hold on.

Rat ~ rules mind

Constellation: Sagittarius / aka: mongoose, mouse / Direction: North (career) / Flying Stars: [8/3] {Infinity Star & Quarreling Star} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time) [zero]

Rat Luck

Wild Rat | China Rose

Cosmic Rat | China Rose

Rat luck has a lot on its plate. Saturn takes up shop in your sign for the next 2 plus years. You will be held to account while making structural changes. All in good time, these shifts will ultimately be to your benefit. When you first realize new variables you might over correct. In the present state of affairs there is a shuffle on the upper deck. A wait and see approach is a good vantage point to have. Avoid trying to right anything while observing what seems wrong. Reserve judgement on trends, while we are in a cosmic flux.

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Ox ~ governs status

Constellation: Capricorn / aka: cow, buffalo / Direction: East Northeast (scholarship) / Flying Stars: [6/1] {Heaven Luck & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate)

Ox Luck

Wild Ox| China Rose

Cosmic Ox| China Rose

Ox luck has love and money. Planet Pluto, now direct in the Ox brings changes that are both subtle and significant. Plutonian energy is deep, dark, and everlasting. It rides the rails of an extended procession to fashion the pattern of life’s tapestry. Pluto weaves a magic carpet, to ride or to pull a rug out from under you. Going forward now digs up the ground, around you. The Ox paws at the dirt to uncover a new pathway. On the eclipse the bull wrangles a rodeo of lunar aspects. Every celestial component is tied back to the sacred cow.

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Tiger ~ projects vision

Constellation: Aquarius / Direction: Northeast (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: [6/1] {Heaven Luck & Miracle Star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Tiger Luck

Wild Tiger | China Rose

Cosmic Tiger | China Rose

Tiger luck is near the top of the charts. There are no influences to get in the way of your visions of grandeur. Lucky stars are poised to pull a rabbit out of your hat, on cue, and when you need it most. Tigers don’t care much for winging-it. They even plan out randomness to avoid unsavory, surprises. Right now you have done all you can to set yourself up for success but you sense the great, unknown is swirling like a vortex around you. To minimize discomfort you have arranged a huge, fudge factor. Let trust guide you to take steps that lead achievement to your door.

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Hare ~ saves grace

Constellation: Pisces / aka: cat, rabbit, fish / Direction: East (health and family) / Flying Stars: [1/5] {Miracle Star & Accident Star} Planetary Influences: Neptune® (consciousness) [retrograde], Chiron® (healer) [retrograde]

Hare Luck

Wild Hare | China Rose

Cosmic Hare | China Rose

Hare luck is facing pressures to find solutions to long standing concerns while the ecliptic phase is hiding the best-choices, from view. Circumstances can make inaction, nearly impossible. In this case surrender to reality by taking positive actions. Utilize alternatives to fulfill life desires wherever you can promote transformation and innovation. In other words avoid the status quo. If you allow your intuition to lead your inclinations, perhaps a radical concept will do the trick. When in doubt, stay still.

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♥  Kittysol ~ it’s a cosmic wonder! Cosmic luck and inspiration… for the luck of your life.

Ω Up & Coming on KittySol

Butterfly Transformer

Butterfly Transformer

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♠ Full Harvest Moon Sept 27th

♣ Blood Moon Eclipse Sept 27th- 28th

⊕ Monthly Flying Stars change Oct 8th

♣ Mercury direct Oct 9th

♦ New Moon Oct 12th

♦ Solar Eclipse [post] 30 day pt. Oct. 12th

♠ Hallows Eve Oct 31st

♦ Mercury enters Pig Oct 31st

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Blood Dragon Moon | gallery:

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Full Moon Cake

Full Hare, Harvest Moon & Mooncake Festival ~ September 19, 2013

Chang'e Moon Goddess of Immortality

Chang’e Moon Goddess of Immortality

In the middle of the night on September 18th and 19th (9/19 @ 4:13AM) we have a full Harvest Moon and the Auspicious Moon Cake Festival. This is also our full moon for the upcoming Autumnal Equinox on the 22nd of September, 2013 when the Sun moves over into the Dog sign.

This whimsical Hare moon is jam-packed with Folkish lore and supremely lucky combinations! In honor of this fortunate festival and our harvest (in the sign of the Hare) moon I’ve designed each sign to reflect a feminine aspect of the goddess.

What does that mean?

Goddess Xi Wang Mu of the West

Goddess Xi Wang Mu of the West

That means this Yang Full, moon (ripe, harvest) which is said to be all-good, will define our feminine nature. This is Yang-intrinsically-yin energy, aka: the good side. To paraphrase Wikipedia sources from antiquity:

In the earliest known forms of divination the oracle bone inscriptions mention the Queen Mother of the Shang Dynasty (1766-1122 B.C.).

Crack-making on day IX,9 day; we divined. if we make offering to the eastern mother and the western mother, there will be approval.” (unquote)

Jade Moon Rabbit mixing the elixir of life (mooncake or mochi)

Jade Moon Rabbit mixing the elixir of life (mooncake or mochi)

The East being the Hare Goddess (lunar) and the Goddess of the West being Xi Wang Mu. These are the feminine divine. Another way to say it is that the feminine principle is being is fulfilled. Taken all together this is auspicious through and through.

Moon Festival Goddess

Moon Festival Goddess

In ancient lore this is a “love moon” and in folk tales it is said when you send your heartfelt wishes to the moon the goddess will reply favorably in due time.

How to participate in this special mediation for love: over the next few days just wait for the moon to rise at dusk and speak to the goddess from your heart. Then celebrate (eat cake or fruit pie, drink wine, dance, lite lanterns or candles) as if you have already gotten what you wished for. Think not of wanting… but only of having and being fulfilled.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival

This romantic moon is lucky-in-love and brimming with treasures. Speak to the Goddess or speak from your heart but let love grow and be full. Keep the goddess alive by honoring her in your soulful self and seeing her in others.

In the Flying Star sequence this month the heart center features Peach Blossom luck. This brings love and academic luck plus popularity that can give you an edge. Use it to stay grounded and balanced in your feeling nature. Don’t speak your mind, instead let love shine through and sparkle in your eyes.

Goddess Chang'e of peace, love & harmony

Goddess Chang’e of peace, love & harmony

And I must say in selecting Goddesses through time to play a role here in this post, that female deities and goddesses are a thrilling and exotic group of gals. They offer us wisdom, truth and ageless beauty that is brimming with majesty and light! Long live the goddess in our everyday lives.

Myth and merry making doesn’t get any better than this, it’s pure bliss. No wonder humans are biologically wired for desire, it truly is all about the goddess.

Chang'o, The Moon Goddess and her rabbit

Chang’o, The Moon Goddess and her rabbit

I’m posting your ~ Lucky Stars ~ for this seasons Harvest moon, the Mooncake Fest and the Autumn Equinox. &Wishing you triple Good Fortunes until our next post.


Blue Monkey and Goddess Cretan Fresco at Akrotiri

Blue Monkey and Goddess Cretan Fresco at Akrotiri

Monkey ~ Leo (drives ambition) / direction – WSW (talent) / Flying Stars: (2/5 – 2/1) = The Illness Star coupled with the Accident Star does not spell disaster, in fact they follow a paternity strand that can be auspicious in the long run. They are joined with an Illness Star and Money Luck Star of miracles and income. So hang on your luck is on its way around to you!

Planetary Influences: Mars (war God) and the full Moon Ascendent (horizon) rise again in the sign of the Monkey! The history of the monkey goddess is one of mysterious shape-shifters and the genii clan of storytellers. Sometimes known as the Vanara these are powerful goddesses who rule the universe. They have many stories that date to the dawn of humanity. To carry story forward requires courage, the kind that takes a grand adventure that leads the way into our modern age. These goddesses are constant changers and alteration~ists. First and foremost they are known as the magical genii and wizards of yore. They have super natural powers and use them often. All the while as men have waged war these goddesses have been the brave keepers of “knowing” throughout history. With endless stories to tell and antics to propel them into a new realm they are seldom bored. Or ever held up by anything that gets in the way of their inquisitive and intuitive natures. These goddess are the inventors and unrelenting movers and shakers. They rock and roll onward with fierce ambition and blazing radiance.


Sumerian Inanna ~ Goddess Ishtar

Sumerian Inanna ~ Goddess Ishtar

Bird ~ Virgo (phoenix, rooster), (esteems virtue) / direction – West (creation) / Flying Stars: (7/1 – 7/6) = The Danger Star and Money Star of miracles are co-mingled for incentives in tool making while the Danger Star and Victory Luck are sending a bolt of lightening (called a lucky strike) into where much ado about celebrations abound.

Planetary Influences: Our Sun (image) is closing out its yearly cycle in your sign right now. Endings and partings can bring focus to the seasonal variations that blow in with the winds of change. The Goddess of the bird sign is beyond legend from the dawn of time. This is the goddess of love, war and all that is mythology about our human kind. She presides over marriage rites, justice and systems of accounting. As the Goddess Maat she weigh’s the heart of our souls, outbound from life, against a feather. This goddess is discriminating in the minutia that defines morality and what matters. Often her countenance remains youthfully unconcerned about things like chores. Probably her cult takes care of all that for her so she can get back to fertility rites and much more. Goddess Nut, is the lady of the sky and she is alive and well throughout historical references and in pictorial forms. She has many shrines and places of worship for her loyal followers to find her. She is popular beyond compare but still modest and keeps her private life under wraps. Ishtar is a star goddess the came down from the heavens to earth, to create humans and give us a better life. Her symbol is a star and a rosette that she wears or shares with others and is she is extremely kind.


Cuban Deco Poster of Goddess Artemis

Cuban Deco Poster of Goddess Artemis

Dog ~ Libra (lion), (serves duty) / direction – WNW (travel) / Flying Stars: (6/9 – 6/5) = Victory Luck and Fulfillment Luck moored with Heaven Luck and the Accident Star have you running for cover while making plans to go forward as even the hint of a chance is being discovered.

Planetary Influences: Our planet Mercury (messages) is still churning up the waves and making things a bit testy in your territory. This Goddess of the hunt is a protect-ress and our Lady luckiness personified. She originates way-way back in prehistorical, religious times. As the mistress of all animals and the woodland creatures her duty calls to her as the goddess of the forest. Known as Atremis and in some cases Diana, she has avatars of many colors. This is a goddess of mighty power and second sight. This spirited lady takes flight whenever there is trouble and saves the day on the double. A goddess for all seasons too, she is oft running around to keep things going and never slowing. Life cycles have her forging ahead of the pack so we all stay on track. Naturally that makes this sonic, goddess girl pretty tough to pin down. Let’s just say she has her own agendas and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her loyalty and fair play. Frolicking in the wild is something she likes to do a lot-of, if she weren’t so busy working out the myriad details of managing a big, family life. For the little creatures of the earth this god-girl is the Star of the deity group.


Miss Piggy Space Goddess

Miss Piggy Space Goddess

Pig ~ Scorpio (boar, eagle), (confers nobility) / direction – NW (resources) / Flying Stars: (6/9 – 6/5) = Heaven luck and Fulfillment Luck partnered with Victory Luck and the Danger Star bring a heap of lucky options that combine and com-bust making daily life a surprising delight and/or a terrible fright.

Planetary Influences: Saturn (time) and the True Node (axis point or key) gravitate well with Lady Luck Venus as they are all sitting on top of each other in a pile of bubbles. This is quite a combination of relations to suss out, but this goddess is no stranger to complex configurations. I think Mlle. Piggy says it all. The pig goddesses are a lively bunch. These lasses are makers of magic, not hype and blend tasteful brouhaha out of the herbs and spices of life. These goddess turn people they don’t like into wild animals. So stay on their good side for heavens sake and to maintain your own well-being. Circe and Varahi are part of team pigginess in this quarter. These goddesses usually end up ruling islands and living in grand mansions in remote locales. Basically they spend time doing exactly as they please after someone makes the mistake of really ticking them off. Let that be a lesson to ya-all, all. This go-go, girl has got the golden key in her little foot pad. Fearless to the core of their being, this goddessa is not the least bit afraid to twist the plot and turn the screw. Ruling the night scene they have that whole Tantra love thing locked down tight and sealed with aplomb that covers eons over the time continuum. You can join them but you can’t out best them.


Karni Mata ~ Rat Goddess

Karni Mata ~ Rat Goddess

Rat ~ Sagittarius (rules mind) / direction – North (career) / Flying Stars: (1/4 – 1/9) = Love Luck and Peach Blossom Luck blended with Money Luck and Fulfillment Luck seem to just appear like a whole armada of ships coming to shore laden with treasure at your beck and call. All hands on deck these luck stars come fully loaded.

Planetary influences leave you dredging the bottom of the chart but with a hook line and sinker where the big fish are biting. This showers great, good fortune on you and your kin, my furry friend. The lucky stars as a harbinger of miss placed items that fall through the crevices where you’ll be walking. It’s like you are a metal detector of the long lost and suddenly, found on a merry-go-round. You’ll be picking up stuff everywhere, constantly. This goddess is the saint of all saints and has been venerated for centuries and beyond as the beautiful and powerful Nyx. She is known for answering prayers and sharing the wealth so we can all have some. Black rats, white rats and the whole kit and caboodle are alive and well, living in the palace, temple. This goddess is a match-maker with a solid stroke of independence to do things her way. Don’t cross her unless you are given a free pass, a signal and a wave through. This methodology is for the better, best and for the good of all concerned. Honor and show her respect and she’ll help you realize your fondest dreams. Reports are she is a great responder of requests and adores avid devotion. Show her your love and keep the candles burning and your visionary desires can be made manifest like morning glories.


Hathor Egyptian Cow Goddess

Hathor Egyptian Cow Goddess

Ox ~ Capricorn (governs status) / direction – NE (scholarship) / Flying Stars: (8/2 – 8/7) = Infinity luck with the Illness star and Infinity Luck with the Danger Star have the Lucky Stars in a bunch of twists that keep you tied-up in the haves and have-nots. Just digest things slowly and surely and it will work itself out of a bind, entirely.

Planetary Influences: Our planet, the dwarf Pluto (fate) is making connections in all directions and carving out diamonds in the sky. The news is looking better on the horizontal view than any vertical strides so don’t reach too high, or stack things up. Just spread things out wide and then you’ll be fine. The Goddess Hathor is literally one holy, sacred cow. She is the Egyptian goddess of the Pharaohs and has many stories to untangle and unwind as a yarn through time. Extremely popular as a deity and godlike governess her stature is one of immense status in this world and in the afterlife. One that carries on into ad-infinium. She is associated with the love goddess Venus and Aphrodite. This sage lady is a motherly type. Known for her beauty and regal sense of power she presides over the divine concepts of life in the earliest, wee hours of mans linage. She is into music and dance and has to keep track of the milky way galaxy so the stars don’t collide. Well connected and versed in many ways and means she is the go-to goddess of the heavenly sublime. As the goddess Kamadhenu of good and plenty she is also wise with a soulful mind.


Lady and the Tiger postcard

Lady and the Tiger postcard ~ an everyday Goddess

Tiger ~ Aquarius (projects vision) / direction – ENE (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: (8/2 – 8/7) = Infinity Luck with the Illness Star and Infinity Luck with the Danger Star, suggest you stay poised in cautionary mode with an eye to the future – so just take it back a step and move things as slow as they can go.

Planetary Influences: The illustrious part of fortune in this moon chart is sitting just under the surface in your sign like a pearl on the half shell. It is covered in a light dusting of cosmic powder and is disconnected from any formal patterns. It is what it is, and it’s really there but presently as a clandestine asset. When this Goddess lady rides the tiger good triumphs over evil and all sorrow is removed. This is one venerated lady!! She is the temple goddess of love and mercy known compassionately as Guan Yin, her high holiness, herself. In the Hindu version she is the great and powerful Durga, the vegetation spirit and savoir of the mortals. She brings success and triumphs over trials and troubles in perilous moments so we feel comforted and supported. As the Empress of heaven and earth it is she who watches over us and brings help to relieve our desperation. Immortal from the beginning of time, she is a ferocious fighter and Warrior, Countessa. This lady of divine intervention and perpetual motion keeps a tiger-eye over the world and everything in it. When you need a friend who won’t let you down, this goddess is always around. Just ask her and she will guide and align you to safer ground. Her way through is a path where dreams come true.


Luna Moon Goddess

Luna Moon Goddess

Hare ~ Pisces (rabbit, cat, fish), (saves grace) / direction – East (health and family) / Flying Stars: (3/6 – 3/2) = A Quarreling Star and Heaven Luck with a Quarreling Star and the Illness Star have you ducking for cover. Luck is playing hard to get so re-shuffle the deck. My best advice is to stay inside and rest-up for your next big mission impossible.

Planetary Influences: Our magical Moon of the yearly harvest is also the Goddess of immortality. She rises above the fray, far and away from Neptune (consciousness) and Chiron (healer) who are is also in her sign. Always making history the NASA space exploration was attuned to her magnificence. “Chang’e (or Chang’o) was mentioned in a conversation between Houston and the Apollo 11 crew before the first Moon landing in 1969, Buzz Aldrin: Okay. We’ll keep a close eye out for the bunny girl.” (unquote) Need I say more? Right now flying star patterns have you laying low on the totem pole and accomplishing tasks under the radar. Get some much needed restoration to bring back your rosy-glow. Your legendary ways continue to bring history, mystery and endless intrigues to the masses. Long associated with agriculture down the millenniums of the timeline this goddess divine is one busy lady in the cabbage patch. The Goddess Lady Luna rides her chariot around the moon and yet she still finds the time to be a triple goddess of unlimited potential. Now that’s multitasking, whew! She is associated with over 50 deities to worship her holiness and her prowess graces the best loved cults. She is the Queen of the hearts and Stars. If you are a member of this jet-set of propulsion just remember to breath, often, amen.


Dragon Lady

Dragon Lady

Dragon ~ Aries (instill vitality) / direction – ESE (abundance) / Flying Stars: (4/7 – 4/3) = Peach Blossom Luck and a Danger Star join-up with Peach Blossom Luck and a Quarreling Star which says stay out of a hot kitchen where flames can flicker wildly and spend time praying to your gods for the pressing concerns that need minding.

Planetary Influences: The planet Uranus (chaos) is almost midway through a long and exhausting exaltation in your sign. Not surprising then that this goddess is the Queen of Heaven and she is cited in the Book of Revelations as Woman of the Apocalypse. Lovingly known as Queen Mother, Mary, Gaia and our Lady of Guadalupe. As a goddess she has a gigantic following in the masses. Not to mention one bad ass reputation for stirring up trouble on the double. When not paving new roadways she can be found basking in the glory of her Teflon coated reputation of sheer elegance. This goddess draws a crowd like nobodies business (nigh throngs) and come dancing off the half shell from sea-foamed oceans. The mermaid in a shimmering veil is one of her incarnations. A siren but never a sad song, the dragon goddess knows how to stay above-it-all. Euripides who wrote the great Greek tragedies described these godlike ladies thus; “winged maidens and daughters of Earth” and she has her best known associations with the mythic Sphinx and griffins of old and yore. Affectionately known as Dragon lady or She-dragon everyone gives this lovely lass a wide, over-sized berth on the ship of life. Plus anything else she wants without even asking.


Goddess Min Qetesh Reshpu

Goddess Min Qetesh Reshpu

Serpent ~ Taurus (snake), (distills wisdom) / direction – SE (income) / Flying Stars: (4/7 – 4/3) = Peach Blossom Luck and a Danger Star with Peach Blossom Luck and a Quarreling Star, suggest you keep the ransom note ready. That’s in case you need to buy some extra-effort to get the formula (for the secret-serum) of life rejuvenation hashed-out for delivery, in-full, and on time.

Planetary Influences have you coming out on top again! Landing in the high point of a bigger cycle this lady raises a curtain to bring down the house! And has the best seats covered in satin and brocade cushions. But there are a few caveats floating in this mix-ology of her mythic, majestic proportions. None of them come up short or stale though so go ahead and balance the scales in your flavorite dish of delights. Just don’t eat anything out of the ordinary in just one bite. Take things easy and in moderation. The serpent goddess is the gilded, golden guide through the afterlife. She leads us into a spiral of spirited renewals and drives carnal passions through the gates of hell. It is she who buries the secret elixir of life hidden from ordinary folk. That’s so-as not to scare the children with the realities of strife. Snakes are Femme fatales known for their mesmerizing charms and long lasting beauty. Dating all the way back to antiquity and beyond that even, they defy age while converting souls to saved from soiled. This sassy, lassy is the keeper of the sanctuary and hearth. She is a dyed in the wool, true-blue hue of a domestic goddess who presides over the rites and rituals of humanity. Just like Eve in the garden she is the primal force of cosmic energy called the Shakti or Ninth Heaven Goddess in the Tao. She is the goddess of empowerment. If she doesn’t devour you with life’s complex challenges she’ll treat you to delicious rewards with extra benefits whens she is good and ready for it.


Goddess Epona

Goddess EponaHorse ~ Gemini (twins), (delivers power) / direction – South (fame) / Flying Stars: (9/3 – 9/8) = Fulfillment Luck and the Quarreling Star merge with Fulfillment Luck and the Infinity Star! Looks like you’ll be rolling all aces and take up new space in the place of your hearts desire. These great and glorious lucky stars giving you an advantage on all the bases!

Planetary Influences have made a switch to the other side of the divine line to add some extra advantages to your place on the wheel, it’s bonanza time! The horse goddess is the Goddess Epona and belongs to the legend of Zelda. Also we can add our Lady Godiva to this luxy, buxom mix. The Horse goddess is a lady of civility and agility. She’s whip smart and rides the soul into the afterlife for a freshly, pressed return. This Celtic queen is a goddess of gifts and nobility, of goodness and tranquility. She is the bearer of grain and sovereign states of being. Her ride is often accounted in tales and legends that depict her beauty and nudity but with the ability to overthrow a kingdom in toil with nary a stitch or weapon in sight. She is the May queen of merry fertility and spring. As a golden goddess she dates to the 14th century BC and is associated with the White horse and the Sun chariot. She is depicted as heroic and as a bringer of salvation to the common folk. This goddess will glide you through the dream world and back again safely. Her myth is always in the making. It is one that seeks to bind us all together into one book of mysteries. Modesty and majesty, is all hers and it goes without saying. Proper etiquette is a prerequisite in her land of enchantments, so act accordingly.


Goddess of Prosperity

Goddess of Prosperity

Goat ~ Cancer (sheep, deer, crab), (desires peace) / direction – SW (love and relations) / Flying Stars: (2/5 – 2/1) = The Illness Star combined with the Accident Star does not spell disaster since they follow a Ho Tu pattern of paternity that can be auspicious in the long run. All-the-while you are awaiting that to unfold you have the Illness Star with the Money Luck Star of Miracles and Income to tide you over in the short term, any-old-how you want to bake-it, it comes out good.

Planetary Influences: Jupiter (increase) the Grand Duke resides in your palace to add a nice variety to the daily grind. The goat goddess is the fabled, fairy princess, Apsara spirit of the clouds, a nymph and Queen of the woodland spirits. She is a Pixie and a sprite that graces the great legends and lore from times immemorial. Known as Amalthea she is a Goddess who has a checkered and speckled past, with spots here and splotches there. But only because she dates so far back, as to have made the very threads, to twine the fabric the mythical stories; tales of the gods and Zeus are woven from. This goddess has transformational powers as a she-goat called Capra, or Capella and also, simply the little goat. She is a dear-heart and darling so great that she has a constellation of her own stars. Caution is noted that she should never be confused with the sign of Capricorn – which is not related to her constellation or this goddess. Her primary concerns are as a nurturing mother and giver of unending kindness and tenderness. She frequently is associated with twins and has a dual pair of star children. In her other guises she is known as Rhea the Titan Queen of Heaven. The Goat Goddess is a primal goddess of nature and motherhood known by many cultures and by many names. She keeps children safe. She is Cybele the Great Mother Goddess of resurrection and rebirth. And she is Tara of everlasting hope and divine grace, ever giving, selfless and infinitely inspiring.


Peach pie anyone? I say yes!

Legends that speak to us from the farthest reaches in our human times echo words from the the mystical Kunlun mountains. This is where the peaches of immortality come ripe every thousand years in Xi Wang Mu’s garden palace where she serves them to her mortal quests at a grand celebration.

Moon Goddess Astarte

Moon Goddess Astarte

I conclude this post with another quote from ancient texts (excerpted Wikipedia sources):

“Flourishing parasols, we reach the chronograms’ extremity; Riding on the mist, I wander to Lofty Whirlwind Peak. The Lady of the Supreme Primordial descends through jade interior doors; The Queen Mother opens her Blue-gem Palace. Celestial people-What a Crowd! A lofty meeting inside the Cyan Audience Hall. Arrayed Attendants perform Cloud Songs; Realized intonations fill the Grand Empty Space. Every thousand years, her purple crabapple ripens; Every four kalpas, her numinous melon produces abundantly. This music differs from that at the feast in the wilderness— So convivial, and certainly infinite” (dated: Wu Yun. CTS. 4942).

Thank you my lofty readers and I’ll be posting your lucky stars for the next new Moon cycle on October 4th, 2013.

Dragon Cake

Day Moon Under the Sun

Day Moon Under the Sun

Oppositions to our best laid plans… the stars are flying in opposing territories and the signs are at odds with each other. Sun in Dog sign and a very powerful full (yang) Moon in the Dragon sign, will stir the pot. We may see more than a few old bones pop-up to the surface.

Our outer rim planets (large celestial bodies, or planets outside our elliptic plane) are taking up new positions and knocking down the old. This is when the music stops so find a seat and occupy it. Saturn is moving stations (from Dog to Pig) and that will pull the rug out from under many things.

For fun and in keeping with the festive spirit of this cyclic, moon change this is high drama for all the Zodiac signs. The lucky stars are hamming it up, going overboard, excelling as a hot-dog or being the life-of-the-party but they are all in exaggerated, states. This is showy, active, yang energy. Sh-t happens, is the short story.

This season offers us plenty of food for thought to sustain the Earth’s soul energy as it goes dormant until spring in our western hemisphere.

This takes some reflective time and we can see our little white rabbit is hard at it. The moon rabbit, or Jade Hare (grace) will be kept quite busy and is best left to their own devices to sort out the recipes and develop strategies on their advisory board.

White Rabbit Mixing Immortality Elixir

White Rabbit mixing Immortality, Elixir of Life

For the dogmatic contenders the old guard surrenders… we will see a shut down of obsolete systems. This energy is coming from a karmic place. Get ready to roll the dice and set sail for uncharted lands as we shift positions on the big wheel.

Watch Earth Sky: Harvest Moon 2012

Official Harvest Moon is @ 10:19 Pm PST, have a happy Harvest Moon. It’s a magical, mystery moon.

The ever fabulous Mooncake and/or Mid-Autumn festival is happening this week in the lucky stars. This has great implications for women, matchmaking, floating sky lanterns, lighting incense, dragon dances and moon gazing as Uranus passes by. It is a festive holiday in Eastern cultures worldwide, for sharing tea and cakes (sweet and savory) with the family.

Modern Mooncakes

Modern Mooncakes

Use-to-be that mooncakes were sweet with a salty, egg yolk inside to commemorate the moon. Fortunately now (for more worldly tastes) the modern moon cakes are becoming sophisticated (Ganache anyone?) and palette pleasing in more cake-like concoctions. They even come gold-plated for gifts of status. Always glad to see our lady Luna well appreciated for her beauty and luminosity.

Many fun actives can be undertaken to celebrate this yearly offering (Mooncake Festival) to the moon goddess. Her name is “Chang’e” in Chinese and is (interestingly enough) a synonym with “change” in the English language. To me that’s strange… but also very cool since the moon cycles are always changing.

Moon Cake Festival

Moon Cake Festival

Stars & Signs: posting lucky stars for the Full (yang) Moon (moods) in the Dragon (vitality) sign up to the new  Dog (duty) moon coming on October 15th.

The up and coming New Dog Moon on 10/15 is a reset button. This is  where a new chapter in the life-adventures for my canine friends will begin. Horses and Tigers will be drawn in (harnessed, looped, included) on the margins to take care of what looks like a mountain of paperwork. Prepare to sign on the dotted lines.

In zen-type thinking, the old adage: “it’s the space between the bars that holds the Tiger” is aptly applied. The tiger expressing our wild (or untamed) natures or a natural state of being.

This can be protective or selective. So it’s not what we see that holds us back, it’s what we don’t see (= unconscious/subconscious thinking of conditioned and/or patterned behavior) and when you figure it out you can then release it.

Guardians of one of the last white Rhinos

Guardians of one of the last white Rhinos

Good luck until the next post ~

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose / planetary influences / flying stars: (1) (4) (2) (3): You will be called upon to create revolutionary devices and bring some old-fashioned, spirited pioneering to a new field of opportunity. But right now the luck stars are sour on the outside and quite fussy, too. I can offer a cautionary note to not feel poorly about it or you’ll reflect back, a wrong attitude. Our perspective frames our outlook and shapes the tone of our conscious awareness. You can shift it every time it gets out-of-whack. Prosperity flows and follows where you send it. Turn that tide and move across the water (consciousness) to find a better point-of-view. Be generous in believing.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto (fate) / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (1): The Moo-moo is the fashion statement of the year as Scared cows are being revered and decorated for their lofty ideals. Banners, ribbons and special hardware to commemorate even a bum steer. Doesn’t matter if they are actually working, they look pretty and have loads of social support. Our planet Pluto now moves in direct motion after a long (sleepy) transit backtrack, this summer. This will quite literally transform situations and circumstances right before our eyes. There is monumental work involved so get out your chisel and hammer. Luck stars are GLOWING brightly for you. Wish and blow on them and they’ll gladly surprise you.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius / planetary influences / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (1): History is in the baking, an old world is becoming a new realm. While extremes are polarizing others, you can see a clear way through. Your lucks stars are at an all time high. You have top tier luck status and love stars blazing. Use them to patch your life tapestry where areas have been worn. There is lots of glitter and sparkle in the costume that goes along with the gigantic, lucky elephant that follows you everywhere. Consider the sky lanterns this season as way to give thanks and send up your brightest ideas to the moon. Then watch lady Luna gift you in return with showers of new good.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune (harmony) retrograde 6/4 – 11/10 / flying stars: (3) (6) (4) (5): The fortunes portend great sacrifices will lead to heroic acts of virtue. Get your magic potions and lotions ready. Pound out the formula. The White Rabbit holds a lofty position and will soon be on the a quest of a lifetime. Before that happens you will need to get grounded and reset all positions to their new, default settings. Lucks stars have you cooling off those rocket boots you wear. The luck stars are neutral at their best, and risky at their worst. As they say in divination parlance, don’t take any chances. Take a breather. Stick close to base camp before your next social clime. Take time to acclimate with the rough and ready changes that are up and coming, just around the bend.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence: Full Moon (moods), Uranus (chaos) retrograde 7/13 to 12/13 / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (6): Rare artifacts and gems stones are falling from the sky to align with your greatest ideals and fill your coffers. You have legendary Heaven luck giving everything you do, a glama-a-rama, boost. Add to that a prize package arriving with sequential numbers, that all add up and up. Keep yourself open to all possibilities and stay focused on the ball. The celestial ball in your case. You are now in an arena that will be like a festival of fantastic delights. Go easy and be filled with the wonder-of-it all. Mine your peeps and cues from the cave you quarry most and stay away from mass hysteria, especially when and/or if you provoke it. Rescale your amour -to fit the crime, don’t give away the kit-and-caboodle.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (6): You have grand scale Heaven luck with a Triple crown flying and landing in your luck stars. You are an Agent provocateur. Myth and magic are your calling cards. You can wizard your way into anything you desire by being so darn good-at-it. You hold all the majesty, mystery and dark, chocolate secrets one can revere. Truth and beauty shall set your free. Now is your much awaited, amnesty. Don’t waste anytime to romanticize the past it will only repeat itself, on you. Cut back on the non-essentials and prepare for the unexpected. Limber up for it, real good, everyday. Remember the rule, when you go through hell (and you come out on the other side eventually, or die) make it pay. You will be signing a new lease-on-life.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter (increase) / flying stars: (9) (3) (1) (2): Take a load off and put the cart before the horse. Time to let yourself out to pasture. Roam around for a new patch of greener, grass. Horses have some tough-luck stars staring them down, right now. Trust me it’s going to turn around. The new-new, season is about ready to burst into your end-zone and take you to hyper space. You will reach neither regions unknown. As a world explorer, extraordinaire you relish this in your pickle jar. To garnish these new wagers for the fullest effect do not be deceived by what you see in front of you. This is time to let-go and say heave-ho. In the coming days expect to attend to the passing of older relations as the tide turns. Soon the boats you sent sailing will be returning to a safe and sound, harbor.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer / planetary influences / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (4): Go for the gusto, green lights are flashing and you have super, lucky stars keeping all your ducks lined-up in a nice, neat row. The opportunities are ripe for the picking. Select whatever fruits you like to put in your basket or on your headdress. What goes-around, comes-around. Lucky stars are bringing you a smorgasbord of delights to pick and choose from. Stay focused and you’ll be favored for a long-shot (that you take now) while the time is so-right! Your super-ball will hit the power spot and keep ringing up points …long as you set-up circumstances in regulated, sequences.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (4): Make your move and do the deal. Luck stars are rolling in your favor so don’t waste them on some dalliance or delusions. There are solid ways and means to effect the entire lifestyle change you have always dreamed of. The arrangement is tricky though. You must pick and choose from the menagerie you have laid out in front of you. Take the options to put on a showcase of your own, raw talents, not the adaptations of someone else. Step off the trapeze and get your balance. These lucky stars need to be properly aligned to do their job correctly, get the best advice you can and then take it with you to all the way to the bank. Don’t let your dreams escape without you.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influence: Venus (love & luxe) 10/2 to 10/28 / flying stars: (7) (1) (8) (9): Take another lap around the winners circle. Your lucks stars are on a fast track to nether regions of exquisite delight. There are bonus stars and infinity luck that have an insignia of your best, crest stamped on them. The bird is a showy and imperialistic creature by nature so you can be very pleased with yourself. You also have love luck flying in the window and providing the kind of companionship you’ve always longed for and/or cherish most. Birds get all the eggs in their basket so be (very) careful not to drop this unique opportunity. Expand the realm of your greatest estate and make history. Set-it-in-stone, by your gracious self.

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Sun (image) 9/22-10/23, Saturn (time), Mercury (messenger) 9/16 – 10/4 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (8): Que Sera Sera is the theme for your super-dynamic luck stars this season. Go with it and let the world unfold a new chapter for you. The set-backs are only a temporary glitch until the new system comes online. When it does you’ll be going full speed ahead. It’s been dog-gone awful in some ways but once Saturn moves out of your world you will see some pretty amazing luck pick-up the pieces. Lose the slack and re-tool your whole outlook to get a bead on it’s whereabouts.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle / planetary influence – Mercury (messages) 10/5 – 10/28, Mars (pure energy) 8/23 to 10-6, Saturn (time) 10/5/12 – 12/23/14 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (8): Jumbo jet-setter, luck stars are flying high and driving you hard. There is an instant game changer, deal breaker and re-arranger just up around the next corner, so don’t brake, ease into it. Mercury’s move into your sign coincides w/Saturn, and as they merge into hyper space you will see a sub-sonic, blast of fresh air open up a world of wonders. This zone is a launch pad set to go into new frontiers and take on new adventures in storytelling and myth making. All systems are functioning and it’s in the countdown phase. The special effects make rainbows out of all those old smoke-and-mirrors, routines. Mars makes love, melt in your hand.