Ox Sun Winter Solstice | Horse Full Moon December 2021

Holy Cow! It’s the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun moved into the sacred cow, the sign of the Ox crossing the equatorial line marking the Winter Solstice.

Audio Transcript | Horse Full Moon and Solstice – December 2021

To go forward, lets take a step back. Earth had a Full Moon in the sign of the Horse on Saturday, December 18th. A few days later on December 21st the Sun entered the Ox for the Winter Solstice celebration and a return to the light. Let there be light!

Full Horse Moon

This Full Moon in the Horse had a widening expanse giving way for things to express their true nature. The combination of Uranus and the chart Crown in the Snake is a crowded house. With Uranus we can get chaos and the Horse brings long suffering.

This gift Horse also has loads to offer. It will be a wild ride but hang-on, be patient as it sorts itself you might like the results. The Horse is the Peach Blossom sign for the Snake, Ox and Bird so you can expect special favors in this moon cycle.

Retro Venus

The day after the Horse Full Moon peaks Venus turns retrograde in the Sign of the Ox on December 19th. This is a very difficult spot for our lady luck. It’s further complicated by her proximity to Pluto as she turns around and rolls over-on, him, again.

It will unleash hurricane forces and unfathomable events. Nostalgia will trend and lost loves will rekindle romance. Retro Venus transits toward Mercury and the Sun. These inner rim celestial bodies will merge their elliptic fields and it’s going to leave a mark in time.

Venus goes forward January 28th, 2022 and she brings a parade of planets who roll back over Pluto, yet-again. This is no ordinary cosmic rodeo. The Lady is hell-bent for leather and will show us her darker side.

Expect extreme conditions to persist until Venus resumes her forward motion and resets her position. As soon as she gets her bearings back she’ll rendezvous with Mars for a total conjunction and happiness, Ever After on a spectacular Valentine’s Love day, February 14th, 2022. Plan ahead!

Sun Ox | Winter Solstice 2021

When the Sun moves to the Ox the days get longer in the Northern hemisphere and shorter in the southern hemisphere. This yearly transition is often celebrated with seasonal delights and merry making in the Spirit of the Season, so join the fun.

Jupiter Hare

Jupiter the Grand Duke enters the sign of the Hare on December 28th, for a brand new Astro year. This event only happens once every 12 years.

The Hare, also known as the Rabbit and Cat, sometimes the fish, is part of the Compassionate Triad for the Goat and the Pig. These signs will be favored by Jupiter’s visit for a whole year.

The Green Hare is the Peach Blossom sign for the Dog, the Horse and the Tiger. The Chinese New Year in 2022 will be in the sign of the Tiger. These signs will see their personal profiles rise in 2022 while Jupiter is in the Hare.

Hare’s secret buddy is the Dog and the Dog can use the extra bonus luck from these celestial events. Things have been tough on dogs lately and this will not cure everything but it will bring support and relief from the hardest parts. All hail the Astro year of the Hare!

December Flying Stars | 2021

Peach Blossom 4 Star of Love and Happiness flies to the Heart Center giving social luck and networking a boost for everyone. Flying Stars for the month of December and into the New Year 2022 will be discovering new love and rekindling old with the these lucky-in-love stars.

This Wood Star weakens Earth energy in the center but Earth is also nurturing and supportive. Throw your best pitch, get connected to loved ones, make new friends, forgive errors; live and let live. Enjoy others company. Celebrate the season of Joy and let love in.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs on the Winter Solstice, Sun in the Ox and Horse Full Moon cycle in December 2021.

RAT | Sagittarius

Fire Star 9 enters the North career zone and things sizzle and pop with new energy and opportunity. Rats will be motivated so take your best shot and you may hit a bullseye. Lucky you, this Star brings wish fulfillment.

Lucky Rat has Mars at 4 degrees and the Sun at 27 degrees illuminating both ends of the spectrum. Rat has the secrets that inspire genius. This month you’ll have Mars exalted in your sign to explore the universe and get things accomplished.

OX | Capricorn

Danger Star 7 enters the Northeast sector of Administrative and production. Trends continue to pull back so wait out this soft spell. Right now shifting tides are unstable. Negotiate and percolate new methods to fill the gap. Steady as she goes as-it won’t happen fast.

Lucky Ox has Mercury at 8 degrees, Pluto at 25 degrees and Venus at 26 degrees holding feet to the fire and stirring the cosmic pot. it’s going to get messy as winds of change blow hard down your alley. Take cover until the dust settles and in February cream rises to the top.

TIGER | Aquarius

Danger Star 7 enters the Northeast sector of Knowledge and Scholarship bringing a pull back. You’ll have to clip a few corners to make ends meet. This is a chance to trim the fat and scale down. Avoid a lawsuit at all costs.

Lucky Tiger has Saturn at 10 degrees, the Part of Fortune at 17 degrees and Jupiter at 28 degrees. New values will be revealed to cover costs and expand your horizons. It’s going to take organization and team work to get it off the ground so assemble your best assets.

HARE | Pisces

Illness Star 2 enters the East sector of Health and family. This Star contaminate things quickly and needs to be monitored for protection. This is not the time to time to take on new projects or launch big events. Lay low and get plenty of rest.

Lucky Hare sign has Neptune at 20 degrees benefiting enormously by forward progress as new information sheds light changing everything. Get out your jet booties as Hare advances quickly when Jupiter transits your sign starting at the end of December. Hare has a whole year of the great benefactor, showering bunnies with good graces.

DRAGON | Aries

Fighting Star 3 flies to the Southeast sector of Abundance tightening belts and pulling up the draw bridge. This is a last ditch effort that throws a wrench in the works. No amount of complaining will solve this situation. You have 2 months to get back to the drawing board and reset your agenda.

Lucky Dragon has Chiron retrograde at 8 degrees and this is gives Dragons the power of immortality to create new avenues in a world of possibility. Research and development are still getting good results, so stick with it.

SNAKE | Taurus

Fighting Star 3 flies to the Southeast sector of Income snarling up traffic and putting things in a bind. Ride out the storm then untangle the mess. The next two months are an obstacle course. s stay flexible to maintain your equilibrium.

Lucky Snake sign has the chart Crown at 6 degrees and Uranus retrograde at 11 degrees. This is one of those times where everything appears to be one way but in fact, it may be another. Keep doing, what you do and good fortune will find you.

HORSE | Gemini

Wealth Star 8 flies to the South sector of Promotion and recognition bringing kudos and treasure. This Star loves a traditional, formal party and the best silver. It’s is a good time to host your favorite friends with all the trappings.

Lucky Horse has the Node at 1 degree and the Full Moon reaching a peak at 27 degrees. This Moon’s wide spread is a tad off kilter. This beautiful winter moon may feel a awkward and cold but sleigh bells ring and snow glistens with the joys of this season.

GOAT | Cancer

Miracle Star 1 flies to the Southwest Love zone. This gives Goat a special sparkle with extra holiday charm that last through to the new year. Love, money and miracles is the theme that will brighten your holiday globe.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at present. Goats will be hosting the Moon and Part of Fortune conjoined on the Solstice. This could be the big break that you’ve been looking for. However it could be subtle so use your intuition and follow inspiration.


Miracle Star 1 in the Southwest sector of Relationships brings love and money. This month life’s little pleasures will warm the heart and feed the soul. Be sure to appreciate every, little thing and miracles will add up when you need them most.

Lucky Monkey has the Ascendant horizon at 17 degrees on the Full Horse Moon. Monkey is coming up Roses when Jupiter moves at the end of the year. It’s all about timing. No matter what, no matter when, keep a rhythm to set the tone and whenever good fortunes will grow.

BIRD | Virgo

Victory Star 6 flies to the West sector of Creativity and talent. Let the games begin. Birds are extremely well positioned for all the awards the year: best in show and top tier. Bird will bring home all the accolades they can possibly carry and dream of. Birds score, big.

Lucky Bird has no planets or aspects at present. This is a good time to make the rounds and check up on the flock to assist those less fortunate. Go on hiatus and take a brake from the day-to-day, Rat race or just fly south for the winter.

DOG | Libra

Accident Star 5 arrives in the Northwest corridor of Communication and Travel. This Star is a tough customer and sets up road blocks. It’s is nothing to mess with or press hard. Waiting it out may be uncomfortable but pushing only brings distress. Lighten up and stay focused.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at present and is skimming the bottom of the barrel until the Solstice when you wear the crown or get your teeth fixed? One or the other, maybe both. Either way it’s beneficial to-go with the flow.

PIG | Scorpio

Accident Star 5 enters the Northwest zone of Banks and Assets upsetting the apple cart. The market’s in tatters but remain poised as funds and fashions come and go like lightening. You’ll be glad you did when it turns out, modesty is still the best policy.

Lucky Pig has no planets and aspects at present. You can hold your own as long as you stay free and clear of any entanglements. Don’t bet the farm or take on any new projects. As this year ends just be glad that you made-it as you round the bend and a new story begins.

Coming Soon to the next episode of the Zodiac Muse podcast:

  • Sun moves into the Ox on December 21st for the Winter Solstice, the High Holy mass and a return to the light. Let there be light!
  • Merry – Merry!! Christmas on December 25th.
  • Jupiter moves into the Hare sign on December 28th closing out the Astro year.
  • Happy New Year January 1st, 2022!
  • January 2nd is a New Ox Moon and Sun with a post 30 day eclipse, point.
  • Flying Stars for the month of January begin on or about, the 5th.
  • Full Moon in the Goat on January 17th, 2022.

This is China Rose, with all your Lucky Stars. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast!

Thank you to all my readers and listeners, my family, clients and friends. Wishing you a happy holiday season of good cheer and Happy New Year!