Black Sheep Moon

Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Because time zones vary around the world our new baby Goat moon’s lunar aspect is at its darkest hour around Midnight on the 8th of July. It stays at 0% illumination until July 9th. This baby moon is the black sheep of the herd.

Whilst this new moon sits quietly at ground zero the planet Saturn (time) makes it stationary return in the piglet (life, death, rebirth) to coincide with an extended V/C (void-of-course) moon from 7:44 AM on the 8th of July until July 9th at 6:48 AM, PST. Everything will get a bit wonky, and go astray, as did my original post.

Based on the chart aspects of our new baby, this Black Moon resembles a doomsday report. Our new moon holds (contains) an extended darkening or dark spot at its core because it gives us true emptiness, it’s the void or bottomless pit.

Well, I didn’t promise you a rose garden.

Blue Dwarf Star

Blue Dwarf Star

Is there no end to this madness? The answer is “yes” there is. As the wheel of life slows, the buck (deer, goat, sheep) stops here in the Goat year.

Opportunities will come banging and knocking loudly with the alignments we presently have. By all means invite them all to come-on-in, let the learning begin.

New moons bring a chance to evolve from where we have been. Usually this new unknown is very scary, so face your fears don’t hide from them.

Frazetta Buck Rogers Art

Frazetta Buck Rogers Art

The New Moon (moods) conjunct our Sun (image) is stacked with a retrograde Mercury (messenger) at exactly 16 degrees in the sign of the goat. This brings us an advance notice of double-trouble.

There is a backlash or backfire in this chart that will exact justice with a very sharply pointed, end.

Meanwhile the new kid (goat moonishness) sits on a chopping block in the Southwest grid (equatorial belt) based on the compass. This palace (or placement) governs our relationships, lovers and Matriarch luck. It is Mother earth.

What are we willing to give-up and when will we give-in to leave our own personal grudges and drudges (forever) dead in the ditch? Scapegoats to tag and bag for our shortcomings and goings, will be out of supply.

White Tara, the matriarch

White Tara, the matriarch

This palace is home to the feminine divine, the female guidance system of internal, intuition and compassion. She is ever-present and ever-giving and when we look for her and ask her to advise us, she will.

Take a strong female lead and run with it as we have now entered into the land of myth making and story-time.

The host of planets bringing up the rear-end of the new moon alignments are all male oriented. First off the mark is magnific Jupiter (increase) (also in the Goat sign) along with the war God, Mars (pure energy) who is in his late stages of the Horse (fire) sign.

Like a stampede, Hell’s fire comes to a roiling, boil quickly to blast us out of our old ruts into a new manner of speaking and being.

Judgment Rider Waite tarot

Judgment, Rider Waite

This may not sound like the glory and satisfaction you had in mind. And the shaggy, wobbly, little sheep~ette is getting sooty from the castoffs of a heavy trine.

A grand trine now hangs over our heads in the external skyline. This heavenly trine is a bell that chimes… it’s a wake-up call.

In charge of the call is Pluto (fate), sitting high at the uppermost top of heaven’s gate from where he normally resides in the (bottomless pit) of the underworld.

On the left side of the trine is grandfather, Saturn (time) paired with the door of the north node (key) to reclaim the old bones.

On the right side is a slippery, slide of sorrows found in the unconscious mind of Trident wielding, Neptune (harmony) of the water world. Lord of the waters, Neptune is paired with Chiron (healer) to pull us out of the deep, slumber we’ve been in.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

Asleep as in, what were we thinking?

We can all use this energy to bridge the heart with the mind. Cross this bridge to discover the luck quotient where it resides. This is an especially useful tool while these underworld planets hold sway over the upper divide.

But use caution, with almost no warning they can drag us under in a rip tide. The gifts they bear are grave and blind.

Whist Venus (love & luxe) our lady luck is tugging at Pluto (fate) on a tight leash from the Monkey sign this moon will most certainly dredge up something. Look for an old, dark and forgotten past to be illuminated and divined.

Blind Justice

Blind Justice

Okay everyone breathe a sigh of release.

Be sure to allow yourself time to process all that is coming through this lunar aspect without holding onto anything. This is a regression to rediscover our opportunities lost.

As humans we often go our merry ways never realizing what destruction and terror lie in our wake until the hour is much too late. What can we do?

Well I think we can do a whole lot more, a whole bunch better. Respect holds a vital key, respect yourself, respect others, respect your mother, respect your Earth. Tolerate and cooperate with a new point of view.

This objectivity may not seem like much, but like-it or not, it’s the best gift this moon offers. Especially since sheep signs like to graze and wander. Some like to believe the grass is always greener on the other side.

But this moon says, “nay”, that’s a fool’s errand and a risk you can’t afford to take. Stay the course and take care of your own lot before trotting off on a tangent. Fluff and fold, but don’t break the mold.



Stuff after all is just a bunch of nothing that takes up space. What is lasting is the unseen love and kindness we can bring to our everyday world, to our friends and families in need.

Kindness is something we can keep close at hand and spread around town. It costs nothing and takes no space but it showers us endlessly with it’s perpetual grace.

Do the more, not the least, give everything your level best. If you want something, then be ready and willing to give-up something in return.

Circulate the old and don’t be afraid to make change or change will roll right over you! Unlike human laws, Universal laws are totally impartial. They are designed this way in order to protect and preserve the goodness of the whole.

Ask yourself, what am I holding onto, what is keeping me in a fixed state of mind? Am I fluid and fruitful, willing to try something new or spiteful, immobile and filled with fright about the unknowns?

Sirius, dog star

Sirius, dog star

Often times people wait and wait for the world to change so that they can have everything they want, just the way they want it. When they don’t get-it they hold-on and keep expecting without ever releasing.

Often in these people’s minds everyone else is to blame when their situation doesn’t change. This is not the same as staying the course when a mission is at stake, but rather a manner of control used to avoid change.

If you are adapting and making your way to keep up with a series of changes by remaining flexible to opportunities, then no one is to blame. This too shall pass… is a mantra to lessen your load.

But if you hear yourself say that, 1). something must stay a certain way,  2). it can’t be any different, 3). it can’t be changed, or 4). things are just that way, then go take a good look in the mirror. You may glimpse your own defeated, self-center.

Cats Eye Nebula

Cats Eye Nebula

And I digress, it’s not about doing less, its about offering your level best. This is not about the least you can do it’s about the most that is possible.

The universe sees everything, all the time, never ceasing, it “is” immortal. You my friend are mortal. If we didn’t die we would not live.

To become your best self and make change just begin (big or small is a-okay) to be a change-maker with the stuff in front of you. The power of change you are looking for resides with you.

Yes, you, it is never anywhere else, its always right where you are and not where you are going to be someday.

Now in a Goat year with an exalted Jupiter is the time to stir the pot, go against the grain, dare to be different and stand your ground when you get knocked down. The goat is a quirky soul and doesn’t need prior approvals to reach its goal.

Carbon Flowers

Carbon Nanoflowers

Objects are the obstacles we want to transcend. Whatever theses objects are, they are primarily just carbon energy (the basis of all life forms) and if things are not working for you they are:

1). taking up space, 2). soaking up energy and/or, 3). working against you.

Often times the chains that chafe and bind are sometimes the bias in your own minds. So take a look around, what sits idle in your life, what change are you afraid to make?

Courage, patience and poise are self-initiating and personally empowering. These are the goats strengths – not excuses, emotional blackmail (tantrums), foot-dragging and protestations. Those losers will never achieve true, lasting success for you.

What junk is in your trunk? Sort it out and get rid of all this “storage stuff” to make space for the new life you want to create, the one you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let your “stuff” own you or dictate your lasting, happiness. The truth will set you free!



There is a ton of emotional baggage in this moon package with scant little mercy to go around. The black sheep of the family is often the scapegoat and is therefore already burdened with too much of our grief.

Our reasons for not doing are wearing thin and excuses are breaking through the outer-shell of our shellfish (selfish) modes.

Welcome this realization and breakout of cycles that repeat, endlessly. Unlike the siren song or illusion of more and more, we want more… what you see is what you get.

Mermaid carnival poster

Mermaid carnival poster

If you are human you live on Earth and the realization is that – this is it. Space is not adaptable to humans and if it were we would exploit it and destroy it just like our beauteous, Mother Earth.

We have already trashed our outer atmosphere and soon that too will rain back down on our heads.

Our new moon offers us a fresh chance to see with new eyes. This is so that we can release the errors of our ways and generate the means to be responsible for our mistakes.

What can we learn?

black wolf

black wolf

Let LOVE be your guide, not your ego or shellfish pride or anything that keeps your higher-self trapped inside. Be the lamb of god and offer up kindness where you had otherwise shown scorn and contempt.

Remember sharing is caring and we all live here, on this world, together. The only separation that exists is in our own mind.

Learn how to say what you want in a positive light rather than expressing what you don’t want. Don’t repeat the old fable of the boy who cried wolf, when none was in sight.

The masculine ideas that we can take and take, and kill and kill and destroy and discard whatever our fickle minds don’t like is gone by the wayside.

Black Hole Devours Stars

Black Hole Devours Stars

What you toss out or ignore won’t just go away… it will gain strength and come back to devour your life. The monster in this moon is the madness the we, ourselves create. The one we keep ignoring in our own reality.

Is our trash really going somewhere else? Getting rid of what we don’t need in order to make room for our heart felt desires is great way to trade. But just trashing what we can’t be bothered to appreciate and care for properly, seals us all in a worse fate.

The universe will keep giving us what we ask for. Just hear and listen to what you, yourself are saying.

Tempel relief Sethos

Temple relief Sethos

In summation poop hits the coup as birds-of-a-feather return to their roost. Please keep a look-out and heed the warning signs when they come calling.

Whatever “stuff” you are protecting it is not worth the pain and suffering we all must endure to maintain it. This moon aligns with the story of Isis and the dog star, Sirius.

So gather-up your longings and give them away to make way for a greater sense of belonging. Every day is a new day and I wish you luck ~

Most importantly…

This goat new moon is also the very first moon in a brand new Goat year. A goat year happens only once in every (12) year cycle on the Zodiac wheel.

Happy Zodiac New year!!

Jupiter in the Goat (r. June 27, 2013 – July 17, 2014) ~ long live the King!

“He was depicted in Greco-Roman mosaics as a man turning the Zodiac Wheel.” (Wikipedia, -unquote)

The planet Jupiter is known as Tai Sui, the Grand Duke in the Chinese system and as Chronos (Latin for time) or Zeus (God of heaven) in the western system.

Jupiter is a ruling Celestial body that transits a station on the clock (equatorial clock) for roughly one year and moves about its elliptic plane with autonomy and freewill.

The goat is a banner year of love-luck and above all else the goat signs seek peace. Make love, not war.

Carnival of Love

Carnival of Love

Expansive and magnetic, the planet Jupiter is now presiding over the Southwest sign of the Goat (aka: Cancer, crab, sheep, deer) from June 27, 2013 until July 17, 2014. Next year Jupiter enters the talented sign of the Monkey.

While transiting this field of plane Jupiter is said to be exalted. So crown thy good and become a royal starling in this coming year of the eclectic and electric water goat.

The sign of the Goat (aka: sheep, deer, cancer) resides in the southwest which is home to love and relationships. Love will take center stage, say hooray for LOVE! Let the loving begin, don’t wait and never hesitate.

Love is the only treasure you get to keep when your life ends, everything else is devoured by the beast.

summer carnival kissing poster

Because of the planet Jupiter’s ability to track through each of the 12 stations per year, Jupiter is said to rule-over and presage which year we are in.

In your Natal chart, as cast in a certain fashion (the way that I do), one can see where Jupiter resides. Where Jupiter sits and in which sign, divines the yearly sign of your birth. Not the paper, table mat in a restaurant for goodness sakes.

This is better than relying on outmoded systems and unreliable data. The stars have traveled several signs ahead of where the dates on the old calendars imply.

In this method (that I use) a person can know and see for sure the zodiac sign that presides over the year of their birth sign.

White Magic Show 1925

White Magic Show 1925

The old Zodiac systems have not stayed in step with the actual planetary motion. This year is being attributed to the snake. However the snake sign had its Jupiter transit in the serpent (snake, aka: Taurus) several years ago.

Modern astrology never quite seems to question or address this actual reality. They simply perpetuate it as a method of psychology. That’s a mind-bender. Astrologers I have inquired to about this glaring discrepancy say they don’t care, it doesn’t matter or perhaps they just prefer the hypocrisy.

Why rock the boat?

The persistence of memory Salvador Dali

The persistence of memory Salvador Dali

All this makes a snake year purely superstitious and rather suspicious. But in actuality, in real, reality, we are now in a Goat Zodiac year and this new Goat year is just beginning.

Despite what your peers might tell you, it is okay to question everything and become a seeker of truth and beauty. Don’t accept only what you see as true or you will be easily duped.

Instead of looking through foggy filters of past perceptions, do a thorough review. Let new data streams be your guide before you decide. Never accept less than truth, less than you can-know and deserve to be enlightened to.

Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer

Perhaps we can heed the symbolism too. Although Jupiter is known for its joy (jovial planet) he also carries a cutting scythe. In order to remain in its orbit of time and space, to create and shift our reality, it must remain impartial to ours.

This is so our wrong ideas, backward glancing and stodgy thinking won’t stop the world from turning. I recommend that you get a fresh look, with new eyes on this new moons juncture in time. In fact enjoy it and dare to be different.

After-all the black sheep is not the norm, it’s the exception to the rule.

Joy ~ Joi ~ Joie

Joy ~ Joi ~ Joie

And to digress myself a tad here, I say roughly “a year” because owing to the nature of time it bends and warps and speeds and slows and goes where it wants to go.

Our time devices tick-tock, drop-by-drop, at a fairly steady rate and pace as we set them.

To keep pace with the “nature” of time these timepieces need constant adjusting or we fall out of sync with our own devices.

Water droplets

Water droplets

How does this transit affect our luck overall?

Well first thing to take into account is when one steps into office. When Jupiter took his seat of power a few short weeks ago, Mercury was going retrograde and our Supra full moon was shinning at critical mass.

Though Jupiter, the Grand Duke, is in his Exaltation he has inherited a pretty stressful mess and walked into an ambush. But overall the lion share of the luck is on his side.

So don’t look-down and don’t despair, I’m charting your luck stars for the time being… GOOD LUCK!! Remember its always there, right where you left it.

Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs on July 8th, 2013 & beyond.

Rat ~ Sagittarius:

In this year of the Goat the blue, Rat is the peach blossom animal (lucky charm) of the Compassionate triad: goats, pigs and hare signs. So get out your cosmic duster and start polishing your crystals. It is your turn to align with a love vibe. You are this years official match-maker. Our monthly luck stars suggest that you stay rested and nested while letting the good times roll by. This helps you to avoid any greasy toils and troubles, breakdowns or splinters from an old axe left to grind. There is gold in the straw you are weaving at midnight. Keep the peddle to the mettle while standing guard over your castle. You pulled security detail in the yearly cycle so you’ll be baby sitting as you tend to your knitting. While you are at it, I’d like some socks for my sunglasses, please and thank you.

Ox ~ Capricorn:

Sacred cows will go down hard while the goat’s shepherd is in charge. The more you protest the worse things will get. The Goat sign is in your opposition, position. Heed the warning signs and listen to others, there’s just no use in trying to control things or take charge. Goats have got plenty of ammunition to hold back the competition. Expect them to mow down any notion of allowing the old ways to keep progress at bay. And gosh darn if they didn’t do-it right under your nose while you where busy fluttering and flashing your cow lashes. Pluto is still very firmly seated in your sign and luck stars abound but nothing can stop this parade as it travels through your charade. Pull down those dusty curtains and let the sun shine-in. With some fresh air, and a new point of view you’ll feel lighter and brighter in no time. Never dig in your heels or hold back the river or you’ll risk losing it all.

Tiger ~ Aquarius:

A more modest form of the tiger is often the best way to describe a goat year for your kin and kind. While I have both a mother and daughter in the Tigers line (and twin sisters, too) I can tell you, they are warm, endearing and fiercely protective. But caution is always advised. Never get too comfy and cozy to relax your awareness of a truly wild and wonderful nature. Otherwise when you least expect it they can bite your head off. Then where would you be? Respect that you just cannot taunt or train a tiger unless you have a spare head sitting nearby. Luck stars burn bright this month for the big cats. Fair to say it is best not to issue any complaints from your regal highness and mightiness, unless you need a nap or a grilled Panini sandwich. Lean to curtsey and take a bow. This will be a year of humble-pie for a Tiger in the Goat’s sign.

Hare ~ Pisces:

Don’t expect to find anyone home. The Hare and the Goat are all out in a pea green boat looking for their favorite Pig. This happy clan is getting ready to set sail afar, bound for horizons nestled in the golden triangle. The Hare is a card carrying member of the Goat’s compassionate triad. When these three get together the good times roll on and on, way past everyone’s bed time. The flow will go merrily, merrily, gently down stream and the boat will rock-on whilst the days pass by in a haze of glories. The three graces (faith, hope and charity) make life’s drudgery a bit more pleasant. The stars don’t mind a tiny bit, as they carry-on luggage that would down an elephant. Lucky stars say to play nice and shut down the rumor mill, post-haste, or risk an infection that may never heal. While you are at it put away the baby pictures and stop going on about past indiscretions. That way the kids grow-up and we can all get back to having a really good time! Neptune and Chiron assure smooth sailing as you chart a course, well inside the lines.

Dragon ~ Aries:

Ding, dong what the hell? Uranus (chaos) is keeping your feet to the fire and turning the spit on your life’s desires. Somehow I don’t think you want them charred and grilled. The goat and the dragon are usually only friends by proxy so use this don’t lose it or abuse it. As a Dragon sign in a Goat year, you will need this crafty, lofty, option. Firm, fisted, formality is a dragon forte while the goat likes a daily dose of healthy, reality. Somewhere in this middle ground are the things both you and the Goat can share. The rate and currency of this months lucky stars are dangerous and unstable. A diplomatic posture will keep the care packages coming. It’s simple really, use white gloves and stay on your side of the dividing line. Do that and Billy-goat Gruff will let you pass over to the other side. Next months stars are worth the wait so-for now, stand back and it’s okay to hesitate. Before taking action be sure the coast is clear and the fog has burned off. Use this month to suss out a new field of dreams since your old one is already, long-gone.

Serpent ~ Taurus:

Shut down the lion share of the serpentine roadway and stay off the beaten path. Dangerous construction is already underway. While lucky stars still have a silver lining the sums and parts will be dividing. To bring effervescence to your best laid plans a new set of underpinnings are absolutely essential for long-term, growth patterns. Enhancements designed to withstand the up and coming pressures are required. Stay in the trenches to dig up the treasures. Allow this months lasting happiness quotient to sink and settle-in. Take time to realign using a point-of-reference. Go back, redo, restructure, rethink and rewind. Don’t get caught-up in the old ways of doing or believing lest you’ll salt the wounds that have been healing, nicely. Seriously, caution is advised. The Goat year for the snake type is a time of less stress and more go-go dancing in fancy shindigs with glad tidings. Much more than you will be expecting. Golden opportunities arrive without any prior notice so take advantage of them. Goats are wacky in that they do the impromptu better than any of the other signs. Since you hate short notice, pre-pack and prepare for this eventuality, way ahead of time. Then when the crew comes calling you can get-along easy-peasy, and really go places.

Horse ~ Gemini

I hope you like the rodeo! This Goat year comes barreling out of the shoot like the a fireball shot out-of a cannon. The Horse sign is the Goat’s super, secret, chum and buddy. Horses can garner superior gains and upgrades for the feedbag when they are ready and willing to go the extra mile, in overdrive. Whereas the mule team may take quite a while to get the buck boards rolling. Lucky stars this month will shine and glide into the sweet-spot whenever you need some extra measures to be meted. Your luck is on autopilot. This month be sure you draw fresh water from the well. The watering hole where responsibilities and loyalties reside. Avoid taking things in stride. And don’t let go of the reins to your hard-fought, authority. Never give these strands away to others for even a short-break. If you do, a stampede will ensue with a trampling that can destroy your favored, pastoral view. Be kind and forthcoming in an genuine effort to anoint those in need with a branch of olives. This will remove the tarnish on the wings of your good fortune and avoid any crash landings. Mars is still bringing fire to your soulful self, so by all means soak-it-up before this hot shot is gone. Also reserve any judgements, (long overdue) in lieu of the status quo.

Goat ~ Cancer

Jupiter moves in to your palace for some exaltation time. The 1st new moon, of the goats years, on July 8th is also in your sacred sign. But the dark New Moon is stifled under a hefty pile-up of planetary action where the Sun (image) and Mercury (messenger) are in-cahoots. The goat year is a toast and tribute of endless good fortune for you my deer. So make nice and stay centered with what really matters, no superficiality will do. Stop any useless chatter and shiftless banter, that can only serve to pen you up and hem you in. This month the lucky stars are real a bum steer. This is about the worst set of luck stars I have ever seen or could imagine. You pulled the short end of a long stick. Don’t place one tiny, hoof over the line or you’ll risk suffering some severe consequences. Now is the time to begin the diplomacy of dormancy you righteously, avoided or ignored. Pretentious holds bared, have left a gaping hole in your white picket, fence. These rag-tag edges need some attending and tender, mending. If you don’t fix this soon, your superior luckiness will fall right through the crags to the rocky bottom. Then you’ll be without even an ounce of saving graces during your best turn on the wheel in many ages.

Monkey ~ Leo

Fold-up your tents, roll-up your defenses and stop selling snake oils. The chunky, monkey has burned some bridges. If this pantyliner doesn’t quit you won’t be able to regain any of the trust-fund the chumps have already squandered. Lucky stars are tanked and out of any good favors. Plus your goodwill bank is busted. The only way to overcome this set of stars is to reach for higher ground and scratch your way back with humility and civility. Rest and recoup as far from the limelight as possible. Or the bums will suffer you with scars and marks for life. Next months luck stars look funky-dunky, too. Go ahead and take an extended break. Beat-a-retreat deep into the jungle, if you’ll heed what’s good for you. Tend to the chores you have avoided with as little fanfare as possible. Any attention you draw to yourself, soon you’ll be regretting, I assure you. The monkey has one roll of the dice with lady luck to spin the wheel and right the wrongs of a random banana peel. It’s time to settle an old score. Go easy and tread softly. The Goat year will test the your Monkey shine, mightily.

Bird ~ Virgo:

You can put away all those fancy accounting measures and take time out to allow things to unfurl and unwind. The birds are a showy and knowy flock and the Goat is a not-so-fast, dust buster with a different set of regional guidelines. You may see right from wrong from where you are perked as being cut-and-dried. However in your vane position you have left a lot be inspired and desired. Whilst the goat herd travels far and wide to follow the stars to where a bigger cache of truth resides. This extended journey is one that returns the golden treasures that you seek to hide, back to the meek and mild. Right now your monthly luck stars are taking a break from relentless hunting and peeking so that you can change sides, get back to natural. You’ll need to fly straight as an arrow and do some twirly gigs and take-backs to settle the scores in a lambs year. If you do the crime you’ll pay the dime, I assure you of that. If you bend the rules the goat will break you. They eat through paper like nobodies business in the blink of an eye. Lucky stars this month send an advance that can bank you some extra cash, if you take out the trash.

Dog ~ Libra:

The dog days of summer are upon you and these lucky stars bring heavenly graces designed to fill in your empty spaces. What, no empty spaces? Hum, well there is a real conundrum. If you keep holding on to the past (stashing and storing is just like hoarding) then the future you are adorning will remain outside your grasp. The uppermost tool in this hope chest of luck stars is a cutter and clearing device. If you skip that step to retain your spoils it will weigh you down and keep you in an old holding pattern. The lamb lays down with the lion in a goat year. In the Chinese system the Lion is akin to a dog of war. After the games of getting the warriors brought back shields of the lionhearted. These shields were “refashioned” into a set of Fu-dogs. Dogs that guard the temples in peace time and they only keep the peace and not all the that other stuff stuck in the closets or storage compartments. Lighten the load and let the stars shine-in to deliver their rewards. Or dim the luck and stay stuck, you get to choose. A goat year can float your boats on the rising tide of a bigger story, but only if you let it.

Pig ~ Scorpio:

The pig sign is part of the Goats compassionate triad. Lucky stars will shine brightly ans sparkle wildly for this group of signs while the goatherd is busy tending to the flock. With Saturn (time) in your sign, connected to the true node, you have the key to a treasure trove. Step right up, it’s time to use it. You have a special, secret code to access the universal luck-store and everything is yours if you use it. There are a few caveats before you take these cards off the table. The Earth and Wood pigs will likely fare the best, overall, to manifest what they adore most. Water pigs might get too deplored or exhausted to turn on the dime and master this magical, mystery tour. The metal is pig is cautioned not to be overstated and fire pigs will get both hits and misses, so just keep trying. Your luck stars this month say, do less to gather more truffles. Or do a take-away to realize some monstrous gains. Sometimes what we can do without is just the right amount to tip the scales in piggies, favor! Under all the rumble of turmoil and trouble is Heavens luck sending signals that soon your day is dawning. There’s gold in these rocky hillsides so move that mountain (don’t sit on it) and you’ll find your valley of the kings!

New Crescent ~ Horse Moon

Auroral display Sparks Lake Central Oregon Cascade Mountains

Auroral display Sparks Lake Central Oregon Cascade Mountains

This new, horse moon will not become a complete dark spot as most do. Just as the old moon shifts to a new one it becomes a small crescent. This crescent is an omen of good fortune right when we seem to need it  most.

The reason that we need this new crescent rather than the usual dark void is based entirely on the shape of things to come. The shape of this new moon chart is the sign of being nailed to the cross. A cross is either a blessing or a curse.

Which way this energy goes depends on the people and the circumstances surrounding it. And we have some pretty tough customers (planets) that are all pushing and shoving, like in a rowdy crowd or a lynch mob gone mad.

New Horse Moon

New Horse Moon – June 8, 2013

Talk about being nailed to the cross… if there is something hanging fire in your world that you have perpetrated, ignored or failed to explore then time will take its toll. Listen for the bell as the alarms are all but broke. The sound of its tone will signal things are about to come to the surface and reveal a bigger mystery.

Dead bodies float. Oops, I should not have said that. Please ignore that part. I’m required to read the writing on the wall but I don’t want to project more fear. Knowledge is power, so knowing that bad situations will-out can promote healing, cleansing and closures that are long over-due to clear the air.

This yin, dark, watery, cool, new moon with its sliver of a golden halo is flying blind right through the middle of a cauldron of fire. The combination of planets that com-bust around this innocent one are all yang fire.

Planets, Mars, the Sun and Jupiter are all part of this mix in the south end where fire is at home with Jupiter multiplying the effects. The moon~ish presence is a ray of true, hope! Not just a syrupy slogan or a hallow sound bite, it’s got real gold. A heavenly host of sorts.

Winged Rose Heart

Winged Rose Heart

Certainly we have seen foolish whims and stubborn pride leading us astray and astride, time after time.  When in fact our humility and willingness to participate in life is our guiding light.

Unlike the low-grade human emotions of fear, hate and madness an attitude of joy and gratitude plants a winning seed. A seed that must be cultivated in order to bud, bloom and grow. It grows so that our dreams can bear fruit.

Often times in our selfish, self-absorbed modern world we forget that when we want new things we must be willing to give-up the old. The universe demands an even  exchange. What better way than to let go of what we don’t want in an effort to make room for what we, each of us, dearly, desire.

I’d like to suggest that you give-up fear for greater love, let go of anger to take hold of inner peace and let slip any lingering sadness for new happiness to born again.

Cross of Saint James

Cross of Saint James

This arc shape of this horse moon allows new good to take the place of bad feelings and old ways that have outlived any usefulness. These will be gone for good just as soon as we let them go… then our way is made clear..

The timing of this haloed moon is excellent to smudge or place new offerings on your alters to make room for new good to appear. Burn incense and make what you want attainable by accepting it before you can even see it.

The choices we make daily about how we express our feelings, like blame and accusations can only set up contradictions, These contradictions delay our heart felt desires and repress our expansion of greater love and understanding.

These kinds of negative choices do not serve us, they enslave. They can be severed as they are often simply old conditioned or habitual concepts that we decide to adhere to. Just change the way you think (perceive) or feel about them.

In the center of our selfish, self absorbed worlds is an all-about me-me-me, syndrome. Brake free of these chains by serving others, as you wish to be served. Give whatever it is you want most and be willing to receive more by making do with less.

Most people fear their peers (what will people say or think?) and rightly do not want to rock the boat or create any confrontations in their world. But any pain you may be experiencing is a sign that new growth awaits on the other side of the divide. Do not despair going against the tide to break the chains that chafe and bind. Try, try and try again any fresh new ideas to bridge the differences.

Anchor and Cross

Anchor and Cross

People often die early from carrying around bushels of their pain and sorrow. But I have never heard of anyone dying from a life of pure, joy and lasting happiness. As you contemplate the crosses we have to bear witness to don’t let anyone or anything take this precious gift-of-choice, from you.

And the chart of the new moon features a pretty heavy duty cross-to-bear. It connects with Saturn (bones, institutions) and is pierced through and through in the heart by Pluto (fate) which tends to unleash grief and anguish. I cannot lie to you, this can be a hard case to crack with an unbearable torture, in tow. Unlike most crosses this one stands upright and speaks directly to humanity.

But all is not lost and I beg you to hear this important message. Let go of the suffering and the suffering will let go of you! Do not spend a moment on your problems when you can freely choose to spend time on your solutions instead. Let problems starve for lack of attention. In other words focus on what you want and not what you don’t want.

Individuals, groups and institutions can expect this dark spot to shed its new light (w/ its barely-there crescent) on an old wound or problem of great concern. This is going to be either your destruction or your salvation. Old systems and/or the groups that oversee them appear to be in a deconstruction phase.

M Boschini Ill Regno Tutto Di Candia

M Boschini Ill Regno Tutto Di Candia

For those who have bravely gone forward in the face of their unrelenting challenges, yet have sought to do no harm can expect to see a reward. That much I can promise you for goodness sakes.

A Horse new moon is a bad place to start-up that same-old, same-old, gossip and rumor mill. Grind out that grudge and drain down any bad blood. Afterward stand on the look-out for increased clarity and superior visionary works to begin.

Please be cautious and head the warnings as we need to reset and re-key our boundaries with increased focus and genuine sincerity. Don’t go looking for trouble just let this fire set you ablaze with the opportunity that is right in front of you. The sparks and explosions can inspire, insight and deliver dynamic awareness.

To get to the heart of the matter just hold those you love near and dear, I hug you! Certainly we all need love… Those who say they don’t are the ones who need its healing wonder the most.

Virgin and unicorn

Virgin and unicorn

Overnight on June 6th the flying star configurations shifted into high gear for several extraordinary sets of supremely, auspicious “lucky specials” that have the power to share truth and beauty. From the looks of the planetary arrangements we are going to need every single one of them.

These specials run across the grid with two concurrent sequential number patterns, a Parent strand (7 generations of luck) and a pearl strand (luster and oppulence) plus the sum-of-ten (overcoming great obstacles) with a Ho Tu (unbelievable miracles)  combination.

This many glad tidings and winners luck bring forth victory and triumph over our fears. These luck opportunities appear to touch a special place in each of us regardless of what you are going through. Our world allows us to win, even if we have all but lost, everything can become new again. If you wake up and are still here, each brand new day is your starting place.

Ye Old Compass Rose

Ye Old Compass Rose

Here are your Lucky Stars for the now and until the next post, good luck!! I’m wishing you wonders to behold.

Rat ~ Sagittarius

Draw inside the lines and keep away from the ties that bind you. These luck stars are all knotted up in a quarreling mess. Stop the battle that rages and wages on and on. Let go of the axe to grind. Keep your wits about you, do not let them be scattered for the swine to trample under foot. Your best laid plans need a rest period and you can call upon the angels if you need any special attention. But these stars really offer you a respite to take time to stop the circus and mend the fences. Go quietly into the night my dearest and stay on the bright side of positivity. Color your world inside the lines.

Ox ~ Capricorn

Lucky Stars are going full seed ahead in your quadrant. Now is the time to make or brake the bank with the rays of heavenly light that are shining down upon you. Every single moment is slated with more good fortune. It is standing by like an ever present and constant companion. Be mindful of those around you and offer what you don’t need to prime the pump. Lighten the load to get going full speed through any choppy waters. Good days are dawning so be up early and get ready to accept another award for your endless, oceans of devotion.

Tiger ~ Aquarius

The parent strand lands in your high and mighty place of regal aplomb. You good is crowned in seven generations of supreme luck that is coming down the pike. To attune with it simply make the way clear and be prepared. Lucky stars have got some dazzling opportunities that sparkle and shine, effervescent and sublime. The times they are changing and nothing can stop it. Be pleasant and be ready to bury the hatchet in a wood block rather than chopping away at the old thicket. Good fortune does not get any better than this so don’t waste it, appreciate and savor it.

Hare ~ Pisces

Now is the time to back down and save face, so please say grace. Don’t get into it, get out of it, whatever it is! Your Luck Stars are on hiatus. Do go pushing the luck button since that older version of the application is now broken. While getting newly acquainted with a newer update use a face mask to bask in your well earned downtime. This is as you have always asked for, a place and time to while away the growing pains of life. Let peace and quiet begin with you and you’ll be awash in a healthy glow of new days ahead without any need to do or go. Spend quality time incubating eggs that are not rotted from an old norm. Stay calm and stand down form your pedestal. And when all else fails, take a nap or go camping to ground that inner child that you must grow out of.

Dragon ~ Aries:

Ring the bell and batten down the hatches. Lucky stars say you can get ready to set sail on a cruise line that leads you to a land of enchantment. Victory luck is riding by and is on your side. The flags they are a flying. Keep on the royal road and in a higher state of mind to distance your past form the presents coming from the marketplace. Make time to come out of the cave and see your pathway is now cleared. Set your sights on your grand designs and race to keep up the pace. You are coming into your own with the winners luck of a lifetime! It’s big, bonanza time!! Lucky stars sparkle, shine glow all new for you!

Serpent ~ Taurus

The ground is solid and the days are warm and sunny so don’t waste a moment sulking over split milk, just lap up the next life of luxury that is on its way to you now. These super Lucky Stars have your name written all over them! Funny thing is, they are exactly what you wanted even though when they finally arrive it may still surprise you! Have no fear, my dear, this is just what the doctor ordered, it’s good medicine. Don’t be shy and hide, stand firm, be present and accounted for. This is everything you’ve always been waiting for. Get set to roll-in-the-clover with a pearly luster that makes everything shimmer like the world is your very own oyster.

Horse ~ Gemini

Fire in the hole, look out below. Explosive devices are being dropped and ignited. Keep well bound, cautionary tales by your side for good council and wise guidance.The luck stars are all whacked outta shape and peeling off in chunks. Goodness me the days are coming at you in fits and starts with a misfire or other unexpected reactions. The best you can hope for is a total washout and a ring toss. Let it all go down the drain to release the pain. The remainder can be plowed under so that new good can grow once the thunder mountain has passed over. Stay on the bright side of the stars and harness your charms or risk suffering dire consequences. Keep your blinders and blinkers on.

Goat ~ Cancer:

Luck stars are like miss-matched socks in a drawer. But the super, special Parent Strand provides new good in your universal storefront to select from. And as the crow flies onward to get past the old ways of seeing what is no longer relevent, or does not apply these goodies will undoubtedly unfurl and unfold. Turn on a dime as you can now head in a bold new direction that you never thought you would ever go. The tried and true is out of hue so bargain for a new set of shoes. Once you have them on click your heels together and allow that odd-stroke of luck find you. Lucky stars will be brave and bold when you are striking out to find new gold or at least recover the old. These treasures are tired and true but they may not come to you so be willing to go get them.

Monkey ~ Leo

Lucky duckies and silver linings will seem to find you when you least expect them or when you stop trying to chase them down the pathway to catch them. These lucky stars are a bit jaded and raggedy Andy. But love will stoke your soul if you but let-it, guide you. Time to turn out the lights on any waste of time and keep to the knitting you have piled up behind you. When you go out on a limb it’s not to save your own skin but to keep it from getting to thin. Don’t be a wuss get on out there and climb around in your family tree. The branch won’t brake if you extend it farther and go longer toward toward its better ends. Stay away from the status quo if you have any inkling of whats good for you.

Bird ~ Virgo

Sorry to say the luck stars are molting and you have got to stop picking at them. The days of doing are over and done with and your nights of stewing are over-wrought to begin with. Twist and shout, not if you know what’s good for you, don’t make a sound. Not a peep out of you. Listen and learn and later when in due time you will have a chance to be heard. Until then my silly, nilly, song bird stop the natter and chattering, no politicking or you risk losing everything. You are forewarned to eliminate being forlorn. Don’t fret or bet or you’ll lose the rent. You have my word on it. Don’t cross your tees or dot your eyes this is not partytime. Instead stay vested, nested and rested with some much needed recuperation.

Dog ~ Libra

Strike up the band and make hay while the sun shines, the Lucky Stars that you have got right now at this very moment in the timeline are all sparkle and shine!! Things are going your way all day and all night long! Lucky shots and good fortune knots don’t get any better than these bright and brilliant cues. The triumph of a lifetime is right before you and the winds of change blow down anything that dares to get in your way. Itfeels really good when you can do no wrong and cause no harm. Now is a great opportunity to be pleased and pleasured by all this… as I’m sure you so rightly and richly deserve every bit of it. Now you will get what you have had coming all along. Welcome aboard this big ship of happiness and enjoy the magic carpet ride, its set on autoglide!

Boar ~ Scorpio

The needle in a haystack that has pricked you off for so long turns out to be made of pure gold. Your supremely Lucky Stars are blazing new trails to land in your hyper awareness zone. Shimmering, showers from heaven bring a downpour to drown out the wasteland and remove the old. Open sesame! That knock at the door is your winners luck coming to find you. The sand of agitation you could hardly stand another moment is paying you a visit. Its now a basket of oysters, shucked and jived just the way you like them. Let this be a lesson to you. Persistence is the pearl of wisdom that is all powerful. Good will always prevail over evil if you but deny evil any existence. No is never the answer, rather its an option to keep clear away the dross. Keep to the high road and let the good times roll out your new green, green grass of home. I’m glad to say these lucky stars are ready to pay and play nice with you!