November Pig Moon, Sun and Stars | 2021

The New Moon joined the Sun in the Pig sign on November 4th for a stellar event. This is a pre-clipse point 30 days prior to a Total Solar Eclipse on December 3rd, 2021 when the Sun and Moon will be in the clever, Rat sign.

Audio Transcript| Pig New Moon and Sun November, 2021

Future Days

No matter how you feel about it, daylight savings time falls back and the days will grow shorter as we near the Winter Solstice coming December 21st, 2021. Earth’s Pig Moon in November offers a sampling of a future yet to come and open a window into that world.

These late season Eclipses will be in the Snake and Rat signs on the Cosmic clock. Snake sign has a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 19th, coming soon. The Rat has a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on December 3rd. The most distinctive component of these ecliptic nodes is the tilt on Earth’s Axis.

It’s a very sharp edge on the wheel house that cuts to the bone. A wider gap will emerge between things. What causes this?

In the chart dynamics of the Cosmic wheelhouse Rat aligns to the Horse from North-South on the grid. Therefore they would typically be an ecliptic pair of Solar and Lunar aspects. But owing to an extra Dragon Moon series this year (double Dragons ) we get this very pronounced tilt.

That “tilt” will be the key feature of the cosmic preview of what’s to come for the impending eclipses: November 19th and December 3rd. In the practice of Feng Shui the Serpent sign sits in the Income sector and the Rat is in the Career zone.

In Cycles of Harmony and Conflict Rat and Snake signs share a unique “chemistry” that can unlock a secret door or code. Much like we did with DNA and other modes of progress. It’s always life-altering.

Stars Fly

Flying Stars for the month of November changed on the 6th. This is a homecoming for the Universal Stars and yet another mini-preview of days-to-come. How so? In this instance it gives a preview to the Annual Flying Stars pattern for the year 2022.

The themes for the: zodiac signs, directions, locations and their Universal Stars highlighted for this month and will peak into the coming New Year in 2022.

Center Palace

Heart Center | Harmony

The Accident 5 Star flies to the center and ancient historical references suggest a “banging sound” thus indicating earthly shifts. Quakes, shakes and slides may cause drama. However Earth Star 5 will double-up creating a Lucky Special called the Sum of Ten that can overcome all obstacles for success when properly harnessed.

Here are all your Lucky Stars for the Pig Sun and New Moon, November 2021.

RAT | Sagittarius

Miracle Star 1 of Money, Love and Miracles flies for the clever Rat sign in the North direction of Career and success. It brings small gifts and magical miracles when you need them most! Success will flow smoothly when you go step-by-step, bit-by-bit. You can activate this Luck Star with a the auspicious symbol of the Double Fish.

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Planets and Aspects for Rat and Sagittarius signs have the Ascendant horizon at 1 degrees giving you something new to enjoy. Venus lady of love and luxury is at the opposite end of the spectrum at 29 degrees. She is gracious to leave a parting gift so look for some added treasures and pleasures this month.

OX | Capricorn

Infinity Star 8 of Wealth and Winner’s Luck fyling for the sacred Ox sign in the Northeast direction of Knowledge and Administration to boost foundations and infra structures. This Star is known for interloping values that have a long lasting legacy of good. Clear a space for this Star to arrive and use the Money Luck Goddess to activate for the greater good.

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Planets and Aspects for the Ox and Capricorn signs has Venus knocking on the door just after the New Pig Moon. Pluto is at 24 degrees. Things seem placid but it won’t last as as mid December our lady Venus crosses over Pluto, the planet of fate.

Only a few days later on December 19th Venus the planet of love and luxury goes retrograde and rubs Pluto the wrong way at Christmas. This spells trouble. It won’t be until the New Year that Venus returns forward and she rolls back over Pluto, again. It is going to be a rocky period so don’t get caught in the wake!

TIGER | Aquarius

Infinity Star 8 of Wealth and Winner’s Luck flies for the mighty Tiger sign in the Northeast, Patriarch direction of Scholarship, education and the Brotherhood. This Star is known for interloping values that are long lasting for a legacy of good. Activate the Winner’s Luck of the Wealth Star by adding a Wealth Goddess to your decor.

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Planets and Aspects for the Tiger and Aquarius signs has Saturn rattling the old bones at 7 degrees and the Part of Fortune on the Ascendant horizon at 8 degrees. This forms a holy communion with the New Pig Moon and Sun that have good fortunes, long lasting.

HARE | Pisces

Fighting Star 3 of Growth and Competition flies in for the magic Hare in the East direction of Health and family. This Star is known as the quarreling star until it flies home in it’s universal zone as it does here. And then Wood Star 3 brings growth to the Tree of Life and stimulates a competitive spirit of fun with a strong sense of community.

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Planets and Aspects for the signs have Neptune, lord of the underworld at 20 degrees retrograde. This game of Smoke and mirrors persists until Neptune goes forward December 1st. Then the coast will clear as it’s bubbles of illusion begin to pop. It’s a wake-up call.

DRAGON | Aries

Peach Blossom 4 Star of Romance and Social Luck flies for the brave Dragon sign in the Southeast direction of Abundance and longevity. This Star brings great scores and helps pass examinations. Through networking and broadcasting it generates prosperity in the realm of myth for developing successful dynasties,

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Planets and Aspects for the Dragon and Aries sign have Chiron retrograde at 9 degrees. This challenges the the progressive brigade of the Dragon’s team. You may have to do battle but the Stars fly your way and you can expect to repair the tapestry of life where its become worn and tatty.

SNAKE | Taurus

Peach Blossom 4 Star of Romance and Social Luck flies for the mystical Snake sign in the Southeast direction of Income, arts, history and personal charm. Wood Star 4 promotes great scores and helps generate new funds through it’s expressive nature.

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Planets and Aspects for the Snake and Taurus sign have Uranus at 12 degrees. This cosmic pattern continues down the path of least resistance to smooth out the process by resurfacing the edge at-odds between worlds. Your best course is to negotiate and cooperate as unexpected twists can delay what you had in mind.

HORSE | Gemini

Fire Star 9 the Great Multiplier flies into the Horse sign in the South direction of Promotion, fashion and advancement. On the wheel of life your progress has power when you use a laser focus. Be careful as this Star flies: good or bad, whichever way you send it.

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Planets and Aspects for the Horse and Gemini have the Node dearly, departing the Horse at 1 degrees. This will end a long saga that has given much to a few that now will be redistributed differently in the coming years. Horse is instrumental in this positive change and can forge ahead with new designs.

GOAT | Cancer

Wellness Star 2 known as Sarp Yit, the dark illness Star and can be draining for the gregarious Goat. This Star flies in the Southwest direction of Love and partnerships. It’s pure, Yin boosts Matriarch Luck with feminine ideals. Restoration and Renewal in the home and hearth will be paramount, as-is plenty of rest.

This Star conjoins a Super Lucky Special known as the Parent Strand and you can expect good fortunes lasting for generations to come. Activate this bonus special.

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The Goat sign has no Planets and Aspects at present. Riding low on the chart Goats are working quietly behind the scenes. It feels good to catch-up on lingering, tasks at hand. Keep the flow going and soon you’ll be rising to new heights on the board.


Wellness Star 2 known as Sarp Yit, the dark illness Star that flies into the Monkey to dim his shine. This Star flies in the Southwest direction of Relationships and networking. It’s pure, Yin boosts Matriarch Luck to promote remote projects in the creative spheres.

In the coming year this Earth Star 2 is noisy, true -but perfect to get reusable concepts up and running. Monkey ideas can counter a cultural narrative of a disposable mindset and repurpose banana peels into new energy fields. You can activate this advantage now.

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Monkey and Leo signs have no Planets and Aspects at present. Monkey sits on the other side of the universe watching things as they play out. The genius of Monkey is that he will not make his move until he sees the time is ripe to pick and choose.

BIRD | Virgo

Metal Star 7 known as the Danger Star flies into it’s home palace of Public Relations wizard, the Bird. The Bird sign sits in the West direction of Talent and creativity. This is direction presides over Descendants luck, communication, politics and showmanship. Themes like justice and honor will be the primary, agenda. Negative aspects of heavy metals will be be exhausted in the coming years giving sway to cleaner resources.

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Bird and Virgo signs have no Planets and Aspects at present. However Birds are still on the rise in the chart design and bring a needed lift to the atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’ve got a fresh slate to work with and start pecking away at the details.

DOG | Libra

Victory Star 6 of Heaven Luck flies into the Dog house where it finds respite after a difficult year. Dog does his duty in the Northwest direction of Travel and commerce, courts and entertainment to bring much needed resources to resolve tough issues. Real victory is means everyone wins. Dogs can get more training and load up on gear.

A lucky Power Strip will work wonders in the Northwest direction to balance the Chi for Heaven luck to appear.

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Planets and Aspects for the Dog and Libra signs have planet Mercury at 28 degrees burning through the tail end of a wild ride. The days get shorter as the holiday season grows closer and you light up the room with good cheer!

PIG | Scorpio

Victory Star 6 of Heaven Luck flies into the Pig and passions flare. Pig sits in the Northwest direction of Luck and Benefits, banks and hard assets on the cosmic grid. After the grit and grist of this mill lucky Pig discovers a silver lining holds a celestial pearl.

This kind of lucky strike is just the beginning of new prospects as stormy clouds begin to clear to shower you with blessings you hold dear.

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Planets and Aspects for the Pig and Scorpio have Mars at 3 degrees with the Sun and Moon at 12 degrees. Everyone feels the intensity of this New Moon’s effects. It’s a mind expanding 30 day point to a coming eclipse. Pig signs rule over life, death, sex and rebirth. It’s a messy venue offering a peak at future events.

Pigs get a a chance to prepare. Which is one of their favorite things to do. Primping and priming for coming attractions and a meteoric rise in a new hemisphere.

Coming Soon to the next episode of the Zodiac Muse on with star guide, China Rose and all your Lucky Stars!

  • The Snake Full Moon Lunar eclipse happens on Friday, November 19th at Midnight on the West coast.
  • Sun moves to the Rat sign on November 21st launching further explorations in our world and beyond.
  • December 3rd is a Rat New Moon | Total Solar eclipse. This marks a sharp contrast in what-was and now what-is.
  • Flying Stars for the month of December begin on or about, the 6th.

To discover what all these exciting changes in the Cosmic clock mean for you:

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