Saros Eclipse Moons

Our 1st Lunar eclipse was on April 14th, and the 1st Annular Solar eclipse arrived on April 29th. Both are considered a rare type of eclipse in the Saros series (as per NASA) that is part of a longer sequence. A sequence that plays out over an extended period, of past, present and future, cosmic events.

Pot of Gold

Princess Rosalie

This new moon eclipse features some rather unique alignments. Notably, we have an Exalted Moon in the Serpent conjunct to our Sun and the planet, Mercury. In concert (trine) with this conjunction is an exalted Venus in the Hare sign. Lady luck promotes passive energy on the feminine side of the lunar aspect as a by product.

Spirit Canoes

Spirit Canoes

In these configurations we have a yin-yin, situation over the yang. Although the new moon is empty of anything and is dark, void energy, this one seems to overflow with excessive demands. To work positively through this transit let go of all former expectations and the universe will surprise you! The good news is that under all the debris, or the castoffs from this big ta-do, is a reward.

Four Directions

Four Directions

The reward or benefit is found in taking time to reset our internal compass and realign ourselves to the outer world, to find our own true-magnetic, North. This moon shares and cares and is so aware that it gives great insight. One may need this essential insight later down the road. When Mars goes direct (in about 20 days) a fresh course of action will replace what you see in front of you now.

Compass Rose

Compass Rose

With planet, Mars there is always the risk of a blow-back, back spin and a backlash. Right now the war god is running rough shod through the dog sign and messing up the whole enchilada, so follow your lucky stars @

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Serpent ~ Taurus (snake), (distills wisdom) / direction – SE (income) / Flying Stars: (4/4) {love luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Sun (image), Exalted Eclipse Moon (yin Moods), and Mercury (messenger)

Kundalini White Snake Spirit

Kundalini White Snake Spirit

Lucky Stars for the Snake sign are all a glow with supreme good fortunes. Use your internal sense of knowing to see into the dark places you have left unearthed. There is treasure buried in these sweet spots unseen. A little tossing and turning and a little fluffing and folding can cultivate quick results. Get to work on what you really want to do and leave the rest on the scrap heap for others to sift-through. Be fully empowered and inspired so that no one can stop you. This is your golden moment for solid gains wrapped in a band of glory. Stick to the storyline, find the gossamer thread and follow it, it leads to the mother-lode. Myth and magic are making everyday a special experience for you as you resist not, you can receive more.

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Horse ~ Gemini (twins), (delivers power) / direction – South (fame) / Flying Stars: (9/9) {fulfillment luck} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Cosmic Steed

Cosmic Steed

Lucky Stars for the Horse sign are all aces and rolling in clover. Horse signs and Gemini twins have a stunning array of starlight to get them well, beyond the darkest night of the ecliptic, bend. Along with a solid, sonic vibe is a fabulous goodie bag of stellar swag. This takeaway gift contains the sublime delights of your secret wishes. A gateway opens that can lead to where you want to be, but don’t jump the fence yet. Suddenly a wide variety of options appear. Sparks of intrigue ignite heartfelt desires where passions can range free. The rule of thumb is simple, what arrives, multiplies. Your fulfillment luck is extended into ad infinium.

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Goat ~ Cancer (sheep, deer, crab), (desires peace) / direction – SW (love and relations) / Flying Stars: (2/2) {illness star & Matriarch luck} / Planetary Influences: Jupiter (benefic)

Who Are Ewe

Who Are Ewe

Lucky Stars for the Goat sign will be tending to some knitting and fence mending. The pleasure you take in being a studious provider is a fanciful reminder for those who are always stepping off a cliff. But you will be valued more when you don’t beat the drum and just keep mum about it. You will be expected to handle every live wire that needs grounding and stretch your resources beyond capacity, as your flock finds a new niche. As a gentle reminder to Her Goatness, the up and coming Mars return will launch rockets in a dead zone. Sooner than anticipated your transition to a new position evolves into a something drastic. A grandiose, pet project leaps into futuristic territory so be sure and stamp a footnote on it with your initials, to receive proper merit.

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Monkey ~ Leo (drives ambition) / direction – WSW (talent) / Flying Stars: (2/2) {illness star} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Spirit Monkey

Spirit Monkey

Lucky Stars for the Monkey sign are beaming a signal from another universe. This pattern needs deeper reflection before you leap to any conclusions. An intoxicating ambition can be misleading. There is underlying potential to protect, so tread softly. Your lucky stars have a swampy bottom so be careful of the quicksand. Situational circumstances are bound and pre-determined slightly different than you may have first imagined. Second glances often bear better fruits. What seems like a bum steer can be a blessing in disguise. Stroll through the themes in your life with fresh eyes. Put new lenses in your meter reader to get a varied perspective on a wider spectrum of data. You will need every particle you tease-out to prove your theory of relational expansion. But it’s there, the proof is positive.

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Bird ~ Virgo (phoenix, rooster), (esteems virtue) / direction – West (creation) / Flying Stars: (7/7) {danger star doubled!} / Planetary Influences: Mid-heaven (topper)

Bird Spirit

Bird Spirit

Lucky Stars for the Bird sign are a whirly gig of high drama in a dizzying, array of episodic cliff-hangers. The double 7/7’s, in the flying star chart take effect on, or about, May 4th. You can expect to play the hatchet guy or gal in this scenario. The game of life gives you a power machete to clear through red tape that keeps cropping up. Just don’t got to pieces with everything, over it. Combine your efforts and you can make strides in regions you never thought to venture. Let the transitional weight of, trying-to-do-it-all, be lifted off your shoulders. There is another pathway to where you are going. Project yourself ahead of the curve to connect with a new atmosphere of good and plenty.

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Dog ~ Libra (lion), (serves duty) / direction – WNW (travel) / Flying Stars: (6/6) {heaven luck doubled}/ Planetary Influences: Mars (energy, war god) (retrograde thru 5/20) and True Node (key)

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess

Recently Luck Stars for the Dog sign are a tour bus that keeps going nowhere, at an alarming rate. This feels like your goals are being left by the wayside. Now my pet poodle the crisis du jour, will finally, begin to subside. When Mars goes forward (5/20) motion in your sign, the tide will turn. The whole month of May is a gift to you, as a means to accomplish what you’ve always dreamed of. Fresh luck will be spilling out and brimming over, in your cup. This is a passive, not aggressive, means to a better end. When something is taken off the table the balance of power shifts. For a very short window you can open yourself up to possibilities, perhaps unknown or previously, ignored. Water has passed under this bridge and now you’ll have the chance to get past it. Success lies in being true to the instinctive voice that guides you.

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Pig ~ Scorpio (boar, eagle), (confers nobility) / direction – NW (resources) / Flying Stars: (6/6) {heaven luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Saturn (time)

Night Sky Stars with Pigs

Night Sky Stars with Pigs

Lucky Stars for the Pig sign are being tested to the utmost limits and beyond your known existence. Presently, the company you keep is engaging you in thematic qualities with long term growth. Your visionary works are secretly being expressed in eclectic venues. Fascinating loopholes and swirls cascade around you like a vortex of primal source, gravity. Your celebrity circuit is abuzz and a whirl so keep a lid on the cookie jar to avoid poaching. Heaven luck sends rays of Illuminata to move significant projects ahead and prophecies, foretold, unwind in due time. What once seemed lost… is returned in full measure, plus added surplus and some fancy excess on the side. Saturn continuously strums an upbeat tempo on the stream of your consciousness. With a little, greater frequency and currency, the cash-in looks amazing.

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Rat ~ Sagittarius (rules mind) / direction – North (career) / Flying Stars: (1/1) {miracle & money luck star doubles!!} / Planetary influences: Ascendent (horizon) & Part of Fortune (arc)

White Angel Rat

White Angel Rat

Lucky Stars for the Rat sign have superior brilliance and a deep, luster in the nether regions of space. Rats will enjoy luck stars that are custom made for their pleasure, in treasure vaulting. In this up coming flying star, cycle the Rat is blessed with extra-good, fortune. Miracles, money and love stars form the auspicious Ming Tang, special! In this number alignment things keep adding up for you and there is always a bonus round that goes your way. Behind the scenes, factoring provides you with depth and a distinctive character. This is a good time to collaborate. You can lead the pack; the point of being number one is to be first and foremost, as the old adage says, cream rises to the top. The ascendent has a nice coin-of-the-realm embedded in it to promote your long term wealth. Though small in stature, a minor addition or subtractive measure, can spur income for growth and increase benefits to take home.

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Ox ~ Capricorn (governs status) / direction – NE (scholarship) / Flying Stars: (8/8) {infinity luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate)

Blue Ox

Blue Ox

Lucky Stars for the Ox sign are a full house and royal flush of excitement and brouhaha! Though the scenic route is your preferred way to go, with all the advantages available, whether you use them or not, your standard M.O. is temporarily on hold. Operational plans change and sites get re-set on new horizons. In this new cycle the strategic plans are being redrawn and reconfigured. Even if you have not caught wind of it, keep and ear to the ground as there is still more to know. What happens next determines the benefits of a long, lasting opportunity. An opportunity to create a legacy of greater good. However, the little seedlings and treasure pockets have yet to surface or pop their head up from their hiding place. Have no fear, lucky stars are flying your colors, in your direction, to land your ships to shore and unpack a larger fortune.

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Tiger ~ Aquarius (projects vision) / direction – ENE (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: (8/8) {infinity luck doubled} / Planetary Influences: none @ present

Tiger spirit

Tiger spirit

Lucky Stars for the Tiger sign come as one lucky strike after another to bring down the house in an encore performance. As the star of programing you’ll be sitting pretty in a lap of luxury. The tiger clan is in full concert with a wider harmonic, all the bells and whistles are going off at the correct time sequence. Luck stars have long legs and tenacious, staying power to excel. You can generate a stable base camp from a high value, self worth. A worth that elevates big cats to regal status. An extended, financial, proposal is drawn up and divided out, to maximize your wealth accumulation. Others puzzle over how you do it, but never quite figure it out. It’s because tigers have night vision. Tiger luck stars are on target in the optimal mode for life, success on a grand scale. Go get’um Tiger!!.

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Hare ~ Pisces (rabbit, cat, fish), (saves grace) / direction – East (health and family) / Flying Stars: (3/3) {quarreling star doubled} / Planetary Influences: Neptune (consciousness), Chiron (healer) and Exalted Venus ~

Hare and crown

Hare and crown

Lucky Stars for the Hare sign are being bundled and bound up in a package deal. The more you resist the abstract notions, the more they seem to exist. This is because things in general are a tad bit off kilter at present. The normal set of duties that keep your daily romp around town or trip into the black forest on a rhythm and in tune, are stifled. Right now there is work being done in this area to clear out the dead wood. Your sign sits in the east, and it regulates the family tree to manage health matters on the wheel. The expressive wood star (3) is most at home in meadows and villages, but wherever you find yourself the fine art of prevention is undergoing a life, transformation. Trimming, clipping, binding, sewing, and pulling the blinds down are ways to stay undercover while the process is being honored and remedied.

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Dragon ~ Aries (instill vitality) / direction – ESE (abundance) / Flying Stars: (4/4) {peach blossom star doubles} / Planetary Influences: Uranus (chaos)

Wood Dragon spirit

Wood Dragon spirit

Lucky Stars for the Dragon sign are out of this world and set in a landscape of pure artifice and delight. It bodes well to continue with the road that has been taking you places you want to go. While there are challenges to overcome it is better not to rock the boat before you get to your sunny shore and don’t shackle yourself to anything significant or another. Mars is still spewing fire and ash in a tough-luck square, so don’t box yourself in, either. Compliance considerations of this that or another thing, might be an issue. Double-check requirements that need to be addressed before becoming signatory to anything semi or permanent. The best you can hope in this phase is full adoration and an unlimited income that blossoms in the desert. Expand your oasis to a wider audience using your ever enchanting and popular, guerrilla style tactics.

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Ghost Moon Eclipse

Kitties & umbrellas

Hi, this is China Rose with your Lucky Stars! Spirits will rise with our Full moon eclipse on October 18th, 2013 @ 4:37 pm, PDT.
Draft: This file was revised for mobility on March 3, 2020.

Listen: Full Moon, Lunar, Eclipse October 18, 2013.

The Black Cat

Lady Luna goes V/c (void of course) on Friday afternoon, at around 3:30, just before the ecliptic mode begins. The ascendent is in the Hare but the lunar aspect is actually at the late stages of the Dragon. In this planetary set-up there will be hell to pay!

The Cat

With all eclipses it is wise to bide your time but especially this one, wait it out. Let the chips fall where they may before taking any action.

This one is not all that it seems… in fact it may be so much more than you ever imagined.

Life is a Catwalk

Our full moon brings us a subtle, Penumbra, lunar eclipse. Hence the Ghost apparitions and impressions it inspires. This is a powerful Yang moon in a Yin setting and one that is sure to be romantically inclined.

Clever Cats

Late Friday night the moon becomes exalted upon entering the sign of the Serpent and it’s extra benefits may be surprising. You can expect high drama, way up in the rafters from this celestial event.

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Rat ~ Sagittarius (rules mind) / direction – North (career) / Flying Stars: (1/4 – 1/8) ( )  Planetary influences: Venus (love & luxe)

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Black Cat Saloon

Lucky stars for the Rat align in auspicious combinations that add luster to your treasure trove. Good fortune is everywhere you go. Rats are lucky in love and money with our lady Venus shimmering you in gold.

Ox ~ Capricorn (governs status) / direction – NE (scholarship) / Flying Stars: (8/2 – 8/6) ( )

Planetary Influences: Pluto (fate)

Listen: Ox luck

Cat Travel

Lucky stars for the Ox score a home run with all your bases covered. Plutoian energy fields have you sending and receiving good vibrations on a universal scale. Just remember some things are sacred and some are not, know the difference. Lucky stars fly all the way to the bank, so stick to the program.

Tiger ~ Aquarius (projects vision) / direction – ENE (knowledge and power) / Flying Stars: (8/2 – 8/6) ( )

Planetary Influences: none @ present

Listen: Tiger luck

Black Cat!

Luck stars for the Tiger show rich blends and wealthy trends with no significant aspects to hem you in. Spin the dial, flip the coin and roll the dice. Don’t wait for someone else when fortune favors you. Heaven luck goes your way when you choose.

Hare ~ Pisces (rabbit, cat, fish), (saves grace) / direction – East (health and family) / Flying Stars: (3/6 – 3/1) (♣ ♣ ♣ )

Planetary Influences: Full Moon Eclipse, Neptune (consciousness) and Chiron (healer) and eclipse Ascendent (horizon)

Listen: Hare luck

Vintage Cat Baking Soda Ad

Luck stars for the Hare dance by the light of the moon and crown you as a regal heir to a new throne. Health issues may be nipped and tucked by curbing your lip. You ingest what you protest. Let love flow merrily down the stream and enjoy the little things above all else.

Dragon ~ Aries (instill vitality) / direction – ESE (abundance) / Flying Stars: (4/7 – 4/2) ( ♠  ♠)

Planetary Influences: Uranus (chaos) and Moon (moods)

Listen: Dragon luck

All Cat breaks loose

Luck stars for the Dragon are razor sharp with a sleek edge. Use them to trim the excess and scale back to a more manageable position. Boil things down before you serve them up. Update security measures to combat disasters. Lucky stars are moody, dark and overshadowed. When in doubt, wait things out.

Serpent ~ Taurus (snake), (distills wisdom) / direction – SE (income) / Flying Stars: (4/7 – 4/2) ( ♠  ♠)

Planetary Influences: none @ present (note: Post ecliptic exalted moon!)

Listen: Serpent luck

Black Cat Fortune Game

Luck stars for the Serpent are below ground and undercover, off the radar. Track back to discover unredeemed assets. Life is a mystery for you to explore. The exalted moon delivers a surprise package filled with deep reflections and multiplex patterns. Lost loves come calling, be receptive and alluring.

Horse ~ Gemini (twins), (delivers power) / direction – South (fame) / Flying Stars: (9/3 – 9/7) (   )

Planetary Influences: none @ present

Listen: Horse luck

Rummage Sale Cats!

Luck stars for the horse are tantalizing and enticing. Your psychic impressions are clean and clear. Don’t buck the system with nothing to gain in another sphere. With so much water under this bridge you are overcoming obstacles to your greater success. Your best course of action is to stay quiet and reserved.

Goat ~ Cancer (sheep, deer, crab), (desires peace) / direction – SW (love and relations) / Flying Stars: (2/5 – 2/9) (♠ ♠ ♠ )

Planetary Influences: Jupiter the Grand Duke (benefic)

Listen: Goat luck

Nurse Kitty

Luck stars for the Goat are calling testy matters into question. Relations outside your inner circle are causing friction. Shear off the frayed edges and let harmony reign supreme in your peaceseeking missions. They say confession is good for the soul so use it liberally.  Luck stars are a little worn. Stay on the bright-side of this ecliptic node.

Monkey ~ Leo (drives ambition) / direction – WSW (talent) / Flying Stars: (2/5 – 2/9) (♠ ♠ ♠ )

Planetary Influences: none @ present

Listen : Monkey luck

Wild cat scene

Luck stars for the Monkey are out of bounds with a sense of fair play. You have flatland and grassy knolls in your pathway. With no aspects and a funk zone of stars that blur your vision practice getting your ducks in a row before wandering off to a new position. Foster your best chances in an unlikely passion. Do not pass go.

Bird ~ Virgo (phoenix, rooster), (esteems virtue) / direction – West (creation) / Flying Stars: (7/1 – 7/5) (♠ ♠ ♠)

Planetary Influences: Mars (energy) and Part of Fortune (arc)

Listen: Bird luck

Hypno Kitty

Luck stars for the bird are being reborn from life’s inferno. Sexy Mars shows up to put some moves on you! Remember you are a Free Bird. Special accounting measures locate money in a pocket being held at bay. Hell raising aspects are a whirligig to get in and out of – but worth the extra efforts.

Dog ~ Libra (lion), (serves duty) / direction – WNW (travel) / Flying Stars: (6/9 – 6/4) ()

Planetary Influences: Sun (image)

Listen: Dog luck

Girl, dog & cats

Luck stars for the dog are the best our celestial patterns have to offer. Still planetary aspects have you caught up in a compromising position. It may help to know that hungry Dragons devour you while happy Dragons empower you. Don’t feed the demons, nourish your soul. It’s time to make connections in new directions for a whole new mode. Luck stars have your back …so just go.

Pig ~ Scorpio (boar, eagle), (confers nobility) / direction – NW (resources) / Flying Stars: (6/9 – 6/4) ()

Planetary Influences: Saturn (time), the True Node (key), Mercury (messages)

Listen: Pig luck

Cat Seranade

Luck stars for the pig are all aglow to raise your spirits and send your senses reeling into a new love zone. Money luck is highly favored with your brand of dynamo. Keep shape shifting into a new realm of possibilities. The key to the temple doors is yours to come and go, where even greater benefits start to unfold. Like an avalanche of good, roll with it!

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Occulting the Moon

Antares Alpha Scorpius

Antares Alpha Scorpius

When one celestial body is passing over another it is said to “occult” and today as seen in the chart of the moment (shown below) (as per NASA and not Astrologers) the Sun and Moon occult in Scorpius.

Today NASA and I agree that the occult-ed (eclipse) Moon and Sun takes place (not in Sagittarius) but rather in the sign of Scorpius which is in the (stationary) Taoist sign of the wild Boar often called the pig.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of May 25

“The second lunar eclipse of the year again occurs at the Moon’s ascending node in Scorpius about 7° northwest of Antares (mv = +1.07). With a penumbral eclipse magnitude [6] of 0.0158, just 0.5 arc-minutes of the Moon’s southern limb will pass into Earth’s pale penumbral shadow; such a shallow eclipse is only of academic interest since it will be all but impossible to detect.” (Unquote)

Notably NASA places it where it belongs in the Northwest which is the feng shui location assigned to the Pig (aka, Boar or formerly Scorpio) in the Flying Stars.

The Flying Stars system is not outside of our atmosphere but rather the energies we can attune with, or the fields of energy that move and change here on Earth. The section where this eclipse falls governs the primary area in the NW known as benefits, mentors and LUCK!

Why is there a difference?

Modern (western/Greek) astrologers do not use or follow the actual placement of Astro-bodies (celestial spheres) because they adhere to following the old sky formation of were the stars aligned from its origins and mixes that material in with our modern world. Hence some people find astrology unpredictable and confusing.

But for the mass majority of modern astrologers (sheep following sheep, perhaps) even though they adhere to it like religion – it’s not a great fit. As you can see Astrologers and Astronomers (or rather modern measuring devices) position these aspects in contradictory locations. The pig is all about contradictory controversies and unearthing them!!

So a person can ask themselves, do I want to live in the past or can I adapt and change to the present?

NASA follows the stars in the sky where they actually align to track (and record) the functioning of our cosmic wonder with measuring devices that far exceed what was possible when astrology (study of the stars and Peoples fortunes in relation to them) originated.

Star Nebula

Star Nebula

The premise of flying stars and feng shui is “change” and adapting to it, in order to find and acquire “harmonies” in life both cosmic-ly and physically. Therefore the correct (or corrected) alignment of “Heaven and Earth” is primary for personal fortunes to be both authentic and lasting.

My work with the Flying Star system is based on the Magic Square, a natural, number pattern phenomenon that relates to fields of energy here on Earth. In my private practice I attune these patterns into a relationship to flow-through with outside energies coming from space.

It took me the better part of my lifetime to correct this imbalance (mentioned above between astronomers and astrologers) so that I could realign these systems to harmonize and interlock. In this way I have the added benefit of being able to correspond both (heaven and earth) to our compass and our known, perceivable reality in the present moment.

Hence my favorite pastime (which is really a life-calling) of bridging the cosmic wonder with the natural world is born.

Most people don’t seem to really care, or they fear change and would rather read their daily scopes in the paper or online in their email box. These kinds of fortunes are commonly generated by a computer that uses an ancient sky view rather than align them properly with their real world. But they can be fun and occasionally illuminating.

Admittedly our cosmic wonder is a moving parts system (flying through space in time) and it took me from about age 8 or 9 as a child until well into my adult years, at age 36 (in 1995) to figure out the puzzle. In order to align the system 1st it needed to be reset to its starting position. Otherwise, like others before me I would just repeat their mistakes.

Once I located that zero point (ground zero is also a pig-ish theme) I could synchronize the placements with the locations where our planet earth is now. Which allows me to be able to functionally use a compass and NASA or Space satellite technology for increased accuracy. I can check my work.

And I was only able to complete the complex calculations correctly because the answer was “given” to me in a lucid dream delivered by the stars. Upon awaking from this dream I tried the calculations from this new, fresh perspective (star view) and shazzama-rama, it worked!

Heliocentric Cosmos

Heliocentric Cosmos

On the Solar day of my birth year in 1959 planet Jupiter (the Grand Duke) sits in Scorpius (secrets) in a harmonic with planet, Neptune, the God of the underworld. So I can naturally see what is invisible to others and for me it is very real.

No surprise then I spent many years of my life (in this turn of the wheel) unearthing mysteries in an investigation capacity with prominent men in a global forum. Due to this harmonic conjunction of wills I’ve been fortunate but also cursed (can’t escape it) in a manner of speaking, to be tied to this work.

It’s not that anyone ever asked me to do this mountain of work in the outer world. Instead I have been driven hard by the knowledge I pre-possesed at an early age, in this regard. My recollection (personal history) of past and future lives is known to me and it serves as an guiding interior presence that prods and pushes me constantly. Like a moth to the flame I can’t stay away. Ah persistence!

Because the old systems of our modern forms of astrology skirt and scrim around the newer ones there is some meaning gathered and generated on the edges. That is not valueless or baseless (one need not throw out the babe in the bathwater) but the accuracy is not laser pointed or predictable. Its funky-dunky, hit or miss.

The real world I live in prizes accuracy and authenticity over lip-syncing with an old or pre-recording. This old world view co-mingling in our present world thus places the eclipse in Sagittarius.

Though in actuality it rides through the cosmos (from our heliocentric observations) in Scorpius (le piggy) where it “crosses” the heart of Antares.

So for those of you who want to know this sort of real world Astro Fortuna, let’s focus on where we are and not spend anytime on where we are not.

Wheel of Fortunes

Fortuna wheel from an edition of Boccaccio’s “De Casibus Virorum Illustrium”

Today we have a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of the Pig.

The pig (or more specifically wild Boar) is the station on the equatorial beltway (the center band of our planet Earth) that once corresponded with the (western/Greek astrology) sign of Scorpio.

That constellation (stars out in space) is Scorpius which contains the star Antares. The star Antares is in the heart of Scorpius which is where this occult-ring begins.

Our Earth’s eclipse crosses the heart of Scorpius (Boar/pig) in Antares which is home to a place known as the Royal Stars of Persia.

As mentioned above, it is shown here is the “chart of the moment” supplied by This chart shows the ecliptic occult-ation at 26 degrees Scorpius now having recently crossed over Saturn and the North Node (ascending – not descending) and it is correct.

That means in our western hemisphere something was unearthed over night to reveal an ongoing disturbance that is yet unresolved. In Pig talk this phenom is called digging in the dirt pile. In ancient mysticism there is a saying, that “what you resist will persist” and in the pigs (Scorpius) realm they know all about persistent. In fact they bank on it. These are the themes of what will be revealed in the heart of these regal stars. Certainly fitting for a pig.

Lunar Eclipse Chart Western Hemisphere May 24th – 25th 2013  q4ofileGx4q4B-u1026606532_chmom.2841

Here are your flying Luck Stars for the Full Moon eclipse in the sign of the wild Boar, until next post, good luck:

princess victoria vinatge circus poster

Victory Luck!

Rat ~ Sagittarius

Luck stars will hold so long as you are bold and stay strong! Recently you’ve turned the heads of a few aspiring minds so don’t let the luck stars go to waste or down the drain. Keep to the straight and narrow and you’ll find cupids arrow is pointing in your charming and witty direction.

Ox ~ Capricorn

Keep the cat in the bag? No I don’t think so – better let it out or your luck will be stifled and trifled. Cows have an axe to find and its time to get the ducks inline. Hop-to it and do something about it. Don’t just chew-on-it (talk/talk) or you’ll disintegrate all your grand designs. The days to-do are still in front of you so don’t get caught slacking on anyone’s dime, or trust me you’ll live to regret it.

Tiger – Aquarius

The tiger is the Boars secret buddy so expect mysteries to float-up to the surface. With a full moon brimming over there is sure to be a resurgence some kind that gives you a (open) window into seeing what you clearly missed the first time. Luck is measured and prescribed in tiny increments that can slip through cracks and slide through crevices. Watch-it, or a karmic debt can spill over and mess up a good thing, indefinitely.

Hare ~ Pisces

Luck stars form a classic niche of togetherness in the pig’s triad where bunny luck goes on and on and on. Looks like green lights and grassy knolls bring star studded adventures that can lead you to a buried treasure. Good luck as these puffy, lucky, sparklers align you with a life of self-assured, self-reliance that can be shared, quite nicely.

Dragon ~ Aries

There is still a cauldron bubbling and boiling along dividing lines. The belching noise and sparks it throws are disturbing. Stay in the cave, keep to the low road where new luck can grow. The heat will eventually bake down to a bigger set of better ends but right now the tops are turfy. Don’t swerve or you’ll loose your nerve to stay the course. If you get tipsy you might go a bit bonkers. Caution is wise.

Serpent ~ Taurus

Lucky strikes happen in the most unlikely places but they take things away in order to let you stand on Tera firmly. The monster you’ve been riding is soon to be transforming right before your very eyes. Until it does just stare down the barrel of this wicked funnel and send a message loud and clearly. Does anybody hear me? There is magic in believing. Keep sending …to soon be receiving.

Horse – Gemini

The pony set is flying blind and should come down from any lofty space until lucky stars can hold you in place. This full house of cards is missed matched and starting to cause alarm. Things are not always what they seem so perhaps you can stop looking at the gift horse in the mouth or risk getting a back bite that won’t heal quickly.

Goat ~ Cancer

Lucky stars are on hiatus so it’s better not take any unnecessary chances. Careful consideration toward the lower classes is highly advised or you’ll find yourself on the losing side. Color inside the lines of good graces and seek to erase past mistakes and untangle your fractions. Being that you are in the Pigs triad this eclipse offers you a morale, super-booster so let that old goat out of the pen and get past any billy-goat gruffness.

Monkey ~ Leo

Monkey see, monkey do which leads to a whole lotta turmoil and terrible, trouble. Your luck stars are not yet improved so any time you don’t mind your P’s & cues chaos gets ahead of you. The higher mind must be divined. You might try to mediate and ruminate while this situation percolates. In due time surely you may find, yet a better method or mode to fashion the undoing. Then you can start something much better brewing.

Bird ~ Virgo

While Luck stars are getting in formation this is a good time to prepare the station, clean and scrub and ru-a-dub until all your virtues shine, sublime. The sky’s the limit but first things first or your lucky tail feathers will be trimmed to the nubbins. Healing begins when you stop deceiving yourself and others. Blow out that old head case and get set for a whole new game plan to begin.

Dog ~ Libra

Dogs are sitting pretty in a cushy, seat bound for glory. Snuggle in and enjoy the ride. This parcel of lucky stars is set on auto glide. If you try to change them or rearrange them they may flip-upside down and inside out, so don’t go messing around or fiddling with the bigger magic, attune with it, gladly. And then everyone will love you madly!

Boar ~ Scorpio

Cross your heart and reach for the sky. Your lucky stars may seem invisible but they will hold you aloft while the rest of the stars signs are watching nearby. What’s goes up must come down in order to make room for the wheel to grind. The north node is already ascending and will reach new heights! Luck shines bright so primp and prime, get ready for your personal spotlight!!