New Monkey Moon

holy spirit

holy spirit

Holy moly, it’s the trinity! The holy trinity means that “three are one” or in religious overtones it means the father, the son and the holy spirit.

In the origins of the word group (holy trinity) it can simply mean a group of three inter-related things.

Our New Moon August 6, 2013 is in the sign of the Monkey (aka: Leo) and this one is magnified and amplified as a trinity. Why? Because our lucky stars will triple and ripple through this time period.

New moons bring opportunities for change and growth by resetting and re-birthing our dreams and desires. Out of the dark void comes the beginning. Seeds can be planted for a new harvest of good.

New moons are typically auspicious for this reason and bring fresh starts, sprouts of new growth and chances to renew our goals.

A significant feature of this moon is the flying star combination. The numeric combination’s align in groups of three. This grouping lasts for one month and is quite unique and rare. Hence the holy trinity affect (influence) and effect (result) is applicable.

All of the research data online I could find in relation to the flying stars (fields of magnetic energy) is either incomplete, incorrect or not clear in its explanation. Normally I like to add supplemental data but in this post I will simply share what applies in this cycle to help clarify.

My explanation, based on the flying stars, will only be in context as they relate to us here and now. Later I will add to that information and research base, as the time and opportunity permit elsewhere.

Flying stars are like a vortex, it is energy that moves and is considered to be invisible. Energy (magnetic and other) forms into fields of motion here on this and other planets. It is the swirl in our Milky Way galaxy of stars and in all others so far as we know.

When I read the luck of the flying stars I interlock the (flying stars) fields of motion (internal) with our physical stars and planetary motion (external) in our cosmic wonder. My focus here is only on these aspects that remain as an integral part of our elliptic plane and that align with a real compass or GPS.

Using Western, Vedic and Chinese astrological systems exclusively they don’t do this, they can’t do this, because they follow past patterns that are no longer there.

The Greek western astrology follows constellations that are long gone, the Vedic system aligns with those constellations that no longer reside in our magnetic field in the twelve stations. The Chinese system is 2.5 years behind the curve of where we actually reside in our planetary alignments. Using a compass or GPS allows me to pinpoint areas and define locations accurately for the best results.

In the field of motion (flying stars) what is important to know now is that the main universal number and the sequences (yearly number and monthly numbers) that these motion fields form are now combined. They combine in a tripling and rippling that makes a “currency” of patterns expressing consistently as part of for this cycle.

Think of it as a pebble being dropped in a pond with ripples going outward (rippling) or inwardly as when you crack an egg and there are three (tripling) yolks instead of one. Pretty uncommon, right?

This is rare and unique in many ways and one of these ways is that it amplifies and multiplies effects and affects. The resulting string of numbers brings increased good or can multiply negative, malevolent influences rather quickly.

It is best to stay on target and adjust as circumstances indicate rather than waiting things out. For example: if something seems bad it could be worse than you realize and  when a thing looks good it could be much better than you expect.

For this reason I’m going to exclusively discuss how these affects (influences) and effects (results) pertain to our luck factors for each sign on our elliptic wheel.

The lucky stars discussion will focus on the tools (symbols) and what they mean so one can adapt them to meet their needs and take these dispositions into account as they apply. I’m giving you the generic conceptualizations to make adaptations more relevant to specific situations.

It helps to know there are (8) treasures (tools, symbols) and (9) Palaces (places, spaces) and (12) signs (stations, locations, directions) on the harmonic grid. All of these components apply.

Think of it as a category = palace, being aligned with tools = treasures, for topical = signs, to be adjusted.

Online a person can read how this tripling of the flying stars brings about the “hungry ghost” (or wandering souls) that roam the Earth -or how it can bring them into being. The transitional door between life and death is aspect-ed to be wide open based on the Lou Pan.

The truth is that while some part of this information remains useful the Lou Pan (measuring device used to determine this) is currently out of sync with where we are in our time, space-dimension. Or the present we know as the here and now.

So while it is true there are restless spirits, lost souls and dark demons to contend with, they are likely of our own making. On the whole the Lou Pan assessment is a superstitious concept due to its lack of alignment with our planets global position.

However, the current stars patterns do tend to invite wandering souls (ghoul) or hungry ghosts (apparitions) to feast on our fears. There will be an amplification of what we deem paranormal.

To avoid these adverse conditions be cautious, stay centered, maintain balance and act without fear for the present. Even when things fall apart or go into disarray, hold your own. Remain tactful or maintain composure.

Chaos is calm in the center of a vortex but the spin or whirling can be disorienting for most humans and also for animals. While feng shui helps you to align with a harmony based on harmonic cycles, we can’t avoid reality and perceptions. This can be alarming or create distortions in reality or lead to misunderstanding where none need exist.

For example: a person can be mad or angry about something one week but is allowed to get over it the next. Those who can’t “get-over-it, are not living now and can’t be present as a result. They have ghosts impressions that follow as a result. They are still spinning or swirling in the negative field of energy from a past event, so-to-speak.

Like a copy-of-a-copy the impression forwards artifacts that do not exist in an original format, one that is clean or free of this debris. For this reason it is wise to allow for inconsistencies and adapt to altered environments as needs-be rather than cling to any former or past expressions. Get a new view, purge the past references.

As humans we are proven to be highly susceptible to things like superstitions. So for that reason we are likely to be in communion with ghosts and wandering spirits (in the land of the living) through this cyclic motion as an inevitability. It is best to stay firmly anchored in the now to avoid being offset or miscalculating.

In my practice I utilize Buddhas eight treasures which are symbols used as visual or tangible tools. They can either enhance a productive affect (influence) or can douse or destroy a negative (result) effect. Like these kind being brought about by the tripling and rippling number patterns of the Monkey shines in the new moon starting August 6th, 2013.

Fitting then that the Monkey sign is the “host of the ghost” as this Solar sign is man’s nearest relative in terms of a physical resonance.

What are Buddhas eight treasures?

They are symbols that can be either a visual expression/impression or actual, tangible objects that are used as either a symbolic representation or as a tool in physical applications.

In the modern world we can align with symbols that correspond with the concepts of these symbols. As a tool or symbolism in the correct context or placement they can either cure an affected, negative area or enhance the positive, effects we desire to manifest or replicate.

So to sum it up the primary themes surrounding this trinity of flying stars is the underlying concept of energies. Energetics like a Pioneer spirit, the spiritos, being spirited, and all that connotes our freedoms. Liberty can be taken but freedoms are (1). exercised, (2). earned and need to be (3). protected. Those are three components that correspond with these concepts and our lucky stars. Its a trinity!!

The trinity of stars that fly in patterns of three bring us extraordinary good fortunes or extreme counter measures that challenge and/or champion our deepest desires.

The key then is to rid ourselves of wrong intentions and deep seated desires that impede progress and cloud awareness. Cut the ties that bind you in ways that are less than productive for growth.

When in doubt remove the cloud and stay on the positive side rather than taking the negative view. It is never wrong to do good and to let the bad go. But it is wrong to not act or to act based on a negative connotation or reasoning. That is called tit-for-tat and it spawns bad Juju that can or will return to haunt you.

Think of the process as the removal of stones and hardness that need to be turned up and around before planting our new seeds of ambition. The soul bed (soil) is most receptive when it’s free of entanglements or former compositions.

The main concern is that the number (5) called the “icky yellow” known as the accident star will afflict the heart center in homes, people, relationships and spaces needs be remedied. Third party interference is a major concern.

The tripling and rippling of the (5) in the heart center is based on an unstable, non-gender star. Use a heart symbol or yin~yang (or similar) stylized symbol to harmonize any distress of the heart-line. If need be wear a charm or necklace of a heart (or yin yang) to harmonize with your life desires and relieve distress. Remove any objects that don’t reflect heartfelt intentions.

The “icky” five yellow is the Accident Star: the primary heart symbol or yin/yang, and/or Buddha footprint and/or combination of all the (8) treasures symbol is useful here in this spot or location.

The positioning of the (5) star in the heart zone affects and effects all (12) zodiac signs and their lucky stars. The five is an Earth star so it is mountains clashing and banging – they are noisy and tough and often large.

The combination of all eight treasures is an art sculpture used in feng shui to help harmonize the cycles of harmony and conflict. That can symbol or tool can be quite useful to hold back the trauma and drama of clashing mountains in the heartland.

By all means avoid any kind of metal near the heart or in the heart zones as it weakens our chi of life, especially in this cycle. Real (natural stones or leaded) crystals are powerful energizers that can add benefits and reduce the negative effects. Water is a friend to earth so a bowl of water with a floating flower (i.e. gardenia or rose)  is also a good remedy to keep centered in our spaces and places.

The “cycles of harmony and conflict” are patterns that move and can converge to create problems and accidents or can promote auspiciousness that leads to success. The use of the appropriate symbols help reduce trauma and enhance good fortunes in these cycles.

The over-all cure is to release grief and avoid distress.

Good luck tripling and rippling as we let the good times roll (like a string of good luck) but watch out for a loop of inconsistencies that can lead to misery.

Here are your lucky stars for this new Monkey moon post.

RAT ~ Sagittarius – (North)

The number (1) star triples and ripples, one is the Romance Star of Money Luck and Miracles.

Tool or symbol to use: a Double fish symbol brings unity of purpose. A strong sense of unity can enhance the number one star of romance luck and increase income. The one star brings money and miracles when we least expect it or most need it. The double fish is also a symbol of connubial bliss to enhance romance and money luck. This star like to sparkle and shine. Polish your dreams!

OX ~Capricorn – (North/Northeast)

The number (8) Star ripples and is the Star of Infinity Luck.

Tool or symbol to use is the Parasol or umbrella. It is a symbol that is used to protect our good fortunes from harm. The infinity star gives us the good we desire long lasting!

TIGER ~ Aquarius – (Northeast/East)

The number (8) Star triples and is the Star of Infinity Luck.

Tool or symbol to use is the Parasol or umbrella. It is a symbol that is used to protect our good fortunes from harm. The infinity star gives us the good we desire long lasting!

HARE ~ Pisces – (East)

The number (3) Star triples and ripples and is the gnarling, Star of Quarreling.

The tool or symbol to use is: a Conch shell. A conch is a spiral symbol and it can be very effective to ease the affects of the number 3 wood star that can create quarreling or third party interference. It is worse for women than men and can cause distress among family members, sisters or siblings. A cure is required or distress leads to illness.

DRAGON ~ Aries – (East/Southeast)

The number (4) Star triples and is the Star of Peach Blossom Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Lotus. A lotus is the symbol of the blossoming from the mud to achieve and succeed. This is what I use to enhance the popularity and love luck of the number (4) wood star that can boost academic luck known as Peach Blossom and love luck.

SERPENT ~ Taurus – (Southeast/South)

The number (4) Star ripples and is the Star of Peach Blossom Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Lotus. A lotus is the symbol of the blossoming from the mud to achieve and succeed. This is what I use to enhance the popularity and love luck of the number (4) wood star that can boost academic luck known as Peach Blossom and love luck.

HORSE ~ Gemini – (South)

The number (9) Star triples and ripples and is the magnetic, Star of Fulfillment Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is: a Good Fortune Knot. This knot ties things together so we can keep our eternal harmony flowing. The nine can move in both directions (yin-negative or yang-positive) to enhance or defeat our dreams and goals. Keep it moving in the correct direction or expect distress as a result.

GOAT ~ Cancer – (West/Southwest/West)

The number (2) Star ripples and is the Star of Illness.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Jar. The jar is a vase (or container), that will to douse the affects of the number two star of illness (black, sarp yit) and promote wellness. It helps keeps matriarch (female luck) and money luck in check and balance. Plus our health is our greatest wealth so we must protect it and respect it which is symbolic of the vase.

MONKEY ~ Leo – (Southwest/West)

The number (2) Star triples and is the Star of Illness.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Jar. The jar is a vase (or container), that will to douse the affects of the number two star of illness (black, sarp yit) and promote wellness. It helps keeps matriarch (female luck) and money luck in check and balance. Plus our health is our greatest wealth so we must protect it and respect it which is symbolic of the vase.

BIRD ~ Virgo – (West)

The number (7) Star triples and ripples and is the Star of Danger.

The tool or symbol to use is: the Canopy. The canopy is a symbol is the banner flag of victory. This tool helps us to overcome our calamities and is used like any flag to alert us to danger, call a foul or to give us a signal. The set of three sevens is extremely risky dangerous and should be kept in check to avoid grief and distress. Think of a stop sign! Just don’t do it.

DOG ~ Libra – (West/Northwest)

The number (6) Star triples and is the Star of Victory Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is the Wheel: A wheel is the symbol of power and knowledge and is often associated with good fortune or chance. This symbol helps us to move the number six star of heaven luck forward to provide opportunities and promote success. It grinds up the past to release us to our greatest good. The six brings us the luck of a lifetime so use it wisely and with humility.

PIG ~ Scorpio – (Northwest/North)

The number (6) Star ripples and is the Star of Victory Luck.

The tool or symbol to use is the Wheel: A wheel is the symbol of power and knowledge and is often associated with good fortune or chance. This symbol helps us to move the number six star of heaven luck forward to provide opportunities and promote success. It grinds up the past to release us to our greatest good. The six brings us the luck of a lifetime so use it wisely and with humility.

Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit heraldry

Cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit heraldry

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Art

Wild Hare ~ lucky me, lucky you!

This post follows the dashing and daring Full Blue Moon in the sign of the Hare (grace) on August 31th and carries forward to the New Moon on September 15th in the Bird (virtue) sign.

Once in a blue moon sounds so romantic but perhaps only if you like unrequited love stories.

The general theme is that in only this one instance will two or more energies merge and flow like ships passing in the night.

Our blue moon is the lighthouse in the story. Its luminosity is doubled (blue) because it has happened twice this month. This allows enough light for things to see each other and know one another but perhaps only superficially and for a short time. It’s not bright like daytime, this is moonshine “shedding” it’s fullest light.

This can be a great time to transfer data, re-live experiences for new outcomes, to find clues and look for missing parts. Put the pieces of your life and dreams back together. There will be a way to see forward in the dark, the dark being the unknown.

The illumination of this moon brings things, people, objects, places and even nebulous concepts into view. Keep the tissues handy. Being in the sign of the Hare it mixes things up with a high, moral side. Let this blue moon be a harbinger of truth and beauty as a solution to life’s confusion.

Full (yang) moons bring moods, feelings and energetic patterns to a peak or fullness leaving behind high-water marks in our lives whether we see them now or not.

The ball drops and the change-maker brings new shape-shifted realities into play and into being. Things may appear one way but they will actually go another. To predict the unlikely directions of new vitality and get ahead of the game (for success) you’ll need a magic kaleidoscope to express variability.

To follow the leader (dogma) you may walk confident but you’ll likely stroll off the cliff-hanger. What does that mean to moi?

It means to see beyond what is and use your own personal power to project ahead of where you are. This will help you find a groove that leads you in the correct direction.

Going in the correct direction leads to the location of your greatest good, it brings us collectively or individually to a solution or realization. If you stay locked in to your own or other peoples (worn-out) ideas about where to go and/or how to get there you may be on a conveyer belt that leads you in circles going nowhere.

We won’t have this premium level of magnetism running such strong currents all the time. Please use this primal force to extend your connections and grow an olive branch. Use it like overdrive to power up that hill, make that move and blaze that trail. Muster your courage and assert yourself, boldly. This is not blind faith, so keep your eyes wide open.

Like all Hares the hospitality makers will be available along the way to give you a leg up or a furry, foot hold. Though it may not seem like you are supported when you step off into the the wild, blue yonder (the unknown) merging variables and colorful possibilities will unfold a bridge. These concurrences will greet you like a banner waving in the breeze to show you the way.

In a conscious way this moon can enhance our awareness of subtleties. Why subtleties? They are those invisible fibers that lead us to our destiny and for many humans that walk this Earth that is what we are really seeking.

How to harvest subtleties? Well the way I explain it is this, if you want an oak tree you’d better be looking for acorns since oak trees don’t fall fully-grown from the sky. Subtle energy is the nuance akin to a planted seed, poised and ready to break free from it’s dark hole.

This kind of seed is also a clue to finding a next step. The next step brings resonance.

Resonance is when you connect with your universe to cooperate in a larger plan called the divine plan, or life calling. A life calling is an awareness or knowing what moves and motivates us onward. As an anchor it holds us fast to our goals/moorings when we would otherwise give-up and drift away from our challenges.

Why does a plant grow, why do we long to love, why do we hope or hold on? I conjecture that this is a purely a feministic (not feminism) principle steeped in a larger mystery. A mystery that suggests striving (passion) rather than straining (drudgery) to get what you desire. This subtle change will leave you with a lasting impression instead of a stain.

A life calling is simply that. Life calls out to each of us and we either tune in on that vibration or try and stop the noise. We either give-in and follow it’s leaning by allowing “it” to show us and take us completely to what it has to offer us or, as we so often do, we stuff and stifle this noise, we muzzle it. We stop the resonance so we can listen to other voices and other modes of conditioning to find our way in the world.

In extreme cases this becomes a noise sensitivity. Sound is a big concern in the industrial world. My interpretation is that people who have this sensitivity are intent on stopping their own internal type of resonance. They want to conform to and control their world from the outside in and when they can’t the noise starts banging in their heads. They look outside, instead of in.

A good way to know if this is true about yourself is to ask this question, are you trying to take from the world what you want… or are you giving to the world what you’ve got? When you fully shift the paradigm it turns an internal conflict into eternal bliss.

This full, blue Hare moon ignites a transition phase in the seasons of our earthen souls.

A natural change is taking place and yet there is discomfort in leaving the old cocoon, in breaking free of the old skin of the former self. We may feel broken or blown away. But a plant does not grow until it brakes through the bark or soil. The leaves must drop. Without chaos we have no world. In pain there is gain if we look for it and reach for it in the dark like a light switch.

Ancient wisdom and truth (and quantum mechanics, i.e the Pauli Theory) tells us that no two things can occupy the same space in time, it’s a universal law. Such as a shaft falls from the grain leaving the kernel naked and vulnerable we need to know that to be what we want to be, we can’t stay who we are.

When I complete a series of feng shui changes for people (or things) there is always something that breaks or falls apart. This makes way for a new cycle of things to begin. Yes people try to stop it (fear based response) and in so doing lock (closing) in the pain instead of searching (openly) for the gain.

Another reflective and potent mystical saying is, Somethings got to give… In our modern myth and moral story telling this has a classical basis in the iconic and ironic story of Marylin Monroe, figuratively, literally and metaphorically.

“The star system has gotten way out of hand. We’ve let the inmates run the asylum, and they’ve practically destroyed it” was a statement issued by Peter Levathes in 1962 and in reference to artists like Marilyn just before she died. This thinking of ownership couldn’t have been farther from truth or beauty. It seems this story is immortalized from only one side.

In simple terms the movie moguls of the day only tried to get what they wanted by using pressure and subterfuge. In contrast had they allowed themselves to see what they already had and then work with it they would have transcended into new realms.

The mysticism of this compelling story (on and off the set) illustrates the bittersweet and tantalizing opportunities lost by this grind-up, wind-up world. When we push with angst to make something happen or to get what we want, we often never get-it or have-it and in so doing, destroy the very nature of it’s being.

In ancient lore this method is often called “killing the goose.” In the carnage of this mindset we often find some wonder of beauty that was lost, forgotten or misused.

You, me, we – can’t force mother nature.

But once in a blue moon you can coax her out of her shell, when she feels safe, when the water is warm and all the pending agendas are put away. We can skinny dip in the moonlight and be reborn.

Until the next post just let nature (or your nature) run wild and see where she goes, it might genuinely surprise you!

Stars & Signs: posting lucky stars for the Full (yang) Moon (moods) in the Hare (grace) sign up to the new harvest moon in the Bird (virtue) on September 15th. Good luck!

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose / planetary influences / flying stars: (1) (4) (2) (4-3):

Intermission time. Lean back and lay low, keep your foot off the accelerator petal. Your pending luck stars are tangled in some thorny sticker bushes. You are going from full warp speed to a big show down. Allow things to cool off and take a break before diving in the pool. As temperatures drop air tight seals form around your desires. While this happens spend time listening and then objectifying new opportunities. When you come up from deep water (consciousness) and/or out of a dark space (unconsciousness) there is always an interlude to re-adaption. Stay in the compression chamber a few months to get your bearings before integrating your new ideals into to everyday life.

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto (fate) / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (2-1):

Up early and down late, scheduling has kept you buzzing and humming through this summer of love. Now, finally you will see more channels deliver steady streams of new data to your field of dreams. Or at least one. The trick here is repetition. Once you figure out the how just keep repeating it. Constancy is your lucky charmer. The stars roll in your favor with a wink, wink and a nudge-nudge. You have to blow on the candles to make a wish come true and rub that lamp to get a genii to appear. When summoning a genii be sure to have your request formulated and wait time is nil.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius / planetary influences / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (2-1):

Finding and keeping is the Tiger’s only really soft, tender sentimental side. Once they find what they want they like to have it, and to keep it near. There is a honeymooners tinge to your lucky money stars this month. Use the core concepts of sharing is caring and loving is giving. Show the ones you hold dear, that you like them here. Brandish nothing stronger than a pillow fight or you’ll frighten the children into tears. Sure you can stay tough like a bed of nails. But then no one can lie down and roll around with you in the green, grass of home. Hold your own and let the good times jelly-roll.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune (harmony) retrograde 6/4 to 11/10, Blue, Full Yang Moon (moods) / flying stars: (3) (6) (4) (6-5):

Blue moon… in the Hare. Lucky in love and wealth stars are all a sizzle with one small caveat. Use them up now, don’t wait. Expiration dates on the luck quotient lose potency quickly. You are currently aligned for maximum frequency of heaven luck and income streams a-plenty. Fortunately for you, you are also naturally gifted at foraging and gathering fruits and nuts at their peak season. Make haste on this work since the tide will pull out this month leaving your ships high and dry. Things may look bleak and bleary. But this is only a short lived condition. By the time you have cleaned off your rosy glasses everything will be crystal clear. Sometimes the water just needs time to settle. Go slow, don’t push the luck stars this month and let things flow.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence – Uranus (chaos) retrograde 7/13 to 12/13 / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (7-6):

Stretch out your wings and and rip free from the chains that bind you. You are being tested in new flights of fancy and all you need to do is show up. Life as the dragon knows it, all-to-well, is a messy, scary business. Ye be monsters beyond here is oft the place marker for madness and ends-of-the-world inhabited by the dragon kind. You scratch your head and beyond wonder, why, and how on Earth do people come up with this stuff? But then before you even have time to really ponder, suddenly it dawns on you. All this unmarked and uncharted territory is yours to play in, it belongs to you, it’s your birthright and yours for the taking.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (7-6):

Life is going to get sweeter and a newly, exalted position (or tack) you’ve taken is making a bad situation better. Luck stars look thrilling and willing, beyond belief to go the distance. Though to see you now it would not seem so, but strangely enough in the coming weeks a serious legal matter will go favorably for you. Put grist to the mill and apply another turn to the screw. Of course your own special brand of squeezing is legendary but if that fails your venom will paralyze them. The days to your crowning glory are numbered by few. Paupers awaken as a prince or princess in the morrow.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter (increase) / flying stars: (9) (3) (1) (3-2):

Feeling your oats is fine and dandy. However this is your best time of the year to beat a retreat. To be fully revived requires an extended, clandestine period. Stars are a funky lot in a mixed bag of what, knots. Things get tangled in brambles when we bite off more than we can chew. Choose your words and then swallow them whole, what’s left unsaid no one will know. If this hand of cards were mine I’d toss them and push back the table. Stockpile your cupboards with fruity delights but don’t burn candles or leave on the light. Hold your horses just a little longer, don’t jump the gun. Rewards will come when your legs are stronger.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer / planetary influences / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (5-4):

Bonus social luck brings back a gentler stride and a promotes wanderlust to take you back to a happier time. The peacekeeper and match-maker goat is the new uniform type. You are infinitely bound to the stories of the land so it’s time to stop kidding around! One by one, three billy goat’s gruff usurped a troll that wanted to devour their life.  Like water under the bridge they moved past it to let bygones be gone for good. Climb higher and you’ll find a new, brighter view on your horizon. This month will sparkle and shine be sure to shop and dine. Up next month is a long rest and respite from the intensity of this limelight.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences: Venus (love & luxe) 9/6 to 10/2 / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (5-4):

Love comes to town and it’s riding a horse upside down. Honey you have some pretty happy, snappy luck coming down your pike. But from the way you see it – it looks miserable, like something the cat dragged in. Out of your “former” fears and tears there is a truth in beauty that you have side-lined, avoided or isolated. Don’t let your fame be a passing fancy. Au contraire …you would be wise to economize. Save your affections for a love (or script) that’s really rare. On stage you are hopping and popping with flirtatious hilarity so let the good time roll, don’t wedge them in.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influences: New Moon (yin moods) 9/15, Mercury (messenger) 8/31 to 9/16 / flying stars: (7) (1) (8) (1-9):

Oppositions flare-up and thunder roars in the skies of the feathered kind. You are rarefied by these ripe conditions. This is the perfect time to cast out lines and make the ties that bind. Get into a new stride by marching to the drum of a higher mind. The bean counters will merge with the nitpickers to sort out all the details over time. The luck stars are a flyby the seat of your pants airline taking you to a conference in a wilder-nest clime. Hunt and peck to solve the crime. Income luck stays strong and goes long. If not, I suggest abruptly making an about face (all the way around to the other side) and go forward in that direction.

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Saturn (time) / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (9-8):

Super, double bonus luck has doggies barking and baying at the moon. But all this howling is a waste of a very, good vibe. Dog is the Hare’s secret buddy so don’t be afraid to reveal your innermost dreams to a sacred sole. Confide not deride. In so doing you may garner the prize of a new lifetime. Don’t bat an eyelash about crossing your tee’s. The white cross is a legendary symbol of power used to remove all iniquity. Be thou dissolved in preparation for the whole lot-a heaven luck coming your way. Like summer berries you get to pick your own prize.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle / planetary influence – Mars (pure energy) enters 8/23 to 10-6 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (9-8):

The lucky pig has a dynamic-duo of star powers wielding fire and brimstone with an exaggerated effect. Below the pyrotechnics is a deep reservoir of constancy and continuity being dredged-up, out of this marshy swamp. Your olfactory senses will lead you to the  destination of your dreams so keep sniffing around the forest. Trust your sensory perceptions above what you see in front of you. Set your whole heart on fire and watch it burn. When you do, it will melt away the dross. The big wheel is turning and you get a shot at the jackpot. Aim high and be mighty at the arc.

Art Mural photographed at Mason Street Murals in Santa Barbara, CA

Monkey New Moon

Monkey see, monkey do!

This post follows the daring New Moon in the sign of the Monkey on August 17th and carries forward to the Blue Moon 2012 on August 31th.

The lucky blue-moon at month’s end is a full moon in the Hare. Something radical will shake-out of the family tree that drops fertile seeds into super-nutrient rich, pay dirt.

Planet Mercury, now in forward motion has a boomerang effect of the curve (in this timeline) that can hook or bring things back around you thought were long-gone or lost. This is an ideal time to forgive, let live and release worn-out grudges to the waste bin. The summer recess is now in session. This is an essential time to try at being anything than what you already are, just for the sake of the fun-of-it.

Soul play is the theme under this a deep, dark, mystery moon. Let your Sol (spiritos) be your guide as you run off in new directions and find avenues that lead to new expressions. The quirky and underexposed will surface (or bubble up) in stylistic venues of the off and on-beat. Background drums keep a strong, jungle rhythm pumping.

The Monkey’s perky, palette unfolds a wide-ranging design fest of unexpected twists and turns. Primaries in jewel tones and washed-out, sun-baked, colors carpet the runways and by-ways.

Launch your big ships now and take long trips to luxuriate in the finest manner you can muster. The days between the monkey new moon and the full, blue moon in the Hare are a rare opportunity to cultivate happiness long~lasting.

The mojo of the blue-moon can smooth out any dull spots, rough patches or jagged edges of sub-par, luck stars. They can shine-back luck brilliantly beyond what it appears to be when you rub it to a glossy, finish.

Think of summer 2012’s late new moon as a second honeymoon, another chance times two. It works like an automatic, wish factory when your stuff-it with great ideas from inside out. Be original, gather your wits and make self assurance a keystone to success. Monkey signs give ballast to the snakes vulnerable, underbelly while the dragon and the rat get a free-booster ride.

Bask in the glory once your relaxed and well-rested. There is a doubling of all luck this month that gives us a peek at what our luck will be like next year in 2013.

Heed the signs but go ahead and run a little amok, dare to dream and feel alive about whatever floats your boat. The monkey’s colorful, kaleidoscope of creativity will hold sway over the masses. Prepare for an encore performance when you least expect it.

Stars & Signs: posting lucky stars for the New (yin) Moon (moods) in the Monkey (talent) sign, on August 17th to the full (yang), blue moon (moods) in the Hare (grace), August 31st.

Rat – aka: Sagittarius, mouse, mongoose / planetary influences / flying stars: (1) (4) (2) (4): Peach blossom luck showers you with wildflowers in summer meadows like a lazy, afternoon dream. Social luck and love charms get whipped into frothy, peaks of curiosity. Politic all you want since you will be heard and well received. Everything is doubled. These days are dawning with bright blue skies on the horizon so feel free to make the utmost of them. Things may turn out, round much better than you first think, just believe in it!

Ox – aka: Capricorn, bull, cow / planetary influence – Pluto (fate) / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (2): Stay elated away from the summer parades and charades. Things can get a little tense and over stimuated in your minds eye with too much clutter. The luck stars are uneasy and a bit queasy. You may feel seasick even on terra firma. Use time-out wisely and don’t run yourself aground going in circles or you’ll blank-out. Be quiet and well reserved and the stress and drain of soggy luck stars will soon pass almost unnoticed.

Tiger – aka: Aquarius / planetary influences / flying stars: (8) (2) (9) (2): You’ve been chasing after your tail and its getting a tad dizzying and tattered. There is no need to continue on a course littered with potholes and uneven terrain. Camp out on a favorite bench and keep out of the hot, mid-day sun. While away the days in a cool, restorative vacation mode to overcome a batch of tough-luck stars. You’ve got to get that big, tiger pout, out. Take it to the cave and stick-it there until you emerge reborn.

Hare – aka: Pisces, rabbit, cat, fish / planetary influence – Neptune (harmony) retrograde 6/4 to 11/10 / flying stars: (3) (6) (4) (6): Christen the maiden voyage of some super, lucky stars on board a honeymoon suite of dreams. Sunny breezes lead to fabulous ports of call!! Love and luck are conspiring in your favor to deliver loads of unexpected good fortune and luscious booty, galore. Let the games begin and join in the fun for everyone with super, love luck, long-lasting. Treasure arrives as a dynamic duo, set, matched and pre-arranged.

Dragon – aka: Aries / planetary influence – Uranus (chaos) retrograde 7/13 to 12/13 / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (7): This is Funk Zone central, ello, ello, get the lead-out. A crack, demo team is at the front door. Everything goes and then it arrives somewhere else so only take what you know you must and don’t keep anything else. PLEASE be willing to part with some of the lessor items. The bulldozer will not stop while you gather your lilies or look for your glasses. Go now and keep moving. Cut back the brambles and get rambling, on.

Snake – aka: Taurus, serpent, bull / flying stars: (4) (7) (5) (7): Cordon off the area, yellow caution tape is advised. Carry a few spare rolls of it to be on the safe side. The more you shrink the less you will chafe on these ruggedly, sharp stars that spur you on. Use all your powers of observation, carry your best amulets and don’t leave the cat out. Secure a safe haven and stay locked up in your own world until the bog disppears. Be inventive, be clear and be a legal Beagle. Bite down hard on any deceivers or be short, shrift-ed. Just cut-to-the check please.

Horse – aka: Gemini, twins / planetary influence – Jupiter (increase) and Venus (love) / flying stars: (9) (3) (1) (3): Shut down the whole rumor mill and hold off on any big ideas until the surprise inspection is over. This area is going through a transition phase and will only be functioning at the barest of minimums while tests are conducted and results revealed. Shut down non-essentials now and tie down any loose ends. Don’t let any thing dangle, drag or get tangled in the mind. Words can bind like barbs of wire so stay well, inside your boundaries.

Goat – aka: Cancer, sheep, deer / planetary influences / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (5): Raise the white flag and give up now while there is still a chance. Don’t take a stand or make any waves just go with the flow. The luck stars are knocking about hard and crashing like breakers on a rocky shore. You’d best wear a hard hat at all times. Trust me you’ll need it in this construction zone. Don’t get into it, get out of it. There’s a rainbow at the back of this storm but for now I’d batten down the hatches. Mums the word and all.

Monkey – aka: Leo, lion / planetary influences: Mercury (messenger): New Yin Moon (moods) / flying stars: (2) (5) (3) (5): Luck stars look testy and Topsy-turvy. I trust you’ll keep that in mind while you swash and buckle your way around the world of a affairs. Summers drama-rama is in top shape and full tilt.  There is no room to compromise, so don’t mess-up between the lines. Stay and do the thing, and be the one. Then you’ll see the reward …but never before the good deed is done. Blow hard and go long to unravel this ball of yarn.

Bird – aka: Virgo, phoenix, rooster / planetary influences / flying stars: (7) (1) (8) (1): Get your lucky, winning tickets here!! The bird has got rock, solid-golden luck stars that gleam brightly and make streams of income appear. It’s like a super luck sandwich. Fresh-baked, infinity luck is buttered in love luck and stacked with garden miracles and money greens drizzled with saucy wishes and sprinkled with dreams-come-true and then topped with another layer of fresh-baked, infinity luck! Take your best shot, you got it, I promise!

Dog – aka: Libra, lion, scales / planetary influence – Saturn (time), Mars (energy) / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (9): It’s a melting pot of sticky, tricky business. These lucks stars have silver linings and pearl encrusted interiors but you’ll need a blow torch and a crow bar to cut a path to the center where all the goodies are stashed. It’s not always easy to see what you’ve got til it’s gone. And once it’s gone, let it go- and then the new cash reserves will flow. The wheel is turning and if you don’t like it on one side get on over to the other, don’t wait. Act now, on Que = you.

Pig – aka: Scorpio, boar, eagle / planetary influence – Mars (pure energy) enters 8/23 to 10-6 / flying stars: (6) (9) (7) (9): Keep your skids greased and your eyes peeled, and you’ll catch a fly-ball right outta left field. But watch-out, down below, there’s fire in the hole! Shield’s up or you’ll burn, baby burn. Take the offensive, no defenses. These luck stars are branded with a keen edge on a thick hide. Your best bet is to walk the coals shaman-like to the other side. Lucky stars form a magnetic field ripe with opportunities you can take to the bank once you harness the big, beast. It’s a high wire act of great distinction so carry a spare pair of fish nets in case you need’um. Joy is a super-natural, power for good and is highly contagious, use-it, don’t lose it.

5 Gold Feng Shui Luck Stars fly to Ladyhawkes Colorful Blue Eyes for her 2012 dark-horse, pop-vibe that rocks the dead, alive.

Ganesha & 3rd Eye


Kanesha & 3rd Eye

I Am | Heart Liberation ~ Love Revolution [Mason Street Murals, public art, Santa Barbara, CA]