Dragon Equinox Sun and New Dragon Moon | March 2022

When the Moon is new the Stars shine their brightest! On March 31st at 11:27 PM PST Earth has a New Moon in the Dragon sign.

Audio Transcript | Dragon New Moon and Sun Equinox – March 18, 2022

Two Dragons

In Ancient Zodiac lore a pair of Dragons open the Gates of Heaven or the Gates of Hell. Dragons are a study in contradictions and extremes. These Dragon’s will be no different and they will leave their mark on the world for ages to come.

Dragon are creators as part of the Ruling Triad. They are born leaders and at their best when they seek harmony and cultivate happiness. When a Dragon fights he begins to molt and becomes difficult for others around them. This New Moon opens an avenue for Peace to resolve differences.

What does this month in the Dragon look like? Let’s take a peek.

Recent Cosmic Events

On March 20th the Sun moved to the sign of the Dragon to mark the Spring Equinox. The Sun will travel through the Zodiac Dragon between March 20th and April 19th.

Sun in the Dragon ignites the Spring Equinox and the changing of seasons. Wardrobes, schedules and daylight hours beckon us to follow the cycles and go with the flow to lighten the load.

This Dragon cycle is a cosmic crush of planets that don’t mix. Fire and brimstone could rain from the skies and send people running in fear. But Dragon had better cool his jets or he risks losing the things he holds dear. Surrender to harmony and make peace with your neighbors.

30-Day Point

New Moon and Dragon Sun mark a 30 day point to the coming Black Serpent ~ New Moon, Solar eclipse, April 31st. It leaves clues and brings insights for trends that can evolve rapidly in directions you didn’t see coming.

A 30-Day Point is a chance to catch wind of what’s up like an early warning, signal. Let new emerging details inform and guide you through these rapidly changing, stellar events.

Monthly Flying Stars

Flying Stars change April 6th but for now we still have the March Stars for opportunities to increase our good fortunes and cure what ails us. Lucky Star 1 flies in the Center Palace bringing Love, Money and Miracles to Earth elements signs and just about everyone.

The Sum of Ten flies in the West and Descendants luck is ripe for increase with status to overcome obstacles for success.

In April the Fire Star 9 flies to the Heart Center Palace to fulfill wishes and reincarnate love long-lost and forgotten.

Stay tuned for more lucky stars coming soon!

Here are all your Zodiac Lucky Stars for the Dragon Sun and New Moon | 2022

Lucky Rat

Rat | Capricorn

Kingmaker Rat is highly favored in the month of the Dragon as part of the Dragon’s Ruling Triad with the Monkey sign.

Flying Stars: Victory Star 6 brings Triumph that’s satisfying and sweet. it will change to the Yellow, 5 Accident Star in April where caution is advised. It’s a good time to take a break from the Rat race and get off the beaten path so trouble can’t find you.

Lucky Rat has no planets or aspects at this time.

Lucky Ox

Ox | Capricorn

Flying Stars for the Ox have the Peach Blossom Star 4 to advance studies for a brilliant career move, so do it now. Come April the unlucky Fighting Star 3 is one big snarl. Down shift into the quiet zone and don’t say a peep if you know what’s good for you.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Pluto at 28 degrees at the tail of the Yak. This pesky little rock affects generations from end to end. Like a mother-in-law hen who comes and isn’t leaving anytime soon it puts Karma right on your heels. Watch your step to keep your balance.

Lucky Tiger

Tiger | Aquarius

Flying Stars: Peach Blossom Star 4 gives Tiger a sweet advantage. As Top Cat in your wild ways of doing things everyone steps to your jungle beat. This will change quickly in April when the Fighting Star 3 turns everything into boxing match. Shake-it off and stay clam.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have Mars at 19 degrees, Saturn at 22 degrees, and Venus at 25 degrees. This puts Tiger in the drivers seat with an extra hefty, load. But Venus makes it worth your while and Saturn bends with your sense of style when you take the lead.

Lucky Hare

Hare | Pisces

Flying Stars in March bring the Wealth Star 8 to keeping the bunnies business budding and blooming. In April this shine fades fast as the unlucky Danger Star 7 flies in and puts the kibosh on any big, life altering change. It brings clashing elements that can frazzle the Hare so find a sanctuary and stay there for the time being.

The Sha Chi (negative vibes) of this Star can be easily curbed when we voluntarily make an effort to scale down, trim back and cast out what we no longer use. Decompress and reset.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Bunny have Jupiter at 21 degrees and Neptune at 23 degrees. These two power hitters are the Goose that lays Golden eggs. You’ll have the recipe you need to find lasting happiness baked right in..

Lucky Dragon

Dragon | Aries

The Sun is in the sign of the Dragon for this Zodiac month between March 20th and April 19th. Happy, happy Birthday to all my Dragons.

Flying Stars have Fire Star 9 is giving Dragons power to motivate everyone around you! In April that extra output turns to cash and benefits ripe for harvesting. Come April the Wealth Star 8 flies in to add bucks to your bank account with hard assets.

Planets and Aspects: Lucky Dragon has a crowded house with Mercury at 9 degrees, the New Moon and Sun at 11 degrees and Chiron at 12 degrees.

This New Moon combined with the Equinox Sun brings a lucky chance to begin something new. Star fresh. Begin again. Plant seeds to cultivate the world you want to live in. Lucky Dragon’s have longevity built-in so you can be lucky, long lasting.

Lucky Snake

Snake | Taurus

The Snake sign shares the Southeast location on the feng shui grid with the Dragon and for that reason these two reptiles are often found intertwined and working together in tandem.

Flying Stars for Fire Star 9 will change to the Wealth Star 8 in April unearthing treasures you didn’t know you had and bringing a basket of goodies to your table. Who’s the lucky duck now? Expect your desires and wishes to be fulfilled and you’ll be delighted.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 23 degrees and Uranus at 12 degrees. To crack the code the Serpent has a method to their madness that borders on genius. Let your best ideas be your guiding light and you’ll be handsomely, rewarded.

Lucky Horse

Horse | Gemini

Flying Stars have Accident Star 5 an unlucky Star that mucks up the gears and tossed a wrench in works, stalling progress. But not for long.

In April the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 flies to the Horse and popularity is on the rise. Horse is one of four Peach Blossom signs with the Hare, Bird and Rat signs. This is double lucky for Horse to network and make the rounds when they accept the grand prize.

Lucky Horse has no planets or aspects at this time.

Lucky Goat

Goat | Cancer

Flying Stars in March have the unlucky Danger Star 7 to contend wit giving Goats have a tough bunch of luck to grind. In April lucky little Lambs get the Victory Star 6 to brighten prospects and steer the ship to shore.

Fun and rewards await the party Goat as they sail off to their next adventure.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at this time.

Lucky Monkey

Monkey | Leo

Magic Monkey gets a lift with the Sun’s sojourn in the Dragon and a New Dragon Moon. Monkey is in Dragon’s Ruling Triad with the Rat sign. In ancient lore Monkey was so clever he became a God by eating the Peaches of Immortality he stole from the Goddess of the West.

Flying Stars have the unlucky Danger Star 7 leaving Monkey drained and pulling up boot straps. If Monkey should lay-low to ward the worst of the drama in April Stars change to the Lucky, Victory Star 6 bringing Monkey Winner’s Luck. Which puts the wind back in your sails.

Lucky Monkey has no planets or aspects at this time.

Lucky Bird

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird is Dragon’s secret buddy sign. These two get on like a house on fire. The Bird is the Dragon’s soul mate in the Zodiac signs. Birds will enjoy great good fortune by association in this cycle and they’ll need every lucky advantage they can get.

Flying Stars have Fighting Star 3 battling a war on every front. But the tide is changing. Stars will shift in April and the unlucky Illness Star 2 flies in making things worse. The situation won’t improve until May. The best you can do is rest, recoup and stay well, protected.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Bird have the Crown aspect at 11 degrees. Crown’s brings achievement and reward. This looks a tad off-kilter and could slip if you aren’t careful. Hold your wits about you and modesty is always the best policy.

Lucky Dog

Dog | Libra

Dog is in opposition to the Dragon so these two will be at odds most in this phase. It maybe unbearable to expect compromise but if anything can be balanced and restored it’s Dog’s duty to try. Don’t give up but stop barking about it.

Flying Stars have Illness Star 2 with Dog’s off their feet and in a pickle with too many things to do. Soon the Stars change in April and the Lucky Miracle Star 1 delivers a parade of good fortunes with love and money for all my lucky, Dogs.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at this time.

Lucky Pig

Pig | Scorpio

There’s no astrologic rhyme or reason to this but Dragon’s love their Pigs. Dragons are wildly, eccentric and hold a mysterious affinity for their beloved Pet Pigs. As mentors, ministers and confidantes they share secrets and brake bread.

Flying Stars have Illness Star 2 dampening prospects in March. Only thing Pig can do is grin and bear-it, just stay cool. In April the Lucky 1 Star of Love, Money and Miracles rides to the rescue with the magic needed to propel you forward and make your dreams come true.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Pig have the Part of Fortune at 25 degrees on the Ascendant. Everything’s coming up roses for Piggies with a lucky stroke of genius and perfect timing.

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  • April 6th Monthly Flying Stars change
  • April 16th is a Full Dog Moon
  • April 17th is a celebration of the Easter Goddess of Spring!
  • April 19th the Sun enters the Snake
  • April 29th Pluto goes retrograde in the Ox
  • April 30th is a Black New Moon Solar eclipse in the Snake

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