Ox Solstice Sun and Super New Moon | December 2022

December 23rd at 2:17 AM Pacific Time we have a Super New Moon and Sun in the sign of the Ox. Just days before we had the Winter Solstice Jupiter entered the Dragon!

Audio Transcript: Ox Solstice Sun and Super New Moon | December 2022

Podcast Episode: Ox Solstice Sun and Super New Moon | December 2022

Dragon Jupiter | December 20th

On December 21st the Sun entered the Ox marking the Winter Solstice with the Super New Ox Moon on December 23rd. This is standard, cosmic clockwork.

Before that happened, on December 20th Jupiter re-entered the Dragon for the coming Astro year. In the common, modern era Jupiter has a 12 year sequence spending about year in each sign.

Jupiter moves to a new sign mid-year but always comes back in retrograde fashion to where it started the year. But not this time. That’s over. This time Jupiter remains in the Dragon through April 2023. and when he leaves he won’t be back for another 12 years.

Jupiter now in the Dragon moves into the Serpent on May 16th, 2023. Jupiter will retrograde as usual but the Grand Duke won’t returns back to the Dragon in this yearly cycle. This Dragon gets cut-off.

Jupiter stays in the Snake much longer than it’s previous cycles. This Sky Serpent coils back into itself creating a series of new cosmic loops. Etching a new era in time.

The great multiplier and benevolent Jupiter swirls in the Snake until May 25th, 2024 spending more than an entire year in one sign. This ties one on, or ties one-off. In mythology Snakes can re-grow their heads and tails so watch out! Snakes are mystical creatures of the divine.

Dragons portend longevity as part of the Ruling Triad. In our world we have many Dragons who govern large continental, societies. Now their reign is shortened and abruptly ends.

Some on a high note, others on a down stroke. Some go willingly and others not so easily. But go they must. There’s lots to say about this exceptionally, rare cosmic event and it’s effects are already starting to known.

But let’s leave it for now and discuss it in the new year. Just know that this Dragon is short-lived. As Jupiter enters this sign, it’s past it’s prime and near the end.

Solstice Sun | December 2022

Our Sun entered the Ox on December 21st. Happy Winter Solstice 2022! Since the dawn of humanity, humans have marked this time in stone. The shortest day of the year is known as a journey in the long-night of the Soul.

The time of the Sun in the Ox is cause for celebration and joy! Let there be light as the days get longer in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter comes in this cyclic event so hunger-down and get extra rest. Go with the flow.

Ox Super New Moon | December 23rd

Our New Moon in the Ox is a Super Moon. That means it’s as close to Earth as it gets. But we can’t see it yet, until it’s reborn. This potent New Moon is filled with possibility and opportunity, also disappointment and regret. One way or the other things come to a screeching halt.

The Cow’s a scared animal sign. Get centered and find your balance Once you have your bearing set a new trend line. We may nostalgia for what has come before it doesn’t make lick of sense to hold on, when it’s time to let go.

In Feng Shui astrology Ox sits in the Northeast and is part of the Mystic Triad with the Snake and the Bird sign. Rat is Ox’s Super Buddy and Red Horse is the Cow’s Peach Blossom sign. In this moon cycle things will begin to evolve in new directions. So get ready.

Mercury Retrograde | December 29th

Messenger Mercury is the planet of travel, communication and the courts. Mercury will go retrograde December 29th until January 18th, next year. In the Ox Mercury is a demolition derby.

As Mercury bends backward on the elliptic grid what you thought was done will pop-up again. In this mercurial cycle it bodes well to reflect, review, reset and refine. But avoid signing on the dotted line or taking any vows that can fade fast.

In reverse drive, Mercury delivers the unexpected, quickly. But everything else is-as slow as molasses. Wait just a minute before reacting because it reverts again to something else. Don’t be surprised if it shifts your paradigm.

Flying Stars | December 2022

Monthly Flying Stars in December last until about January 4th, 2023. These Stars are losing potency and when that happens, watch out. Err on the side of caution to avoid calamity.

The Lucky One Star of Money, Love and Miracles flies to the Heart Center Palace. This bodes well for couples and families. The holiday Spirit is cherry and bright with a mother-lode of good cheer. Miracles and magic will be liberal this year!

Mend fences and groom your best efforts. The Lucky One Star adds a warm glow to the festivities in the Heart Center. It’s good for everyone.

We recommend a Mystic Love Bowl filled with crystals or natural stones. Or use a Lotus bowl filled with orange citrus to energize good fortunes in the coming year.

Lucky Specials

The big and bright Ming Tang sits on the East house side and brings opportunities to improve health and well being. Matriarch Luck, research and career luck are all favored by this chart.

The Lucky Sum of Ten flies to the West for the Bird sign to overcome all obstacles for success. Boost your lucky advantage with a Sum of Ten lucky amulet.

Zodiac Holiday Gift Guide | December 2022

The holiday Zodiac gift guide on KittySol.com and the Zodiac Muse is designed for you.

In a stellar swirl of events January 2023 is coming soon! Each holiday gift is selected for the luck of your life to be long-lasting so it makes the perfect gift, that keeps on giving!

Stay tuned to KittySol.com and the Zodiac Muse podcast. Please share, follow and subscribe: KittySol appreciates you! We hope all your holidays are merry and bright! Here are all your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs for the Ox Super New Moon.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Holiday Gift Guide for Rat | 2023

Lucky Rat and Ox are a match made in heaven. These two are loyal friends and can find lasting, happiness together when they tie the knot. As partners they build their success a little at a time. Steady is their greatest asset. With the Sun and New Moon in the Ox, Rats find favor.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Rat have the Lucky Victory Star 6 so Rat can beat the competition. This brings winner’s luck. Energize your best efforts with a favorite scarf or fly your flare. Carry the Victory Banner charm to improve lucky fortunes in this season and beyond.

Lucky Rat has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Holiday Gift Guide for Ox | 2023

Lucky Ox and Ox make a super team. These two can be good together when they harness their efforts and pull as one. They make great friends and barnyard buddies.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Ox has the Lucky Peach Blossom Star 4 to promote your next project. Use this lucky star to pass examinations and get certified. This lucky star loves the Ru Yi Amulet charm to energize your good fortunes.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have the Sun and Super New Moon at 1 degrees, Venus at 16 degrees, Mercury at 21 degrees and Pluto at 27 degrees. It’s a full house for Lucky Ox. You’re hosting the cosmic party this year and everyone will be there.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Holiday Gift Guide for Tiger | 2023

Lucky Tiger and Ox are good neighbors and they don’t mind sharing but they won’t have the same sensibilities for any long term affairs. Tigers are visionaries and the Ox likes to keep his boots on the ground.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger have the Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star to promote Tiger’s a brand and extend their professional branches. It’s a good time to pursue goals and promote assets. Display the Ru Yi charm to energize these lucky stars.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger have Saturn at 21 degrees. As Saturn continues his trek through your sign responsibilities will pile up. You’ll be putting out fires and serving the wine. This won’t last forever but it can feel like a bit of a burden. Be extra kind to yourself and others.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Holiday Gift Guide for Hare | 2023

Lucky Hare and Ox are not compatible partners. Ox will stand their ground and be content in one place while Bunny likes to follow the crowd and keep moving on.

December Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare have the Lucky Wealth Star 8 to increase your assets. Set the table for success and clear space. More goodies are coming your way. Use the Cosmic Apple Amulet charm to boost this lucky energy.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have Neptune at 22 degrees. The Lord of the Underworld is moving in a focused direction with has eyes wide open. Believe it before you see it and it will come to fruition, fast!

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Holiday Gift Guide for Dragon | 2023

Lucky Dragon and Ox don’t run in the same circles. They haven’t got much in common. Dragon can be quite demanding and Ox is very reliable. So they can get the job done and then move-on to greener pastures.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon have the Lucky Wish Star 9 to deliver dreams on a silver platter. Energize this lucky star with a Dragon’s Heavenly Seal amulet charm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have Chiron going direct after a 5 month hiatus. Soon it will churn out new creations as Jupiter at zero degrees. This is slow getting starting with a small gap in time but Jupiter helps Dragon makes to the finish line.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Holiday Gift Guide for Snake | 2023

Lucky Snake and Ox are part of the Mystic Triad. They make great partners and long term relationships that last. The Snake and Ox will be able to accomplish big magic!

December Flying Stars for Lucky Snake have the Lucky Wish Star 9 giving Snakes a superior advantage. Get ready for a quick-change as good fortunes begin to ripen. Use a Wish Granting charm to energize this lucky star.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have the Node at 12 degrees and Uranus retrograde at 15 degrees. Uranus is altering the status quo while opening avenues to a new world. It can be messy in this development phase. Let the chips fall where they may and you can benefit wildly.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Holiday Gift Guide for Horse | 2023

Lucky Horse and Ox are both hanging out in the barnyard but they’re too competitive to make good mates. Work is fine when they don’t take it home and maintain separate lives. Horse is the Cow’s Peach Blossom sign so they make great mentors.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Horse have the Unlucky Accident Star 5 bringing toil and trouble. It’s is a good time to get off the treadmill and stay away from crowds. Rest and stay well. Use the 5 Element Pagoda charm to reduce the negative vibe.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have Mars retrograde until January 12th. Be advised things that get going can peter out fast. Don’t bet the farm, give away your heart or risk any assets.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Holiday Gift Guide for Goat | 2023

Lucky Goat and Ox sit opposites on the Zodiac spectrum. The butt heads and clash. Good things can happen and even bad things will pass. Opposites may attract but it won’t last.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Goat have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 bringing tough luck to manage. Don’t attempt life altering change or go off the deep end. Stay clam and quiet. Cure this Star with a Guardian Sword charm.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at present.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Holiday Gift Guide for Monkey | 2023

Lucky Monkey and Ox are like ships passing in the night. They can see how much fun it might be to run off and kick up their heels and have some fun. But they never find the time to make it happen and the feeling passes.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey have the Unlucky Danger Star 7 causing more trouble than you bargained for. You can’t win this battle so don’t go to war. Cure this Star with a 4 Friends lucky charm.

Lucky Monkey has the Crown at zero degrees on the Ox Super New Moon. This gives Monkey a chance to reset the dial to a higher vibration. Use your goodwill to extend olive branches.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Holiday Gift Guide for Bird | 2023

Lucky Bird and Ox are part of the Mystic Triad with the Snake sign. They make strong business partners and can marry as soul mates. These two like minds are built for success that’s long lasting.

December Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird have the Unlucky Fighting Star 3 causing complications and frustrations! Use the Harmony Lock Charm to ward off it’s worst effects. This is not a good time to take any chances.

With the Lucky Sum of Ten Bird can fly high and stick the landing.

Lucky Bird has no Planets and Aspects at present.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Holiday Gift Guide for Dog | 2023

Lucky Dog and Ox are not a likely pair. Sure they can go along to get along but Dogs are on the run and the Ox likes to stay put. It can be fun until it’s not, so don’t give up your heart.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Dog have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 putting a damper on all your plans and set backs instead of blazing trails. Go to bed and take a nap. Use the Good Health and Well Being charm to cure the negativity.

Lucky Dog has the Part of Fortune at 24 degrees for the Super Ox New Moon. Dogs needs all the help they can get right now so this brings a sigh of relief from a saga that’s been going on and on. This is a good time now to write the next chapter.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Holiday Gift Guide for Pig | 2023

Lucky Pig and Ox are fine and dandy as friends or relatives. But not when it comes to romance. These two are likely to dig in their heels and douse the passion. It’s not a lasting combination for more than a passing fancy.

December Flying Stars for Lucky Pig have the Unlucky Illness Star 2 getting in the way of your progress. Sometimes you just need to cool your jets and go into hibernation mode. Use the Spirit Enhancing Amulet to ease this distress and find support.

Lucky Pig has the Moon and Part of Fortune conjoined when Jupiter enters the Dragon. This brings a blessing in disguise so take advantage of the unexpected options that may land in your lap and be ready to take action.

Christmas Day | 2022

  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 29th: Mercury goes retrograde in the Ox sign

Coming Soon to KittySol and the Zodiac Muse

Cosmic Calendar | January 2023

  • January 1st: Happy New Year 2023
  • January 4th: Monthly Flying Stars change
  • January 6th: Goat Full Micro Moon
  • January 12th: Mars goes forward in the Horse
  • January 18th: Mercury returns in the Ox
  • January 20th: Sun enters Tiger with Mercurial Moon conjunct
  • January 21st: Tiger Super New Moon and Saturn’s ring-around Venus
  • January 22nd: Uranus goes forward in the Snake
  • January 22nd: Chinese New Year of the Gray Water Hare

Kittysol wishes everyone a happy holiday and dreams come true!!

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Stay Lucky my friends, Stay Well!

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Ox New Moon and Sun | January 2, 2022

On Sunday, January 2nd at 10:35 AM Pacific Time the Moon and Sun conjoin for a New Moon in the sign of the Ox. Venus, Pluto and Mercury are part of this cosmic mix adding friction and giving Fate an extra hand stirring the pot.

Ox New Moon and Sun January 2, 2022

Audio Transcript | Ox New Moon – January 2, 2022

The Ox New Moon and Sun kick off a brand new year with Jupiter making a transit through the sign of the Hare. February 1st is the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Tiger. This and more celestial good fortunes are coming in the cosmic realm for 2022.

Scared Cows

A New Moon in the Ox is a post 30 day point to an eclipse we had in early December, 2021. Late stage ecliptic points bring results and consequences to the forefront. Something comes along unseen or unexpected to blot out whatever you had going.

The unanticipated takes precedent even though it wasn’t on the radar.

Black Water Tiger coming soon in 2022

There are 12 signs and 12 years in the Chinese Zodiac animals system. In Feng Shui Astrology each of the 12 signs has a heavenly stem and one of the 5 elements. So a Tiger year happens every 12 years but a Black Water Tiger only happens once every 60 years.

The last cycle year the Black Water Tiger born was in1962. Visionary Black Water Tigers made huge changes in cultural renderings. We now have a Tech industry and a New Age unfolding. I’m excited to see what these new little Black Tigers bring to the world.

Mars and Venus

In 2022 we will have a conjunction of Mars and Venus on February 14th which is extremely rare. They meet up in the sign of the Cow so love will be on a rescue mission and knights in shining armor will be transformed into a “night in shinning Armore‘ for a new twist on romance.

Mercury Goes Retrograde

Nothing stalls a New Year like Mercury going retrograde. After this New Moon cycle begins the Quicksilver planet Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of the Tiger January 14, 2022.

As Mercury regresses he moves back into the Ox and like Lady Luck, Venus, he rolls over Pluto. Mercury goes forward February 3, 2022 and rolls back over Pluto again, going the other way. Yikes! This year begins with both Mercury and Venus in retrograde motion.

Between Venus, the Sun, Mars and Mercury, the planetoid Pluto is getting grilled big time. These inner rim planets try to crush Pluto but instead they are transformed. Pluto leaves an indelible mark on their souls. Each time they crossover Pluto takes a toll.

Naga Rama

The Node enters the Serpent sign in January and continues retrograde all year in 2022 as it moves deep into the snakes coils. Energy and power can be harvested with new inventions springing up. The Node holds the key and cracks the code. This gives Snakes new power and access, unparalleled in the marketplace.

Uranus Returns

After an extended retrograde period, planet Uranus in the Snake sign returns to forward motion on January 18, 2022. For better or worse Uranus rippling through the Serpentine path alters the landscape as it sheds its old skin.

This sector governs income like pay days, cash and recurring assets. Uranus will make markets more flexible and limber. While Uranus has transited the Serpent we’ve seen radical rates and other market sweeteners with buffers and bumpers.

This turn of events brings a rapid and radical course correction. It’s the best medicine for what ails us and things will improve to smooth out after this shift.

Venus in Determent

Lady Luck is stuck in a rut and she can’t get out. She returns to forward motion January 29, 2022. Until then she will have to hold on and ride the waves of this cosmic rip tide that takes more than it gives.

January Flying Stars | 2022

The Fighting Star 3 known as the Quarreling star weakens the heart center due to petty squabbles and over reactions.The 3 is a bramble, a briar patch; chatty and gossipy. This abrasive Wood Star whips others with a tongue lashing that ruins relationships.

Still the ego in revolt to save yourself grief. A good sense of humor is a pressure release and add in some quiet time. This affliction affects everyone because it fly’s to the Heart Center. Fire is a cure for too much wood energy. Light a candle and stay reserved.

Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs in the New Year for the Ox New Moon on January 2, 2022. Happy New Year everyone, as we start this next chapter.

RAT | Sagittarius

January Flying Stars arrive with the Wealth Star 8 for Winner’s Luck and treasure in the Rat sign, North on the compass for career and success.

Lucky Rat has Mars at 14 degrees and the chart Crown at 18 degrees guaranteeing success in whatever channel you set your mind to.

OX | Capricorn

January Flying Stars deliver the Victory Star 6 to the Northeast sector of Scholarship for the Ox. Banners fly as wise administration leads to increased productivity.

Lucky Ox has the New Moon and Sun at 12 degrees, Venus retrograde at 22 degrees and Pluto at 26 degrees. This cosmic stew will be hashed out before it’s ironed so don’t get dead-set on any outcomes, just yet.

TIGER | Aquarius

January Flying Stars land the Victory Star 6 in the Tiger’s Northeast Mountain of Knowledge. This gives Tiger’s the booster shot they need to make the rounds that win hearts and minds but without any drawbacks.

Lucky Tiger has Mercury at zero degrees and Saturn at 12 degrees. This planetary combination brings a new dimension of responsibility to the table. Tigers can exercise their best intentions. And don’t worry you’ll get plenty of time to rehearse the game plan as Mercury turns retrograde mid January to repeat the process.

HARE | Pisces

January Flying Stars bring the Miracle Star 1 of Love and Money to the Hare sign in the East for Health and Family. Serendipity, spontaneity and synchronicity will follow Bunny everywhere they may roam.

Lucky Hare sign has the Ascendant horizon and the Part of Fortune at 7 degrees with Neptune at 20 degrees. This adds zest and value to Rabbits wild adventures whether you leave the house or travel, standing still at home. Neptune lets Lucky Bunny dream before they seal the deal to make it real.

DRAGON | Aries

January Flying Stars unlucky Illness Star 2 flies to the Dragon’s lair in the Southeast direction of Abundance. This is a tough row to hoe and a royal pain. Use all protocols to lessen the down time this star can bring and don’t take any chances.

Lucky Dragon has Chiron at 8 degrees now going forward. This is an advantage that never gets old. Work your magic to make things good again and the ride out the storm.

SNAKE | Taurus

January Flying Stars Illness Star 2 flies to the Snake sign in the Southeast compass direction governing income and money. Hibernation is the best remedy. Go underground. Take extra time to recover yourself to lessen distress and ease the growing pains.

Lucky Snake sign planet Uranus retrograde at 10 degrees making everything more complicated than it needs to be. Soon that will change and a brand new pathway will open up on the boulevard of your dreams.

HORSE | Gemini

January Flying Stars bring the Danger Star 7 to the Horse sign in the South direction of Fame and reputation. Fur will fly and feathers will be ruffled as this brings difficult circumstances that need attention. Avoid lawsuits and don’t fight any battles until the stars align in your favor.

Lucky Horse has the Node sitting on the edge as it moves to the Snake sign. Any signals you get are just ghost impressions and echoes from another chamber. They’re not real, just ignore them.

GOAT | Cancer

January Flying Stars bring the Ripening Star 9 the Goat sign in the Southwest home and hearth of Love and partnerships. This sets the wheels in motion for long term expectations to take the next step and go the extra mile. Love makes the world go round so enjoy some play time.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at present with a down dip on the wheel you can stand back and stay off the grid to get some much needed, self reflection.


January Flying Stars deliver the Ripening Star 9 to the Monkey in the Southwest igniting Relationships with stellar ambitions and expanding networks into untapped venues. Hopes and dreams will be fulfilled!

Lucky Monkey has no planets or aspects at present. Riding low on the chart is a good time to get things done behind the scenes. Take a break and breathe before the next spin on the dial sends you in another direction.

BIRD | Virgo

January Flying Stars Accident Star 5 flies to the Bird in the West direction of Children and creativity. This putting a damper on activities. Birds are legendary at nursing others back to health and now you’ll get the chance to prove it.

Lucky Bird has no planets or aspects at present. Keep things on the back burner and use this lull in action to catch up with your chores. Readiness is a Bird, virtue.

DOG | Libra

January Flying Stars bring the Peach Blossom Star 4 to the Dog in the Northwest direction of Travel, courts and commerce. Social dynamics will make up for lost time and spread some good will as Dogs parade around in the latest fashions.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at present but your profile is rising up from the ashes to give you second chances.

PIG | Scorpio

January Flying Stars Peach Blossom Star 4 flies to the Pig in the Northwest direction of Banks and hard assets. Pigs will be flying their favorite colors and passing examinations as this star brightens their social status.

Lucky Pig has no planets and aspects at present. Pig’s riding high in this chart with no special events to push you off track. Pigs generate focus on projects that return the investment in more ways than imagined. Stick to your process to let the magic happen.

Coming Soon to the next episode of the Zodiac Muse podcast:

  • Flying Stars for the month of January begin on or about, the 5th.
  • Mercury goes retrograde in the Tiger on January 14th.
  • Uranus returns from a long retrograde period in the Snake on January 18th.
  • Full Moon in the Goat on January 17th.
  • Venus in the Ox returns from retrograde on January 29th.
  • Tiger New Moon on January 31st.
  • February 1st begins the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Tiger!

This is China Rose, with all your Lucky Stars. Until the next episode: don’t leave your luck to chance, stay tuned to the Zodiac Muse Podcast!

Happy New Year to all my listeners and Readers! Wishing you good fortunes in 2022 and beyond.