Snake Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse | November 2022

On November 8th at 3:02 AM Pacific Time Earth has a Snake Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. Also known as a Beaver or Blood Moon because of the Moon’s red hue in it’s eclipsed phase.

Audio Transcript: Snake Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse | November 2022

Snake Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse | November 2022

Snake Full Moon | November 8th

This Moon is a Sea Monster from the deep, primal recess of the cosmos. Snakes are akin to the Western sign, Taurus. In feng shui they rule over incomes and cash flows in the Southeast Palace. A Serpentine path is a way around things to avoid trouble and add a special effect.

This Snake Full Moon eclipse features a double-trio of opposing forces. Each powerful in their own right. The Snake trio has the Moon and Uranus the planet of chaos, conjunct to the Node.

Opposing the Snake is Mercury, the Sun and lady luck Venus conjunct in the Pig. This epic, Astronomical Tug of War will be felt by everyone. Celestial events imply Yin surprises can come from the shadow with fresh reserves to heal and reveal wisdom.

The Pig Snake double-trio tilts at a sharp angle giving Chaos the edge to upset the status quo. And we have another cosmic trio. The Grand Duke Jupiter, the Part of Fortune and Lord Neptune commune in the Hare.

These three aspects sit on the Spirit line to deliver a Wish-Fulfilling Gem that brings something extraordinary into being. What does all this mean?

Full Moons are the peak of a cycle, a finish line. This lunar cycle casts a shadow that contrasts with our expectations. Winds of change to blow hard but don’t be alarmed. Things maybe different than expected so roll with the tide.

Eclipses speak to the masses to bridge consciousness and reset trends. It can select individuals for a turning point in your personal story that leads to a better end.

This Blood Snake Moon is a cosmic wonder, a real eye opener in the wee hours of the morning! In the modern almanac this lunar event is called the Beaver Moon. Beavers are builders who are industrious for their Eco designs to restore natural habitats and landscapes.

Snakes Alive

As a Yin sign this Full Moon favors the Feminine Divine. A Snake eclipse is a magnetic and mysterious event that will leave a lasting impression on Earth. One that will be etched in time.

Eclipse events bring things into being that startle and surprise us. They erase time to alter the course of destiny. Sometimes a person has an unexpected happenstance to change their life’s trajectory as others just watch the cosmic drama pass by.

Flying Stars | November 2022

Monthly Flying Stars changed on or about November 6th. Lucky Specials in November are by far the most generous this year.

The Ming Tang, big and bright aligns to create a horseshoe effect: East to Southeast, South, to Southwest and on the West side: friends and family will share in great-good fortunes with this generous grid.

Lucky Ho Tu combinations run from North to South and East to West on all sides. Impossible combinations will amount to something big and offset the negative Sha Chi in this Star grid.

The Lucky Sum of Ten goes to the Goat and Monkey in the Southwest. Goats and Monkey’s will see projects they thought were dead will suddenly bloom again in an Oasis of opportunity.

Heart Center

The Unlucky Illness Star 2 flies to the Heart Center. This dark spot can cause lasting damages. Reduce the grief by staying quiet and avoid petty arguments.

Balance the Sha Chi with harmony in the home. You can use a lucky Wo Lu with charms to place by your bedside or dangle from a bedside lamp. Keep the Center spaces clean, quiet and clear.

Cosmic Now

Mars is retrograde in the Horse and coming soon on November 22nd the Sun moves to the Rat sign for the month of Sagittarius.

The very next day on November 23rd we have a New Rat Moon and the Giant Jupiter finally goes direct in the Hare. This brings subtle changes with big impacts.

November 24th is Thanksgiving day in America, a day to be grateful and share in good cheer.

Thank you to all my readers and listeners, you are appreciated! Here are your Lucky Stars for all the Zodiac signs on the Snake Blood, Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse.

Rat | Sagittarius

Lucky Rat

Lucky Rat and Snake are fine as a team in the lab but out in the wild these two are part of a competition that never ends. Avoid any entanglements that can lead to heartbreak.

Flying Stars for Lucky Rat have the Unlucky Danger 7 Star fly to the North Palace of Career and Success. Stay cautious and quiet. Work with partners to collaborate on secret projects.

Lucky Rat has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Ox | Capricorn

Lucky Ox

Lucky Ox and Snake are in good company as part of the Mystic Triad with the Bird. These two can find lasting happiness as a couple or just great friends.

Flying Stars for Lucky Ox have the Unlucky Accident 5 Star fly into the Palace of Ancestors and Administration. When this happens things can erupt and get out of hand. Cure this Star with a 5 element Pagoda charm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Ox have Pluto at 26 degrees going nowhere fast. Pluto is the planet of fate, a rock in a hard place, a remote chance in hell. In this chart Pluto acts as a lighten Rod to absorb excess energy. Be good to yourself.

Tiger | Aquarius

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger and Snake have been known to form a true bond while traveling in the same circus or as part of a larger group. They are an exotic blend as lovers or long term partners. But It’s rare.

Flying Stars for Lucky Tiger have the Unlucky Accident 5 Star fly into the Palace of Scholarship and Brotherhood. This is a noisy combination with nasty side effects. Stay out of harms way and cure this challenging Star with a 5 Element Pagoda charm.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Tiger has Taskmaster Saturn at 18 degrees. There’s just no getting around duties required in this life event. A Saturn return shows us what that is. But it’s not going to last forever. When it’s done Saturn won’t return for 28 years so just roll with it.

Hare | Pisces

Lucky Hare

Lucky Hare and Snake are two peas in a pod. In the Western world of Astro pals these two make lasting love mates. But whatever bonds may bind them, it’s always in a creative vibe.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Hare has the Multiplier Fire 9 Star fly into the East Palace of Health and Family. This Star delivers Wish Fulfillment when you stay in a high vibration and avoid spinning out of control.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Hare have a cosmic communion with Neptune at 22 degrees, Jupiter at 29 degrees and the Part of Fortune at 29 degrees. This trio sets up of a huge legacy as a conduit to channel enormous good fortune. Lucky Bunnies!

Dragon | Aries

Lucky Dragon

Lucky Dragon and Snake share the Southeast Palace of Abundance and Income. They can wield great power over markets and it’s mayhem. They’re not good mates or spouses but make fine as neighbors and collaborators.

Flying Stars for Lucky Dragon have the Lucky Miracle 1 Star of Love and Money fliy into the Palace of Abundance and Longevity. The power of the small is the seed for a dynasty with a brand-new legacy to unfold.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Dragon have Chiron at 12 degrees going retrograde. This can turn back the hands of time to help you meet a deadline. Don’t waste a 2nd or 3rd chance just take it.

Snake | Taurus

Lucky Snake

Lucky Snake and Snake are a nest of trouble. Try to avoid this combination as mates or partners. In a single chart the Double Snakes are magnetic charmers. But don’t bet the farm: in gambling Snake Eyes are a disaster.

Flying Stars for Lucky Snake have the Lucky Miracle 1 Star of Love and Money fly into the Palace of Income. This raises your profile with Love Luck bringing gifts and treasures to have and hold. To energize this Star wear sparkles and shine.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Snake have a dynamic trio with the Node at 13 degrees and Uranus conjoined to the Full Moon at 16 degrees. Toil and trouble, boil and bubble. This event portends an unexpected outcome will erupt that increases your income.

Horse | Gemini

Lucky Horse

Lucky Horse and Snake are not a combination that’s good or bad but rather they’re always going in different directions. On a fashion or aircraft runway that’s all very grand. But to come and go in life daily, can be exhausting.

Flying Stars for Lucky Horse has the Lucky Victory 6 Star fly to the Palace of Fame and Fortune. Wear your favorite colors and wave your banner to be winning, everlasting!

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Horse have Mars retrograde at 25 degrees until the end of the year. This backward bend is a sharp turn for anyone who counted chickens before they hatched. It’s time to review how you spend your energy and reset your ambitions.

Goat | Cancer

Lucky Goat

Lucky Goat and Snake are not in the same collective. These two are fine as social climbers and can mingle but are better left untangled. It’s okay to have fun and still go your own way.

Flying Stars for Lucky Goat has the Lucky Wealth 8 Star fly into the Southwest palace of Love. The bonus luck for the Love direction is great to offset the negative Stars in the Heart center. Goats will see their assets rise, so invest wisely.

Lucky Goat has no planets or aspects at this time.

Monkey | Leo

Lucky Monkey

Lucky Monkey and Snake are super buddies, the Snake is Monkey’s secret pal and confidante. In love and in life these two can mate as couple and make best friends, happily ever after.

Flying Stars for Lucky Monkey has the Lucky Wealth 8 Star fly into the Southwest Palace of Relationships. Monkey’s favored for a big boost of extra-lucky money and benefits this Star brings. Just set the stage, dress for success and let the universe do the rest.

Lucky Monkey has no Planets or Aspects at present.

Bird | Virgo

Lucky Bird

Lucky Bird and Snake are part of the Mystic Triad with the Ox. The Snake and Bird make a striking couple in the limelight or they’re content to stay home and enjoy each other’s company. At work or play these two have chemistry.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Bird has the Lucky Peach Blossom 4 Star fly to the West palace of Children and Creativity. Peach Blossom luck with boost your popularity and promote your assets. This is a good time to pass examinations and get re-certified.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Bird have the Ascendant horizon at 29 degrees. They say when one door closes, another door opens. But this time there’s void in between so let things evolve before jumping-off into the unknown.

Dog | Libra

Lucky Dog

Lucky Dog and Snake are not generally part of a couple or a team. Dogs are extroverted energy centers and Snakes generate introverted, mystique. It’s complicated so they often don’t make a lasting match or go the distance.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Dog have the Unlucky Fighting 3 Star causing harm in the Northwest Palace of Travel and Courts. The less said the better. Don’t go to battle or get into a squabble. Stay quiet and avoid drama.

Lucky Dog has no planets or aspects at present.

Pig | Scorpio

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pig and Snake are opposites on the spectrum. They don’t mate well or make good friends but when they collaborate the alchemy is pure genius.

Flying Stars for the Lucky Pig have the Unlucky Fighting 3 Star fly to the Northwest Palace of Banks and Assets. The nasty Wood star is defeated by the Metal element and the Ho Tu combination converts bad to good. But only when you stay out of trouble and mind your beeswax.

Planets and Aspects for Lucky Pig have a conjunction trio with Mercury at 15 degrees, the Sun at 16 degrees and Venus at 20 degrees. This incredible combination that’s in direct opposition to the Snake eclipse. You may feel the tug on the line but don’t take the bait. To get lucky keep your wits about you and don’t fill the gap. Just wait to see what pans out.

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  • Sun moves to the Rat sign November 22nd
  • On November 23rd we have a Rat New Moon and Jupiter in the Hare goes Direct
  • November 24th is the Thanksgiving holiday celebration in the US

Kittysol appreciates all my lucky readers and lucky listeners and we invite you to stay tuned for the next episode.

Stay Lucky my friends, Stay Well!

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